Implications of Google’ Knowledge Graph For Search and SEO

In 2012, Google came up with an algorithm update called Google Knowledge Graph. It demonstrates the search engine’s commitment to offer the best and the most user-friendly search experience on earth. This is only one of the updates that Google has hurled at webmasters. If you feel it is too much for you to handle all challenges that Google throws at you, contact any India SEO Company; they hire professionals who are apt at handling all the challenges regarding search engine optimization or SEO. Coming back to our topic, we shall discuss the impact of Google’s Knowledge Graph on the rank of a company in the SERPs or search engine result pages. What is Knowledge Graph and how does it work?   According to Google, Knowledge Graph is meant to help searchers view factual summaries of their search string, which includes, biographies of notable personalities, brands, movies, places, books, geographical features, sports team, celestial bodies, etc. Its purpose is to help searchers find the exact thing that they are looking for, gives them the best summary and motivates them to go deeper in order to discover more about the search. The update is available to all users, provided they make the search in English. Google’s motive behind Knowledge Graph was to make search more intelligent. The results are now more relevant because Google now understands these entities and the nuances in their meaning better, or in the way a user does. This means, the search engine now ‘thinks’ in the same way as a user does. Knowledge Graph’s Impact on Google According to an announcement made by Matt Cutts in August 2012, at SES San Francisco, Google is looking beyond just being a search engine and focusing on being a knowledge engine. The search engine is so committed to this that it has renamed its Search Quality Team as Google Knowledge Team.… [ Read the rest ]

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Useful Techniques to Boost Your Website’s Alexa Ranking

Launching a new site is not difficult these days. There are plenty of web development tools available for free and the cost of hosting a site is also quite affordable. The true challenge is to make a site popular. If you consider the World Wide Web as a sea, then your site is like a small island in that sea. So, it is hard to draw web users attention to your site. Every webmaster dreams that his site will be listed in the “most popular websites”, but only a few attain the Holy Grail. Some employ affordable SEO services providers to gain better SERP ranking and some concentrate on PPC to get noticed. I have said the word “popular” several times and you may ask what is the key metric that decides which site is popular and which one is less popular? The answer is “Alexa ranking”. If your site is popular, it will receive a high score from Alexa. If you have some basic idea about SEO, then you must have heard the term “Alexa ranking”, but in case you have not heard anything about it, let me share my knowledge with you. Alexa is an online information company by Amazon. It calculates and maintains the ranking data of a site according to its performance. It offers a metrics that defines the quality of your site. It is similar to the grading system in schools. The highest grade achiever gets the top spot and the rest follows. So, how the ranking is decided? Per day total visitors and page views decide the Alexa ranking of a website. That means the more people visit your site, the better ranking it will achieve. Alexa gives high importance to the traffic that pass through their system. How? If majority of your visitors have installed Alexa toolbar in their browsers, then whenever they will land on your web-page, the website ranking will increase.… [ Read the rest ]

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How Can The Search Traffic Of Your Site Be Boosted?

Your website happens to be the representive of your business before the millions of web users all over the world. Hence, it can be assumed that you have spend quite a lot in making a worthy site. But, what if you see that no one is actually visiting your well-made site? You will end up making less business. Worried? Well, let me tell you this is a common issue that webmasters face. You need not stress because SEO Company India helps you enhance site’s traffic by employing several professional techniques, some of which has been discussed below. Develop Quality Content This may be a very obvious point, nonetheless, it is very crucial. Search engines reward companies and people who create consistent, high-quality content. Things such as author rank, exercise a huge impact on organic search results. So, do not only create content for the sake of it, but produce quality ones, so that it is properly distributed across social networks and has all the chances of going viral. Offer Good Value to Your Readers Content marketing is the best way in which organic search can be boosted. And the best way to advertise your content is through guest blogging. This is one of the most important tips that you can ever get from professional SEO Company India. Content marketing is a quality game rather than a quantity one. If the content in your site is a terrible one, no one will bother to read it, leave alone sharing it, which is by the way, the main point behind building a business blog. So, whenever you sit to publish an article ask yourself a question before clicking the enter button- Will I care to invest 10 minutes out of the 24 hours to read and share this article? If your answer is a yes, go ahead, if its a no, then you seriously need to look into your content strategy.… [ Read the rest ]

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How Can You Make Your SERP Listing Stand Out?

If you are one of those webmasters who are relying on the search engine to sort out what to share in the snippets of SERPs, you are possibly missing out on a big opportunity of attracting organic traffic to your website. If you are not sure about how to go about it, then feel free to get in touch with a digital marketing company; they hire professionals to take care of all the issues regarding SERPs. Following are a few strategies that can be used when thinking of how to stand out in Google search results. However, none of them can be regarded as a fool-proof strategy that can guarantee you that search users will be clicking on your site URL over another, but they are all worth practicing for boosting your potential CTR or click-through-rate. Unique Page Titles  Your page title should be absolutely unique. This is an aspect where no compromise is entertained. Besides, you need to include the keywords as close to the beginning as possible; you may also localize your page, if it is applicable. Your title should be within 50 to 65 characters. Why? Because Google anyway shortens it around a mark of 65 characters. An important thing that you need to consider is the pixel width. Wide letters such as W and A often do not fit in too many characters, and anything beyond a mark of 70 characters is totally ignored by Google, and may get you a ‘Long title tag’ error in Google Webmaster Tools. Google Authorship Google’s new authorship rules can be very helpful for generating enhanced SERPs snippets. The authorship tools of the search engine allows you to send more information about your site’s content to the indexing robots of Google. After this, whenever pages show up in the SERPs, the search engine ties the information back to the data of authorship, simultaneously adding images and other extra data to your search listings.… [ Read the rest ]

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How To Keep Your Guest Blogging Algorithm-Proof ?

If you are a blogger, you surely have goosebumps every time you hear of an algorithm-update by Google. You tend to worry about the fact that all the efforts that you have made may be flushed down the drain at once, with an update of Google algorithm, making you lose your rank over night. Hence, you would have to start anew with new promotional strategies. However, if you work with an internet marketing company, they can take care of all the challenges that Google keeps throwing at the bloggers and web masters. Guest blogging has always been a great method that bloggers have used for building links to their sites. Bloggers, thus, often wonder that if guest blogging can continue to be a good strategy even after a new Penguin or Panda update. Yes, it is possible for guest blogging to survive all the blows of Google, however, only if you can manage to adapt your strategy with the times and gear up for what the search engine is looking for as far as quality links are concerned. Of course, you should not rely only on guest blogging for link-building, but it is still a good strategy to be used along with the others. Here are five strategies that can help you when using guest blogging as a strategy of link building. With these you can avoid falling on your face whenever a Google algorithm comes along: Firstly, take care of your blog All of it begins with your blog. If your own blog is not up to the mark, no amount of link building through guest blogging can be enough to draw traffic to your site. While, on the other hand, quality content can potentially get you the best links, even without having to ask for it. Once you manage to have quality content, you will naturally start getting readers, who will regularly be visiting your site and following it.… [ Read the rest ]

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Guest blogging is Far from Dead: Its Alive and Kicking

Matt Cutts, head of webspam in Google, created quite a stir with his comment of ‘guest blogging is dead’. For an India SEO company such a comment amounted to disaster. The statement of Cutts was grossly misinterpreted which actually meant to state that blogging as technique is dead if the primary reason for posting them was gaining back links and trying to influence Google for improving rank. Guest blogging should instead be used for branding a commodity or service, increasing its reach, and greater exposure. Being Conventional in Approach Guest blogging Matt Cutts should be continued with conventional ideas of market penetration and brand building and not just as a tool to create back links. In an effort to create back links, SEO companies are only being successful in introducing spam into these contents. Such contents are the chief cause of worry for search engine optimizers. Blogs need to be created with the purpose of offering something worthwhile for visitors or readers. They should be informative and interesting, keeping readers’ viewpoints into consideration. Any attempts at making a blog manipulative by insertion of too many back links only for the sake of optimization would result in penalization and degradation. Thus your entire approach should be conventional: contents restricted to offering information to readers and written in a captivating manner. Selection of Bloggers For getting blogs that are original and informative it is essential to pick enthusiast writers. It is worthwhile to spend time looking for good writers. Time spent on choosing writers is actually an investment and should be treated likewise. Emphasis should always be on hand-picking blog writers. Ideally people with creative ideas and an inherent interest of current happenings turn out to be good bloggers. It is further necessary, that a blogger is personally known. Once these areas of specialty or strength are identified, assignments could be distributed accordingly.… [ Read the rest ]

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6 Digital Marketing Trends That Will Bring Maximum Number of Customers in 2014

Digital marketing is a not a new technique to bring more customers. However, we all know that as customers’ preferences and technologies evolve every year, digital marketing trends change with time as well. 5 years ago, there was no Pinterest, but now brands are trying to use the reach of Pinterest by sharing product images. We are in the third month of 2014 and getting an idea how digital marketing is going to work this year. Marketers with meagre budget are still wondering- what factors are going to influence my marketing efforts this year? Where should I invest money to get the maximum ROI? If you are hiring a Digital Marketing company to take care of online marketing, then it is a good decision. Still, you should be aware of the latest and upcoming digital marketing trends. Here is a list of online marketing trends that will rule in 2014. # Mobile is Going to Rule: People love their smartphones and tabs. The great quality of these portable devices is that they let you search for products and services from anywhere. This year, approximately 35% of search engine traffic will come from mobile devices. Therefore, experts predicted that mobile SERP ads will grow 76% in the coming months. That is a massive growth and as a marketer, you can easily understand the reason behind this growth. If people are coming from mobile, its better to give ads on mobile SERPs. Banner ads are also expected to grow as much as 100% because users love to “touch an ad”, not to “click on it”. If you don’t have an app, then this is a good time to build one. 40% of online marketers said that they will. # Content Marketing is Old, but Still Gold: Custom content is the future of advertisement.… [ Read the rest ]

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How Can You Build Quality Backlinks Without Guest Posting?

Matt Cutt’s announcement that guest blogging has become a “spammy practice”, thus, is not a healthy way for building links, has confirmed the fears of many. It came as an alarm to people asking them to find much smarter link building strategies. You do not need to be a very popular brand with oodles of money but be creative and smart. There are three different ways in which you can build backlinks that are inexpensive, relevant and of course, high quality. However, before we get into link building methodologies, it is better if we go through quality content. Why? Because, link building strategies are based on unique, quality and relevant content. What is Quality Content? For discussing quality content, we will have to go back to the basics that are practiced at a SEO company. Quality content is as simple as providing information that people would like to share and have an easy-to-use procedure for completing a conversion. Good content adds value and provides actionable items without filler or fluff. In short, it is something that can appeal to your user base. Now that we are done with discussing quality content, let’s find out how we can apply it to the three link building procedures. 1. Backlink Building with Video and Technology Once you make a video, choose the most relevant apps for the content. For instance, if your video is on Blue Widgets, have a series of videos, an infographic, or sections about the different uses for Blue Widgets and place their references in the video for providing additional resources. When you are done with placing the video inside the player, you can make use of the YouTube app for streaming other videos from the series. This way, you will be able to back up the knowledge that you are sharing with more detailed videos on the same topic.… [ Read the rest ]

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Technorati Token Test

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Meet Amar Ilindra of

Hello Readers! Today, we have with us Amar Ilindra, the founder of the renowned blog Geek Dashboard. Geek Dashboard is a fascinating blog about technology and blogging. In this interview Amar will share with us some interesting stuff about blogging which will surely help newbie bloggers. 1. Firstly Amar can you please introduce yourself and your blog to our readers in brief? Thank a lot for this opportunity to share my experience about blogging with your readers. This is Amar Ilindra, from Andhra Pradesh; Ongole, currently doing computer science engineering from my native. I founded a blog when I was doing my 12th grade in 2012 January. I update it regularly with latest information and tutorials. Geek Dashboard, mainly dealing with Technology stuff and sometimes with blogging niche as well. 2. When did you start blogging and what was the inspiration behind it? No one inspired me to enter this blogging filed, it happened without my knowledge many years back. I entered blogging without knowing anything about it and I created my first blog at in 2010. Later in 2011 I test the depth of blogging field and manage a tech blog (dead now) for about 5 months and in early days of 2012 I shifted to WordPress and bought a custom domain and started this Geek Dashboard. 3. Can you please reveal the SEO strategies you are using in order to save your blog from any Google algorithmic updates? Google frequently changing its algorithms. SEO before 2 years and now is completely different. When I started my blog, I did hell lot of off-page optimization by making use of Guest Blogging, blog commenting, web 2.0, forums etc. Currently most of them are dead and now I’m only concentrating on writing ever green content with proper on-page SEO. Never follow any black hat techniques to rank you website well on Google.… [ Read the rest ]

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