Effective Ways Of How To Do Keyword Research In A Smart Way

With the increase in online marketing being able to undertake keyword research effectively has become a highly important and essential skill for digital marketers in any SEO company in India. It is not enough for smart marketers of digital content to be aware of ways of developing good list of keywords for SEO and PPC these days. Online marketers of the present day need to know the ways of using keyword research effectively to look for topics on which to write as well as appropriate phrases to be used while writing. In this concern, creating a basic list of the starting items, expanding the list making use of various tools of keyword research, refining the list through competitive research proves helpful. In online content marketing, different keywords are used to symbolize varying levels of intent and interest. Certain search terms are often used by the people who are close to any conversion, whereas certain other terms are used by the people who are yet in the early levels of research. Certain aspects should be considered in this regard to lead to a fruitful outcome. Focussing the keyword terms with those that speak of the brand, competitor, product, substitutes, audience and complimentary products will enhance the research. The process comprises of three main steps each with its own specifications and sub-steps. The process starts with the creation of a seed list proceeding to building the keyword list and then finally refining the list. Creating seed list This is the most important step in the undertaking a keyword research in the most efficient manner. Seed list is basically a list of keyword ideas. Marketers need to really think hard to fill out the list with appropriate keywords focussing mainly on products and brand terms. This list needs to cover all aspects of the product and the solution it offers to customers.… [ Read the rest ]

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Online Citations and NAPs – Two Most Essential Elements of SEO

SEO or Search Engine Optimization is a highly tricky affair. Not only one needs to carry out all regular SEO stuff, but also an entirely new layer of multifaceted SEO activities needs to be undertaken. The most important constituent of Local Search Engine Optimization is NAP. It is a trinity of crucial information that stands for Name, Address and Phone Number. It is also referred to as NAP+W, with people adding in the Website to it. These search engines consider business ‘citations’ for local ranking. Online citations are basically references to the address and name of a company or a business. It appears on other websites, social media sites and blogs irrespective of whether it includes a link back to the company website. Importance of NAP of a business concern to Google Search engines like Google, Bing and Yahoo place a lot of significance on the name, address and phone number of an organization that has online presence. The name is highly significant especially when it is attached to the phone number and address of an online organization. This is because of the fact that these search engines want to ensure that the address one is listing for an online business is a legitimate one as many things are dependent on good quality of the search results with respect to the keyword searches based on location. Accuracy of NAP The local search engines regard NAP as a measuring stick with respect to accuracy for the existence of a business existence. For a local search directory to validate the existence of a local business or a SEO Company, it should ensure that every point of the data aligns with it perfectly. A business needs to have all the three pieces of crucial information- name, phone and address intact and correspond in all the citations across the local search engines so as to appear as a legitimate one.… [ Read the rest ]

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Six Smart Social Media Strategies to Enhance Your SEO Rankings

Some businesses think that they can be found easily in local search results by focusing and relying solely on SEO. Though it is really important to have an effective SEO strategy for your website, it is equally vital to incorporate social media into SEO strategy. SEO and social media marketing are two closely interlinked strategies that go hand in hand. These two organic, inbound strategies concentrate chiefly on building an attractive identity that would naturally grab visitors’ attention. Social media is all about robust brand presence and excellent content. Therefore, the efforts you devote to SEO could help in enhancing your social media reach. Any reliable SMO company would definitely point out that your search rankings can get a great boost by an impressive social media presence. Impact of Social Media Strategies on SEO Rankings SEO has undoubtedly been one of the most powerful and significant marketing strategies for small business organizations. However, the scenario has changed radically over the past few years. Currently social media networks such as Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter, Google+, Instagram and LinkedIn provide search engines with a direct window to understand a particular brand’s customer experience. A solid social media presence certainly proves to be the backbone of a successful SEO strategy. Small businesses should focus more on social media to ensure that search rankings are as high as possible. Maximizing Your Fan Base One of the important strategies is to maximize the number of your followers. The total number of connections and followers on your social media profiles has a remarkable impact on your SEO rankings. A company having 100 Twitter followers cannot dream of matching up to a corporate giant that boasts of a million Twitter followers and another million Facebook fans. The corporate giant would definitely enjoy a much higher SEO ranking. However, while trying to boost your fan base, you need to conform to some regulations.… [ Read the rest ]

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SEO Marketing Strategies to look out for in 2015

SEO is a dynamic field. As a result the best practices are ever evolving and 2014 was no exception. 2015, too, is all set to witness new practices. Accordingly the SEO marketing strategy for a business should alter as well. In fact, last year witnessed 13 updates in the Google algorithm. It is expected that the New Year will also be subjected to such changes. But how can a SEO company prepare itself for these alterations? One way is to look out for the latest trends and strategize accordingly. Here are some of the 2015 SEO trends that should be kept in mind – Creating and Optimizing Mobile Traffic is Necessary Handheld devices rule the world. Surveys state that in the last few years the use of mobile devices for accessing internet has increased. In 2015, the numbers are all set to increase. In fact, it was predicted in 2012 that the number of mobile users will surpass that of the desktop users. Google, on the other hand, stresses on the fact that responsive website design is a must for offering impressive user experience. In the recent times it has also gone ahead with the mobile friendly notations that appear next to the websites in the search results Besides Google, Bing also favors a single responsive URL. Focus on other Search Engines Google is the search engine giant and there are no two opinions about it. But this year there are possibilities that the other search engines might hog the limelight as well. Although it is speculated every year that the other search engines might gain prominence but recent developments predict that such a change might be quite visible this year. iOS 8 and OS X have options to switch to the default browsers – from Google to DuckDuckGo. ROI Mandatory part of SEO Marketing strategy If a SEO company is still focusing on the keyword rankings then you need a wake up call.… [ Read the rest ]

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How can Long-Tail Keywords Benefit Your Business?

If you are wondering what went wrong with the content marketing techniques of your company, I would like to ask you a question. Do you write the articles and blogs on your own or do you take the help of a professional blog writer? If not, you can take the help of an SEO company which hires professionals to render the best service that you require to bring traffic to your business. A trained blog writer uses the required techniques to rank blogs and articles about your company in search engine results. Nowadays, users type keywords that provide them with specific information about a niche product. Before we discuss about the advantages of using long tail keywords, let us probe into the concept of long tail keywords. Long Tail Keywords – A Quick Glance at the Concept Long tail keywords are three or four keyword phrases used to search for specific information. They help to generate to-the-point information against any search queries. For example, Head term: Dog care. Long tail keyword: dog care products, dog care videos on YouTube, etc. Long Tail Keywords Vs Short Tail Keywords A short tail keyword typed by a user will roll out a range of information, good enough to confuse a user. But, with the help of long tail keywords, users get answers to the specific question they have in mind. Let us see an example which differentiates between a long-tail and short-tail keyword. Short Tail: Car seat Long Tail: Rear facing car seat Now, you think and tell me which one of these keywords would help in giving the blogs the ultimate traffic? No doubt, the second one! Since, users are typing in more and more long tail keywords, you as a businessman can go after long tail keywords to ensure that your competitors are nowhere in sight.… [ Read the rest ]

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8 Amazing Non-Google Ways to Increase Web Traffic

Are the constant algorithm updates by Google getting on your nerves? Do you think it is high time to find some effectual ways to increase web traffic without Google? Then, you are reading the right blog post where you will come across eight successful strategies to boost website traffic, grow customer base and ensure high conversions and sales. A competent SEO company may help you apply these strategies proficiently. How to increase web traffic sans Google? The following eight strategies are the answer. 1. Blogging – Blogging is effective in generating traffic, but there are certain tips and tricks that contribute to its efficacy. With your own blog, you can pen down articles on topics covering your area of interest. You have the power to express your own views, thoughts, opinions and your take on a particular matter or subject. If you are yet to create your blog, it is advisable to keep in mind the following points. Include the main keyword phrase of your brand in your domain The Meta title and description of your blog posts must contain your high-ranking keywords Do not forget to insert long tail keywords in the title of each post Choose relevant and competitive keywords for each post 2. Guest blogging – Guest blogging is no more just a weapon to fetch links. Guest blogging in its truest sense is a powerful strategy to increase web traffic. When your write-ups get published on a website or blog having a high PR, it helps in a strong promotion of your brand and is a great demonstration of your grip in a niche area. With guest blogging, you can draw decent traffic to your website, popularize your brand and acquire impressive search engine rankings due to the good-quality inbound links directed to your website. Eventually, you will be all smiles with good conversions and sales.… [ Read the rest ]

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How to Improve Website Ranking with Backlinks

If you are wondering about how to improve website ranking, then the first thing that you need to understand is how Google judges a site. Google’s algorithm changes hundreds of times every year and the search engine pays attention to a number of factors while determining website rank. However, the biggest factor that matters the most is the backlinks. Google not only counts the number of backlinks your site has, but it also evaluates the value of those links. So, 5 links from sites like Wikipedia and Mashable is far more valuable than 8 links from low quality sites. Veterans from any a SEO company will tell you that quality backlinks still matter a lot and guest posting is not the only way to earn it. Here is the answer to your question- “how to improve website ranking?” Keep reading the points mentioned below and you will be able to collect maximum number of quality backlinks without spending lump sum amount of money. # Solve the canonical issue: Do you think that www.abccompany.com and abccompany.com are same? Technically they may seem like same because both URL opens your website’s homepage, but logically they are not the same. Search engines view www.abccompany.com and abccompany.com as two different pages. Therefore, if you get backlinks to the site, then the links may get easily diluted. So, how do you solve this issue? Simply tell Google that you want all the votes for www.abccompany.com to be counted for abccompany.com as well. Use a permanent redirect from one of the pages to the other to get rid of this problem. # Identify the Right Keywords: One of the biggest mistakes that companies make in their link building campaign is that they don’t spend enough time on keyword research. If you run a web design company, then anyone can say that “web design company” and “website design company” are the two main keywords that maximum people are using.… [ Read the rest ]

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Think Twice about Your Link Building Strategies

Link building is getting tougher these days as the world’s biggest search engine is evolving at a breakneck speed. Even 2-3 years ago, link building strategies were pretty basic, but now Google knows how to treat links based on their quality and trust. Does that mean link building is dead and no SEO company should spend any time on it? Well, the answer is both yes and no. Its yes, because the future of SEO is not just about links, it is much bigger and broader than that. At the same time, link building is and will not be dead because links will always be a factor for Google to decide the ranks of a website. However, links won’t enjoy the supremacy as they enjoy today because Google is always looking for more data and more signals to decide whether a page deserves a position on SERP at a certain point of time. Yes, you read it right! “Time” is very important for Google and what your search queries may show you today may not show you tomorrow because of various related factors. I will discuss them a bit later, but let’s first talk about links. In future, Google will value the backlinks that you will get by having a great product and doing your marketing the right way. In short, links will be an outcome of amazing marketing. As an online marketer you need to see the bigger picture. There are many more signals, besides links, that Google can use and you need to utilize those signals for your own advantage. Google is changing and you can’t act like an ostrich! You must update link building strategies to avoid any punishment from Google. Link building strategies: What we noticed in the past? The core issue that Google had with links is that they did not understand links properly and SEO experts always took advantage of this flaw to get the best ranks on SERP.… [ Read the rest ]

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Comprehensive Google Penguin Recovery Guide

Websites often get penalized by Google when a new algorithm update is released and from the moment a client website loses its rank on SERP, the uphill battle of a SEO Company in India begins. Once a site is penalized, it is extremely important to take the necessary steps to recover the previous position. When a site gets penalized, first it loses visibility on Google search, next it loses traffic and eventually the conversion rate drops drastically. There are many techniques to recover from different SEO algorithm updates such as Panda, Penguin and Hummingbird, but it must be remembered that sometimes it takes weeks, even months to gain the lost rank and conversion rate. It all depends on how badly you have been affected and how tactfully you are dealing with the situation. While Google releases many SEO updates throughout the year, the most recent one that shook the SEO industry is Penguin 3.0. While Panda is all about content spamming, Penguin focuses on link spamming. “Link spamming” includes too many links with optimized anchor text, poor quality backlinks, text ads that pass PageRank and obviously excessive link exchanges. Let’s take a look at the timeline of Penguin updates before discussing Google Penguin recovery techniques. # Penguin 1.0: On 24th of April 2012, the first version of Penguin was unleashed and it affected many sites. As many as 3.1% queries were affected by this update. # Penguin 1.1: It came just a month after the first update and did not cause any trouble to the SEO experts. Only 0.1% queries were affected. # Penguin 1.2: It was released a few months later and affected 0.3% queries. # Penguin 2.0: This is another major Penguin update. Released on 22rd May 2013, Penguin 2.3 impacted 2.3% queries. # Penguin 2.1: This update affected moderately because Google said that it was a data update and not a major change to the algorithm.… [ Read the rest ]

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Techniques to Get Leads Online Using Long Tail Keywords

Releasing algorithm updates every month has become a common practice of world’s largest search engine. Whether it is Panda, Penguin or Hummingbird, Google’s main concern has always been to keep the web free from spam. Since Google works as a bridge and connect users with quality content through the SERP pages, they hate to offer end users any meaningless reference. Every time a new SEO update is released, professionals working in a SEO company India get terrified because such algorithm updates hit the ranking of clients’ sites and they start blaming the service provider. One of the most used SEO techniques for bringing traffic to a site is guest posting, but a few weeks ago, Matt Cutts warned SEO professionals regarding the over usage of guest posting. The warning may have surprised some people because guest posting is one of the authentic and effective ways to get quality backlinks. However, if you think carefully you will understand that Matt is actually not against guest blogging, he wants the SEO experts to stop over using it. After all, if you post dozens of guest posts every week and offer no relevant information to the end users, you are simply spamming the web. The Risks and Rewards of Online Marketing Search engine experts always think about one thing and that is “how to get leads online?” Unfortunately, in order to generate leads, people have used link building techniques unethically over the years. Link building is very risky these days and stakes are very high even if you are doing the things right way. Google is becoming more and more suspicious. There is a possibility that with the help of backlinks you will bring thousands of visitors to your site, but there is also a possibility of getting punished by algorithm updates and losing all the organic traffic.… [ Read the rest ]

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