How to Improve Website Ranking with Backlinks

If you are wondering about how to improve website ranking, then the first thing that you need to understand is how Google judges a site. Google’s algorithm changes hundreds of times every year and the search engine pays attention to a number of factors while determining website rank. However, the biggest factor that matters the most is the backlinks. Google not only counts the number of backlinks your site has, but it also evaluates the value of those links. So, 5 links from sites like Wikipedia and Mashable is far more valuable than 8 links from low quality sites. Veterans from any a SEO company will tell you that quality backlinks still matter a lot and guest posting is not the only way to earn it. Here is the answer to your question- “how to improve website ranking?” Keep reading the points mentioned below and you will be able to collect maximum number of quality backlinks without spending lump sum amount of money. # Solve the canonical issue: Do you think that and are same? Technically they may seem like same because both URL opens your website’s homepage, but logically they are not the same. Search engines view and as two different pages. Therefore, if you get backlinks to the site, then the links may get easily diluted. So, how do you solve this issue? Simply tell Google that you want all the votes for to be counted for as well. Use a permanent redirect from one of the pages to the other to get rid of this problem. # Identify the Right Keywords: One of the biggest mistakes that companies make in their link building campaign is that they don’t spend enough time on keyword research. If you run a web design company, then anyone can say that “web design company” and “website design company” are the two main keywords that maximum people are using.… [ Read the rest ]

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Think Twice about Your Link Building Strategies

Link building is getting tougher these days as the world’s biggest search engine is evolving at a breakneck speed. Even 2-3 years ago, link building strategies were pretty basic, but now Google knows how to treat links based on their quality and trust. Does that mean link building is dead and no SEO company should spend any time on it? Well, the answer is both yes and no. Its yes, because the future of SEO is not just about links, it is much bigger and broader than that. At the same time, link building is and will not be dead because links will always be a factor for Google to decide the ranks of a website. However, links won’t enjoy the supremacy as they enjoy today because Google is always looking for more data and more signals to decide whether a page deserves a position on SERP at a certain point of time. Yes, you read it right! “Time” is very important for Google and what your search queries may show you today may not show you tomorrow because of various related factors. I will discuss them a bit later, but let’s first talk about links. In future, Google will value the backlinks that you will get by having a great product and doing your marketing the right way. In short, links will be an outcome of amazing marketing. As an online marketer you need to see the bigger picture. There are many more signals, besides links, that Google can use and you need to utilize those signals for your own advantage. Google is changing and you can’t act like an ostrich! You must update link building strategies to avoid any punishment from Google. Link building strategies: What we noticed in the past? The core issue that Google had with links is that they did not understand links properly and SEO experts always took advantage of this flaw to get the best ranks on SERP.… [ Read the rest ]

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Comprehensive Google Penguin Recovery Guide

Websites often get penalized by Google when a new algorithm update is released and from the moment a client website loses its rank on SERP, the uphill battle of a SEO Company in India begins. Once a site is penalized, it is extremely important to take the necessary steps to recover the previous position. When a site gets penalized, first it loses visibility on Google search, next it loses traffic and eventually the conversion rate drops drastically. There are many techniques to recover from different SEO algorithm updates such as Panda, Penguin and Hummingbird, but it must be remembered that sometimes it takes weeks, even months to gain the lost rank and conversion rate. It all depends on how badly you have been affected and how tactfully you are dealing with the situation. While Google releases many SEO updates throughout the year, the most recent one that shook the SEO industry is Penguin 3.0. While Panda is all about content spamming, Penguin focuses on link spamming. “Link spamming” includes too many links with optimized anchor text, poor quality backlinks, text ads that pass PageRank and obviously excessive link exchanges. Let’s take a look at the timeline of Penguin updates before discussing Google Penguin recovery techniques. # Penguin 1.0: On 24th of April 2012, the first version of Penguin was unleashed and it affected many sites. As many as 3.1% queries were affected by this update. # Penguin 1.1: It came just a month after the first update and did not cause any trouble to the SEO experts. Only 0.1% queries were affected. # Penguin 1.2: It was released a few months later and affected 0.3% queries. # Penguin 2.0: This is another major Penguin update. Released on 22rd May 2013, Penguin 2.3 impacted 2.3% queries. # Penguin 2.1: This update affected moderately because Google said that it was a data update and not a major change to the algorithm.… [ Read the rest ]

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Techniques to Get Leads Online Using Long Tail Keywords

Releasing algorithm updates every month has become a common practice of world’s largest search engine. Whether it is Panda, Penguin or Hummingbird, Google’s main concern has always been to keep the web free from spam. Since Google works as a bridge and connect users with quality content through the SERP pages, they hate to offer end users any meaningless reference. Every time a new SEO update is released, professionals working in a SEO company India get terrified because such algorithm updates hit the ranking of clients’ sites and they start blaming the service provider. One of the most used SEO techniques for bringing traffic to a site is guest posting, but a few weeks ago, Matt Cutts warned SEO professionals regarding the over usage of guest posting. The warning may have surprised some people because guest posting is one of the authentic and effective ways to get quality backlinks. However, if you think carefully you will understand that Matt is actually not against guest blogging, he wants the SEO experts to stop over using it. After all, if you post dozens of guest posts every week and offer no relevant information to the end users, you are simply spamming the web. The Risks and Rewards of Online Marketing Search engine experts always think about one thing and that is “how to get leads online?” Unfortunately, in order to generate leads, people have used link building techniques unethically over the years. Link building is very risky these days and stakes are very high even if you are doing the things right way. Google is becoming more and more suspicious. There is a possibility that with the help of backlinks you will bring thousands of visitors to your site, but there is also a possibility of getting punished by algorithm updates and losing all the organic traffic.… [ Read the rest ]

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Is Investing in Social Media Marketing Strategies a Good Idea?

Marketing is the key to reach maximum number of customers and these days digital marketing is not restricted to websites anymore. Social media is very popular nowadays and gives you a universal platform to reach maximum number of potential customers. Sites like Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and Pinterest can help you connect with the customers emotionally and boost your brand image. If your company still does not have a Facebook or Twitter account, then you are simply allowing your competitors to beat your business. You can hire a SMM company for your social media marketing campaign or take care of your marketing campaign personally. However, every type of marketing requires through knowledge of the field and thus, it is wise to hire a team of professionals for planning proper social media marketing strategies. If you are still in doubt about social media marketing and think that it is a waste of money, then here are some facts that you need to know. Reasons for Investing in Social Media Marketing Strategies # You get the opportunity to see what your customers are talking about: One of the biggest benefits of SMM is that you get to see what your fans and followers are sharing on their wall. The posts are tweets help you understand what excites them and what they may like to hear from your brand. Once you study the fans for a couple of weeks, you can realign your social media marketing strategies to get closer to them emotionally. For example, suppose you are a hotelier and find that your target audience support eco-friendly efforts of corporate houses. So, if you are recycling water for your hotel, you can inform people about your eco-friendly move to earn their respect. Always remember that branding differentiates a company from another. When your brand becomes popular, you can charge hundreds of dollars for a product or service.… [ Read the rest ]

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Boost Local Search Rankings with These Steps

If you are worried about your low local search rankings, I presume you have been leaving out on the right and effective ways to fetch good ranks. In order to drive out your worries and see your business soar high on local search ranking lists, at first you need to be aware of the key local search ranking factors. Only after gathering knowledge about them, you will be able to perform the steps that this article will tell you to improve local search rankings. Here, I would like to mention that in case you are not convinced about your proficiency in doing the job on your own, you should take professional help. There are many SEO services India and you must choose the most capable one among them. Before I start jotting down the steps, let’s know why local search optimisation is valuable for a business. A look at the following statistics will reflect the reasons. Do you know local searches contribute to higher purchases compared to national searches? At least four out of five customers resort to search engines for seeking regional information. More than 50 percent of customers walk in to a store within a day after performing local searches on mobile devices. Following are the steps that will enhance your local search rankings. If your SEO skills are bang on, you can carry out the tasks with perfection. If not, you can easily take help of any efficient SEO services India to fulfil them flawlessly. Local Search Ranking Factors under On-page SEO Bid for the Most Effective Keywords Choosing the right keywords is of immense significance since it is only by keywords a user performs search. You must pick up those keywords that are popular (good search volume) but low on competition. Your chosen keywords must feature your location or the area where your business is based.… [ Read the rest ]

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How to Create High Quality Backlinks for Your Website Naturally?

The fact that the only way to take your website up in Google rankings is to build quality backlinks is no news now. But, you may be wondering “how to create backlinks for my website without resorting to guest posts or some other kind of exchange?” Well, do not worry; you still can get authoritative sites linking to you. Here‘s how. I would like to begin the discussion with a new kind of method of link building, which is being called The Moving Man Method; and it is producing quality results. Thinking “how to create backlinks for my website”? Go The Moving Man Method way It comprises 3 simple steps: Finding resources or sites that have changed names, moved to a new domain or have shut down. Finding site linking to the old page. Giving them a heads up about their outdated link. Now I will be elaborating on the steps. Step 1: Find outdates sites Under this you will have to find sites in your industry that have: Changed the names of their sites Migrated to a new URL Stopped updated a resource Stopped offering a service Closed operations How to find Moving Man Opportunities? Keep an eye on the popular websites, so that you get to know when they rebrand. Ask any SEO company and it will tell you that there are dozens of businesses that rebrand or change their names every single day. For this you can keep an eye on the press release sites, as businesses generally announce their name change in these websites. Besides, you can also check Google News. All that you need to do is type “rebrands as” and search in Google News. You will find several businesses that have recently rebranded or have moved to a new URL. Use search strings to find out site features that does not exist anymore Businesses often shut down a feature or another in their site, like Google did with Google Reader.… [ Read the rest ]

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Give your Content a High Ranking with LSI Keywords

Do you have a strong belief that stuffing your web content with as much as keywords will get it a high ranking on search engine? Well, you have to drive away this wrong notion as soon as possible. Excessive usage of keywords makes content sound artificial. Readers find it extremely annoying to go through a piece where keywords pop up in every five or six lines. Although keywords are necessary to make an article visible on the web, going overboard with them is one of the worst mistakes you can commit to spoil your content.2 to 3 percent of keyword density should be maintained in order to give a content a good ranking. Talking about ranking of content, you must be aware of the fact that according to the recent trends, every SEO Company in India is focusing on LSI, also called long-tail keywords instead of small phrase ones to rank content higher on search engine. LSI Keywords – A Brief Description The full form of LSI is latent semantic index. As already stated in previous paragraph, it is also called long-tail or long-phrase keywords. In simplest terms, LSI refers to the identification of plurals and synonyms to the main keywords. Long-tail keywords are more specific and search-engine friendly. It is important to make an article lucid and sound natural. The inclusion of LSI keywords lends a natural tone to an article since they are more specific and relevant. Every search engine evaluates content and seeks for other words relevant to the main keywords present in the content. This relevancy makes content visible. If you use LSI, you will be in an advantageous position when it comes to getting your content a decent rank on search engines. Why should you use LSI keywords? Whether it is website content, an article, a blog post or even a whitepaper, use of long-tail keywords can benefit you in various ways.… [ Read the rest ]

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Get to Know About the 6 Most Important SEO Metrics

As a business owner, you certainly wish for a high ranking on Google. In order to fulfil this wish, you have to put a lot of hard work. To make a SEO campaign successful you need to monitor certain metrics on a regular basis. There are six most important SEO metrics and I will let you know what they are in the following discussion. In case, you are unable to do the tracking yourself, you can contact a good SEO Company India to help you with this. Successful SEO Techniques with Six SEO Metrics 1. Ranking – What it takes to obtain a good raking on search engine? Majority will answer keywords. But, let me tell you that this is not the only thing that results into a decent rank. It is fine that you have picked up a few keywords and they are making your website very much visible, but the important thing is whether that visibility is getting you high numbers of conversion and good revenue. An effective search engine optimisation plan laying emphasis on various other factors like, quality and relevant content and uncluttered landing pages is something that can assure you success. Execute the plan keeping in view your conversion goals and profit margins. 2. Bounce rate – This is one metric that many neglect and the result of the negligence cost them very badly at the end. If your keywords are ranking high and your pages are experiencing low bounce rates, all is well. In case, the keywords are ranking high, but pages seem to have a high bounce rate, all is certainly not well. It may mean that you are wasting time on wrong keywords and your site content is not up-to-the-mark. If this is the case, make sure that you devote considerable amount of time on right keyword selection.… [ Read the rest ]

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The New Google Update, Pigeon: An Overview

On the 24th of July, 2014, Google officially launched a new algorithm called Pigeon update, which is a local search update. A SEO Company India has said that this update does not affect online businesses and retailers as much as it does brick and mortar stores by modifying the listings of local directory. So what does it exactly do and how is your business affected by it? Well, before we delve into that let us first see what the update is and how it works. What is Google Pigeon Update and How does it Work? While the update will be making changes at the back end of the network, its impact can be felt in the front end by the searchers. The algorithm is meant to offer accurate and relevant search results for local businesses which are closely associated with traditional search signals and rankings. The new algorithm uses the web search capabilities of Google on a much deeper level. This means that the local listings will now be displayed like the regular search results with less favouritism toward Google Places listings. Currently only U.S. English results are being affected by the Pigeon update. No information has been given regarding when will the other languages and locations start getting affected by it. However, you may want to know what has been the effect of the algorithm. Well, it has allowed local directory sites and listings get better ranks and visibility in Google search results than they did earlier. Why this Google Update? While the reason behind Pigeon update has remained undisclosed, there were speculations regarding why Google introduced Pigeon. Way back in the year 2012, when Google Places was released, online directories, such as Yelp started noticing a decline in the rank of Google. It appeared that Google was manipulating results to place its own listings ahead of that of Yelp and other search directories; and this was being done regardless of the search string, popularity and any other SEO practices.… [ Read the rest ]

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