Unfolding the Secrets of a Perfectly Optimised Page

Many say perfection is an illusion and it can never be achieved. But, I disagree because I have come across what it takes to optimise a page perfectly. After spending several years in the vast and intriguing field of search engine optimisation, I have realized that just good quality content is not the key to success. It is the amalgamation of multiple factors that help you to optimise your page in the most appropriate manner. Of course, you have to blend each of the factors in equal proportions so that the final output is nothing short of excellent. If you are not confident of doing this job on your own, you can consult an SEO Company in India for expert inputs. On-page SEO is an enormous field and constitutes several aspects that can affect search engine rankings of a site. The goal is to utilise every aspect in the best possible way so that the outcome is favourable and just pitch perfect. Now, the million dollar question is how to utilise them rightly? With search engines constantly evolving and sources of traffic increasing day by day, it may be confusing for a novice to determine how to achieve perfection in on-page search engine optimisation. If you are a beginner in this field and a bit baffled, take a look at the following paragraphs. Nine Secrets to Perfect On-page SEO 1. Use Short URLs – Short and keyword-rich URLs are the best. According to Google, the first five words in a URL are most important so it makes sense to include keywords within the first five words. Isn’t it? 2. Create Long-tail Tempting Title Tags – Gripping titles tags are indispensible for accurate on-page SEO. Also called title element, the title tag of a web page reflects a brief idea of the content on the page.… [ Read the rest ]

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8 Easy Steps to Engage Traffic from Google Other Than Link Building

Link building may give your business the much-needed attention from the biggest search engine in the world, but let me tell you there are other and much easier ways to rank high on the first page of Google. Building links is a difficult job and there is no such guarantee that this technique only will be adequate to spread brand awareness. Along with this, you have to steer your concentration on some other useful aspects to make sure that your India SEO Company website continues to engage traffic. Whether you own an established business or have just started out, these eight steps can guide you to the right path to achieve maximum visibility on the huge platform called Google. Step 1 Target your Niche Audience You must have heard the maxim that slow and steady wins the race. This is the secret to success for any business. In the beginning, it is beneficial to focus on regional customers. Jumping on to the bigger picture right at the start might cost you very badly. It is not at all an act of wisdom to incur hefty losses with hasty decisions. Instead of dreaming enormously high at the initial stage, it is advisable to stick to the basics at first. Do some research on your potential customers and identify the niche audience which can boost your website’s click-through-rates and gradually, enhance conversion rates. Step 2 Increase Website Traffic with Good Quality Content that is User-Friendly. Web content is considered high-quality when it succeeds to contain the following characteristics: 1. Informative 2. Easy-to-read 3. Error-free 4. Relevant to the topic 5. Unique First, if the write-up does not provide sufficient and useful information, it is of no use. Secondly, if the information is not penned down eloquently, readers will gain nothing from it. Third, the presence of typos, grammatical mistakes and wrong construction of sentences make articles a painful read.… [ Read the rest ]

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Guess the Winner of FIFA World Cup 2014 and Get Exciting Prize

FIFA World Cup 2014 is going through a crucial stage right now and the excitement among the football fans all over the world is reaching a new high. Some of the heavyweight European nations have already said goodbye, even before the Round of 16. The tournament is going to reach the knock-out stage in a couple of days and we may see a few more surprising wins and losses next week. The Brazil World Cup 2014 is proving to be the most unpredictable tournament ever. Who could have guessed that European powerhouses like England, Spain, Portugal and Italy won’t be able to qualify for the Round of 16? However, you have to accept that the unpredictable nature of this tournament made it so popular among the billions of fans all over the world. At Indian SEO Company, we are also very excited about World Cup and thought that this is a great time to start a World Cup Winner poll. Different people support different teams and now we are giving you an opportunity to guess the team that will win the World Cup 2014. What do you need to do? Pretty simple! Step 1: See the name of the teams with radio buttons below? Click on the radio button of the team you support. Step 2: Write the name of your favorite team in the “comment” section. Don’t forget to include your name and email address We will make a list of the people who will predict the right team and select one Grand Winner randomly. The Grand Winner will receive $200 worth of website consultation for free. So, what are you waiting for? Start voting immediately! World Cup Poll Who Will WIn Fifa World Cup 2014 ?… [ Read the rest ]

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New Google & New Commandments for SEO

Back in 2011, many websites failed to dodge the sharp vigilance of Google and its algorithms. They experienced a shocking downturn in their rankings. The year marked the sudden and totally unwanted arrival of the dreadful Panda Update. Unwanted it was for a group of websites because before the unanticipated emergence, they were pretty much continuing with their low quality schemes. Once the update hit the block, they were compelled to bring forth some quality in their work. But, SEO services India that have always maintained quality and still doing so had and also will have nothing to fear. Shortly after that, the Penguin update hit the block. It was equally awful for sites that used to spam Google’s search results. With this penalty, such sites were forced to put in efforts to eliminate bad links and spam. So, if you are someone who has just plunged in the big and surreal world of search engine optimisation or aspire to make a career in this field, you must be eager to know what this two giant updates are actually all about. While I have already given an idea about them in the introductory paragraphs, let’s try to explore these two updates in details. First Command for Improved SEO Strategies Panda update - In February 2011, Google startled the SEO industry with an algorithm update called Panda. The search engine keeps on revising the update on a monthly basis. The aim is to track the websites that used to rank high with duplicate and erroneous content and make sure the search engine features nice and unique content. As I said Google revises Panda almost every month, there was a refreshed update in the month of May of the current year. The experts said that Panda 4.0 is not just a revision; it is a new and significant algorithm change from Google.… [ Read the rest ]

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Spread Brand Awareness with SEO

As long as you are not doing something effective to build your brand, you cannot actually expect your business to give you high turnover. A strong brand identity is the essence of every successful business. And for many businesses, search engine optimisation (SEO) has turned out to be the reason behind their triumphant tales. Want to know how? You have to read on then. SEO contributes a lot in spreading brand awareness and now it is your turn to make use of this wonderful technique to write the success story of your business. Here is how you can do so with the help of a reputed India SEO company. Get into the Core of the Subject Unless and until you know what you are headed for, you will find the journey tough and intimidating. Just like that, you need to acquire substantial knowledge about search engine optimisation before you wish to utilise it to let your business rise and shine. A good understanding will help you take sensible decisions regarding many aspects. Let’s take for example, keyword analysis and selection. You may have a list of favoured keywords, but are you sure about their compatibility with the search engines? Search engines comprise keywords that consumers use, so, your list should feature keywords that rank high on popularity. At the initial stage of business when your brand is slowly and steadily making its presence felt, it makes absolutely no sense to consider and use your brand name in keywords. It is because your brand has not yet made it to the top of the popularity charts and consumers are less expected to search by the brand name. So, it is quite wise to choose keywords that are related to the type of service or product you offer. This will get you good amount of clicks, pull in high traffic to your website and therefore, spread brand awareness.… [ Read the rest ]

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Top Mistakes Made By SEO Companies

When you have spent so many precious years of your life to form a SEO company in India or a big worthy team to cater to SEO clients, you have surely developed a certain idea about what works and what doesn’t in the industry. I, being in this industry for nearly 5 years now, would like to share with you certain SEO and SEM tips that can help you plan and strategize your business operations to grow more and more in the field. In my career I have witnessed various issues and have also contributed in resolving them. Some of these issues are seen in almost all SEO firms. No matter how common these are, these are no less dangerous; hence, should be avoided at all cost. Hopefully, you can benefit from if not all, but at least some of the pointers given below. You Focus too much on your Price Being a less expensive service provider is definitely a great advantage. Good luck with that. However, you should always keep it in mind that someone somewhere is trying to steal your consumers through affordable prices. You being an honest business, obviously aim at providing the very best value to your consumers. Value is an advantage that you can maintain by combining price, service, schedule and relationships. If you have designed your marketing solely around price; you are unknowingly training your consumers into looking for lower prices, both from you’re your business as well as your consumers’. In order to avoid this, you are advised to find ways for increasing your value as you do for finding lower prices and costs. Offering Several Service Options If you are one of those companies that offer a deluge of service plans to your customers, like, ‘bronze’, ‘silver’, ‘gold’, ‘diamond’, ‘platinum’, ‘platinum+’; then let me tell you, the heads of your potential customers hurt with so many options.… [ Read the rest ]

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How To Go About The Google Panda 4.0 Recovery Process

Thanks to the dreadful first Panda Algorithm, the delightful day of Feb 24, 2011, turned into a nightmare for several bloggers and marketers. The damage in some cases was so intense that they had to rush to SEO company professionals to get the damage repaired. What was Panda Algorithm all About? Launched under the supervision of Matt Cutts, the leading member of Google Web Spam Team, this algorithm was meant to bring down poor quality sites, so that users get to see the best quality content in the top results of Google. Google Panda is a long term change, involving several updates being launched after February 24, 2011. Unfortunately, several updates have come since then, making the scenario tougher for webmasters. Features of Google Panda Penalize sites containing low quality by bringing down their rank On-page SEO is an important factor Being particular about the quality of the content being posted is important Google+ has become a significant part of SEO Social bookmarking is not to be ignored Google Panda 4.0 algorithm As mentioned above, Panda has been quite a pain for those who were operating spammy sites containing irrelevant and bad quality content for manipulating their way to high ranks in Google. The algorithm has been here for quite some time, yet SEO company professionals find it quite difficult to figure out. It is particularly difficult to find out if a certain site has been hit by Panda or not. Amidst such a circumstance, has come the newest update of Panda waltzing in, Panda 4.0, on May 20, 2014. However, much to everyone’s relief, this one’s not a harsh update but a much milder one as compared to its predecessors. Google Panda 4.0 is being used to refresh Google’s data for adapting to fresh changes in their algorithms. This update is believed to impact about 7.5% English queries.… [ Read the rest ]

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How Does Latent Semantic Indexing Work?

Just as a business tries hard to give the best user experience to its customers, search engines too tries to give the best search experience to its visitors, by providing them with relevant, updated and useful information. One of the technologies that search engine giant, Google, uses for this purpose is Latent Semantic Indexing or LSI. The search engine uses LSI to assess the meaning of a content that it finds in a website or on a blog. Indian SEO Company calls LSI a misnomer for ‘latent semantic analysis’- a technique of statistical analysis that uses character strings to determine the semantics of text, i.e., the actual meaning of it. What is Latent Semantic Indexing? The primary purpose of Google is to provide the best information to its users. To do this it needs to understand the exact information that a user is seeking when they type in a key-phrase for information, and also how well each of the web pages furnishes the information. It is an information retrieval technology that can retrieve information from websites and other information stores on the basis of vector space model of document classification. This is done on the basis of its concept or meaning, even if the document does not contain the search term. To put it more simply, it can be said that the algorithm helps Google find out the relation between the search strings and their related synonyms and keywords. Searchers are not always very specific with their searches. One may type ‘Mango’ on Google to know about the fruit. But the Google SERP may be showing a lot of other things named Mango, other than the fruit, like, there’s a fashion brand called Mango, then there’s Mango Airlines, etc. So, you see the search result that one gets by typing a non-specific search term, is also non-specific.… [ Read the rest ]

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SEO Strategy in 2014: Here’s How To Get Set Go

2013 has been quite an eventful year as far as Google updates are concerned. The major Google updates that we saw in 2013 are Penguin, Panda and Hummingbird, and thanks to encrypted search, providing keywords data seems like a thing of the past. SEO services India, observe that many people also went on to believe that search engine optimization, as a profession, is dead. But, given the challenges that Google keeps on throwing at web masters, in the form of their algorithms, nothing but SEO can help. On the other hand, online presence was never as important as it is today, and neither the landscape so competitive as it is now. Now is the time when you can get a great ROI with your company’s online marketing strategy. But, falling back on the ‘grey hat’ tactics does not seem to work any longer. Instead, what you should do is step up and adopt a more robust vision of the niche. You should start working not as a tactician but as a strategist. If you are capable enough and a hard working professional, you will be able to guess the next step of Google and respond to them with a sharp focus. The game of SEO is here to stay, it is just that its rules are getting complex with each update from Google. Following are some suggestions for you, so that you can perform your best as a SEO professional in 2014: Do not Forget the SEO Strategy of 2013 2013 has been a year of elimination of all short-cuts to higher ranks. This is a phenomenon that is expected to have a tighter hold on content marketing this year. Marketers are required to mend their ways and do away with all the illegitimate ways of building inbound links to get a higher rank in Google.… [ Read the rest ]

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10 Key Local Search Ranking Factors That You Must Know

Web users prefer to take help of local businesses because they know that the office/shop of that company is easily accessible. Nowadays, majority of web users type area specific keywords and thus, getting a good rank in local search is vital. For example, if you own a pizza restaurant in San Francisco, then it is important that when users search for “pizza in San Francisco”, your restaurant name should appear on SERPs. Any India SEO company will tell you exactly the same thing. There must be numerous companies in your area offering the same type of products and services. So, how do you beat your competitors and excel in local search? Know the local search ranking factors and Improve your Conversion Rate In this article I will discuss various local search ranking factors. Read them carefully and follow the suggestions to increase the visibility of your business on web. # Choose the Right Category: When you create the Google+ Local page, the social networking site asks you to enter the business category in two segments. During the initial set-up process you need to select the primary business category. This is the broad category. After that, once you enter the dashboard, Google lets you select 9 other categories for your business. For instance, if your primary category is “dentist” then the additional categories can be “cosmetic dentist” and “dental clinic”. Remember that categories must be selected from Google’s pre-set category hierarchy. You can’t customize them. # You should have an Address in the City: Your company name should appear in search results if someone searches using a keyword that contains the name of your city or from a device that is located in your city. For example, “shoe store in New York”. While this is a great facility, there is one major disadvantage.… [ Read the rest ]

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