6 Amazing Ideas to Reach Out Organically to Your Audience through Facebook

So you think that the organic reach of your business is decreasing on Facebook. With this, traffic from the social media site too is dropping. If you want to fetch lots of traffic to your business through Facebook, you have to hire a reliable SMM company. The experts at an SMM company can make sure that your business reaches out to the target client base. An SMM expert can bring the fact to light that Facebook controls the organic visibility of your posts to users. A survey had once proved that with the increasing stock prices of Facebook, the organic reach of businesses gets lesser. This is in one way profitable for the social media company as small businesses are now going to pay to gain visibility. Now, besides this very important news, there are factors that determine the presence of a post on a user’s feed. The factors are as follows. The number of times a user has liked and commented on a post – If a user has frequently liked or commented on all previous posts of your business, it means that the user likes to read posts by your company. The time when the content was posted – At first a post is very important, but it gets less important with the passage of time. Negative feedback – If a post is reported by a user, Facebook makes sure that other posts from the same company do not reappear on the user’s feed. Here is how you can increase the organic reach of your business. # Post personalized content Your posts should tell the user how you conduct your business. Posting pictures of office parties, get-togethers and picnics can give them a clear picture of the way your business runs. Moreover, such an approach renders your business a personalized look.… [ Read the rest ]

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How to Save Your Site from Google’s Next Penguin Update?

Do you think Google’s Penguin updates can hamper the ranking of your site? Hire an efficient India SEO company, if you want to save your website from an impending Google penalty. This blog tells you how to protect your site from being de-indexed by Google. Identifying Bad Links Check your Link Profile Regularly In case you are wondering how to identify bad links, you should track your link profile on a regular basis. You may think that since, you have never indulged in link building practices; your website does not have a single bad link. You never know; some low quality links may have attached themselves to your website. The SEO professional reviews the links and tries to identify the link quality. If he or she frequently comes across low quality links, it is time to change the link building strategy adopted for your business. Decide if the Links are Really Bad When the expert at the India SEO company has spotted the bad links to your website, you might feel like removing them as quickly as possible. However, you need to decide if the links need to be removed or not. An SEO expert can judge the link by doing the following. Removing a link at the spur of the moment is a bad idea because you might as well remove a link which is helping you. Checks the status of the link on Google. Higher the Page Rank (PR) better is the quality of domains. A domain with several links directing to your website, but with no PR, has undoubtedly been penalized by Google. Looks for blog comments which consist of spammy link Identifies links of spun articles Verifies keywords and anchor texts. If the anchor text of the link pointing to your site is full of keywords, SEO experts can say that text can be penalized by Google.… [ Read the rest ]

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How Can A Digital Marketer Ensure High Rank On Search Engine Results Page?

Do you want to get more traffic to your website? Do you want your business to have huge amount of online footfall? Now, that can be pretty easy if you hire an SEO company India. A digital marketing expert in the SEO company can make sure that your website traffic gets converted into clients. He or she utilizes search engine optimization strategies to drive the audience to your website and generate leads. Today, we are about to indulge in some SEO strategies employed by a digital marketer. What does a digital marketer do to enhance traffic to your site? A digital marketer optimizes your website so that it can rank on search engine results pages (SERP) like Google and Bing. If you think that digital marketing is a quick process and you can find your site on top of SERPs, you are mistaken. A digital marketer has to monitor the results on search engine pages and assesses the factors that can trigger your website sales. He or she takes measures to ensure the visibility of your site and higher conversion rate. What are the SEO strategies followed by an expert digital marketer? # National search engine optimization Businesses that cater to nation wide clientele and are not limited to a particular location opt for national SEO. If your business offers products or services to anyone within the country, your business falls under the national category. The digital marketer optimizes your site in such a way that anyone can come across your website. However, aiming for success through national SEO strategies can be quite a challenging task if you are trying to compete with popular brands. The digital marketing expert in the SEO company India focuses on your service or products and the not the location where you have your office.… [ Read the rest ]

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8 Winning Digital Marketing Tools of 2016

Do you want to score over your competitors? In that case, you should opt for effective digital marketing techniques. Hire a SEO services India company to attract traffic to your website through effective digital marketing techniques. Here are some digital marketing strategies to stay on top of your business. # Utilize Facebook Messenger In 2015, Facebook gave a twist to its communication system. It introduced Messenger for Business. The new addition was done keeping in mind the massive user base of Facebook Messenger. Analysts deduced that the Messenger would be equally effective for business communication. Through the Facebook Messenger for Business, you can communicate quickly with a large clientele in a short period of time. In the event that you want to communicate the declaration of a new offer, the SEO professional can send push notifications to your audience. The Messenger for Business is also used to update clients about the status of an order. # Opt for Native Advertising Online advertising generates high profits for a business. However, ad blockers stop these advertisements from being displayed on websites. It is important to take measures for making sure that your advertising ideas do not hit a dead-end. Native advertisements have the appearance of non-promotional content. Therefore, ad blockers cannot identify and block native advertisements. # Automate marketing process An efficient company offering SEO services India is aware of the importance of automation. The experts can save your money and time by opting for automated marketing techniques. With the help of software platforms, they can reduce the time spent on a project. They can also market your products or services through several online channels like, social media marketing and e-mail marketing. Automated marketing can provide you better service at low prices. It offers your business optimum digital marketing solutions. # Leverage mobile platform Analysts believe that use of mobile phones is going to dominate the use of desktops in 2016.… [ Read the rest ]

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Not All Links Are Good: 5 Link-Building Techniques That Can Be Harmful For Your Website

Do you want to attract traffic to your website? Do you think manual link-building is a useful technique to get your business on the forefront? Well, lately a lot of controversial comments regarding link-building practices are doing the rounds. In the event that you want your website to attain high traffic through links, it is the time you hire one of the most efficient SEO companies. Today, we are going to delve into link creating techniques that a good SEO company avoids. Many SEO analysts believe that manual link-building should now take a back seat. Several websites have been penalized by Google for creating links through a short-cut. The idea is not to altogether stop link-building, but to do it in a more natural way. The question is how? Here is the mantra you have been yearning to know in order to earn good links. Give your readers content worth sharing. This means that the content should be helpful and answer a reader’s queries. It should be easily understood by the reader and most importantly, the content should be original and not copy pasted. What’s the use in offering copy pasted solution, if you are promising something different to your readers? Let us now, look at the short-cut tactics that are better avoided. # The link connects to out of context website content Google’s current search algorithm supports the importance of context in link-building. So, irrelevant content is a complete no-no. Even a sixteen year old can build a link, which points to your site. But, you need more knowledge than that of a sixteen year old to bring traffic to your website. SEO companies with experienced professionals can build links that point to useful content in your site. The link should also be connected to your website content. For instance, a link about interesting ways to enjoy Christmas can point to your website if you offer luxury condos.… [ Read the rest ]

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Topical Optimization: The New Age Ranking Technique

Do you think keyword optimization can fetch your business the desired level of profit and visibility? Well, things have changed with the latest Hummingbird update. Google now favors sites that offer effective content on relevant topics. Unlike the traditional method of keyword optimization, topical optimization focuses on promoting in-depth content about a given topic. Today’s discussion is about this change in Google’s emphasis on topically authoritative sites. In order to get your website ranked among the Top 10 on Google’s results page, you should take the help of one of the SEO companies India. Before, we move on to the advantages of topical optimization, let us take a look at the following. Keyword Optimization It is the process of researching, examining and choosing the most suitable keywords for driving search engine traffic to your website. The excessive keyword can hamper the smooth flow of text leading to poor user experience. Readers may not be able to assess the meaning of a sentence or even an entire paragraph because of the unnecessary presence of keywords. Topical Optimization It is the act of optimizing content with related keyword phrases websites. The content is relevant to the topic and aims at target visitors. This approach drives more traffic to your website than keyword optimization. The Relationship between Topical Optimization and Current Status of Keyword Researching It has been observed that a website with enough information about its relevant topic ranks higher than a website rich in keywords. But, that does not indicate complete stalling of keyword research. What I mean is that the approach has changed. Web sites with more useful content are getting higher ranks now. As of now, keyword research is divided into two major stages, namely, the main word research and phrase research. Let us imagine that you own a children’s products business.… [ Read the rest ]

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6 Effective Ways to Reach Out to Clients through E-mail Marketing

Do you want to market your business among potential clients? Well, you can opt for e-mail marketing strategies. If you are looking to reach out to potential clients, you can approach an SEO company for higher sales through e-mail marketing. After the advent of social media marketing, a certain school of analysts stated that e-mail marketing would come to an end. However, that is far from true. Even today, e-mails account for a large amount of traffic. Here are some strategies that can help you realize the effectiveness of e-mail marketing. # Clean the database If you have been in business for a considerable period of time, it is needless to say that you have acquired quite a healthy database. It’s time; you get the database cleaned to make space for inserting new information. No, I am not asking you to get rid of all the past data. All you have to do is ask SEO professionals to remove useless information and improve what already exists. # Get a highly engaged subject line You write an effective e-mail and finally send it to subscribers on your list. But, what if 90 out of 100 subscribers do not even read it? Why? They did not understand the topic of the e-mail. Yes, I am talking about the subject line. Before you send the message, preview the message. It will assist you to assess, how the e-mail will look once it reaches the recipients’ inbox. An attractive subject line with a promise to solve problems always gains visitors for you. Have you ever tried telling a story to a child? They are always eager to know what’s comes next. A subscriber is like an eager child who is dying to know what lies beneath. Why keep him wait when you know there are thousands of others who can snatch him away?… [ Read the rest ]

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SEO is needed for Generating Demand – What makes you think so?

Are you worried that your B2B business is not generating enough demand in the market? Demand generation is integral for creating demand for your B2B company’s products or services. SEO professionals have an essential role to play in generating this much-needed demand. In order to reach the desired success level, approach a company offering SEO services India and see positive change in your business’ traffic. Demand Generation – What does it Mean? A marketing proposal that looks into the products or services of a company is known as demand generation. You may confuse lead generation and demand generation to have the same meaning. However, the company offering SEO services can inform you that the two have stark different meanings. Lead generation emphasizes on creating sales funnel and position lower level of importance to matters that are not directly related to lead generation efforts. One of the most effective results of demand generation is brand development. If you still have a problem in assessing the meaning of demand generation, here are a few features to help you. Demand generation primarily aims at generating interest towards the products or services of a company. Demand generation is relevant for B2B marketing campaigns. It is responsible for bringing sales processes under a structure and combines with marketing programs. In fact, outbound and inbound marketing come together to form a part of demand generation. Demand generation directs and cultivates the interest of buying among clients. It takes the help of processes like lead management, marketing analysis, and campaign management. Any marketing activity which makes people aware of the presence of your company and the products or services you sell comes under the purview of demand generation. SEO has an Essential Role to Play in Demand Generation – How can you Say that? SEO is often kept outside the realm of demand generation.… [ Read the rest ]

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7 Intriguing Advantages of Implementing SEO Tactics for E-commerce Business

Are you planning to start an e-commerce site? Have you researched about the existing e-commerce sites in your industry? You have guessed right. I am asking you to assess the level of competition you have to face. In today’s business environment, SEO is of foremost importance. There are many SEO companies in India. To ensure proper optimization of your site you need to take the help of a reliable SEO company. Let me explain the benefits of SEO for an e-commerce site. Your customers can track you easily What is the first thing you do, if you want to go on a tour? You search for hotels in that particular area, right? So, search engines are one of the major reasons for finding out what you need. Let us consider that your business offers handicrafts products. Therefore, when your potential customers search for handicrafts items, they will know about your site. But, this dream of yours can come true only when you take the initiative to optimize your site. Search engines are the main factors that bring traffic to e-commerce sites. Thanks to the rapid development of technology, the act of purchasing has undergone massive alteration. People do not go from one store to another in search of items of their choice. Before making purchase, most people search for their preferred products online. They see prices, material and compare the quality as well as prices of the item on different e-commerce sites. Helps to provide tough competition to your competitors SEO has the power to give you competitive advantage. Dependable SEO companies in India use appropriate keywords for ranking website pages on search engine results. They use techniques to get your business ranked among the top most e-commerce sites on search engine results. With better rank, your business can enjoy enhanced visits and sales.… [ Read the rest ]

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Tweet and Drive More and More Traffic to Your Blog Post – Know How

Do you want your blog posts to have increased traffic? Twitter is one of the most effective ways to ensure enhanced visits back to your blog. These days you can find a plethora of companies on Twitter. But, not all of them get the desired traffic. Have you wondered why? The reason is that most tweets follow the same old techniques of mentioning the title of the blog. Gone are the days when simple tactics could please readers. You can approach the best SEO company to help you out in this regard. Here, in this blog I am about to share some of the most creative ways that helped me increase tweets for my blog posts. 1. Insert a catchy line or a quote from the post Gift your readers a morsel of the blog post. Let them taste a bite of what they are going to relish once they read the blog. It is better not to write the post title. Quotes or catchy lines from inside the blog are far more attractive to readers. Survey has proved that tweets with quotes have a greater tendency to get retweeted. A reader who likes your tweet and reposts it also read your blog and visits the website you are writing for. 2. Make it short and smart Tweeting is quite a challenge. You have to get it done in one hundred and forty characters. The shorter it is the better. Since, you have to lure readers in maximum fifteen words; try to deliver something snazzy. Go creative to invoke the readers’ minds. One of the best ways to attract readers to click through to the website is to concoct a call-to-action. 3. Add a Sharing button Now, this is simple and basic. But, many companies miss out this basic contrivance and scratch their heads thinking what went wrong.… [ Read the rest ]

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