Understanding Referrer Spam and Discussing Useful Ways to Avoid it

Are you wondering about the messing up of your Google Analytics report? Do you think your GA reports are completely worthless? Let me tell you, the problem lies not with GA, but with a special type of spam. This spam commonly called the referrer spam leaves reports valueless and also hampers the quality of data. To ensure high quality report, you can take the help of an SEO company and the skilled professionals working there. So, you are wondering about the meaning of a referrer spam. Here is an idea. A referrer spam is called by this name, because at the early stage it shows as a fake referral. Then the spammers use more techniques to reach to your reports. A referrer spam appears in many forms such as a page, an event, an organic keyword, etc. The fake traffic is registered by Google Analytics and comes from spam bots. The referrer spam is also known as the crawler spam because it investigates websites to attract people to their own site for making a sale. They are unethical because these crawlers do not heed rules of GA. Any Idea What a Bot is? The SEO company specialists can tell you that a bot is a crawler program created to repeat tasks with dexterity. However, not all bots are bad. While some bots are good and are utilized to index web pages, others allure visitors to sell something. How do you know your Reports have been hit by the Referrer Spam? There are two ways of detecting the presence of referrer spam. # Download Google Analytics. It will find the Referrer Spam on a website on its own, without you having to hassle over it. # Visit your Google Analytics account and go to the Referrals report. You will then have to sort the report in downward order by bounce rate.… [ Read the rest ]

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Leverage SEO Techniques to Gain Visitors and Boost Conversions

What is your greatest fear? If the answer is absence of visitors to your website, you are not the first business owner to have this fear. The calculation is simple; low traffic means low leads; low leads mean low conversion, and low conversion is nothing, but bad business. If you want to drive visitors to your site and convert them, you should opt for a reliable SEO company India. A website is a place from where everyone can read about your business. If you sit back in silence, so will your website. If you do not create some noise, your business will not be able to gain the attention of the millions of people looking for the special something you have. Go Get Some Traffic Create Good Content Does your business publish content that matters? For instance, your website deals in food. Your blogs are about the latest researches done in the field and yet, you are not getting traffic. Google Analytics shows a bleak future for your business. How do you change that? The solution lies in publishing the right content. Content that draws visitors from Google, generates leads and eventually converts that into good business is called right content. Right content often involves in-depth content written in easily understandable language and that targets niche audience. Promote the content Once, you know the technique to post the perfect content, you have to assess the target customers. Promoting your content among all and anon is of no use, if they cannot hit the mark. But, how do you promote content among a niche base. E-mail marketing Every time your content directs a visitor to your website, he or she is asked to subscribe to a newsletter. If interested, the visitor will subscribe. Web presence can be fruitful only when you can leverage it.… [ Read the rest ]

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How Some SEO Tricks Have Been Tricked To Be Doomed?

You must be looking for latest tactics have of SEO that might get you an edge over your competitors. We all want to stay ahead of the algorithms. But, when you are looking for new techniques on the SEO front, you have to be careful. What gives an edge today might be quite a problem tomorrow. Take the help of SEO services India to enjoy smooth conversion on your site. To stay alive tomorrow you have to make sure that you do not use SEO techniques that get ruined by algorithms tomorrow. Why not take a Look at the Techniques that were once very useful, but are now headed for a Doomed Future? Buying links Before the advent of Google, search engines mostly depended on on-page optimization to decide the rank of a page. Google introduced algorithms that involved adding links. This was quite useful as getting top ranking SEO experts could add little better keywords than theircompetitors. However, this led to SEOs optimizing pages with keywords that were not relevant, but were helpful in bringing traffic. Google decided to introduce links that would indicate votes for a page. The more votes a page gets, the better it ranks. Search Engine optimizers realized that these links can change search engine rankings overnight. They bought the links to increase their rankings. Since, the buying of the links increased search engine rankings, the clients of SEO companies earned more and more revenue. How was it checked? Then came the D-Day. Google introduced a new algorithm in 2012 called Penguin. Thanks to the namesake of the Antarctic bird, paying for links to get high ranking on search engines is now a penalizing act. How to check it permanently? SEO experts can still use links, but they have to make sure that they do it only for advertising.… [ Read the rest ]

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How can Analytical Tools Give your Website an Advantage over your Competitors?

Ok, so you have a website and you want to gain online prominence? But, if you think that just some web pages can get you conversion and leads, you are getting it wrong. Of course customers know what you sell, but can they trust you? It is, thus, important that you speak to customers. Here steps in SEO companies India. Efficient search engine optimizers can bring you the conversion rate you are looking for. Create an objective. Your website should speak to the customers through the objectives you have set. For interacting with your customers, you have to think like them. Tell them you understand what they need, hire content writers who can compose in a language your end users understand. You have to realize that Shakespearean English is not suitable if your site sells children’s books. What SEO does? Even though your initial objective is to generate traffic, it soon converts into enhanced sales. Now, is the time SEO experts start using keywords and opt for affiliate marketing. The content should compel people to enter your site and not just see what you have to sell, but also buy them. If you are in any kind of confusion regarding keywords, you can resort to research tools that can help you start. These tools also help out with other features, such as Meta descriptions, text title tags, keywords tags and image alt tags. Your website must have all the necessary factors before you start leveraging it for greater conversions, leads and click-through rate. How can Analytical Tools Boost Conversion? Whatever business you might have, it is necessary to track the progress of a marketing campaign. Similarly, the online strategies implemented by SEO experts should be adjusted before you start suffering losses. Track analytical data to realize how successful your online strategies are.… [ Read the rest ]

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5 Ways any SMM Company can Reduce Touch-points on the Firm’s Social Media Conversion Funnel

The separation of companies and their customers being by invisible walls and interfaces like distributors, retailers and stores is dwindling, as the entire market seems to be undergoing a major paradigm shift towards interaction through social media. The unchanged golden rule is that customers are influenced by word of mouth. What has changed, though, is the fact that social media marketing makes it much simpler for companies to spread word of mouth. Social stigmas are emerging each day as a large factor affecting consumer behavior, and most of this stigma arises from the cyberspace, as they sift through social media feeds, recommendations, blogs and other sources to decide what they want and what they will purchase. This gives rise to the need for companies to develop a social media conversion funnel to pitch products and attract customers. Social Touch-points and Their Significance – The Conversion Funnel A touch-point has been defined as a point of interaction or contact between a business and its consumers. Beyond being simple customers, online consumers have assumed the role of critics, advocates, influencers, reviewers and experts. There are several touch-points which exist in the present system allowing public opinion to be influenced, like: • Discovery platforms or sites built for the purpose of reviewing and recommending new products or services. • Online personalities or bloggers who have a large fan-following, thus making it even easier to get people to latch on to their recommendations. • Affinity groups or forums and communities like Reddit, Yahoo! Groups or Facebook groups and many more are essentially groups of like-minded users. Any person viewing community posts could quite easily be influenced. • Social networks, platforms and message boards like Facebook and Tumblr pages, Twitter feeds and others do essentially the same thing. • Consumer reviews, on dedicated sites also go a long way, as consumers tend to prefer those services which have already been rated highly by their peers.… [ Read the rest ]

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Effective Social Media Tactics for Getting More Clicks

Often people think that by publishing updates with their links in them, they can attract more traffic from the social media. However, that is a misconception. Had that been true, all companies would boast of thousands of followers, wouldn’t they? So, how to guarantee more clicks on social media posts? Experts in any reputable SMM Company like Indian-seo-company.com generally would come up with the following few suggestions to boost your traffic. Making It Visual or Adding Attractive Pictures Try to include interesting pictures along with your posts to grab audience attention. Be it on Twitter or Facebook adding pictures will definitely increase clicks. Whenever you tweet a link to a blog post remember to include a picture. This will certainly generate a remarkable increase in the Twitter traffic. Sharing the Best Content: Best among Social Media Tactics You must remember to share only high quality content. No matter what the network, mediocre information will end up hurting you. Mediocre content never works, and your social traffic is bound to drop. If you are in the habit of sharing only top quality content, people would be appreciating that. Your viewers would be waiting eagerly for your updates and you would definitely get the desired clicks. Devote some time to thinking about what to share. After enough deliberation, you must choose the best possible content to attract audience attention and get clicks. Writing Persuasive Tweets Tweets should be considered similar to headlines. Their sole intention is to grab consumer attention and get him to read and click. Your tweet should be convincing. Your writing style should convince the reader to click on the given link to read the content it actually leads to. The best tweets always talk about a benefit and trigger huge amount of curiosity. It is your business to convince the readers that they would be benefited by reading the content.… [ Read the rest ]

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Make your Website Mobile Friendly Today – New Google Update is on the Way

Google has recently made an announcement on its official blog through a post that it is going to make two considerable changes with respect to its search algorithm for the purpose of ranking the mobile search results. These changes are basically related to making the ranking algorithm more mobile friendly. Mobile Friendly Factors The search engine has stated that from April 21, 2015, it will be incorporating mobile friendly factors to its ranking algorithm with respect to the mobile search results. The company has announced that it will be expanding its use of mobile-friendliness as the ranking signal. This change will basically lead to labelling of a website by the mobile ranking factors of Google as mobile friendly as well as in determining if the site belonging to a SEO company will secure a higher rank with respect to the search results. According to Google, this change in its search algorithms will definitely lead to a major impact on the mobile search results thereby leading to a large effect on all languages across the globe. Google is of the opinion that as a result of this change, it will be easier for the users in getting high quality and relevant search results which will be totally optimised for their mobile devices. App Indexing The search engine has implemented certain methods for naturally ranking the mobile apps as well as for participating in app indexing in terms of the signed-in users with respect to mobile search. Google has of late started using the information from the indexed apps as an important factor in terms of ranking the signed-in users who have already installed the app. Subsequently, it will select content from the indexed apps more prominently with respect to the search results. Mobile-Friendly Websites Being mobile friendly is highly important. This makes it extremely important for an SEO company to ensure that the web pages are mobile-friendly.… [ Read the rest ]

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Effective Ways Of How To Do Keyword Research In A Smart Way

With the increase in online marketing being able to undertake keyword research effectively has become a highly important and essential skill for digital marketers in any SEO company in India. It is not enough for smart marketers of digital content to be aware of ways of developing good list of keywords for SEO and PPC these days. Online marketers of the present day need to know the ways of using keyword research effectively to look for topics on which to write as well as appropriate phrases to be used while writing. In this concern, creating a basic list of the starting items, expanding the list making use of various tools of keyword research, refining the list through competitive research proves helpful. In online content marketing, different keywords are used to symbolize varying levels of intent and interest. Certain search terms are often used by the people who are close to any conversion, whereas certain other terms are used by the people who are yet in the early levels of research. Certain aspects should be considered in this regard to lead to a fruitful outcome. Focussing the keyword terms with those that speak of the brand, competitor, product, substitutes, audience and complimentary products will enhance the research. The process comprises of three main steps each with its own specifications and sub-steps. The process starts with the creation of a seed list proceeding to building the keyword list and then finally refining the list. Creating seed list This is the most important step in the undertaking a keyword research in the most efficient manner. Seed list is basically a list of keyword ideas. Marketers need to really think hard to fill out the list with appropriate keywords focussing mainly on products and brand terms. This list needs to cover all aspects of the product and the solution it offers to customers.… [ Read the rest ]

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Online Citations and NAPs – Two Most Essential Elements of SEO

SEO or Search Engine Optimization is a highly tricky affair. Not only one needs to carry out all regular SEO stuff, but also an entirely new layer of multifaceted SEO activities needs to be undertaken. The most important constituent of Local Search Engine Optimization is NAP. It is a trinity of crucial information that stands for Name, Address and Phone Number. It is also referred to as NAP+W, with people adding in the Website to it. These search engines consider business ‘citations’ for local ranking. Online citations are basically references to the address and name of a company or a business. It appears on other websites, social media sites and blogs irrespective of whether it includes a link back to the company website. Importance of NAP of a business concern to Google Search engines like Google, Bing and Yahoo place a lot of significance on the name, address and phone number of an organization that has online presence. The name is highly significant especially when it is attached to the phone number and address of an online organization. This is because of the fact that these search engines want to ensure that the address one is listing for an online business is a legitimate one as many things are dependent on good quality of the search results with respect to the keyword searches based on location. Accuracy of NAP The local search engines regard NAP as a measuring stick with respect to accuracy for the existence of a business existence. For a local search directory to validate the existence of a local business or a SEO Company, it should ensure that every point of the data aligns with it perfectly. A business needs to have all the three pieces of crucial information- name, phone and address intact and correspond in all the citations across the local search engines so as to appear as a legitimate one.… [ Read the rest ]

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Six Smart Social Media Strategies to Enhance Your SEO Rankings

Some businesses think that they can be found easily in local search results by focusing and relying solely on SEO. Though it is really important to have an effective SEO strategy for your website, it is equally vital to incorporate social media into SEO strategy. SEO and social media marketing are two closely interlinked strategies that go hand in hand. These two organic, inbound strategies concentrate chiefly on building an attractive identity that would naturally grab visitors’ attention. Social media is all about robust brand presence and excellent content. Therefore, the efforts you devote to SEO could help in enhancing your social media reach. Any reliable SMO company would definitely point out that your search rankings can get a great boost by an impressive social media presence. Impact of Social Media Strategies on SEO Rankings SEO has undoubtedly been one of the most powerful and significant marketing strategies for small business organizations. However, the scenario has changed radically over the past few years. Currently social media networks such as Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter, Google+, Instagram and LinkedIn provide search engines with a direct window to understand a particular brand’s customer experience. A solid social media presence certainly proves to be the backbone of a successful SEO strategy. Small businesses should focus more on social media to ensure that search rankings are as high as possible. Maximizing Your Fan Base One of the important strategies is to maximize the number of your followers. The total number of connections and followers on your social media profiles has a remarkable impact on your SEO rankings. A company having 100 Twitter followers cannot dream of matching up to a corporate giant that boasts of a million Twitter followers and another million Facebook fans. The corporate giant would definitely enjoy a much higher SEO ranking. However, while trying to boost your fan base, you need to conform to some regulations.… [ Read the rest ]

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