The Rundown of SEO Ranking Factors in 2018

Technological advancements have refined the ranking algorithms of search engines resulting in a better determination of relevance, as well as, returning results that perfectly align with the intention of the users. As search engine algorithms undergo constant improvements, the essential factors in ranking are always updating. Experts in the Indian SEO company will tell you that factors which were once key to a great search engine result may not matter anymore. Recent ranking factors like, HTTPS and mobile-friendliness are increasingly coming to the fore to highlight changes in user behaviors and technologies. Therefore, the question that bothers every brand is – what are the most and least crucial factors affecting search rankings in 2018? Keep reading to find the answer. Essential Ranking Factors in 2018 # Keywords Keywords in anchor text : Industry research suggests that hardly any link consisted a keyword in the anchor text. This might indicate that the keywords mentioned in the anchor text are not a vital ranking element. It might also be an impression of SEOs complying more stringently to the best practices of link building that find the links of anchor texts spammy. Keywords in page titles: Google’s algorithm is getting smarter at comprehending synonyms and contexts resulting in the receding importance of keywords in the page titles as a ranking factor. # Website security (HTTPS) As per studies,  approximately 60% of domains in the first 3 spots for large volume keywords are already protected. According to professionals, this may not be a big ranking factor, but focusing on HTTPS will help company websites to enhance conversion rates and build trust. # Impact of site traffic An exclusive research on the impact of website’s traffic on the rankings was also performed in an Indian SEO company. It was found that the visitor number is crucial for keywords that are high volume.… [ Read the rest ]

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Hotel Ads Center- New Way to Drive Traffic for Your Hotel Business

Do you remember that there was Google Hotel Finder once? Well, it is gone now and in its place, Google has presented its new and improved Google Hotel Ads. the search giant has made such awesome improvements with this one that it is a real boon for upcoming and established hoteliers. Google Hotel Ads: The Concept Google understand that billions of searches are carried out everyday by individuals planning vacations and looking for hotels. The search giant wants to keep such individuals in its world for as long as possible. If you think about it, it is also desirable from the point of view of the searchers. Imagine getting every information you need to book a hotel within one single Google search result. Google Hotel Ads delivers exactly that. It provides future travelers an easy and hassle-free way to make hotel reservations. Travelers can evaluate pricing, check availability, booking options and so on. Hoteliers can also provide their availability and pricing data to Google for users across diverse platforms. Additionally, you can also bid for distinguished placement, via the Hotel Ads auction process. Video Courtesy- Google Help Center Onboarding Guide Hotel Ads make it easier for a customer to book a hotel room. The search results are more location-specific, relevant and include the correct data points. If you run a hotel business and want to make the lives of your potential customers better, take a look below at how you can sign up with Hotel Ads. # Obtain access Share the access emails – Let Google know who can acquire the tools and how (editor, admin or viewer). Examine front ends – You can submit feeds in the Local Frontend that can be managed in the Hotel Ads Center. # Develop your feeds Hotel List: This contains all the information about your properties.… [ Read the rest ]

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Google Combats Fake News with Owl algorithm

New websites have been surfacing online at a rapid pace. Some of the sites are even resorting to fake news for increasing their viewership and clicks from the Internet users. This is a huge problem that Google is facing and the company has started making genuine efforts towards the improvement of its search engine for the elimination of misleading, profane, offensive and outrageous content. As a major step towards that end, Google has officially announced ‘Project Owl’. ‘Project Owl’ is a Google algorithm update, as well as, procedure changes for filtering and managing hate speech and fake news that continue to pollute search results. This Google update gives Internet users 2 innovative ways of reporting what they deduce as ‘misleading or offensive content’. To get its algorithm to show credible and trustworthy information, the search giant is putting to use specialized human teams. For a more in-depth understanding about the algorithm update, keep reading. What prompted Google for the latest algorithm update? For quite some time now, Google has been severely criticized for search results showing offensive, outrageous or false information about particular topics. For example, in response to queries about the Holocaust, the company pronouncedly displayed links to pro-Nazi sites. Also, when users started to type phrases about racial groups or women, the search giant’s auto-complete function would suggest queries like, ‘why are women dull-witted’ and so on. It is needless to say that this got the company a lot of flak and dissentious media attention. Generally, the search giant refrains from interfering with its algorithms that are meant to find the most appropriate and helpful answers to any given topic. However, this issue blew out of proportion. This prompted the company to take necessary steps for curbing such malpractices. What are the 2 new ways by which Internet users can report the information they find fallacious?… [ Read the rest ]

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Fred is Here – Google’s Recent Algorithm Update!

Google has yet again managed to create hysteria among the webmaster and SEO community with its recent update, affectionately named ‘Fred’. Google sends out update almost on a daily basis, but a majority of them are minor. Fred, on the other hand, has been affecting a large number of sites. This update has been rather busy, since the time it has hit the SEO world. If you want to protect your website from the clutches of Fred, talk to an expert SEO company. Should Black Hat SEO Practitioners Beware? This algorithm update is mainly impacting the ‘black hat’ side of the SEO industry. This means that the spam algorithm update is centered around links. Black Hat SEO experts often use something called a Private Blog Network or PBN to boost ranking of a site by sending artificial links to it. Google’s update, Penguin, was the first to hugely disrupt this technique and wane its effectiveness. However, the method still works sometimes, but it is more like a game of cat and mouse. It lacks to provide any long-term results. The latest update, Fred, is smart enough to find out about this technique. This has led to many page rankings drastically dropping. Fred has managed to create quite a stir. Popular blog sites are even reporting major losses in traffic and whether you like it or not, Fred is here to stay. Are Low-value Content Sites the Worst-hit? Since Google rarely reveals any information about its updates, it is extremely difficult for an SEO company to understand what Fred is actually up to. But, Google has always employed algorithm updates, changes and machine learning to affect the rankings of those sites penalized for monetizing content, via referral traffic and advertising. In fact, Fred may actually not even be a brand new introduction, but a radical development of an algorithm that was always there.… [ Read the rest ]

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11 Amazing Benefits of Blogging for Online Business

Do you often wonder, if you should start blogs as a marketing tactic? Absolutely, you must! Most small and even large business owners do not realize that blog optimization is an essential part of search marketing. In fact, blogs are really not much different than a website. Blogs are a part of the website content management system and offers additionally functionality, such as trackbacks, comments and RSS. A reputed can assist you in making good use of these channels within the existing marketing mix. Industry heavyweights are of the opinion that continuous content publication and blogging can make a huge difference to a website’s search visibility, leads and sales. Before expanding on the benefits of blogging, there is one important question that need to be dealt with at the outset: Where should the blogs be posted? There are several websites that allow you to host your blogs at no cost to you, such as or Many of the advantages of blogging are eliminated by hosting on such free platforms. If you want to enjoy all the benefits of blogging mentioned below, you are advised to host blogs on your primary domain, i.e., your company website. Without further ado, take a look at the top advantages of blogging on your business website. # Increased number of visitors Who doesn’t want more number of visitors? There are 3 ways to drive traffic to your website – blogging, search engines and social media. Blogging is one such marketing tactic that boosts SEO, as well as, SMO efforts. The more content you add on your website, the more pages from your domain gets indexed in search engines, such as Google, Bing and Yahoo. This helps to enhance organic search visibility, and thereby, leads to increase in site traffic. To understand the crux, talk to an expert at the best SEO company.… [ Read the rest ]

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Facebook is Changing – An Account of its Latest Updates

Social media fans, there is a new kid in town. Wondering what it is? Shedding light – Facebook is now making significant changes in its algorithm. They are changing the way they are ranking stories. They now add and update signals to their ranking algorithm. If you are anxious to know why Facebook is on a role, you must know that the social media platform is eager to generate more and more traffic by showing authentic content. How? To get an answer to your question, you may seek the help of an SMM company, where social media experts are constantly endeavoring to advertise client companies on social media platform in an ethical manner. They keep themselves up-to-date about the latest changes and updates to social media sites like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram to make sure that their clients are always on top. Coming to the point, one can say that Facebook is actually reducing spammy and misleading posts. I don’t think there is any need to mention that most of you have clicked on sensational and seductive content at some time or the other, only to realize that you are being welcomed into a labyrinth of more and more useless stuff that solely aims to generate crowd (read traffic). Quite frustrating I must say, this is. In short,  has called a war against fake news and has taken up the sword to enhance news literacy. This is not the first time that Facebook has reacted to the fake news. It has taken the following steps earlier. Do take a look. Come up with an update sending a clear warning to fake news and hoaxes. Started the Facebook Journalism project for basting up journalism and creating better ties with news publishers. Now, any expert working with an Indian SEO company can tell you about the newest announcement from Facebook’s box of secrets.… [ Read the rest ]

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5 Digital Marketing Trends that Will Dominate 2017

An era of digital marketing defined by quick social media changes, rising importance of mobile devices and accelerated prominence of video was ushered in by 2016. As 2017 is welcomed, it gives marketers the chance to wipe clean the chalkboard and develop new strategies to propel brands forward. Any reputed digital marketing agency, anywhere in the world, is aware of the ever-changing and highly-competitive nature of the digital marketing industry and can help you in developing result-driven campaigns for your product or service. With high levels of competitiveness and the added pressure of securing maximum ROAS, it is vital to integrate improved digital marketing techniques to your present campaign. Take a look at the top 5 trends that industry experts believe will dominate 2017. # Live video marketing via Instagram, Periscope and Snapchat Social media delivered plenty of surprises in 2016 and the most popular one was live streamed video. It may have took off last year, but marketers are of the opinion that 2017 is the year, when this trend will explode. Industry heavyweights are also of the opinion that by 2020, 75% of the world’s mobile traffic is going to be video. Apps, such as Instagram, Periscope and Snapchat, are rolling out user-friendly updates to allow brands communicate and engage with their target audience in real-time. Live video is much appreciated by the consumers because these videos are immediate, unscripted and authentic. Live video can be captured on mobile phones, tablets or professional cameras and streamed real-time to the Internet. The video can be viewed on smartphones or on the desktop. Instagram’s livestream broadcasting feature allows you to share exclusive behind-the-scene moments of your brand with your target audience. The followers of your Instagram account can view the video, while it is being broadcasted. The access to viewing the video is removed, once the broadcasting is complete.… [ Read the rest ]

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Understanding PPC Campaign and the Importance of Landing Pages in Boosting Conversion

As a business owner, do you want to advertise your products or services on the Internet, so that your targeted audiences can come to know of it and eventually opt for what you are offering? If yes, you must involve in digital marketing. Digital marketing includes different campaigns like, PPC or pay-per-click. To get the benefits of PPC for your business’ website, you must hire a reputed pay per click advertising agency. The professionals from such an agency can successfully implement PPC for your website, so that search engines like, Google and Bing get a specific fee every time a user clicks on the advertisements of your business. This can allow you to buy traffic for your website, instead of  relying solely on organic traffic. When you are paying the publishers, such as Google, your ad is displayed every time a visitor enters the keywords that are there in the content of your website. To do PPC effectively, professionals consider different factors like, the creation of effective landing pages. This is because, they are aware of the fact that without high-quality landing pages, a business owner cannot make profit from his or her initiatives of marketing on the Internet. In this blog, I am going to discuss in details more about PPC and the importance of landing pages for making PPC fruitful. As already discussed, PPC refers to paid advertisements. To get the maximum benefit from PPC, experts from PPC management services strive to lead the visitors to an optimized landing page, instead of a messed up homepage. Before I can discuss with you the details of PPC landing page campaigns, let me help you in understanding the strategy of PPC. # Understanding paid traffic – Paid traffic is very much different from organic traffic, though the final purpose of both is to increase the sale of a product or service.… [ Read the rest ]

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5 Essential Steps in the Making of a Mind Blowing Infographic

Are you a professional in the field of digital marketing? If yes, you must know about all the recent trends and tools of this sector, so that you can become an expert in the digital marketing agency where you work. One such tool, which has become very effective and popular in modern times is infographic. This tool is very efficient in content marketing. Before the coming of infographic, content marketers posted blogs for heightening their visibility on the result pages of search engines. But, in the era of infographic, lively images are combined with compact text to enlighten audiences on a variety of subjects. Unfortunately for the world of content marketing, many professionals had started using infographics only for the purpose of link baits. Adequate research was not conducted before making them and they were not written or designed with expertise. Thus, many came to the conclusion that infographics were not really useful. But, this is not true. If created in the proper manner by professionals of a digital marketing agency India, infographics can be proficient in appealing to the audiences. Moreover, as a large number of people now surf the Internet from mobile devices, the attention span of audiences is very short. In this case, visual content, such as infographics prove to be very efficient. It has been seen that infographics of a good quality have been liked and shared three times more than any other form of content. So, instead of demeaning the true value of an infographic by engaging in link bait, you can use this visual form of content marketing in a more effective manner. For that, it is important to create an impressive infographic. In this blog, I shall guide you through the essential steps of making an infographic, so that you can do digital marketing in a successful manner.… [ Read the rest ]

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Discussing 5 Different Dimensions of Accelerated Mobile Pages

You might have come across the term ‘AMP’ several times recently. This must have made you curious to find out what AMP stands for and implies. AMP stands for Accelerated Mobile Pages. The AMP project has been designed by Twitter and Google. The task of AMP is to make mobile pages load really fast. As a professional in an SEO company, you must be aware of the fact that an increasing number of users now surf the Internet from their smartphones. So, you must implement effective SEO techniques to optimize the mobile websites of your clients. This can improve the rankings of your client’s site, increase the traffic it receives and generate more revenues. This blog speaks about AMP, its use and impact on the ranking and success of a website. AMP – An Idea This project was announced by Google last October. AMP is an open-source initiative, dedicated to make the performance of mobile web better. It is not new for Google to come up with new strategies or projects. This new project was an answer to Apple News and Facebook’s Instant Articles. But, it is important for you to note and understand the difference between AMP and the other two initiatives. To use the other two initiatives, you must enter into a partnership with Facebook or Apple. But, you can use Google’s new initiative for a mobile-friendly web to create web pages, without fulfilling the above criterion. Whenever Google comes up with a new initiative, the SEO world wakes up to a chaotic morning. There are fervent musings on what the initiative means, how it can be used or implemented and what can be its possible effects. The same contemplation began among the professionals of every Indian SEO company, when Google announced about AMP. However; the contemplation did not last long this time.… [ Read the rest ]

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