Front Sight and the US ARMY

November 29, 2005 From: Dr. Ignatius PiazzaFounder and DirectorFront Sight Resortswww.frontsight.comFront Sight and the US ARMYDear Friends and Students of Front SightIn my last e-mail to you I made the following statement:“…Front Sight has grown from a few instructors, training a handful of students to anorganization that has trained over 35,000 students—- each student receivingpersonalized attention and leaving a Front Sight representative of safe,responsible, and professional firearms training…” Well, below you will find a letter from a student who recently attended our four daypractical rifle course before re-enlisting to fight in Iraq. He has an interestingstory Dear Dr. Piazza,In 1989 I joined the US Army and served in a variety of positions—on both activeduty and in the reserve components—before accepting an honorable discharge andreturning to civilian life. Last month—after a seven year break in service where I never touched a firearm—Ire-enlisted into a special operations unit and volunteered for a tour of duty inIraq. Of course I was told that I would have to re-qualify with my weapon—not onlyas a standard requirement—but also because I must be capable of delivering accuratefire down range with the M16 and its variations whenever needed to assure thatsensitive tactical missions are carried out.I decided to attend the Four Day Practical Rifle course offered by Front Sight oneweek before attempting to re-qualify with my weapon—which I had not shot in sevenyears—and I am so glad I did!The first day at Front Sight really demonstrated to me just how much I not only hadforgotten but simply did not know. By day four my off-hand grouping at all distanceson the range had greatly improved, which was evidenced when I went with my unit tothe range only three days after returning home from Las Vegas.My grouping on the 25-meter zero target, which is a visual simulation of a 300 metertarget, was so tight that all three rounds touched each other. When I actuallyqualified I had one of the highest scores in the unit—an expert rating. But thatisn’t what is so incredible. For some reason one of our Sergeants—a decorated veteran of the campaign inAfghanistan—failed to qualify three times in a row. Everyone was giving himadvice—even the unit snipers and designated marksman—but it was the wrong advice!One thing is for sure: just because you can perform does not necessarily mean youcan teach.He was incredibly frustrated so I offered to coach him away from the line before hemade his fourth attempt. Because of what I learned at Front Sight, it only took metwo or three minutes to figure out what this Sergeant was doing wrong. For ten tofifteen minutes after that I drilled him on his presentation, on sight alignment, onhow to obtain a proper sight picture, on his breathing, on trigger control, on hisbody positioning, and so on. Then I went up onto the line with him and he passed!The difference was amazing.The other NCOs and Officers couldn’t believe it and they all inquired where Ilearned “how to do that”… I just told them that I went to Front Sight and theyshould too.James ClarkWhen we say that after a Front Sight course, you leave with skills that surpass 95%of the law enforcement and military community, we are not exaggerating. We trulylook at you as a representative of Front Sight and that is why we do everything tomake you as good as we possibly can during the time that you spend with us. JamesClark is a typical example the product of Front Sight and you can be too.The Front Sight Experience is the reason why Dr. Laura Schlessinger sent her son tous before he enlisted in the Army. Front Sight’s level of training is the reasonwhy officers from all branches of the military attend our courses to “tune up”before their next deployment. If the people that place themselves in danger to protect our freedom count on FrontSight for their training, don’t you think you should get the same training toprotect yourself and your family?See you at Front Sight!Sincerely,Ignatius PiazzaFounder and DirectorFront Sight

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A Front Sight Secret Revealed

Please send to all on your E-Mail Lists.November 22, 2005 From: Dr. Ignatius PiazzaFounder and DirectorFront Sight Resortswww.frontsight.comA Front Sight Secret Revealed and the $1,200 Lifetime Membership.Dear Friends and Students of Front Sight,Before divulging to you some previously held secret informationabout Front Sight, allow me to sincerely wish you and your familya Happy Thanksgiving. As Americans we have so much to be thankfulfor. Please remember when enjoying your holiday meal to give thanks for all the valiant men and women protecting our freedom throughout the world.Most of you probably are not aware that my vision for Front Sight,Las Vegas began in 1998 when I purchased 556 acres of unimproved, raw land for its appraised value of $185,000. There was no road, water or power—just a bunch of dry dirt in the desert.Dinosaurs in the firearms industry thought I would fail miserablywhen I set out with an ambitious goal of developing a $50 milliondollar master planned community anchored by a world class firearmstraining facility —- with no investors, lenders, or working capital.My vision was to set the example for safe and responsible firearms ownership and in doing so, positively change the image of gun ownership in our lifetimes. I boldly stated up-front to the smallnumber of students in those early days that Front Sight had no deeppocket funding sources but would persevere to develop it all withcash flow from course offerings and membership sales. Over the last seven years while heavily-financed and investment-heavy.coms crashed, recession-hit corporations downsized and post 9-11 travel-related businesses\ declared bankruptcy and defaulted on their pensions, Front Sight has quietly and slowly plugged alongacquiring very valuable water rights and making millions of dollars in improvements to our land, including a four mile paved road; massiveamounts of grading; power, water, and underground infrastructure; numerous professional firearms ranges; world-class rope, rappel, and climbing facilities; 8300 square foot permanent classroom and pro shop; and landscaping. A recent MAI appraisal of Front Sight’s land, water rights, and improvements places its value at over $37 million dollars. This appraisal does not include the additional value of Front Sight’s firearms training business or equipment. Throughout our construction and development, Front Sight has provided an increasing selection of self defense and firearms training courses that attract thousands of new students each year from all over the country as they join thousands of returningstudents for a level of training that is not readily availableanywhere else in the world. As a result, Front Sight has grown from a few instructors training a handful of students to an organization that has trained over 35,000 students —- each student receiving personalized attention and leaving Front Sight as a representative ofsafe, responsible, and professional firearms training. Front Sight has been very successful in providing a variety of lifetime membershipsfor every level of interest and budget. As the number and types of courses offeredat Front Sight have dramatically increased, thus making each membership much morevaluable to all members, and as Front Sight’s financial position continued toimprove, I have listened to the overwhelming requests of the majority of studentsand strived to create ways to reduce the cost of the memberships, thereby making ourtraining more broadly available to the average person. When I have found equitable ways to reduce the cost for new members, I have providedmillions of dollars in free or very low cost upgrades to earlier members. Anytime Ihave reduced the cost of a particular type of membership to increase the number ofresponsible, law abiding citizens who could now afford to train with us, I haveoffered that membership without a number of other benefits that originallyaccompanied it at the higher price, thereby making it fair for all members. The $1,200 Lifetime Front Sight Challenge Membership offered at the end of thise-mail is an example of this philosophy. Take a look at the Challenge Membershipafter I tell you something only a few trusted individuals have ever been told… Only a few people know that I have received numerous solicitations to sell FrontSight. Collectively over $100 million dollars in offers have been refused simplybecause I did not feel the solicitors held the same vision for Front Sight that Ihave shared with you over the years and that they would not protect our loyalstudents, staff, and members. In fact, six weeks ago I flatly rejected a writtenoffer of $25 million cash for the master planned community portion of Front Sightwhen the solicitor revealed that he was not interested in developing the masterplanned community or protecting the members, but simply wanted to land bank theproperty for future sale and profit. I’m sure you will be surprised to know that there was one offer on Front Sight’smaster planned community land that was placed in escrow four months ago for $25.5million dollars, because it DID have a written provision in the sales contract thatwould provide all Platinum members with a one-acre parcel complete with paved roadand utilities. Knowing that the master planned community would be completed by thedeveloper, I would have used money from the sale to place the finishing touches onFront Sight’s Firearms Training Resort. Unfortunately, the contract fell out ofescrow when the developer revealed that he did not have the building contractorslined up to complete the project in the efficient time frame that we had previouslyagreed upon.And just three weeks ago, with another individual, I finally had an agreement forthe PERFECT DEAL that would have ultimately completed EVERYTHING at Front Sight to alevel far exceeding our expectations. Through no fault of Front Sight’s, thatagreement was lost on November 7. I share this information with you so you know that I have been working diligentlyand intelligently to create a very valuable and highly sought-after resortdevelopment. I want you to also rest assured that Front Sight will never waiverfrom the original goals we set to create “The Safest Town in America” and positivelychange the image of gun ownership in our lifetimes. And I will never agree to anydeal that does not protect the loyal and supportive students, staff, and members ofFront Sight -— no matter how much money is thrown at me. I have kept my eye on the original vision for Front Sight while keeping my nose tothe grindstone and built up significant equity, value and a national audience. Allof this has positioned us to attract top-flight developers. We are looking for theRIGHT DEVELOPER -- one who has the horsepower, experience, and funding to completethe project to it’s full splendor and understands the joint venture opportunity weprovide in allowing them to pre-sell the entire master planned community to ourexisting base of students, staff, and members, plus all the new students visitingFront Sight from the national exposure of our two, upcoming full-season reality TVshows.Of course, Front Sight’s journey to this point has not been without hurdles,obstacles, and attacks. We have had our share of short-sighted, self-centeredindividuals who overtly and covertly seek to impede our progress for their owntwisted satisfactions and personal gain. We have even had some bizarre accusationsfrom “nut cases” doing their best to stop us from completing our dream at FrontSight because our success drives them even more wacky. And believe-it-or-not, thosesame dinosaurs that predicted our demise when I started Front Sight from scratch arestill hoping we fail—- just to prove themselves right. Through every obstacle,challenge, and dogfight we have encountered, Front Sight has prevailed to becomestronger, tougher, and larger. We have our intelligence, perseverance, and you --our loyal staff, students, and members to thank for our success.Sincerely,Ignatius PiazzaFounder and DirectorFront Sight

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Quick Update on Front Sight Reality TV Series:

This is small snip of the latest news from Dr. Ignatius Piazza of Front Sight. Remember to visit www.Front-Sight-Discounts to Save Half off your First Course at Front Sight Resorts!----------------------------------------------------------------------September 7, 2005From: Dr. Ignatius PiazzaFounder and DirectorFront Sight Resorts 987-7719 QUICK UPDATE ON FRONT SIGHT REALITY TV SERIES:Dear Friends and Students of Front Sight,***** I spent some time in Hollywood last week to screen one of our 26 episodes of Front Sight Challenge Reality TV Show. To say the show is absolutely fantastic would be an understatement! Filmed with 6 cameras including crane shots, edited in one of Hollywood’s premier studios, and incorporating state-of-the-art blue screen technology for the host studio scenes, Front Sight Challenge is simply going to floor you and the rest of America when the series airs in Spring 2006. In each episode of Front Sight Challenge, two law enforcement officers and two private citizens compete individually against each other in VERY CHALLENGING events with the loser of each event going home until the episode champion is left to come back and compete against other episode champions in the Front Sight All Star Challenge. Do or Die; Run and Gun; Last Man Standing; Combat Canyon; Battle Ridge; Height, Fright, and Flame were some of the challenges that the 80 contestants faced along the road to crowning the Front Sight Challenge Grand Champion in our one hour series more at November is one of the best times of the year to train at Front Sight------------------------------------------------------------------***** Front Sight’s other Reality TV Series entitled Front Sight True Crime Stories is nearing completion as well. This is an emotionally moving series that takes true victims of violent crime and rehabilitates their self confidence, self esteem and inner strength by giving them the “comfort of skill at arms” through a special firearms course at Front more at to visit www.Front-Sight-Discounts to Save Half off your First Course at Front Sight Resorts!

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Want to Sell your Front Sight Certificates?

Front Sight Course CertificatesNow you can Buy, Sell, or Swap your Front Sight Course Certificates. This is an auction site dedicated to the Front Sight Course Certificates. Learn more about the Front Sight Certificates from the Certs FAQ page on the site. The Certs FAQ section has auction text and pictures ready for cut & pasting if you need it.Click on this link to see what certificates are listed right now. Front-Sight-Certificates.comYou can even subscribe to the XMl Feed and automatically be notified when new course certificates are added to the system.EnjoyRoger

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Half off your First Course at Front Sight Resorts!

Attend a $1200 Firearms course for only $600...This will save you $600 or 50%”Get all the info

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Front Sight Grey New Student Certificate Sale is offering a 10% discount on Grey Front Sight new student certificates. The normal price is $197, if you use the coupon code gregg before January 15th, 2005 you will receive 10% off your order. That brings the cost of the new student certificate down to $177.30

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Front Sight to Host the 2005 World SWAT Challenge.

On Target Challenge is pleased to announce that the 2005 World SWAT Challenge will be held at Front Sight Resort just outside Las Vegas, NV. The Front Sight Resort is one of the premier shooting resorts in the world. It is a world-class operation that has over 60 ranges and unique training areas that include the county’s most sophisticated obstacle course and over 500 meters of underground tunnels. It is the ideal venue for the World SWAT Challenge and we are most pleased Front Sight has agreed to Host the 2005 World SWAT Challenge. The program for this years event will include a one day SWAT Symposium on hot topics affecting the SWAT community. The 2005 WSC competition will retain its invitation only format and be limited to 16 teams of sworn law enforcement officers. Invitations will go out to 30 US and international teams October 1st. U.S. SWAT teams will be invited to replace international teams that decline the invitation to compete. Keep checking back to the WSC home page for more updates as the 2005 World SWAT Challenge

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Get Your Free DVD Front Sight Story, Chapter One: Your Legacy

Please send to all on your E-Mail Lists. October 18, 2004 From: Dr. Ignatius Piazza Founder and Director Front Sight Resorts Dear Front Sight Students and Friends, Never before in the history of gun ownership has there been a better, more proven strategy to restore the Second Amendment in our lifetimes that is uncompromising, unapologetic, and undeniably successful. After months of filming, then months in the edit studio, then distribution of a demo version to solicit critiques from gun owners across the country, and then a final edit, we are now ready to release our Hollywood produced DVD entitled, Front Sight Story, Chapter One: Your Legacy. "Legacy" is our impassioned message to all law-abiding, gun owning Americans as it shares our unique and proven strategy to restore the Second Amendment in our lifetimes by positively changing the image of gun ownership. As you will see, we have succeeded on a significant scale and are now ready to launch our proven methods with a massive distribution of Front Sight Story, Chapter One, Your Legacy. Here are just a few of the thousands of positive comments we have received from those who watched the demo version of this remarkable production: "WOW!!! The DVD is fantastic. The script is insightful, comprehensive, sincere, patriotic, and has a forceful appeal. We found ourselves cheering. Front Sight Story is a masterful piece of work." —John and Denise Holbrook "I just got the DVD on Saturday and watched it that day. Wow! This project is professional, informative, and enjoyable. The passionate presentation was very much appreciated. An out-of-town friend happened to be visiting when I watch the DVD. She's a pretty gun-neutral person but I saw her nodding at many of the points during the film. I'm sure Front Sight Story is going to change opinions as it hits the general public." —Eric Liu "I watched the DVD last night and thought it was great! My 24 year old daughter was over and watched it also. Before it was even over she wanted to go with us next time we take a class at Front Sight. She has never expressed an interest in going before. I can’t wait until I can get enough of these DVD’s to hand out." —Mike Mills "Just saw the Front Sight Story DVD. My reaction, in a word – BRILLIANT. Your Legacy is told with facts, reason, history and Front Sight’s natural passion. I think you hit a grand slam with this one!" —Gary Graham GET YOUR FREE DVD, Front Sight Story, Chapter One: Your Legacy. Click here. Get your copy now so you too can share it with your family and friends.

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Front Sight New Students Save Big Using Course Certificates.

Save over $1,000 on your first course at Front Sight Firearms Training Institute. Most people don't realize that new students can use a Front Sight First Family Course Certificate to attend their first course at Front Sight for just $197. This certificate is the original First Family Front Sight Course Certificate. This certificate is only good for a person’s first course at Front Sight. If you have taken one of Front Sights Free Submachine gun courses you are still eligible to use this certificate. This certificate is good for one person to attend a four-day course in defensive handgun, tactical shotgun or practical rifle. It can also be used for two people to attend a two-day course in defensive handgun, tactical shotgun or practical rifle when enrolling in the same two-day course together. This certificate has a value of $1,200.00, and can be purchased for $197 ( SKU#1002) from Roger Seher

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Front Sight DVD FREE

A quick note, Front Sight has a Free DVD that you can watch online or request your free copy. If you have a friend that may be interested in training at Front Sight, this is an excellent way to get them motivated.Roger Seher This is the INFO: Front Sight Has a Free DVD called "Front Sight Is The Answer". To visit Front Sight and Request your FREE copy Click Here or on the image below.

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Learn how to save money at Front Sight!

I took my first Front Sight training course back in November 1997. I was no stranger to firearms before I took the course I trained regularly with weapons while in the Marine Corps, and was your typical full-time gun enthusiast from that point on. Front Sight has grown a lot since then, they have moved from Bakersfield, CA to NV where they have managed to build a world class training facility. The facility is known as Front Sight Resort, and it is located about 45 minutes outside of Las Vegas NV. Every year thousands of people make the trip to Las Vegas to attend courses at Front Sight. And many return because the training is so good. The course prices range from $500 to $2400 dollars depending on the course. The goal of this Blog both encourage you to go and attend a course at Front Sight, and to help you save money where you can. More to be posted soon ... Roger Seher

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