Digital Drama

Are you a complete internet freak? If so, you could use your creative spark and passion for the internet to make a proper career in the domain of a digital marketing. It refers to the use of the internet for advertisement and publicity much like insertions in print or electronics media. Given the amount of time people spend online, be it while working or simply sitting at home, companies and businesses are looking at ways to connect with prospective customers out there in a bid to sell them their products or ideas. A digital marketer understands this need of a client to attract customers and devises ways to lure them with interesting advertisements or pop-ups. Though this form of marketing is still relatively new in India, it is growing at a rapid rate.You can actually track the number of people clicking on the links thereby helping a company or a business to improve its strategies to reach out better. With more people accessing the Net for online education, shopping, networking and other activities, companies are keen to cash in on the numbers. Digital marketing is used for: Search Engine OptimizationPay Per Click advertisingEmail marketingSocial media marketingMobile marketingE-commerceContent marketingConsumer Relationship ManagementWeb design and Web DevelopmentBesides good verbal and writing skills to engage potential customers, you must have strong marketing skills to sell your client’s product. You must also know how to use images effectively to connect. Remember you get only a few seconds to impress a customer. Visit :-

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How To Grow A Business

enterprise or a company to succeed amidst stiff competition today, its activities need to be managed by capable and dynamic managers endowed with the knowledge of the fundamentals of business management. At the time of recruitment, one with a Diploma in Business Management is sought after by recruiters for it promises professionals with a sound knowledge of current business practices. The diploma arms students with the requisite skills and knowledge needed for a successful career in business, management and marketing. The diploma course, which usually spans a year, gives one the opportunity to gain a sound understanding of the principles and practices pertaining to key business management subjects and apply them accordingly to make correct business decisions. The strong foundation that one acquires during the course of the study goes on to promote effective practices in the key functional areas of management.A Diploma in Business Management enables one to:Apply management principles and theories in varied organizational settingsUnderstand the challenges of the corporate scenarioHave a global view of how to resolve themBecome aware of the importance of customers and understanding their needs Develop a critical thinking approach while keeping the humane aspect in mind as well.While there are various diploma courses, one that not only equips students with the necessary knowledge to be successful managers and leaders but also perform better in the challenging and diverse environment is the Diploma in Business Management at ‎WLCI‬ School of ‪‎Business.For More Inqury Visit: -

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Review of WLC College on Microsoft and Minecraft deal

WLC College India reviews why Microsoft bought Minecraft, a kid’s game in which one builds and breaks block structures. A game that has nocturnal monsters and is based on a child’s imagination has been a favorite for the old and young combined. Microsoft claims to have acquired this game for $ 2.5 Billion to use it as a learning tool.  Satya Nadella, CEO at Microsoft, wants the future generation to get involved in Math & Science using this game !

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Feedback of WLC College India by Students

The bond between a student and the institute never ends. A beautiful relationship is created out of mutual respect and admiration. WLC College commends the achievements of its alumni’s. Read their success reviews at :- 

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WLC College India Feedback on Marketing 101

The human mind is often distracted by the glitz and promises of marketing strategies. What companies fail to comprehend is the basic model of the strategy. WLC College India shares with you tips on how to develop the foundation for any successful marketing campaign.Read the full story at -

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Review of WLC College India on Career Advice

Giving advice on career and life is a national hobby !Let WLC College share the bitter truth about your career that no one will ever tell you. Once you identify these lesser known facts, there would be no holding you back. We do not believe in being your advisers, rather your well wishers and sponsors. Read the full story - 

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Review of WLCI College on Online vs Offline Shopping

With the advancement in the digital world of shopping, consumers still prefer visiting stores !WLCI College reviews the state of Online & Offline shopping in India as it would appear retail outlets haven’t lost their customers. Abundant sites are available for the pleasure of window shopping from the comfort of being anywhere. However, buyers still prefer visiting the stores to make the purchase. Therefore, the footfall has been affected but consumption remains comparatively undisturbed.What’s your preference ? Send us your reviews at 

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WLC College Reviews Local Business Marketing Tips

In the growing age of entrepreneurship, one can find several local businesses operating in communities and societies. From in house catering service to cyber startup companies, the prospects are endless. An individual may possess the resources and capacity to initiate a business, but are hey adapting the right strategies ?WLC College India assigned the students to review the local business in their neighborhood and come up with a marketing plan for them to succeed. The results were astonishing, listed below are the 5 takeaways from the project that can assure a sure shot win for any and every local business.Know Your Customer. Probably one of the oldest and established rule of any marketing strategy. If one does not who the audience is, their likes and dislikes, then how can you market anything to them ?Create Multiple Channels. Restricting your customers from engaging with your business in more than one way, can result in failure. Adapt online and offline resources to engage customers as each individual will have separate preferences. Entice Viewers with your Website. These days a website is more than just an information portal; it is your business card, your first impression in a potential customers mind. Invest whole heartedly to create a thoughtful and unique website. Go Mobile. Invest in procuring updated information of the local community; to initiate mobile marketing campaigns. It is an upcoming trend, take advantage of it. While developing your website, make sure it is a responsive site.Be Socially Active. Your social media profile is a portal for expression. If tapped correctly, a customer would be able to relate their ideologies to your company’s beliefs. Leading, thus, to free word of mouth marketing. Know More Information :- About WLCI Reviews

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WLCI College teaching the best of HR practices

Human resources department plays a crucial role in determining the growth and prosperity of an organization. Human resource personnel structure an organization and help it meet business needs through managing company’s most valuable resources – its employees. A typical human resource department performs many vital functions including.  Manpower planning-Manpower planning is critical to keep the company alive and kicking. It’s imperative to ascertain how many employees will be required in the future and what exactly the skills should they possess. Students at WLCI College learn to organize, plan and forecast with great finesse. Job analysis- HR Personnel also carry out job analysis for the prospective vacancies that includes collecting information about the duties, responsibilities, necessary skills, outcomes, and work environment of a particular job. Human resources courses offered by WLCI College help students develop analytic bent of mind.Determining wages and salaries-Right remuneration attracts potential employees and make them stay longer in the organization.HR Department is also engaged in carrying out market surveys and determining the wages and salaries for different positions in organization. The final salary structure is arrived at in consultation with top management and finance department. Recruitment and selection- Employees are the most valuable asset of an organization and may foster or deter the growth of an organization. A motivated employee may take a company to newer heights and bring forth amazing results so recruiting best people to fill up the position is essential for any organization to grow. Students learn the basics of recruitment and selection under the stewardship of leading academicians at WLCI College.Performance appraisal- It’s equally important to review the performance of the recruited employees through proper performance appraisals. Performance appraisals measure the relative worth of the employee. It aims at assessing and improving the actual performance of the employee and also provides with all the assistance they need in order to ameliorate their performance. It brings to light areas of strength and weakness. It reflects strong suite of an employee as well as areas of weakness that needs to be weeded out. WLCI College offers human resource management course that endows students with exceptional analytical ability.Performance appraisal not only helps to examine employee performance but it also enables HR Department to set up an action plan for each employee.

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WLC College Feedback on PM Modi in Madison

“There was a time, when India was considered a land of snake charmers, thanks to you people and information technology, that perception about our country has changed.” –Narendra Modi. Our PM addressed Indian’s all over the globe. Using the old testament of development, information technology and demographic dividend, he aims at making them a partner in the country’s growth.

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WLC College Reviews Human Resource Management

The task of managing people in the professional world is invaluable. It’s an art that very few people gain expertise in. Read all about the desired skill to be a successful manager at

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Feedback of WLC College on Make in India

With the aim to turn India into a global manufacturing hub, our PM wishes to boost jobs and growth ! Narendra Modi has laid down a red carpet for industrialists, domestic and international alike. In his speech he cited – “People are talking about FDI, but I see things differently. FDI is also a responsibility for the people of India. For the world, FDI is an opportunity. FDI should also stand for ‘First Develop India’”. WLC College supports the enlightening campaign.

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Review of WLC College on Mutual Funds in India

Retail Investors are pumping in money as the mutual funds market of India soar high. Strong monthly inflows of rising at about 6.64% between August and July, is the highest since January 2008. Balanced funds are gaining popularity as they fall under the low-risk category. Learn the skills to conquer Financial Market at

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Feedback of WLC College on Personality Development

There is no better investment than the time and money endowed in developing one’s self. Strive to be better than your yesterday. Read how at  Personality development exudes confidence and strengthens the ability to gain power.

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Feedback of WLC College on iPhone6 Sales

The iPhone6 went on sale just yesterday and already have a supply shortfall !The website pre ordering started at around 3:00 AM New York Time, and crashed at about 3:22 AM. People seeking the iPhone6 Plus won’t get the pleasure of holding the remarkable device until the end of next month. Makes you wonder if this is Apple’s strategy to maintain and create an even higher market value.

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WLC College Feedback on Alibaba and Snapdeal agreement

China’s e-commerce giant is working on strengthening its hold in the Indian market. It came to India 4 years ago, but hasn’t managed to make a mark. It plans to re-enter our market by getting stakes in Reasons for this can be pin pointed to gaining a local popularity and a medium to test the market before investing a larger sum of funds.

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WLC College Reviews PK Movie Poster Strategy

Unlike other Bollywood flicks, Aamir’s upcoming film “PK” has adapted a unique marketing strategy !Instead of launching movie promo’s and teasers, the team is releasing posters, every few weeks. The first poster got a lot of attention and raised controversies. Second poster was contradictory; it had Aamir Khan dressed up as a bandwala. The third and latest poster is an introduction to the second character in the movie, Bhairo Singh, played by Sanjay Dutt.

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Feedback of WLC College on Content Marketing

How important is content when it comes to Digital Marketing ?Answer revealed at . Don’t waste a good campaign on incorrect and outdated content. Strategize and plan before taking action. Think before you speak and think twice before you write !

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Feedback of WLC College on Financial Management

We manage finances on a day to day basis, it’s what gets us through till the end of the month. Have you ever thought of developing a career in the field of Finance ? WLC College India sheds light on the structure of Financial Management as a profession. Read at

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WLC College Reviews Business Students take on Momo’s

Momolisious !WLC College Nepal aided the Business students in understanding entrepreneurship along with raising social awareness in the most delicious way. An open event was crafted on the 08thof September at WLCI premises for students to raise funds in support of the Nepal Flood victims. The aim of the event was to be able to collect a donation for the cause by selling Momo’s along with other food items.

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Feedback of WLC College on Customers

Do you really know your customers ?WLC College shares with you some vital information with regards to consumer behavior at . Learn just how the customers have evolved with time and the changes in their preferences. Do not overlook your liability towards your audience !

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Review of WLC College India on Employee Relations

Companies often overlook the importance of their most valuable asset – Employees !WLC College of Business Management presents steps to efficiently engage members of staff. These steps result in better productivity for the organization as a whole. Read all about it at

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Review of WLCI College on Malaysia Airlines

A promotional campaign was being run by the marketers at Malaysia Airlines titled “My Ultimate Bucket List”. Customers were asked to list down their dream destinations and things to do before they die. Given the past record and reputation of the Airline, the officials were forced to shut down the campaign and apologize.With the disappearance of Flight 370 and shooting down of Flight 17, a total of 537 lives were lost on account of the airline. The carrier has issued an apology and claims that it was not meant to offend the customers in any way. Business Strategies need to be amended according to the reputation of a company, gain expertise in strategy development at

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WLCI College Reviews New Rules for ATM usage

Come November, RBI has stated new rules pertaining to ATM Machine usage. Users in the 6 metropolitan regions of Delhi, Mumbai, Bengaluru, Chennai, Hyderabad and Kolkata will be troubled by this change. The new guideline allows upto 5 Free transactions while using the Same Bank ATM Card and upto 3 Free transactions in Other Bank’s ATM. Any additional transaction, thereafter, shall be charged Rs 20 per transaction. Unlike earlier, the definition of transaction in the new rule includes – Cash Withdrawal, Balance Enquiry, Changing of PIN Number and Mini Statement request.

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WLCI College reviews Living in the Present

WLCI College believes that success lies in the ability to rise in the face of failure. This task cannot be fulfilled if one continues to live in the past. Become an emotionally intelligent person by never looking back on your mistakes. Allow yourself to take risks and believe in your ability to succeed. Importance of mental growth and strength is realized at

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