Fashion Forward

Are you one endowed with rich artistic sensibilities and technical abilities? If so, it could easily be your ticket to lucrative careers. Take your passion to the next level by pursuing courses in fashion design to learn the latest designing techniques. A bachelor’s program in fashion design will help you make a mark in that direction by reinforcing your ability to work with varying fabrics, styles and techniques.Starting with the history of fashion, you will also learn about colour theory, draping techniques, computer-aided fashion design, drawing and design techniques, fabric analysis, different textiles and how to make patterns as well. The study of research techniques, contemporary trends and markets is as important as honing of design skills. Over the course period you will develop a personal style. Your course will arm you with all the necessary tools to create your own, unique collection in sync with the demands of a fashionable audience. With your creative ideas, your forte will be notonly clothes but also textiles and accessories.From careers in merchandising to careers in apparel design, with a bachelor’s program in fashion design you will easily find employment in specialised design studios, exclusive boutiques and related industries. WLCI‬ School of Fashion offers a bunch of interesting options for those interested in this dynamic profession. Admission is on the basis of an entrance test. To give wings to your dreams ofbecoming a fashion designer or for a creative career in fashion, you must take WLCI’s All India Combined Entrance Test or AICET, scheduled to be held on May 8 this year. Do register at

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Fashion Designing Dreams

It’s all about keeping appearances today. And, it needs to be done in style or fashion! The art of aesthetically making beautiful clothes or accessories that are sure to turn heads is fashion designing. Influenced by cultural and social attitudes down the ages, fashion varies from place to place as also from season to season, depending on what consumers want.Given the high dose of creativity and passion involved in the process, while it is interesting and exciting, it also calls for a lot of hard work and research. Designing isn’t child’s play. Designers first research on prevalent trends across the world and then go about devising ways to present the same to their clients. The trickiest part is making clothes that are functional as well as aesthetically pleasing. With a wide range of materials to work with, it does take some effort to zero in on the colours, patterns and styles. It is not easy even with casual clothes worn everyday as people look for novelty in the conventional styles. And when it comes to special occasions, exceptionally different and innovative designs or haute couture are usually sought.With a passion for style and originality, you could give fashion designing a try. It tops a long list of glamorous career options available. But you would need a number of things to stay afloat. A formal course at a college that offers fashion designing will give you a better understanding of the skills needed to make a mark. WLCI School of Fashion is a great option among reputed Institutes. 

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Inclination Towards Fashion

In love with fashion and stylish clothes? Who’s not? After all looking good comes naturally. With fashion transcending borders and the internet giving free access to designs creating waves across the world, dressing up has never been more exciting. Taking it to the next level by designing new looks, however, is a different ball game. To go about it, you need to pursue a fashion design course which will teach you the essential bookish, practical and professional skills mandatory to succeed in challenging global fashion industry.A course will allow you to learn the fundamental skills of sewing, pattern making, cutting as well as research and experimentation and new practices in sync with changing times. You are encouraged to develop innovative concepts and experiment with new looks so that you stand out. Your creations may be inspired but then they must also have at least one element to make them different from the rest. There are other concerns like styling it right, making a portfolio, promotion of designs and career planning.Like any other profession, here too formal training as in a fashion design course will give you a heady start into a challenging field. After all not everything is intrinsic to one; you need to know the technicalities as well. Besides boosting your aesthetic sense, your professors are sure to open your mind to other possibilities you may not have been aware of. They would help perfect your art. While looking for options, do check out WLCI School of Fashion. For more, click on

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WLC College India Reviews Winter wear for Men

Fashion these days has broken gender norms. Style driven menswear has gained momentum over the years. WLC College India’s Fashion Team has observed that men today are equally concerned about their looks as the fairer sex. With winters fast approaching, WLCI School of Fashion has listed style tips for men. The stylings have been inspired by the 1920’s era, where Gentlemen’s rocked the street fashion. Fabrics and Textures carefully structured around the frame of man, adds oomph to the look. Invest in a classic Herringbone patterned 3-piece suit with fitted trousers. This will modernize the vintage look.Match your suits with light contrasting colored and pinstriped shirts. Differently colored collars add suave to the outfit.Grace the suit with a dark contrasting bold colored Overcoat. Incorporate velvet into the coat, either as a pocket square or in the buttons.Don’t tailor-fit your overcoats. Oversized coats add a charm to the look and feel spacious.Accessorize well. Wearing leather boots completes the look.The vintage look demands a sleek cap.Spruce up your wardrobe with elegance and class. Face the winters with charm, just follow the style tips of WLCI School of Fashion !

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Of Cuts & Shapes

For those of you out there who think that fashion is easy and spending your time earning a fashion designing course is highly overrated, think again! While a passion for looking good is a must, just affinity for all things fetching will not take you a long way since the fashion industry is actually a very competitive one. One needs to be armed with multiple weapons to survive. Besides learning about cuts and colours, a degree from a fashion design institute will endow you with the coveted know-how of how to effectively market your designs.Fashion is as local as it is international. With contemporary fashion changing every other minute and something or the other happening in this arena across the globe, you should go for a fashion design institute that teaches an updated curriculum. Such a choice would enable you to inculcate the expertise and aptitude needed to make a mark in the apparel and fashion industry. In addition to developing an eye for detail and the right textiles, you must also understand all that is involved in the pre- and post-production stage. The way you market and promote your creations will also decide its success.Finally, the fashion design institute you choose will make or break your career. The course you pursue should not only sharpen your expertise in innovative designs and aesthetics but also ensure you develop a style of your own. The more original and offbeat you are, the better it would be for you. WLCI School of Fashion offers interesting courses in fashion design, production and advanced draping and grading techniques.

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Designing Dreams

What would you not give for the most appealing and glamorous career option in today’s world? You do not have do much to gain a ticket to the most happening and exciting industry. Fashion design colleges abound given its popularity among youth. Simply get into a well-known institute for an in-depth course in fashion design. With people becoming overtly conscious of what they wear and how they look, the impact of fashion is no longer confined to the boundaries of any country. This means that if you succeed in becoming a hot shot fashion designer, chances are high that you will be recognized internationally. Copies of glossy fashion magazines of the fashion capitals being available in the Metros of the country and the internet have bridged the world such that it is not longer difficult to find out what international celebs are wearing or which look is most in season. And all this information is not just confined to clothes, it encompasses accessories, shoes, bags and a lot more.While you need to be creative, imaginative and stylish, technical aspects of the trade like the art of fashion, different, design elements, pattern making, textile knowledge, ornamentation, draping textile, garments construction and fashion illustration can be specialized in at fashion design colleges. In fact, projects and internships are an integral part of the course which allows one to apply one’s knowledge.Though the world of fashion designing is beset with stiff competition, there are opportunities galore. Fashion designing students can go on to work as fashion designers, fashion coordinators, stylists or even become fashion journalists.

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WLC College Feedback on Deepika Padukone’s Statement

“There is only ONE sign that a woman wants to have sex and that is that she says ‘YES’”– Deepika Padukone.On her social profile, Deepika has posted an open letter voicing her opinion on the objectification of woman in our society. She talks about breaking the male chauvinistic norms and showing a bit of dignity, class and respect. She is against typecasting women to her physical attributes and shaming her on being a female. WLCI Collegesalutes her statement and commends her courage !

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WLC College Feedback on Textile Designing

The act of creating a pattern - woven, knitted or printed, on fabric is termed as Textile Designing. Sounds simple, but, there is an art to it. Learn what it means to be a textile designer and the skills required to succeed in the industry ! Visit to know more.

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WLC College Reviews Fashion Jury in Delhi

On the 24th of September, WLCI School of Fashion in Delhi conducted an external jury. This was initiated to have the graduating batch showcase their designs in front of Industry leaders. List of jury members included :- Mr. Anup Bhandari, Chief Editor & Chairman at Models n TrendsDiksha Sachdev, Director at Fashion Solutions  Manish Tripathi, Fashion Designer & Owner of Anter DesiSumit Saurabh, Textile Designer & Owner of Design CircleSwapna Shiote, Head Designer at Satya PaulSangeeta Bokadia Jain, Fashion StylistJenjum Gadi, Fashion Designer/ FDCI Member/ WLCI AlumniSneak preview of the sights and style at

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Feedback of WLC College on Path to Success

Be it a design label, an export house or a sourcing company, a fashion design aspirant has no boundaries. Dream it and WLC College will help in turning it into a reality. Apart from the intrinsic methods and techniques pertaining to the fashion and apparel industry, we help sharpen your business knowledge too. Get full details about the important characteristics required to succeed.

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Feedback of WLC College on Fashion Merchandising

In this image you see WLCI students getting ready to establish themselves as a Fashion Merchandiser.This profession combines intellect of a business mind with the keen eye of a designer. It deals with a host of activities ranging from product development to promoting it. Read in full about the career prospects of this profession at

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WLCI School of Fashion - Bollywood Struck

Inspired by the glamorous world of cinema, the students created this presentation !Modern cuts on printed fabrics designed to add drama in your wardrobe. Innovation at its best ! Read the full story at - 

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WLC College in Mumbai – Jury Presentation

WLCI Campus in Mumbai was graced by the presence of Fashion industry moguls !Pradeep Hirani, Nidhi Seksaria, Farhana Vohra, Asif Merchant, Dinesh Singhal, Baljeet Olhan and Archana Kochhar; they all took the seat on our Jury panel. This panel was collaborated to witness the work of WLCI’s Fashion students. Full story at -

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Feedback of WLC College on Fashion Forecasting

Fashion forecasting acts as a window for the future !It is a trade for the fashion forward. From leading designers to garment manufacturing units, all benefit from this lucrative career choice. Learn the scope for Fashion Forecasting in India at

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Review of WLC College on Little Black Dress

1 dress 3 looks ! Pair your wardrobe essential with the right accessories and look different each time. WLCI School of Fashion helps you in find 3 different looks with just 1 black dress. Read more at

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Review of WLC College India on Bang Bang

Hrithik Roshan is India’s very own International looking stunner !Along with great looks, this celebrity is the divinity of style and fashion. In his upcoming feature Bang Bang, he has paid a tribute to his dance idol Michael Jackson. He has attempted to do so in the title track of the film. A sheer, unbuttoned black shirt paired with ripped denim jeans and a Fedora hat to complete the look.

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WLC College Feedback on Anushka Sharma at LFW

Rising Bollywood Actress, Miss Anushka Sharma was spotted at the London Fashion Week!Dressed to impress, she was one of the special invitees at Burberry’s showcase of their Spring – Summer collection for 2015. She adorned a chic navy blue dress from the Burberry Prorsum collection and showed off her long legs in the thigh-high slit. A printed scarf, slim belt, peep toe heels with an emerald green Burberry tote were her chosen accessories.

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Review of WLC College India on Amy’s Statue

Trademark Beehive hairstyle, high heels, short dress and a Red Rose !On the occasion of Amy Winehouse’s birth anniversary, this past Sunday, a life size bronze statue was unveiled in the North London District. Sculpted by Scott Eaton, this statue would stand as a permanent memorial to the singer in Camden where the star resided.

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WLC College Feedback on Men’s Fashion

WLCI School of Fashion gives you cheat tips to dress fashionably !It’s time the men came out of the closet in style and showed the world just how glamorous fashion can be for men. Read the full story at  for basic Fashion tips that won’t burn a whole in your pocket !

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Feedback of WLC College on the iPhone Dress

Elie Tahari is a renowned designer, based in New York. He showcased this dress as a part of his spring 2015 collection. A sleeveless black mesh dress covered in 50 iPhones as a tribute to Apple !A savvy marketing tactic adapted by the designer, having demonstrated the dress on the same day that Apple launched iPhone 6.  The devices were programmed to provide a real-time, 360 degree view of the event.

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WLC College Feedback on Fashion ‘Must Have’

Top trends revealed for the forthcoming season ! From hairstyles to accessories, watch out for these styles - as they rock the streets. Gear up for the season with WLC School of Fashion.

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Feedback of WLC College on Menswear Designing

Is Menswear Designing the next big thing ?  WLC College reveals the answer here : have realized that dressing well sharpens one’s confidence level. However, designers often take for granted this unexplored market, don’t make the same mistakes !

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WLC College Bangalore Reviews Fashion Students Achievements

WLC College India proudly announces the win for WLCI Bangalore Fashion Students !The students collaborated a theme and costumes to tell the story of a Mafia on the ramp at a Fashion Show titled Allura 2014. Many institutes had participated but only one managed to amaze the crowd. WLC College is proud of the hard work put in by the students in Bangalore!

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WLC College Fashion Institute Feedback on LBD

Words of the Wise – Mr. Karl Lagerfeld.Hunt for the perfect Little Black Dress is never over for the Fashion Struck Diva’s. What to do once you find it ?WLC College shares designer tricks to adorn this wardrobe essentials in 3 ways ! Read the full story at

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Review of WLC College - Autumn Winter’14 Look

Autumn is upon us, it’s time to revamp your wardrobe !The season is changing, it’s time to say goodbye to the cute summer dresses and shorts. Here are some of the forecasted trends for A/W 2014, which you must stock up on. Gear up in true fashion-ista style, with WLCI College, get complete information at

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