Youngsters are now even at more risk of developing significant repetitive strain injuries compared to adults due to their increased reliance on the mobile computing gadgets like iPads and Laptops. Ergonomics has always been thought of as workspace solution but the reality is that ergonomics is even more important and relevant for schools and at home for the younger generation. With kids as young as 2 using the tablets and laptops at home and with schools introducing the tablets and laptops to student at a very young age, it is now necessary to introduce the basic rules of ergonomics and healthy computing for the sake of their health. Portable tablet stands and laptop stands can be the answer to most of your woes when it comes to your child’s computing related health needs. An ergonomically designed, lightweight and portable tablet stand or laptop stand that has angle and height adjustments may just be the key. Not only will they provide a raised screen view for optimum viewing angle but also prevent any neck or back pain caused by using the SMART gadgets over a prolonged period of time. Plus they are an affordable, inexpensive option when compared to the amount spent on visiting the physiotherapist or chiropractors. recently published an article warning parents about the future epidemic of technology use by children. Here’s a quick snapshot incase you haven’t seen it.

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Healthy Computing - Sitting vs Standing

SWITCH BETWEEN SIT STAND POSITIONS & IMPROVE YOUR HEALTH AND PRODUCTIVITY Sitting has long been linked to health concerns like obesity, blood pressure and also increased risk of death due to cardiovascular disease by researchers. The truth is that with the advent TV, Computers, SMART gadgets and a desk job, we are sitting down more than ever before. Our bodies aren’t built for this, so its time to stand up.Below is an info-graphic which explains the perils of sitting, benefits of standing and how height and angle adjustable desks and Sit Stand Workstations can help. Read through the information to see if you were aware of the facts. Our aim is to get you thinking.

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Spring Special from Laptopstand


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Ergonomic Workspace Setup in Minutes with Laptop Stand A lot of stress is being given to Ergonomic set up these days. There is heaps of information on the web or paid experts in the market to advise on the Ergonomic set up for both home and office workspace. You can easily end up spending thousands of dollars on setting up an ergonomic layout by buying expensive desk and chairs. While some of us may be able to spend that amount of money, most of us are budget constrained specially those trying to work from home and set up a home business.     We believe some of our basic tips can help you set up your workspace ergonomically without spending thousands of dollars. The most important attributes of a healthy and ergonomic workspace set up are A desk with enough space and correct height A swivel chair with height and back adjustments A Computer/Laptop set at correct height Good lighting and ventilation in the room Documents and files placed in easy reach The key element in any ergonomic workspace is the correct computer or laptop setup. A correct computer and laptop setup will help maintain good, upright posture and prevent tiredness, fatigue and stress risks caused due to excessive working hours. Not having the screen set up at a correct height and angle can cause issues like neck, shoulder and back pain plus eyestrain over a period of time. With increased use of laptops or notebooks instead of the computer desktops, maintaining correct laptop set up has become even more necessary to avoid bending of the neck, hunched back and incorrect wrist position that can cause long-term repetitive strain injuries. This is where a Laptop Stand becomes an inexpensive and healthy choice. There are heaps of laptop stands available in the market and hence it is important to identify a laptop stand that will best meet your personalised needs. Benefits of Laptop Stand Helps raise the laptop screen and makes you sit in a correct posture reducing neck and back strain.  Helps incline your laptop to an optimum viewing angle reducing strain on the neck and eyestrain.  Eliminates discomforts and health risks associated with unhealthy posture. An inclined laptop stand provides support to your wrist and help prevents wrist pain.  Provides a stable and sturdy surface for your laptop.  Most laptop stands comes with cooling fan to prevent your laptop from overheating and increases its shelve life.  Most laptop stand also acts a laptop docking station  Easily portable, laptop stands helps set up an instant ergonomic workstation anywhere around the home or office.  Saves money spent on visits to physiotherapists for computer related repetitive strain injuries. Let us help you in selecting the right laptop stand for your personalised needs. Below listed are some of the best ergonomic laptop stands and monitor stand that will help you set a healthy and ergonomic workspace. Defianz Desk Stand - A height and angle adjustable laptop cooling stand by Defianz, the Desk Stand is a true masterpiece designed for the users comfort and health. It elevates, inclines, cools and connects your laptop creating a dynamic and ergonomic workspace in an instant.   Kensington Smartfit Adjustable Laptop Stand - Transform your laptop into an ergonomic desktop computer with Kensington Smartfit Adjustable Laptop Stand. Designed to hold virtually any laptop or notebook it also includes smart cable management to reduce cable clutter.   Logitech Notebook Kit - A perfect combo that includes an ergonomic laptop riser stand, wireless keyboard and mouse for a ready to use workstation. Enables you to set up a make-shift workstation in minutes.   Defianz Notebook Stand - A favourite with Australian Health Care Professionals, OH&S Managers and Mobile Professional Staff who are heavy laptop users, the Notebook Riser Stand by Defianz comes with an innovative design. Built to rise your laptop screen to ergonomic angles, it also has an in-built document holder in the front that lets you read and type at the same time.   U-Board Monitor Stand - With its sleek minimalistic design, the UBoard SMART Monitor Stand frees up space by providing a raised shelf to put your monitor on top. Feature packed with extras such as an iPhone stand, Business Card Holder and 3 x USB Ports. Can hold up to 15 kilos. This ergonomic desktop organizer is perfect for anyone that wants efficiency and simplicity from their workspace.  

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Ergonomic Laptop Stand for your Back and Neck Pain

No more Back and Neck Pain with Defianz Desk Stand Are уоu sitting comfortably while using your laptop? Does using a laptop makes you uncomfortable, stressed and causes back and neck pain?     Common reasons for back and neck pain in laptop users are Laptop screen placed tоо close Screen is nоt high еnоugh (lооkіng down) Keyboard uncomfortable due to close proximity with screen Unhealthy posture While it's a known fact that laptops are designed for easy portability, they are not designed with human ergonomics in mind. This is where a Laptop Stand becomes a must for every laptop user and not merely a laptop accessory. Defianz Desk Stand - Height and Angle Adjustable Laptop Stand The Defianz Desk Stand is a perfectly engineered solution for all your laptop woes. An all in one laptop stand, the Defianz Desk Stand elevates, inclines, cools and connects your laptop all at the same time. It's a perfect laptop stand designed with both the user and the laptop in mind. Perfect laptop stand for you     Ergonomically designed, this laptop stand provides almost unlimited angle and height adjustments enabling you to choose the right setting that best fits your posture. The personalized height setting raises your laptop screen at the desired eye level that results in improved posture preventing any back pain and eyestrain. The laptop stand can be adjusted to a maximum height of 9.5 inches. Great for tall users who usually have to bend uncomfortably while using their laptops resulting in back and neck pain. The laptop stand can be set to your desired and personalized angle setting giving your laptop the correct inclination that helps prevent any neck strain. The Defianz Desk Stand is a collapsible laptop stand and folds flat to just 1.5 inches thick making it portable lap desk. It provides a flat and sturdy surface for your laptop while you use it on your lap while travelling in trains or on board a flight. Perfect Laptop Stand for your laptop     Designed to suit all laptops up to 17” and even your MacBooks, the Defianz Desk Stand comes in both black and white colour options. The Desk Stand comes with an inbuilt silent, yet effective fan that keeps your laptop cool during those long gaming sessions or while you work away for long hours. It prevents your laptop from getting overheated and increases the life of your laptop. With in-built 4 USB port hub, the laptop stand keeps your laptop connected to multiple external USB devices like an additional keyboard, mouse or printer. The Defianz Desk Stand is an eloquent proof that little things can make a big difference. So get rid of all your laptop discomforts and make computing a healthy and comfortable experience.

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