Only Ride Here - Bad Times Are Better

‘Bad Times Are Better’, is the debut song from the new acoustic EP ‘Mad Happy Blind’. Available for Streaming & Download below.

Posted on: 19 August 2017 | 12:36 pm

Ozomatli - Solamente Una Vez (feat. Gaby Moreno)

SOLAMENTE UNA VEZ Directed, Filmed & Edited by Miguel "MIG" Martinez Producer: Damon Vonn Camera Operator & Set Design: Jessica Fusello Music video by Ozomatli featuring Gaby Moreno performing Solamente Una Vez live at TuneIn, Venice Beach. (C) 2017 Cleopatra Records iTunes - Check out Ozomatli live on tour all year long: Facebook - Twitter - Instagram -

Posted on: 18 August 2017 | 6:10 pm

Ozomatli - Come and Get Your Love

COME AND GET YOUR LOVE Directed & Edited by Damon Vonn Director of Photography: Vinicius Baldo (Vina) Pre & Post Production: Jessica Fusello Choreographer: Rodrigo Guzman *Ozomatli would like to send out a special thank you to all the friends and family that helped make this video come to life. Music video by Ozomatli performing Come and Get Your Love. (C) 2017 Cleopatra Records iTunes - Check out Ozomatli live on tour all year long: Facebook - Twitter - Instagram -

Posted on: 18 August 2017 | 6:09 pm

DJ Travis Moet - Distance (Official Music Video)

Official video for DJ Travis Moet - Distance

Posted on: 17 August 2017 | 12:44 pm

Marry You(Acoustic Cover) by Oliver Dagum

Marry You(Acoustic Cover) by Oliver Dagum

Posted on: 17 August 2017 | 12:48 am

The VanCooths I'm tearing you apart! - YouTubeThe vanCooths You're tearing me apart!

2nd Clip from the upcoming 2nd VanCooths LP. 200 LPs in coloured vinyl, numbered and in unique sleeves. LP only to be sold through the Grey Store Breda netherlands.

Posted on: 16 August 2017 | 7:53 pm

Drown - Bring me the horizon (cover) in the way of Seafret

I sing because I like, because it sets me free, and when I do it, I forget everything, and all I feel is peace, if you like it this channel I ask you to join and sing with me ;)

Posted on: 16 August 2017 | 4:18 am

PUREvil - Subhuman | Most Brutal Aggressive Drop Ever!!

An aggressive bass track that takes elements from DnB, Industrial and a few other genres.

Posted on: 15 August 2017 | 8:54 pm

J'apprécie la belle vie - NEW 2017 [ Rap français] Type Jul


Posted on: 12 August 2017 | 12:18 am

Hansollo & MIIM - W Cieniu ( Woodstock 2017 Video )

Hansollo & MIIM - W Cieniu ( Woodstock 2017 Video )

Posted on: 11 August 2017 | 3:13 pm

Audacious- On Her Mind


Posted on: 11 August 2017 | 3:31 am

Parkway Drive - Carrion - Drum Cover (HD)

I hope you enjoy my version of Carrion! :D Please subscribe :-) - DISCLAIMER! - Carrion by Parkway Drive is the copyrighted property of its owner(s). NO COPYRIGHT INFINGEMENT INTENDED. I'M NOT TRYING TO MAKE MONEY OUT OF THIS VIDEO. My Equipment! Drums: Tama Superstar Hyper-Drive 7-piece kit. 100% Birch. (Dark Mocca Fade) 22x20" Bassdrum 13x 6,5" Snare 8x6" Tom 10x6,5" Tom 12x7" Tom 16x14" Floor Tom 18x16" Floor Tom Hardware: DW 3000 Double pedal Tama, Sonor & Pearl cymbalstands BigBeat hihatstand Dixon add-on cymbalstand Yamaha DS-840 Throne Cymbals: 14" Zildjian A-Custom Hihat 17" Sabian AA Metal Crash 18" Zildjian A-Custom Crash 20" Meinl Mb10 Bell Blast Ride 18" Wuhan China 6" Zildjian A Splash Heads: Remo Coated Emperor on all toms Evans EQ3 on bassdrum Remo Coated Ambassador on snare. I use Moongel on my toms and snare. Mics: Alternal 7 piece drum mics kit. Shure SM57 for the snare. Interface: Behringer Xenyx Q1202USB Mixer MacBook Pro Drumsticks: Wincent 5BXL Durability and feel (Selected Hickory) ProMark 5B Millennium 2 (American Hickory) Camera: Nikon D5300

Posted on: 10 August 2017 | 10:53 pm

SY.m - Moon ft Flux C'benzo (OfficialMusic Video)

SY.m - Moon ft Flux C'benzo (OfficialMusic Video) Purchase the song at the following stores 1. Itunes - 2. Amazon Mp3 - 3. Google Play

Posted on: 9 August 2017 | 2:00 pm

Mr.Tac- Don't Wanna (Official Music Video)

Artist: Mr.Tac a.k.a. Chocolate Song: Don't Wanna Album: The Red Eclipse Release Date: June 4, 2017/June 19, 2017 Year: 2017 Label: Zone Platinum Entertainment

Posted on: 8 August 2017 | 11:44 pm

Ivana Raymonda - Loving The Day (Original Dubstep Song & Official Music Video)

Posted on: 8 August 2017 | 11:27 am

Lovin&Rain-Michael Tyrone Boyd

A Spoken Word/Rap about sensual things when it raining!

Posted on: 7 August 2017 | 11:50 pm

"Dog Fight" LIVE by The Dog Fight

"Dog Fight" Live at First Floor Studios, Prague, CZ Filmed by Karl Kwashivie From the upcoming album "The End of the World" by The Dog Fight

Posted on: 7 August 2017 | 3:32 pm

Somewhere Only We Know (Keane) - Trumpet Cover By Mathieu Trong-ân

Hi there ! new cover today AND the trumpet is BACK ! I wanted to make something "classical" to bring it back. enjoy it and don't forget to like, comment and share :) ______________________________________________________________________________________________________ You can support me on patreon : ______________________________________________________________________________________________________ My social Network : Facebook: Twitter: Official Website : http://the-security-officiel.e-monsit... Soundcloud : Instagram : ______________________________________________________________________________________________________ Buy my music: -Google Play : -Bandcamp : my music -Amazon: -Itunes: -Deezer : -Spotify: ______________________________________________________________________________________________________ with : Van Laar trumpet and flugelhorns: Pléïa Drys Art : Beauvais Music Hall : Lam Sai Wing Wushu Club : Thomann : ______________________________________________________________________________________________________

Posted on: 6 August 2017 | 12:15 am

Colette - July 23rd

July 23rd the firs track off Colette's debut album The Local Stargazer! Available now!

Posted on: 5 August 2017 | 10:26 am

Chris Ayton - Wonderwall (Oasis Cover)

Posted on: 4 August 2017 | 10:24 pm


Tema Grabado y Masterizado en MDA Records. Video Grabado y Editado por Enigmatik Company.

Posted on: 3 August 2017 | 10:41 pm

Fleetwood Mac - Dreams | Cover By: Brooke Falls

I hope you enjoy this cover of Dreams by Fleetwood Mac. I do not own the rights to this song.

Posted on: 3 August 2017 | 1:04 pm

Good Love - 11:11 (Cover by Daniel Hernandez, Lydia Volstad, and Zach House)

This was so much fun to do! Glad I got to work with these two talented people! We hope you guys enjoy our cover of Good Love by 11:11. Maybe you'll be seeing more from the three of us soon... Make sure to give this video a thumbs up and subscribe to my channel if you haven't already! You can go check out the audio version on SoundCloud! Enjoy! #GoodLove #1111 Follow Me! Instagram: Snapchat: Twitter: Facebook: SoundCloud: Follow Lydia! Instagram: Facebook: SoundCloud: Follow Zach! Instagram: SoundCloud:

Posted on: 3 August 2017 | 6:31 am

Yungg V Perfect Woman

Latest video release from Alabama artist Yungg V.

Posted on: 3 August 2017 | 1:36 am

Kodak Beatz - Call Me Smokey | (OFFICIAL HD VIDEO) Shot by Truvision101

Connect with Kodak Beatz on Social Media Instagram: KodakBeatz Youtube: Kodak Beatz Twitter: @KodakBeatz

Posted on: 2 August 2017 | 8:02 pm