MUBU Bubble Eye I'm Back Shot By @vg_films_

MUBU's own Bubble Eye, who reps the East Side of Chicago is back with a new visual to "Im Back". Shot by @vg_films_ . Follow Bubbs via social media: @bubbleeye_ (IG) @_bubbleeye (twitter) @MubuBubbs (snap)

Posted on: 17 October 2017 | 9:50 pm

AvraCadavra - My Fading Halo

If you enjoy this song, you can support me by buying my music from this page here: Or maybe by giving a like and share :) Thanks! AvraCadavra - My Fading Halo Composed, recorded, mixed and mastered by Alexi Sicoe Lyrics: Verse: Hello my halo! What is your tale? Don't leave me here alone... Hello my halo! You seem afraid. My shadows are shivering as we seem to fade. Time isn't passing, Light can't be seen. Halo, you're glowing, but not in this realm Welcome back where we were once created Our conscience is dying Our halos are fading Bridge: Give me one more chance Give me one more life (Halo, bring me back alive) Give me one more chance Give me one more life Chorus: Is it o... Is it over? Halo, it's over now... [x2] All my life I've been wearing a mask. In the end we're becoming the dusk. Hold me under, hold me under your wings. My fading halo, divine is your glint!

Posted on: 16 October 2017 | 9:44 am

Fuckin Wit Feelins-Patrice Lee

When love is feared through emotional feelings. Will you allow yourself to love again?

Posted on: 15 October 2017 | 12:09 am

George Gordon - Rodeo (Urban Stories Album)

Ride a horse !!

Posted on: 13 October 2017 | 10:56 pm

Hansollo & MIIM - Batman

Travel Music Video Hansollo fb MIIM fb

Posted on: 13 October 2017 | 2:44 pm

Liquid Blue, by White Mash - YouTube

White Mash release the second video for his new album. "Liquid Blue" from "I AM" White Mash Album, "I AM", digital, streaming and CD versions available! 12 tracks of intensive Electronic/Industrial Music Itunes: Amazon: Google Play: Spotify: Bandcamp:

Posted on: 12 October 2017 | 12:57 pm

Kadebostany - Mind If I Stay (Izzat Remix)

The Remix Version Of Kadebostany - Mind If I Stay

Posted on: 12 October 2017 | 2:41 am

Lift - Il Profumo dell'Estate

*** Il Profumo d'Estate (official videoclip) *** Lift: Giulia (voce), Baz (chitarra), Sara (basso). Official website: Lift - Il Profumo d'Estate Testo e Musica di Lift Video registrato presso Isola Polvese e prodotto da Lift Audio registrato presso Qhuaxapelo Music Lab e prodotto da Lift e Federico Valeri S.I.A.E. 2016 © 2017 Lift. All rights reserved. Thanks to: our friends Marco Bindella, Marco Olivo, Leonardo Taddei, Riccardo Bigotti, Michele Gregori, Luca Pacciarini, Matteo Galizi, Cristina Cardone e Federico Valeri. Subscribe for more new music: Visit: Facebook: Twitter: Instagram: Qhuaxapelo Music Lab:

Posted on: 11 October 2017 | 9:23 am

Just Dope - J.Talley (Official Music Video)

Twitter- @jtalleyofficial youtube-

Posted on: 11 October 2017 | 1:18 am

Doc HillyxTruthxDashTxATD savage-In my cup

Posted on: 10 October 2017 | 10:21 pm

PUREvil - Human Placeholder

Original...sung and written.

Posted on: 10 October 2017 | 8:45 pm

Jimmy White - Miserable Man (Official Music Video) - Miserable Man spent multiple weeks at #1 on both the AC40 Hot Hit Chart as well as the Christian Top 40 Hit Chart. It also reached the Top 15 spot on the FMQB chart in early 2017. The single is based on Paul’s letter to the Romans, passages between 7:10 - 25, Where the song comes from: As with so many people in this world, White has battled depression at several points in his life. In this single, White writes of feeling the depression that the Apostle Paul must have felt in his letter to the Romans, (19) I do not do the good things I want to do, but I do the bad things I do not want to do In verse (24), What a miserable man I am! Who will save me from this body that brings me death? White does see the hope in verse (25) I thank God for saving me through Jesus Christ our Lord! So in my mind I am a slave to God’s law, but in my sinful self I am a slave to the law of sin. As with the Apostle Paul and so many people today, as well as White, the struggle with depression can be overwhelming and debilitating but there is hope in Jesus Christ our Lord and in God the Father. Jimmy White is not a newcomer to the music scene. In his impressive thirty-year career, White has reached #1 over a dozen times on the Independent Adult Contemporary Charts, he is both the most-nominated and winning artist in the history of the IMN music awards and the New Music Awards. Jimmy has also charted four times in the Billboard AC Top 40—among other accomplishments. #Jimmywhitemusic #MiserableMan Artist Website: Artist Facebook: Artist Twitter: Artists iTunes: Artist Spotify: Label: 828 Records, Inc. Song IPI: BMI# 17097240 Songwriters: James A. White Songwriters IPI: BMI# 140339011 Publishers: Washington Place Music, Inc. Publisher IPI: BMI# 246870936

Posted on: 9 October 2017 | 5:51 pm

Kyle I Need You (Original Video)

'I Need You' from my original album 'The Beat Of My Heart'.

Posted on: 9 October 2017 | 6:01 am

DJ AGM - Action (Sample)

DJ AGM is back with hes first time release on Noize Machine Records, with more of a technoey vibe.

Posted on: 7 October 2017 | 8:08 pm

THE WIND IN MY HAIR - DJ Rinaldo Montezz feat. Gabriel Scar (Offical Video Clip)

Gabriel Scar is a pop/rock band from Belgium, but for this once they made a dance song together with a DJ from the Netherlands. DJ Rinaldo Montezz. The result was THE WIND IN MY HAIR. It's available on iTunes and Amazon.

Posted on: 7 October 2017 | 11:32 am


If you've ever had your heart broken by the one you loved, then this song is for you. Download now from

Posted on: 6 October 2017 | 10:15 pm

Alarm For War - Day Turned to Night (Official Music Video)

Alarm For War is a hard-core rap-metal band with 13 year old singer/rapper Buggy, who are rockin' the nation like no other. Download & Stream the Enemies of the State EP/ Edited by Grammy Award winner J.R McNeely, mastered By Grammy Award winner Brad Blackwood / iTunes/Amazon/Google Play here: Follow @AlarmForWar on Facebook: Twitter: Instagram: Soundcloud:

Posted on: 6 October 2017 | 8:02 pm

Letter to my mother **Rap Video** By Mullin - Ft Dawn M (from the album philosophy)

from the album philosophy released 2017

Posted on: 6 October 2017 | 2:52 pm

Marek Raczkowski - Finally free - Rafał Jędruch sax (relax sound)

My new smooth jazz recording. Enjoy!

Posted on: 3 October 2017 | 2:19 pm

Hit It 1 Time - The Black-Black Club

Executive Production: Mister X Vocals & Performance: Mister X Vocals & Performance: Big Fee ( Vocals & Performance: Unique the Good Thief ( Vocals & Performance: Lauren Rich Performance: Christ Beckley Performance: Eden Villarba-Sabolboro Performance: Kellie Durham Video Produced by: Gold House Media ( Video Director and Editor: Natasha Beste Video Director of Photography: Kevin Eckert Video Production Assistant: Leah McGrail Video Production Assistant: Christopher Jarvis

Posted on: 3 October 2017 | 2:12 am



Posted on: 2 October 2017 | 11:16 pm

Eljay - No Pressure ♫ (Copyright Free Pop) Free download link in description!

No copyright music for you! ♫ Free songs to use in your videos! Download Song at: Please subscribe to our channel and don't forget to hit the like button above! Deeper House is your place for the best YouTube music that is non-copyrighted and royalty free. All songs are free to be used and monetized by independent creators for video content on YouTube & Twitch, without the fear of any Content ID or copyright claims. We hope you enjoy our selection. - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - Please also support the Artist: ➥ Follow Eljay:

Posted on: 2 October 2017 | 12:24 am

Swag On! (3ros)

Swag On! (3ros) Create ur own swag! be ur self! enjoy life! Share and tag others.. be encouraged to be who God called you to be... Man, Reese & Monty Group name 3ros SoundCloud: wanna book 3ros? inbox now

Posted on: 1 October 2017 | 11:10 am

Horizonz - Falling (Official Video)

The official music video for "Falling" Listen to Horizonz on Spotify.. Falling out now on iTunes, Amazon, Google Play More content coming soon... Make sure to subscribe! Facebook - Twitter - Instagram - Spotify.. Recorded & Mastered by Andrew Doc Collins PMC Studios. Video by Ross Gill Studio Room Courtesy Of Tazma Studios

Posted on: 1 October 2017 | 12:06 am

Kairos - Real Ones

New original music video!!

Posted on: 29 September 2017 | 9:11 pm