Operation Hours During Winter Holidays

Dear customers, Joyful festive season is upon us and it means that it’s time to celebrate. Hope you are enjoying every cheerful holiday moment, though if you decide to contact us during this period, here is our working schedule during these days: Monday January, 2nd - ClosedFriday January, 6th - Limited* Monday January, 9th - Closed * Note that during the mentioned period there will be limited staff available and the best method to contact us will be via e-mail. During the other days not mentioned in the list, we’ll be working according to the usual schedule.It may take a bit longer than usual to get back to you with the support response during these days. We will do our best to make sure your live chats, emails and social media queries are answered as quickly as you expect them to be.Meanwhile, you will have full access to your licenses and software will be available for purchaseGet Discount Now Thank you so much for your understanding. Happy holidays to everyone!

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Thanksgiving Offer From eMagicOne

First and foremost, we want to say ‘Thank YOU’ to all of you for being interested in our software. We were happy to read each and every positive review. Your negative reviews motivated us to set and achieve higher goals. Your constructive comments, suggestions and feedback have helped us improve the quality of our products with each new release. Special PromotionThe holiday season is almost here and with holidays comes the sale. There wouldn’t be a better opportunity for us to show our gratitude towards our customers other than Thanksgiving. To express our appreciation, we are offering 20% OFF across all our products. Coupon code: EMAG-6GVA-TNKS Apply NowValid DateThis is one of our biggest sales, and it won't last long. The offer expires on November 30th.Remember that the number of coupons is limited and if you hesitate, you might miss the chance. So grab it now!How to Redeem a CouponCopy the coupon code offered above. Go to our website

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eMagicOne is Providing Limited Support on August, 24th

Dear Customers, We want to inform you that on Wednesday, August 24th eMagicOne will be providing limited support. If you have a question or problem, the best way to contact us for assistance will be via e-mail. Please note, phone support and live chat will be unavailable. Your requests to our help desk received during that day will be replied according to the queue. Though, it may take a bit longer than usual to get back to you with the support response. Your patience during this period is greatly appreciated. We will be back in full force and ready to help you on Thursday, August 25th when usual support hours resume. Thank you for understanding. During this period you will still have full access to your licenses and software will be available for purchase at - https://www.opencartmanager.com/buy-now-store-manager/order/ Do not forget that our 24% off coupon code EMAG-9H1A-IND expires at midnight on August 26th! Regards, eMagicOne Team.

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eMagicOne’s Birthday

The beginning of July marks the birthday time for eMagicOne! One more year has passed since the company has opened the doors and we can proudly state that growing old does only good to us. These past years were incredible. We are very happy to look back and recall what we have achieved so far! We have not only built a range of helpful Store Manager desktop applications for multiple e-shopping platforms already used by more than 100,000 users, but also have implemented top-notch features for OpenCart store management like:Mass data adjustments - for seasonal sales, offers, etc.Import of any Excel, xml, csv, txt file you have (no limitations)Adding orders via POS with barcode scanner support (for offline stores)Print of barcode labelsAutomation of recurring tasks with schedulers to stay up-to-dateand more!Try FREE This is special day for us and we would like to invite all of our loyal customers as well as new clients and interested visitors to celebrate this anniversary with us. Thank You for These Amazing YearsLooking back at these past few years, we would like to thank you all for your feedbacks, suggestions, criticism, comments and kind words that have been invaluable to eMagicOne’s development and achievements. They help us grow. Plans AheadWe hope to continue improving our products’ quality with new updates, offer you more tutorials (both articles and videos), and provide the best level of support & services to you for many years to come! We are so proud of where we’ve come so far, and even more excited about where we’re headed. Stay tuned for more great things to come! Share Your StoryYou know our story, now we want to hear yours. How our solutions helped you manage your business? Do you have a favorite moment with our extensions you want to share? Leave a comment in section below or use Facebook, Twitter, Google+ with #eMagicOne. We’d love to read them. Regards, eMagicOne Team

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Your Review is Rewarded!

Looking for awesome money-saving deals on OpenCart products you love? Here at eMagicOne, we understand how valuable your time and opinions are, that’s why we are would like to offer up to 25% off your orders or even free stuff. All you have to do is spend a little time trying out the products we develop and letting us know what you think of them, leaving a fair review. Want to Become a Reviewer?Being a reviewer is a fun job, but it’s not always easy. We will try to simplify it for you, with detailed instructions, describing the whole process from start to finish. Eventually you will be able to get from 15% to 25% OFF coupon to purchase Store Manager OR any of addons at half-price or even FREE! Here's How It WorksBasically, things are simple: if you leave a detailed review for eMagicOne products on one or all of the sites mentioned below, we will provide you a gift for your time in return. The more places you leave your feedback in, the bigger a reward will be. Get up to 25% discount on Store Manager for OpenCartPosting review for Store Manager at one of the sites below will give you 15% OFF, two sites - 20%, three sites - 25% discount! Feedbacks counted for this promo can be left at the following sites: Store Manager for OpenCart official site - https://www.opencartmanager.com/buy-now-store-manager/order/OpenCart site (comments section)- http://www.opencart.com/index.php?route=extension/extension/info&extension_id=20400Store Manager this review site (you need to use your LinkedIn account and DO NOT use option for unattributed review, where your name and photo is not shown) -https://www.g2crowd.com/products/store-manager-for-opencart/reviewsGet any of addons at half-price or FREELeave your feedback at one site and get the addon (you are reviewing) with 50% off or make 2 unique testimonials at 2 resources offered below and get this addon to Store Manager free of charge! *You'll get addons free only in case you are purchasing Store Manager and addons together (after leaving the review). If you have already been using Store Manager and leave reviews for addons you will get up to 25% OFF. Sites to submit review for addons to Store Manager developed by eMagicOne: Official site - https://www.opencartmanager.com/buy-now-store-manager/store-manager-opencart-addons/Addons at eMagicOne store - https://store.emagicone.com/opencart.htmlOh, yes, there’s also a catch! In most cases you have to register on the site in order to leave the review and wait some time for it to be approved (also on G2Crowd you have to wait you need to log in with your LinkedIn account). Yep, that’s the catch, and no it - doesn’t cost you anything :) You can take the time to evaluate the product to leave even better review. Writing Reviews: GuidelinesTo get the discount for a review, make sure you follow these guidelines Don't give just stars, write a review. The key to rewarding review is that it should be genuine (you need to write UNIQUE feedback for each site you leave your review at). If the review doesn't have text at all, or has only a word or two, or is a copy-paste from some other review, or you make the same review for multiple products/sites - these duplicated feedbacks will be treated as single or might not be taken into account at all. Reviews should be well written and edited. They don’t have to be too short and they should explain how the product is useful. You need to include the following points:Functionality - functions as describedSupport - have you contacted us and how was the service providedOverall impression - would you advise it to other entrepreneurs and/or your recommendations to the developer Your feedback should not be abusive or inappropriate. Once Done After your reviews were submitted and approved, contact us back via e-mail - contact@opencartmanager.com and provide us the screencaptures of reviews left by you or links to them with nickname that you have used. We will check if you have followed all the guidelines and will get back to you via e-mail with your reward. Restrictions The discount will be issued to apply to product you leave review for. The discounts are time-limited and cannot be be back-dated after they expire. Unused discounts are not refunded or returned in any way. The coupon you receive cannot be combined with other discounts and promo codes. It does not apply to any services either. Reviews left at the sites not mentioned in this promo are not taken into account unless we’ve requested it from our side. Reviews give valuable idea about the quality, functionality and other important things related to our products. With this promo we would like to encourage you to leave us the overall review on our software :) We would be happy if you take part and share your opinion on our software!

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Limited Support on Monday, May 2nd 2016

Dear Customers, We want to inform you that on Monday, May 2nd eMagicOne will be providing limited support. If you have a question or problem, the best way to contact us for assistance will be via e-mail. Please note, phone support and live chat will be unavailable. Your requests to our help desk received during Saturday, April 30th - Monday, May 2nd will be replied according to the queue. Though, it may take a bit longer than usual to get back to you with the support response. Your patience during this period is greatly appreciated. We will be back in full force and ready to help you on Tuesday, May 3rd when usual support hours resume. During this period you will still have full access to your licenses and software will be available for purchase at - https://www.opencartmanager.com/buy-now-store-manager/order/ Do not forget that our 30% off coupon code EMAG-YSE1-SALE expires at midnight on April 30th 2016! Thank you for understanding. Regards, eMagicOne Team

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Limited Support on March 8th 2016

Dear customers, We want to inform you that Store Manager for OpenCart Team will provide limited support on Tuesday, March, 8th. If you have any questions on that day, please e-mail them to contact@opencartmanager.com Note, phone support and live chat will be unavailable. Requests received on that day will be of the first priority and will be answered as soon as the company returns to its usual hours of work on Wednesday, March, 9th. You will still have full access to your licenses and software will be available for purchase, applying 10% OFF code EMAG-GD9R-OFF on all products at - Apply Now Your patience and understanding is greatly appreciated. Regards,Store Manager for OpenCart Team

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eMagicOne Support Schedule for the Upcoming Holiday Period

Dear customers, Joyful festive season is almost upon us and it means that it’s time to celebrate. Hope you will enjoy every cheerful holiday moment, though if you decide to contact us during this period, here is the schedule of our support team during these days: Friday, December 25th - Limited*Thursday, December 31st - Friday, January 1st - ClosedWednesday, January 6th - Limited*Thursday, January 7th - ClosedDuring the other days not mentioned in the list, we will be working according to the usual schedule. * Please note that during the mentioned period there will be limited staff available and the best method to contact us will be via e-mail. It may take a bit longer than usual to get back to you with the support response during these days. We will do our best to make sure your live chats, emails and social media queries are answered as quickly as you expect them to be. Starting from the 8th of January we will return to usual hours of operation. Meanwhile, you will have full access to your licenses and software will be available for purchase, applying $50 OFF code GIFT-DRQR-GIFT on all products at - https://www.opencartmanager.com/buy-now-store-manager/order/Thank you so much for your understanding. Wishing you and your families a merry and safe Christmas, and a very happy and prosperous New Year. Happy holidays!

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3 Spooky eCommerce Practices & How to Keep Your OpenCart Store Away From Them

Halloween with fear and thrill is coming near, marking the beginning of sales season. OpenCart retailers are starting to have scary nightmares each night (or even day) related to the fate of their web shop during this holiday period. Will the store be haunted by zombie products, abandoned carts, budget vampires and other skeletons in the closet? These questions make the blood of web-shop entrepreneurs run cold. Yeah, running online store can be tricky and even sometimes scary. For that reason and in the spirit of upcoming Halloween, we have prepared the spookiest eCommerce practices with solutions that will keep these problems away better than garlic repels vampires. The Terrifying Story of Horrible InventoryWrong or outdated inventory is one of the most scary and significant problems of any online business. When inventory levels are too high, cash is spent and space is inefficiently used. When inventory levels are too low, stock-outs and late deliveries harm the reputation of your brand. 21% to 43% of consumers who faced a stock-out will actually go to another store to buy the item. Conclusion&Solution:Always stay up-to-date and take care about your inventory. It is a good idea to set up automated updates, importing data on inventory levels directly from your supplier on certain schedule, once a week / once a day / every few hours. The Scary Tale of Monstrous PricesIt’s not a secret that consumers love sales, coupons, seasonal pricing and other promotion related markdowns. If you have ignored this trend and your prices are higher than your competitors offer, this is a sure-fire way to make your goods freakish and scare shoppers away in seconds. Walmart and Best Buy changed their prices roughly 50,000 times a month. Amazon changes its prices more than 2.5 million times a day. Conclusion&Solution: The most common scenario is to keep up with the competition and offer time-limited price mark-downs and run promotions to capture attention of your potential shoppers and clear out unsold inventory.The Bone-Chilling Saga of Faceless ProductsProduct images allow customers to get a visual sense of the product, since shopping online there is no other was to get the idea of how the item looks like or how it will fit. If your products do not have images they are like faceless ghosts. With them you’ve got all chances not to make the sale, but break it and scare potential customers away. 90% of information that comes to the brain is visual, and images are processed 60,000 times faster than text. Conclusion&Solution: Diagnose your store and detect goods without any image. After that you will be able to export the list and at least add ‘Image coming soon’ massively to them or in best-case scenario upload multiple missing images at once. While these stories may seem terrifying, don’t let these problems haunt your online store. Store Manager for OpenCart and its addons will come to your rescue. The apps are empowered with helpful Import/Export Wizards and other tools that will be wonderful assistants, especially for preparation to the upcoming occasions like Christmas and New Year. You will be able to: Adjust data using Bulk Changers in 2 clicks - for seasonal sales, offers, etcImport any Excel, xml, csv, txt file you have (no limitations)Synchronise with eBay, QuickBooks, PeachTree by Sage and moreAdd orders via POS with barcode scanner and cash drawer support (for offline stores)Automate recurring tasks with schedulers to get up to date Experienced your own horror story while managing your online store? Use comments section to tell us and we will try to offer you solution if it still bothers you.

Posted on: 2 November 2015 | 4:09 am

eMagicOne Reaches New MileStone: 100,000 Store Manager Users

We’re thrilled to announce that eMagicOne crossed a key milestone and now has over 100,000 users worldwide! This community growth really means a lot for us as we’re making great progress toward our ultimate goal: to help store owners manage eCommerce stores in much more efficient and productive way. Serving more than 100,000 users, who manage their online stores, eMagicOne solutions allow to: Adjust data using Multi Editors in 2 clicks - for seasonal sales, offers, etc.Import any Excel, xml, csv, txt file you have (no limitations)Synchronise with eBay, Amazon, QuickBooks PeachTree by Sage and moreAdd orders via POS with barcode scanner and cash drawer support (for offline stores)Print USPS shipping labelsAutomate recurring tasks with schedulers to stay up-to-dateDiagnose your store for missing images, broken products, etc and find solutionand much more! To visualize how far we’ve come, we’ve put together some key statistics in an infographic: Our apps currently is available, in more than 20 languages, for download and testing. To learn more about eMagicOne solutions or download any today, visit - https://emagicone.com/products/ Heading for the FutureOne hundred thousand users is a big number, but it’s just a start. Before we move onwards, we want to acknowledge that we couldn’t reach these heights without you, best customers in the world! We are so proud and extremely grateful to our community, to each and everyone who has helped us get this far and for making this happen. We’ll continue working tirelessly to deliver the best user experience and to make our software better and more useful for you. We're working to give you even more functionality for less price. Hurry to get higher savings! Now, to the next milestone! We look forward to reaching 1 million users!

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Garage Sale Tips to Score Great Deals

Shorts, sun, sea... what else? Garage sales! Gone are the days when people were visiting dusty warehouses or driving around the neighborhood to get good bargains. Now store owners are making virtual garage sales and have the chance to clear our inventory levels and earn extra revenue before back-to-school season. Here are a few things to consider organizing virtual garage sale at your OpenCart store: Product Prominence Most of us will agree that prominence is crucial to the discovery of any product. The items need to be prominently displayed and easily found at your website. This is especially true when it comes to offers sold at the garage sale. So you have to prepare proper place for clients to see it right they enter the site. The good idea will be to put products you would like to be sold out in a separate category indicating that inside of it the items are on sale. To this category you can mass assign goods that are slow-moving and simply “sit on your shelf” or seasonal entities that are unlikely to be bought till the next year. Moreover, this category should take one of the first places in your catalog, so make sure that you change the order of your categories and sort items within it. Match-Making

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Say "Happy Birthday" to eMagicOne

Turning the calendar page…it is July and it is high time for birthday preparations. One more year has passed since eMagicOne opened the door and started to work for thousands of retailers worldwide. We have become older and can proudly state that growing old does only good to us.This year was really incredible for us, we have managed to fulfil ideas and deliver comprehensive solutions to our clients. Traditionally, we want to look around and dwell on main achievements we have reached this year:We have released Store Manager for Magento Enterprise Edition - advanced software for Enterprise users that helps streamline business process and was represented at Magento Meet Magento in Italy We have established partnership with reputable companies - Amasty, Atwix, MageCloud what will help us deliver comprehensive customer service and expand business horizon.Amasty is prominent Magento extensions developer and Magento Bronze Industry partner, offering comprehensive solutions as well as 5-star customer service.Focused on Magento eCommerce implementation and API integrations, Atwix offers custom extensions, themes, responsive web design, ERP integrations, etcMageCloud represents new approach to Magento-based store development. It is a PaaS platform, that allows developers and merchants launch Magento stores within minutes, install desired themes, extensions and publish everything into a cloud hosting infrastructure.Promodo specializes in ecommerce store promotion through the complex of internet marketing tools such as search engine optimization (SEO), paid campaign management (PPC), social media marketing, conversion rate optimization and usability analysis. We try to keep up with all eCommerce events, have visited Magento Meet Ukraine and participated as silver sponsor Magento Imagine, PrestaShop Meetup in Argentina - our customers presented our solutions and explained how they contribute to first-class store handling Our resellers can enjoy new reseller system and activities it offers, earn badges, get trophies, accumulate points (to get free license) and receive awards - blog.emagicone.com/2015/04/get-your-game-on-becoming-emagicones New possibilities for those, who aim at joining world famous marketplaces - commercial version of Amazon Integration addon for Magento, PrestaShop, VirtueMart has been released We have designed native Mobile Connector module for your convenience so managing your online store via mobile has become more flexible and approachable with free Android Solution Mobile AssistantWe’ve commenced on development of Store Manager for WooCommerce and have already released Alpha version for testing woocommerce-manager.comStore owners now can take advantage of discounted USPS shipping rates www.stamps.com/emagiconeThis year we have celebrated 6th anniversary of Store Manager for PrestaShop sale and 7th of Store Manager for Magento. It proves, these are reliable solutions, popular throughout the worldWe always try to keep step with the latest changes, we have added PrestaShop 1.6.x, VirtueMart 3.0.x, OpenCart 2.0 support This is far not entire list of acquisitions we are proud of and we could extend it, but birthday cake and cocktail dress is on the lookout :). We would like to share the party with you, our customers, enjoy the cake and blow the candles, since you are a part of our community and there would be no celebration without you. Your help, suggestions, feedback, comments and kind words are invaluable to our development and achievements. Thanks you for being with us, all the year around and hope for your support in the future. Best Feedback of This Year "Great software! The best thing about ‪#‎OpenCartStoreManager‬ is the speed you can get a new product up and running across multiple sales channels. Not only can you control your website easily but you can also list to other channels with the plug ins they have available. The ease of use is great for anyone dealing with lots of product. Customer Service has always been outstanding any time I have a question.They listen to customers input about the software which is refreshing. The software is so easy to use I am also thinking of returning to some selling platforms that became over complicated to use and time consuming. They truly simplify the entire process of eCommerce. "Roger Purcell

Posted on: 31 July 2015 | 9:46 am

Summer is Here: Do Not Let Your Sales Go on Vacation!

Summertime! People plan their vacations, look for some fun new places to travel and generally relax and take things easy. Maybe this is true for lots, but not ecommerce business owners, who are stressed because of possible summer sales slowdown. It is true that this time of the year people get less focused on buying things, but that doesn’t have to be your case! When others are sleepy, you need to wake up. It can be an opportunity to try the things you haven’t done yet. So here are some tips and tricks to keep your buyers traffic high and make sales go away from summer decline. Update Your Store CatalogA list of store owners’ to-do tasks seems to never end. One of the main points of this checklist is refreshing your content and this is the first thing you should take care of this summer. The great idea is to include seasonal items that are in demand. If you sell not season-targeted products, think about your existing inventory. Define best-selling items and check the quantity you have got in stock. The good idea is to make connection with supplier and make scheduled updates to avoid manual inventory updates and overstocking. Give Customers Hot-Hot PricingIt’s hot outside so make your pricing just as hot inside your store. To help entice people to get in your store during those off-peak times you can offer your items for special discounted prices. Probably not for the whole store, just certain items that you would like to be bought in the first place. Reconsider your store pricing scheme and make price reductions for limited period of time to bring traffic to your shop during this relatively slow period. Refine the Look of Your StoreSummer is on, so you might think about the idea of making your store more seasonal. Even if you don’t sell swimming suits or other products for going to the beach, it doesn’t mean you can’t be the part of it. Summer is associated with sun, cheerfulness and fun. Let your customers get into summer spirit! Make your site and products look appeal to the audience. Add summer-themed banner, change template on more bright and even make the summer shoot of your merchandise. Improve visual look to your products and draw clients’ attention. Explore Options of Sales Channel The more places your items are listed to, the higher are the chances that clients will come across them and place the order. So try to get where your customers usually go for shopping and expand your reach! Explore other sales channels – like eBay or Amazon – to increase the chance that a customer finds you quicker. This can boost your traffic and make your sales skyrocket through the summer. Receive Sales Everywhere You AreJust because people spend less time at this computers, it does not mean that they are out of reach at all. They may take smartphones and tablets when they are travelling or simply chilling out. The same concerns you as store owner. You can go on vacation, but this does not mean that your store has to take days-off too. You can continue monitoring sales, clients and other statistics on your shop directly from your mobile device. Summer slowdown is either a chance to ‘go home early’, or an opportunity to explore new possibilities for your business that you usually don’t have time to do. If you choose the second variant, we want to help you jump into it and be ready to get the most out of this season. Choose eMagicOne’s software to beat summer sales slump! www.opencartmanager.com/buy-now-store-manager/order/ Or download FREE trial right now and check how easier things are made. Feel the difference with Store Manager - www.opencartmanager.com/free-download/ How do you cope with the seasonal sales slowdown in your ecommerce business? Let us know how you're handling it using comments section below.

Posted on: 20 July 2015 | 3:38 am

Spring is Here: March Madness is in the Air

March is a great month that marks the beginning of spring and gives internet retailers a plenty of seasonal opportunities to score sales and reputation for their businesses. With several holidays nearby consumers are also inclined to shop more during this time of year - this is when March Madness begins. Since ecommerce has pretty much the same compatible nature as sport, it is possible to predict that demand and traffic should be high these days. Thus, it is the perfect time to kick it up a notch on activities aimed at improvement of online stores and making connections with customers. So here are a few tips that will help you jump into March Madness and use it to your advantage: 1) Make Spring Clearance Cast a critical eye over your catalog. See if you have items that are not selling as well as you would like to and see if you have any overstock goods taking too much storage space. It is high time to get rid of those products, selling them for lower price, thus refreshing your stock. The same concerns seasonal items (if you sell any), unless you expect that some queers will buy fur coats in the middle of the spring. Detect best and low-selling products in seconds - http://www.opencartmanager.com/useful-articles/opencart-reports/ 2) Stock Up with New Arrivals When you have removed old, stacked inventory, you have made space for the new arrivals. Make sure that you have what customers are looking for, including into your catalog the popular goods and the novelties appearing at the market. Organize your inventory and ensure that you have enough for each interested buyer. Automate your inventory updates, freshen up your content, synchronizing directly from supplier - http://www.opencartmanager.com/useful-articles/addons/make-your-opencart-product-import-running-automatically-on-schedule/ 3) Pull People in with Promotions Discounts and offers are great for effective engaging of customers, as encourage them to buy. Proving time-limited promotions and offering your goods for some percentage-off the regular price will bring more interested shoppers. Check how to make holiday price mark-downs for all products in seconds - http://www.opencartmanager.com/useful-articles/tipstricks/modify-prices-by-percentage-amount-in-opencart/ 4) Polish Up The Look of Products Online stores actually sell ideas of products without any actual access to tangible items, since customers do not have ability touch, feel or in other way to evaluate the product. What narrows this gap? Multiple products images. If your some of your products are deprived of them, the items will hardly capture the attention of shoppers. Pictures carry important visual information that helps the person decide to buy or not. Thus, you need to check if all the products have images and add them if any are missing. 5) Go Mobile One of key features for a good ecommerce site is real-time information on your store information: pricing and inventory, new customers, and quick access to sales. Thus, it is important to have it everything at hand, especially when you are not in the office, for example, view store statistics from your mobile phone or tablet. This way you will make sure that you have everything under control. Get free instant access to your store statistics from your Android mobile device - http://www.opencart.com/index.php?route=extension/extension/info&extension_id=19950 Get winning sales during March Madness!

Posted on: 23 March 2015 | 9:00 am

50 Reasons Why You Would Love eMagicOne Software

February is the month of love and St. Valentine’s Day is a great opportunity to express your feelings. So even if you every year complain how much you hate this holiday, online store owners can earn some good revenue on this day.Money can’t buy you love, but you can buy eMagicOne software that you will absolutely fall in love. In honor of this day of hearts, chocolate and flowers, we have put together the list of reasons why our software is worth declaring love and affection. Get in the Valentine’s mood, finding your reason to use our software: Store Manager helps you become e-commerce superman, being Сlark Kent in the officeWhen you manage your catalog via Store Manager the sun shines brighter, even at night (... somewhere in the world)We love you as it is our job, nothing personal :)Our support is awesome - they love all the clients, even those who rebuke them in the chatLike peanut butter and jelly or Romeo and Juliet, some things are just better together, like Primary+ Additional license Our Store Manager for your store is like Microsoft Office for WindowsYour inventory can be so automated, that you will never see your products out-of-stockYou can always get a discount on our software! Our addons allow you grow global without leaving your office You will like making mass changes: again, again, and again! Chuck Norris imports products via Store ManagerIt will save you time for other important things Lost images will never hide and will be revealedYou can be safe when you play :) Use Bridge type of connection doing changes on local databaseWork offline with bridge connectionYou can play doctor, diagnosing your store for issuesYou might forget your Admin panel looks likeYou can not be so cool store manager without Store ManagerIf you are a polyglot, you can manage your store in different languagesYou get new experience in store managementSales managers, techs and store owners can equally good manage their shops with Store ManagerStore Manager and its addons are made for each otherEach new release brings new cool features!Product import from different file formats is reality with Store ManagerStore Manager would get into Guinness Book of World Records if there were suitable nominationYou can do e-commerce even if you are on the beach with Mobile AssistantYou will believe that eCommerce magic happensYou will not stop thinking about… import/export/products/etcYou can sell anything: even fresh tasty pastry - chocolate muffins, bun with jem…You can look at our photos, videos made personally for you, on the every step of the wayWe stay with you, listen to you, help you, and support you when you have hard times using our software )We are always attentive to details and carefully check bug reports, re-reading them in leisure timeYour competitors will envy you, seeing how quickly you update your storeWhen you manage your store with our software, you will be smilingYou can try before you buyYou will make seasonal discounts in seconds - all the clients will be happyYou will not need to adjust file for import - all the changes can be made on-the-flyIf you choose our software, you definitely have great taste :)Your customers will be in the seventh heaven placing the order at your storeYour store will become the 8th wonder of the world (hope so:)Your ROI will be 101% or moreYou can do business and have fun with eMagicOneWe always have discount for you. Just ask :)You get more than software, care and appreciation come free!It will help you grow your businessYou can control the processes of new features implementation, offering your ideaYou can multi-task - handle orders, manage products, rebuilt categories at the same timeOur software all-in-one: has everything you need!Add it, scan it, sell it, pack it, ship it, mail it then upgrade it - all you can do with the productUse POS to sell to real clients, not only e-clientsWhere store managers go to grow?We love you! Love us back :) Follow us in social networks!Let us know what we missed. Comment out below!

Posted on: 2 March 2015 | 4:35 am

How to Overcome Post-Holiday Sales Slump

January is typically considered to be a slow month for online stores. People tend to spend a fortune on holiday shopping and stop right after the season is over. Post-holiday sales are expected to get low. This happens because people have reached or surpassed their Christmas holiday spending budgets and how they are forced to tighten their belts. Now they remain cautious about opening their wallets again. So how do online businesses get through this slow month? Engaging consumers into purchases after the holidays is not an easy thing. But it’s critical for online merchants not to let the sales momentum slip in January. Here’s a list of tips to help your online store drive revenue during the typical downturn period after the holiday shopping season. 1. Launch New ProductsKeeping content fresh and relevant is always a key to boosting customer engagement, but this is particularly important after the traditional holiday shopping craze. January is typically a good month to introduce new products and product lines. Your products will not be overshadowed by discounts or the glut of goods presented during shopping season. Thus, you can get more new interested clients who might want to check new arrivals at your store. It is smart to create the category “What’s new” and import your recent acquisitions there. This way these items will grab more attention of interested clients. 2. Update Inventory After the rush of Christmas the inventory of most online shops is usually pretty much wiped out. So you can use this January downtime to organize leftovers and stock up ordering fresh inventory from your supplier. To avoid constant worries you can set up automated updates of your stock and insure that you always have enough quantity for all the interested buyers. 3. Offer Promotions and Sales Even after Christmas, there are still plenty of bargain-hunters looking for great deals. Customers really love sales and promotions, so make sure you have the deals they want. You can draw new customers to your website with special post-holiday discounts. Many consumers will find it hard to resist rock bottom prices even when finances are tight.Make suggestions based on past purchases, analyzing purchasing history and preferred products to determine what items are most popular and then offer them for reduced price for limited period of time. Finally, to bring the above mentioned techniques into life, online retailers need some helpful tools to make tasks easier and processes faster. Store Manager for OpenCart and its addons will help you beat post-holiday sales slump - http://www.opencartmanager.com/buy-now-store-manager/order/ Start the new year with awesome sales and rest of the year will be awesome too! Got your own ways to overcome post-holiday sales slump? Feel free to share in the comments below. By Maria Kvasnytska

Posted on: 4 February 2015 | 6:04 am

What Your OpenCart Wishes for Christmas?

Christmas is almost upon us! Children write lengthy letters to Santa and adults make Christmas wishes and New Year’s resolutions. Have you ever thought what would be the wishes of your online store if it could make any? Let’s imagine, what your OpenCart might wish for? Here is the letter that we think your shop could have composed:Santa ClausSanta’s WorkshopNorth Pole 0001Dear Santa, It is that time of the year again. I suppose that you are putting together the presents along with your elves and preparing your slade&deers for a long trip on Christmas night. You must be very busy these days, as well as I and my website owner. Since people all over the world are writing letters to you, I have decided to do the same. Well, my wishes are not exactly similar to ordinary man’s list. Do not get me wrong - a Porsche under the New Year tree will be much appreciated. However, I have specific needs and desires. I love my job. Each day I have lots of guests all over the world and I know them very well (can show you report). I have a cute design and my owner is really kind to me. I have been very good this year, so I hope that you can grant a few wishes that would help me to be even better. Here are just a few things that I would absolutely love this year:Be Always Up-to-DateMy owner is so busy building the business, managing accounting and getting orders out-the-door. I understand that he doesn’t have time to watch for me every second of the day. Humans need sleep, but I never do. All the time there is something new going on here and I’m always afraid that I’m not up-to-date. Thus, I would like to have scheduled updates performed each regular period of time. This way my inventory will be always on the appropriate level, I will be confident that I have something to offer each interested client and my owner can have good night sleep :)Change FasterAs I have already mentioned, my owner is very busy, especially when sales season begins and we need to make some bulk price changes. I would like to have the possibility to do promotions and increase or lower price much faster. This way my owner will have more time on other things. Look More Attractive I would like to ask for something else for myself. Nothing fancy, but I’ve worked so hard all year, I think it would help my spirits and confidence as well as get me ready for another year. I want to add images to all the products at my catalog. I have heard this makes website much more attractive for buyers. Feel HealthierAlso, I might be asking too much, but hope that there is a chance that you could help me get rid of old stuff I’m not using anymore. I feel so up to the neck in data, with all those products and images that I even do not use. All these useless things make it difficult for me to operate properly. I would like to be faster and lighter, so hope that there is a possibility for small clean-up!Stay ProtectedI worry so much about my security. There are lots of strangers in the Internet with bad intentions. That is why I feel very vulnerable. I really hope that my owner puts everything else aside and will think about security, at least for a moment or two every week in order to make backup of my data. This way I would feel much more confident. I’m also willing to find new friends. I have already heard about Store Manager for OpenCart and addons to it. Together we will be great team, as they are very helpful and can take care about me. Hope to see them next to me very soon.Sincerely, OpenCart Store If your store wishes the same, prepare the gift for it and for yourself: http://www.opencartmanager.com/buy-now-store-manager/order/ We wish you and your store a very happy holiday season and fulfillment of all your dreams and wishes!Merry X-Mas and Happy New Year!

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Regular Price of Store Manager for OpenCart Came into Effect

Dear existing and potential customers, In one of our previous blog posts we have announced about scheduled price change on Store Manager for OpenCart. Referring to it, we have informed you about the following:From May, 29th, 2013, when the the first commercial version of Store Manager for OpenCart has been released, the application was sold for the special price that is $119. We have moved with the time, working hard to deliver high-quality and full-featured database management tool. The application has established on the market and proved itself as helpful software for OpenCart-based stores handling.We are improving our software with each new release and will be doing all possible to enhance functionality more and more. To continue grow and offer highest level of quality and maintain with the competition we need to implement changes.We are announcing that if you are interested in the software, you have the last chance to get it for special lowered price, since very soon our product will be sold for regular product price - $199.The new price schedule is set to come into action on January, 1st, 2015.So from now on plans&pricing are the following: Primary license - $199Additional license - $119Bundle Primary+Additional - $258You can check here - www.opencartmanager.com/order/Regards, Store Manager for OpenCart Team

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Operation Hours of eMagicOne Support Team During Holidays

Dear customers, Hope you are enjoying every cheerful holiday moment, though if you decide to contact us during this period, here is schedule we will be working these days: Friday December, 26th - LimitedMonday December, 29th - Tuesday December, 30th - OpenWednesday December, 31st - LimitedThursday January, 1st - ClosedFriday January, 2nd - OpenMonday, January, 5th - OpenTuesday January, 6th - LimitedWednesday January, 7th - Closed* Please note that during the mentioned period there will be limited staff available and the best method to contact us will be via e-mail. Starting from the 8th of January we will return to usual hours of operation. We will do our best to make sure your live chats, emails and social media queries are answered as quickly as you expect them to be.Thank you so much for your understanding. Happy holidays to everyone!

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eMagicOne Support Center Maintenance Works on December, 3rd

Dear Customers,We want to inform you that on December, 3rd our support center will be unavailable due to scheduled technical work of our hosting provider. Support will be closed during the following hours:Midnight – 7AM (CET) / 1AM – 8AM (GMT+3) / 6PM December 2nd - 1PM December 3rd (EST)All the emails received will get in queue and will be replied as soon as our support center return to its work. All the enquiries will be replied according to 24-hour guarantee time. Our site will be accessible for view and products will be available for purchase - http://www.opencartmanager.com/buy-now-store-manager/order/We apologize for any inconvenience during this outage and thank you in advance for your patience and understanding.Kind regards,Store Manager for OpenCart Team

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Store Manager for OpenCart is Sold for Special Price till the End of the Year Only!

From May, 29th, 2013, when the the first commercial version of Store Manager for OpenCart has been released, the application was sold for the special price that is $119. We have moved with the time, working hard to deliver high-quality and full-featured database management tool. The application has established on the market and proved itself as helpful software for OpenCart-based stores handling. We are improving our software with each new release and will be doing all possible to enhance functionality more and more. To continue grow and offer highest level of quality and maintain with the competition we need to implement changes. We are announcing that if you are interested in the software, you have the last chance to get it for special lowered price, since very soon our product will be sold for regular product price - $199. The new price schedule is set to come into action on January, 1st, 2015. Hurry up to get the software for reduced price till new cost is rolled up. Hurry up to buy Store Manager for OpenCart - www.opencartmanager.com/order/Act now or regret later!By Maria Kvasnytska

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We Want to Say "Thank You"

The upcoming Thanksgiving holiday is not only the time for merrymaking, family reunion, feasts and dinners, but also a great opportunity to show appreciation. Seizing this occasion, we want to say “THANK YOU” to all our clients for a chance to work with You and assist You! Namely: for 10086 hours of workfor 16514 e-mailsfor 9696 chats with 98523 messagesfor calls 756 with 2d 03:20:44 of talksfor 2576 rewards for all our effortsand 310 rebukes for our faults.We do hear your comments, analyze them and on the basis of them try to become better each time. Thank you for being with us.The best way to express gratefulness is to show how much we care. We want to help you grow your business for the rest of 2014 and beyond and offer our software - Store Manager for OpenCart for managing your online store smarter, but not harder - opencartmanager.com/plans&pricingAutomated Product Import Addon to perform automatic scheduled OpenCart catalog updates from external sources -opencartmanager.com/opencart-automated-product-importOpenCart QuickBooks Integration Addon to manage your inventory on more advanced level -opencartmanager.com/opencart-quickbooks-import-exporteBay Integration for OpenCart Addon to increase your revenue creating listings at world famous marketplace - opencartmanager.com/ebay-integration-for-opencartICEcat Product Catalogue Integration that makes possible to get relevant product descriptions and images for your products - opencartmanager.com/opencart-icecat-integrationThank you for helping us provide solutions that matter!Have a wonderful Thanksgiving!By Ira Svedovetska

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How to Prepare OpenCart Store to Black Friday at the Last Minute?

Lying on the couch with a sandwich made of Thanksgiving turkey leftovers in hand you suddenly realize that tomorrow is Black Friday. You feel that a cold shiver ran down your spine... You were madly busy these days and have forgotten to properly take care about your online store. Maybe you have done something, but not everything and it is not enough to bring more sales. Is it too late to improve the matters? Here and there on the Internet, tutorials say that you have to spend weeks or months ahead on store preparation tasks before holiday shopping season begins. Should you give up and accept the fact the biggest sales day of the year passed you by? Despite widely adopted online trend to prepare everything beforehand, many retailers may be struggling with Black Friday preps till the last day. Is it possible to handle the tasks rained upon store owners’ heads within just a few hours left. Will it be real nightmare? No. You might say that get your store ready with just 24 hours or even less is beyond one's strength and is impossible to accomplish, unless you are Superman or the Flash with lightning speed super power. Well, what if we say that there is the way to make you OpenCart superhero? No need to be born on the planet Krypton like Superman or be stricken by lightning like the Flash. We have got something better, safer and obviously more real. Store Manager for OpenCart - not magic, but close to it! Using this software you will be able to perform necessary store handling tasks in a flash (or like the Flash :). Store Manager can help cross off a few must-do tasks and get your OpenCart ready for sales a couple of minutes or even less. Last-Minute Plan to Get Retailers Through Black Friday:1) Update Inventory LevelsHigh demand and low stock on Black Friday are incompatible things. Your products, hopefully, cleared out in a few hours and the whole year you would regret that you haven’t had more to offer interested buyers. Thus, make sure you have enough products for all eager shoppers and your inventory levels are updated. With Store Manager application it is possible to change stock status and update inventory levels in just a few clicks. Select goods -> and in the lower grid indicate quantity to update selected products.Details find here -www.opencartmanager.com/useful-articles/opencart-product-management/opencart-inventory-management/2) Lower PricesEveryone will be running promotions and offering discounts that are specific to Black Friday, so you might as well join the fun. Make sure that the reduction is attractive for client to grab shoppers’ attention and stand out from the crowd. 5 min and you are done! Check how - www.opencartmanager.com/useful-articles/tipstricks/modify-prices-by-percentage-amount-in-opencart/3) Add Cross-SellsOne way to boost average order value is by selling related goods to your online shoppers. Adding “cross-sell” and “upsells”to your site, recommending relevant products to your shoppers based on their past purchase behavior and recently viewed items can greatly boost sales. There is step-by-step tutorial - www.opencartmanager.com/useful-articles/opencart-product-management/opencart-related-products/4) Send Black Friday email If you have a email list, this is going to be an important promotional channel for you. The messaging should create a sense of urgency to help customers get to your site directly from the email, so include link to your store and discount code. With Store Manager for OpenCart you can send follow-up emails right within the software. Export customer e-mail addresses and send them follow-up e-mails with the discount. This way you can make the clients return and buy more. How to export customer addresses - www.opencartmanager.com/useful-articles/opencart-customer-management/basic-operations-over-opencart-customers/5) Find problemsNext, you want to make sure your site looks and functions good. Diagnose it for products not assigned to categories, missing or broken product product images, etc. For that run particular type of Store Diagnostics. You still have some time to prepare your web shop for upcoming shopping sales rush, we won’t stand aside and help you, offering our extremely helpful software - www.opencartmanager.com/buy-now-store-manager/order/Prepare, sell, enjoy!By Maria Kvasnytska

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Is Your OpenCart Store 'Boo Hoo' or 'Woo Hoo'?

Halloween is considered as the official kick-off to the holiday season by many retailers. As the first real fall holiday event, it gets consumers excited and puts them in the mood for coming months.Before Halloween lots of online stores selling goods may look a little scary. On occasion of holiday, ecommerce store owners may use different techniques to attract clients’ attention to boost holiday sales. However, sometimes these might be not holiday pranks. Are you sure that your store does not look “Boo Hoo” for your clients? Maybe your OpenCart site is a nightmare on Elm Street?Your ecommerce store should be thrilling, but not in a scary-movie sort of way. How to make sure that you have done everything to make your clients say “Woo Hoo” when they enter your OpenCart-based e-shop?So in the spirit of Halloween, we are introducing terrifying e-commerce practices and, more important, what you can do if you experience any of them. “Dead Corpses” - Outdated CatalogWhy it’s scary:Сontent is very important for providing valuable information to users. It is a major component of building site’s relevance. If your store doesn’t show any signs of life for a long time already, then you have got all the chances to lose clients’ interest. Without no doubt, it is a real horror story for any store owner. How to avoid it:As was already mentioned, killer content is very important, so make sure you constantly warm up interest of thirsty for “fresh blood” shoppers by adding popular novelties to your shop.“Zombies” - Out Of Stock ItemsWhy it’s scary:When your goods are out of stock they are neither dead, nor alive, they simply occupy space at your database. Does this chill your bones? How to avoid it:If you’ve ever watched a zombie movie, you’d know that the sort of thing frequently ends up when someone offers anti-zombie weapon. We suggest you to neutralize zombie-products setting up scheduled inventory updates directly from your supplier. Budget Vampires - Products with Unreasonably Driven Up PriceWhy it’s scary:Your clients are looking for monstrous discounts on occasion of holiday, but what they see? The prices much higher than your competitors offer - this sure-fire way to make your goods freakish and scare shoppers away in seconds. How to avoid it: Make sure you have put proper mark-ups for more expensive products you can afford yourself to raise cost on some bigger percent than for low-priced goods. Moreover, make some screaming seasonal promos and discounts, offering your client savings to get them in holiday spirit. If none of these works, call Buffy to help you place a stake through the heart of worthless moneysucker that made put incorrect mark-ups... Just kidding, obviously. She is too busy this time of the year :)Skeletons in the Closet - Goods Without ImagesWhy it’s scary: Your page has another task besides navigation and that is to establish trust and credibility. Remember that just as every image on your site has to support your desired action. So having “No image” or “Image is not available” messages showing, like a shadowy black cat - one of the most horrifying things when selling goods online. How to avoid it: Diagnose your store for missing images and also pictures at your server that you do not use any more. Ghost Products - Items Not Visible at Front-EndWhy it’s scary: So before you get excited about the fact that you have added the products and they soon will be purchased, check if they are visible at front-end to your clients. This is not paranormal activity, but pretty usual thing when missing some of important details while adding the product. How to avoid it: Make sure that goods you sale are activated at the front-end and have all the details filled in. Moreover, check if they are linked to any category for your clients to be able to find them. While these stories may seem terrifying, don’t worry. We have prepared for you the ammunition in your battle against the terrors of online store handling! The software for easier tasks accomplishment is available for reduced price - Store Manager for OpenCart and its addons! Use comments section to tell us your own Halloween horror story related to e-commerce store management!By Maria Kvasnytska

Posted on: 31 October 2014 | 12:18 pm

Quick Look At What’s New in OpenCart 2.0

Short while ago OpenCart team announced that long-awaited OpenCart version 2.0 has been officially rolled out. Current OpenCart users, as well as those who plan to launch website relying upon this shopping cart, will be happy to hear that after the long time of refinement the platform comes with lots of new things. OpenCart 2.0 differs from its predecessor by richer functionality with lots of salient features. Here is a sneak peak of what’s new in this version of widely-used shopping cart. User-Friendly DashboardOpenCart 2.0 comes with sleek and intelligent back-end. Previous horizontal menu has been replaced with the vertical one for smart and quick navigation. This is a step forward to help store owners interact with the system, track sale analytics, people online. etc. Redesigned dashboard makes it simpler to get absolute information about the online store. Revamped Front EndThere have been notable improvements made to OpenCart front office that will drastically better shopping experience for store visitors. New default OpenCart theme runs on Bootstrap and blows off complexity. It ensures intuitive site outlook, refined navigation, search bar, product view and carousels.Wide Range of Payment Gateways Newly released OpenCart 2.0 supports 30+ payment gateways, including Amazon Payments, First Data EMEA Connect, NOCHEX, PayPal Pro iFrame, Free Checkout, Web Payment Software, Secure Trading Web Service, etc.Built-in Extension InstallerTheme and extension installation is more approachable thanks to implemented Extension installer. It guarantees faster and more accurate installation process.Event Notification System AvailableThis system has been designed to help store owners keep everything under control. Running an online store, merchants definitely have lots of tasks to cope with. Notification won’t let miss a single detail since notifies admins about product stock shortages, order status, reviews or new customers awaiting approval.OpenCart 2.0 definitely offers brand new functionality that enhances general usability and store monitoring. Totally new dashboard, more friendly back office, easy-to-use storefront and other features that have been implemented will contribute to brilliant business performance. eMagicOne always keeps in step with shopping cart updates and not long after OpenCart 2.0 arrival, we released Store Manager for OpenCart v. that is compatible with the newest version of the shopping cart.Explore Store Manager functional capabilities using its trial version free for 14 days - http://www.opencartmanager.com/free-download/By Ira Svedovetska

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