Super Fly 1990s Party Ideas

Host a slammin' throwback party with inspiration from these '90s party ideas! Decorate your entire venue with I Love the 90s party supplies. Outdoor yard decorations make it easy to fill the front yard with themed decor while the rest of the party shows off the best of the '90s inside. Make sure no one is a buzzkill - have all of your party guests take funny party pics with a fun '90s party photo prop. Funny 10- or 20-piece prop kits look great at your tables and will double as centerpieces. Photo frames are a durable addition to your photo booth and can be used over again - plus they are waterproof so they are perfect for poolside parties with your homies. Or, take mug shot signs out on the town with your '90s throwback crew for shareable party pics that may just show up year after year! Your throwback party will be all that and a bag of chips when you make sure to have the right snacks. Both sweet and salty snacks are easily offered in popcorn treat boxes. The '90s were all that and now you can celebrate everyone who was saved by the '90s with a fun throwback party! A 1990s party is a fun way to honor a milestone birthday of your favorite '90s baby, a retirement of someone who is simply da bomb, or a great class event with a fun dress up theme everyone is able to participate in!

Posted on: 12 January 2018 | 11:50 am

Raise the Woof - It's 2018! Chinese New Year - Year of the Dog Party Ideas

Sweep away the bad luck and make room for good fortune when you welcome the Chinese New Year. This collection of 2018 Year of the Dog decorations and supplies has everything you need to honor the Chinese New Year at home, work or school. Fun for everyone, Chinese New Year Fortune Cards are a clever way to get everyone involved in your celebration. Each deck of fortune cards has 22 unique fortunes that are suitable for any age and any crowd. Place them at your dining table as a fun activity before dinner, use them in your party invitations to get everyone excited about the celebration, or had them out to students or clients as a fun reminder of happiness and prosperity in the Chinese New Year. Fill the rest of your party tables with Chinese New Year decorations and Year of the Dog party favors. Adorable popcorn boxes are perfect for edible goodies and are also an easy way to wrap small gifts for friends and family. The bright red print with cherry blossom design adds a modern twist to traditional Chinese New Year gift wrap. Chinese New Year gift tags are another easy way to craft Year of the Dog party favors and gifts. Fill clear bags with candy or trinkets and tie off with a ribbon and tag. You are going to want to make sure to have photos of your friends and family at your Chinese New Year party. Make these pictures memorable when you use clever photo booth props. Funny photo booth props or 20 piece photo booth props are great for any crowd in any location. They can be used at your Chinese New Year photo booth, added to vases as centerpieces or taken along with you if you are celebrating at more than one place. Chinese New Year photo frame props are a sturdy alternative and with withstand many photo opportunities. Everyone will love sharing the spotlight with this fun photo booth prop kit! You Chinese New Year celebration will be remembered long after it is over when you use this elegant party theme. Add finishing touches with beverage labels and DIY wrappers to really make your party decorations YOU-nique.

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Totally Rad 80s Retro Party - 1980s Party Supplies

Find your leg warmers and get that big hair blowout - it's time for a gnarly 1980s party! This 80's Retro Party has everything you need to style a perfect event, just add your favorite mix tape full of rad tunes to get the party happenin'. Start the party with a righteous buffet table. 80s themed DIY shaped cut outs are large cassette tape decorations that make a great backdrop for all of your party goodies. Attach them to dowels and use as centerpieces, hole punch and use as ceiling decorations, or attach to a wall as a fun photo booth backdrop! Add a funny '80s Retro photo prop kit to you DIY photo booth for party pics that everyone will want to share. Choose from Funny Photo Prop Kits, Large Photo Prop Kits, Photo Frame Prop Kits, Paddle Party Props and even hilarious mug shot photo props! Mix and match a variety of 1980s photo booth props to suit your crowd and give you rad party pics that will last long after the celebration is over! Your Retro 80s theme party supplies will make an awesome display when you add candy and treat boxes along with cupcake wrappers to your snack buffet. The paint splatter designs are totally 80s while the checker patterns make this retro party theme really stand out. Add shaped cut outs to your party decor to bring all of your Retro '80s party ideas to life. The miniature cassette tapes will honor your days of Mixtape Master! Add them to candy and apothecary jars at your candy buffet, scatter them the length of your dining tables or get crafty and add them to DIY party decorations. 1980s themed die cuts are a versatile way to bring your awesome 80s party theme to all areas of the celebration. Finally, let everyone know the party is in the back when you decorate your yard with retro 80s yard decor. The 80s Totally Rule party welcome sign is a rad way to make sure your guests know exactly where the party is and awesome yard cut outs will make sure they find their way into the party venue. A Retro 80s party is always a hit with every crowd. From mullets to big hair blowouts, your friends and family will love putting together totally radical costumes for this party!

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Hit the Jackpot with Las Vegas Casino Party Supplies

What happens in Vegas may be true, but when you style your own Las Vegas Casino party, you can be sure everyone will talk about it long after the party is over! Las Vegas Casino party supplies are perfect for adult birthday parties, company events, themed holiday celebrations, dances and numerous other occasions! Get the party started with casino games and a bar games. Drink If ... cards are the perfect addition to your adult party. Or get the perfect photo ops when you use casino night dare cards. With dares that aren't too risque, the dare card game is are perfect for any crowd. Your casino party guests will need sweet treats and salty snacks to keep them going long into the night. Las Vegas inspired candy boxes, shaped favor boxes and cupcake treat wrappers are a great addition to your snack bar! Adorned with images of dice and the suits from a deck of cards, these favor boxes are just right for any casino party. Finally, make sure you get plenty of photos by styling the perfect Las Vegas photo booth. with a variety of photo props and frames, your casino party guests are sure to get plenty of shareable party pics - maybe even a few that shouldn't be shared! Are you planning a casino night? Find everything you need here >

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It's Time to Boogie with 1970s Disco Party Decorations

Follow the beat of your dancing feet and host a 1970s disco party the will have everyone reaching for their sequins and leisure suits! Perfect for a milestone birthday party, retirement, school dance or themed company party, this Disco Fever party theme has everything you need to host a YOU-nique '70s party. Begin with everyone's party must-have - a Rockin' Photo Booth! Disco themed props, frames, mug shots and party paddles will bring all of your retro party photos to life. Add a disco photo booth backdrop, custom banner or DIY shaped cut outs as a photo background, and you have an easy party photo booth that will give all of your guests shareable party pics! After all of that boogieing, the disco dudes will be looking for the beverage bar and snack table. Add 1970s disco party beverage labels to vintage soda bottles for a coordinated look. Then fill popcorn treat boxes with salty snacks and add cupcake wrappers to your sweet treats for an impressive display. Straw decor will add the finishing touch and can be used in soda bottles or as cupcake picks! Finally, give your foxy friends an adorable '70s party favor wrapped up in a cute disco favor box. They will adore this memento of their fun Disco Fever party! Start planning your Disco Party here >

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Drink Champagne and Dance on the Table - New Year's Eve Party Ideas

Resolutions can wait until tomorrow because there is a party happening tonight! Style an impressive 2018 party with these fun New Year's Eve party ideas. From bar accessories and photo props to the perfect DIY items that will make your party you-nique, the New Year's Eve - Gold party theme has everything you need to plan a glitz and glamour soiree. The New Year's party beverage bar is the first area everyone will head to. Style an impressive cocktail area with these easy party tips. Make your wine, beer and water bottles all perfectly coordinate when you add New Year's Eve drink labels to your beverages. Paired with wine glass markers, you will have an impressive drink station. Wine glass markers will fit on a variety of glassware and will help guests quickly identify their beverages. Simply have each guest write their name on the back! Drink If... party games are an unexpected touch to your party that everyone will enjoy. Perfect for any adult New Year's Eve party, whether friends and family at home or a rowdy night out, New Year's Drink If... game cards are a great way to pass the time until midnight! After your guests have found the perfect New Year's cocktail at your beverage bar, they will be ready for a fun activity. New Year's Eve photo booth props are a hit with all ages. Choose from a variety of funny photo booth props, New Year's glasses, and large photo frames and accessories to style an impressive photo station. Finally, add a personal touch to your New Year's Eve celebration with DIY party supplies in a variety of options. Treat boxes, party wrappers and shaped cut outs are all fun additions to your New Year's Eve party supplies. Candy boxes, popcorn treat boxes and favor boxes are all designed in coordinating patterns and look impressive on your buffet tables. Fill them with sweet or salty snacks, and even small trinkets and thank you gifts for each guest. Shaped cut outs and party straw kits are a great way to add to your beverage bar and your party tables. New Year's Eve straw decor can be used in beverages as drinking straws or swizzle sticks; in cupcakes as fun party picks; or separated and used individually as straws and shaped cut outs. DIY Party Wrappers will add variety to your tables. Use them around cylinder apothecary jars to decorate your candy buffet; as napkin rings at your party tables; around beverage containers; and even around party favors! With so many New Year's Eve party decorations to choose from, there is no doubt that your New Year's party will be talked about well into 2018!

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Seas & Greetings! Flamingle Bells Tropical Christmas Party Supplies

Get ready to flamingle to some Christmas jingles when you celebrate with a tropical holiday party! Flamingle Bells is an adorable holiday party theme that is perfect for anyone who wants to host a non-traditional Christmas party, complete with Santa and his flying flamingos. Whether you are celebrating at the beach or just wishing you could fly south, adding a few topical accents to your party display will bring the Flamingle Bells theme to life. Placing popcorn boxes and candy boxes atop green palm leaves is an easy way to add a pop of color to the candy striped treat boxes. Complete your tablescape with versatile Christmas party supplies like wine glass makers and shaped paper cut outs. Wine glass markers will fit a variety of glassware and can even dress up your candy buffet. Add them to wine glasses, beer pints and soda cups. Then have your guests write their name to the back so when they flamingle away from their drink, it is easy to find. Paired with Flamigle Bells wine bottle labels, they are sure to get everyone dreaming of a pink Christamas. Shaped paper cut outs will help you add a personal touch to your Flamingle Bells party. Add a hook or string to use them as tree ornaments, scatter them along your table as confetti, or attach to a drinking straw for adorable straw decor and cupcake picks. Finally, give your flock an adorable photo booth to take funny Christmas photos. The Tropical Christmas photo booth props kit has a variety of pieces so you can use some for centerpieces as well as at your photo booth. Add a Flamingle Bells photo frame and party paddles, along with a mug shot station for those who maybe flamingled just a little too much, and all of your party guests will leave with plenty of photos to share. From sand to snow, these tropical Christmas party ideas are sure to be a hit with every crowd!

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Have a Groovy Time with 1960s Party Decorations!

Peace, Love and Party with a groovy 1960s celebration! Perfect for a birthday party, retirement, themed company event or everyday party, these tie-dye party ideas will bring out your inner flower child. Begin styling your vibrant Sixties party with a variety of snack containers and party favor boxes. Peace and Tie-Dye candy boxes are just the right size for single-serving snacks while Peace, Love, Smile popcorn boxes are a larger size that will easily hold a variety of items. Finally, treat your guests to a Sixties party favor that will look adorable in Hippie gift boxes. Give your guests the perfect party photo booth with 1960s photo props. Choose from a variety of props, frames and backdrops, all in vibrant tie-dye colors. Your long-haired hippie guests and flower child friends will love taking fun Sixties party pics and sharing them on all of their social sites. Complete your party with food and beverage decorations that will help coordinate all of your Groovy 1960s party supplies. Sixties labels and wraps are available in a variety of sizes. Tie-dye cupcake wrappers will hide baking papers while beverage sticker labels are an easy way to cover wine bottle labels, water bottle labels and beer bottle labels. 1960s Smiley Face DIY Wrappers will help coordinate all of your other party goodies. Finish off your adult Sixties party with a groovy Drink If... game or Truth or Dare card game. These tie-dye party supplies are a retro party supply that are fun for any occasion.

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Let the Light Shine with a Happy Hanukkah Party

Honor the Festival of Lights with a Hanukkah party that is perfect for all your family and friends. Complete with both classic party decorations and modern Hanukkah party supplies, all of your party guests will enjoy these Jewish holiday decorations. Hanukkah photo booth props are a modern party supply that everyone loves. Take festive party photos to share while making memories with your guests. A Hanukkah photo booth just may become a holiday tradition that everyone is excited to participate in year after year! Finish decorating for your Hanukkah party with DIY Happy Hanukkah party supplies. Party wrappers are a versatile addition to your tables. Add them to Hanukkah party favors or small gifts. Each wrap will fit a chocolate bar, beverage bottle or glassware, small gift box and even candy containers at a candy buffet. Continue adding a personal touch to your Hanukkah party with shaped cut outs. Hanukkah paper cut outs can be used as gift tags or scattered like table confetti. They also can be attached to paper party straws as Hanukkah straw decor. Add the final touches to your Hanukkah party with wine bottle labels. Each fun label can be used at your holiday party beverage bar or added to a gift of wine. The clever sayings will be a hit with your crowd!

Posted on: 27 November 2017 | 11:27 am

Host a Sock Hop with Classic 1950s Diner Party Supplies!

Shake, rattle and roll your way into the '50s with these fun Fifties party supplies. Choose from a variety of themed party decorations to create a classic sock hop, diner, soda shop or greaser party that will bring your guests back in time! The candy colors of poodle skirt pink and teal paired with rockabilly red and polka dots adorn these retro party accessories. Begin styling a classic soda shop display with '50s candy boxes, decorated paper straws and cute cola glasses with classic cola bottles. The cola glasses look adorable grouped together with teal poodle straw decor! Next, add fun sock hop cupcake decorations to your soda shop or diner candy buffet. Your sweet treats will make a statement with fun Fifties cupcake wrappers and milkshake straw decor used as cupcake toppers. Finish off your classic party buffet with a hamburger station or hot dog stand to complete your retro party. DIY PARTY FAVORITE: Shaped Cut Outs Adding a personal touch to your '50s greaser party will always get noticed by guests. Shaped paper cut outs make it quick and easy to get crafty! 1. Fill small, glass candy jars with teal candies. Attach a milkshake shaped cut out to the side with glue or tape - you dig? 2. Add record shaped cut outs to the front of cola glasses with glue or tape. This is an easy way to add your 1950s party theme to the beverage bar and offer your guests a party favor at the same time - peachy keen! 3. Fill goodie bags with edible party favors or '50s themed goodies. Top off with a teal, poodle shaped cut out by folding the top of the bag and attaching the cut out with glue or tape - Made in the shade! 4. Add milkshake shaped cut outs to tooth picks and insert into cupcakes for a sweet '50s topper. Make it even easier by using the straw decor kit that comes complete with cut outs and coordinating paper party straws. Attach the milkshake cutouts to the straws with the included adhesive stickers, cut straws to fit your cupcake, and press into the center. Use remaining straw decor at your beverage bar as cute party straws or swizzle sticks for cocktails - Righto, Daddy-O! Love it? Get them here:  Shaped Cut Outs >           Straw Decor > Finish off your retro diner party with a playlist of 1950s favorites on the jukebox and a rockabilly photo prop kit that will give all of your party guests' photos that they can't wait to share! From small gatherings of friends and family to large groups, a Fifties party is a fun theme for any occasion. Celebrate a birthday or anniversary, or a company-wide holiday event.

Posted on: 17 November 2017 | 2:25 pm