OW want to dive in NorCal

Dear all scuba lovers, I need some advice on whether I should dive in NorCal or not. I will be on a 2-week trip to NorCal in May 2015, I am thinking to spend a day or two to dive. But the thing is I got my OW and had only a few diving experience in Asia, Hong Kong, where there is relatively much...

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GoPro Rocks ROATAN 2014

Hey yall! Had a technical difficulty with the other version of this but I now have it corrected. Shot with all GoPro in Roatan out of Turquoise Bay. I'll post a dive report in another thread soon! *https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aA5zULIvWQo * Attachment 192036...

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Help needed with transport from Phuket Airport to Khao Lak

Hi! my flight arrives at 22h. Because it is too late I prefer to sleep my first night not too far, and I have reserved a room in Nai Yang Beach, 15 min walk from the airport. The next day I want to go to Khao Lak to get my LOB. Which is the easiest - not too expensive way to go to Khao Lak...

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New Dive Travel Company - Request for your support in an online survey

Hi Fellow Divers Please let me introduce myself. My name is Terry Smith and I am an avid Diver (PADI Instructor #477230). So much so, that I wish to create my own online Dive Travel Agency. My site will focus on Dive Travel that the Diver wants to discover. The plan is to make a seamless...

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Blast from the past, NY times article, Scuba Club 16 years ago

I stumbled across this article in the NY times while researching the main land for an upcoming trip. 16 year old article about coming to Cozumel and staying at Galapogos Inn(Scuba Club Cozumel ) six night dive package for $615.00 Taking 'less than an hour' getting to the reef on their dive...

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Mid-September 4 day weekend dive suggestions

We have a long weekend coming up and were thinking Caribbean. Any suggestions greatly appreciated. I've heard coral spawning is pretty cool in Bonaire that time of year.

Posted by on 26 August 2014 | 11:26 pm

Amazing video

Take a look on these amazing creatures. This video was filmed at Raja Ampat, Indonesia by Sony NEX-FS700 with WOSS housing and using lens 10-18 https://vimeo.com/104414940

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How many of you put most of your weights in the front integrated weight pockets?

I wanted to find out if there are more divers like me and my dive buddy, on this forum who were taught and still practice the habit of putting most of their weights in the front of their BC. I have asked around to some instructors and dive masters in my area and most agree that this is the best way...

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Exploratory Dives around Mactan, Cebu and neighboring Islands

Our team has been enjoying diving in unknown territories and discovering new dive sites for many years, but these exploratory dives were usually happening during our dive safaris or in during private trips. We are now launching our "Fun & Sun Cebu Exploration Day", which consists of selecting 3...

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Light for ~$150

Hello! I'm a bit lost. I bought my first light back i 2009 and had it ever since. Unfortunately it died and I now have to buy a new one. It's just that there are soooo many options I don't know where to start. So if anyone could recommend me a good light for ~$150, that would be great. As...

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Bulging disc L-5 and sciatic nerve issue

Anyone tried diving with this? Was thinking about checking with dive op about possibilities of putting on and taking off gear in water if calm seas. Not to sure about getting left fin on and off easily. Mike, depressed over possible non-diving vacation.

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Topsail beach, where to dive?

We will be in north topsail beach from September 6 to the 23rd. Need a dive recommendation.

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ScubaFun, Bayahibe Dominican Republic

I was looking for a place to dive with in the DR, did a search on ScubaBoard, finding good recommendations for ScubaFun. Scubafun did a great job for me and my 13 year old daughter. Johnny, the owner, and his staff were top notch. Helpful, friendly and knowledgeable, I would certainly...

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GoPro 4--New Features & Improvements

I started this thread to find out what do us, the underwater users want to see most in a GoPro 4, or later version? I will kick off the thread with my desire for a "macro" setting on the lens. What I won't do is bog myself down and this thread with the fact that there are diopters and lens...

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Great Wall Dive - Beijing PRC

Just back from a weekend trip to the Panjiakou reservoir (spelling may be incorrect) it's an area that was flooded in 1977 by the Chinese government and turned into a reservoir. A village and a section of the wall are at the bottom of the reservoir. If you're looking for an 'easy little dive'...

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