flooded SL980

My SL980 video light has flooded for the second time this year. After the first time, I thought it was the o-rings so I changed/cleaned/lubed them really good. Now, I think it has been flooding from the on/off button. Has anyone else had similar flooding problems there? Steve

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For Sale Camco 40143 RV Water Pressure Regulator

* Solves the problem of inconsistent water pressure in many campgrounds by reducing water pressure to a safe and consistent 40 to 50 pounds of operational pressure * Protects equipment and prevents hose failure to help prolong equipment life * Made of durable PVC * 3/4 FGH x MGH * Carded

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For Sale Underwater light dude ld 35

This was purchased new in March 2014 and only wet once. It had been stored correctly. My buddy is not diving at this time and wishes to sell. $1200. OBO shipped inside US PM me for details. CamG

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caribbean underwater metal detecting partner wanted

Hey gang, I have an excalliber 11, ive used it to dive once, mostly land so far. Im planning a trip to possible cozumel in march 2015 and I would like to try it out while diving. Im wondering if anyone else is taking theirs and if they would like to hook up as dive partners. Im not sure...

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For Sale Scuba gear blow out!!!!

Every item is best offer. I have no set prices so we can work together. Just make an offer! Halcyon lift bags, weight pockets, buckle, mask, underwater pad Size M hoods, 3m and 5m Jet Fins XL Rocket Fins, L Turtle Fins, XL 3 fin straps, size L scuba license plate 2 hangers

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DIR tips and tricks

Mermen and mermaids of the scuba world, As a diver with a newfound respect and love for DIR (pause for applause and whistling), I have realised that a lot of DIR practitioners have little tips and tricks with their DIR setup, apart from the standard DIR setup. For instance, the loop of...

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Dive Resort Managers

General Manager and Guest Relations Manager required for boutique diving resort in the Muck Diving Capital of the World - Lembeh Strait Indonesia. We are looking for an enthusiastic diving couple to take over the day to day management of one of the most successful resort in the area. The...

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Freedive the Poor Knights, New Zealand

Last weekend I organised a couple of days at the Poor Knights. It started as a trip for the Auckland Freediving Club and then grew into what may have been the largest gathering of free divers in the country with members of Lazy Seals (Wellington) and Breathtakers (Palmerston Nth) coming along. We...

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Costa Rica conditions in January and where to dive?

I'm planning on doing a dive trip this January and my goal is to see big sea creatures. I was told that Bat Islands and Catalinas Islands off of Playas Del Coco is a good place to visit to see them. Can anyone provide some insight into the usual conditions there and what you can see in January and...

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For Sale halcyon lights, halcyon wing, scubapro regs.

I have an Halcyon Primary Canister Light EOS-4.5, 12 watt LED. in great shape 600.00 obo. I have a dive rite 10 watt hid fresh burn test 4 hours burn time! great shape. 300.00 scubapro mk 20 300bar din with 2 s550 second stages and halcyon pressure guage and whatever hose config you desire I have...

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Stupid Question re: Nauticam Battery

I'm sheepish about asking this, but: I just got the much praised Nauticam housing for the EM-1. Setup went fine, except for one thing: The battery that powers the leak-detection system just doesn't want to fit. It's the CR-2450 flat battery, and there doesn't seem to be any way to fit it into the...

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Random Ikelite Housing Find-Can someone identify?

Hi everyone, I just finished the first part of my certification a few months ago, and will finish the next half later in January. One thing I've always been interested in was underwater photography...and just my luck, I was in a thrift store and came upon this Ikelite water housing. I paid...

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Recommendations for divemaster in Southeast Asia?

Hello! I will be traveling in Asia this winter and wanted to do my divemaster certification. I haven't done any diving in Asia before, but have read and heard that it does not seem to be as 'reputable' and has lower standards compared to other places (such as the Caribbean) for divemaster...

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Alligator reef Islamorada 10-30-14 dive report/pix

No wind no seas very comfortable weather Viz 35 feet no current, water temp 79/80 with no coral bleaching to speak of Netflix was with Florida Keys Dive Center by the lighthouse filming Bloodline I think 4-5 Jawfish hanging out in the sand, pretty cool Attachment 196402...

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Exploring new dive sites

Just wanted to share my experience diving Tuwanek (sunshine coast) this past monday. we were supposed to get that "tropical depression" storm... guess it fizzled out! had some exellent visibility. atleast 50ft I would say. I am told this site is usually bursting with life, and my fellow divers...

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