For Sale Aqualung Titan LX Regulator, Backup/Octo, Cressi console

Looking to sell my yoke Aqualung Titan LX reg setup. Everything was serviced Jan 20, 2015 at DRIS and paperwork will come with sale showing service. All double braided/Miflex hoses. Asking $310 shipped to lower 48. Please PM with questions. Thank you Attachment 205517...

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sanitizing mouthpiece before putting in mouth

hi does anybody here sanitize their mouthpiece before you put it in your mouth? i mean that mouth piece has taken a tour of the boat floor, dive center floor, sand, etc before we hit the water, does salt water kill bacteria/germs for an unlimited time? if this has been asked, my apolgies....

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Dive incident March 27, 2015

I heard of an incident today that occurred yesterday witnessed by two other divers on our boat. As I understand it, a senior couple (apparently fit) were diving with Dive Paradise. The husband says they were at 90 feet and when he looked around, his wife was gone. He looked up and saw her making...

Posted by on 28 March 2015 | 6:51 pm

Gash in steel galvanized tank

Hi folks. Was recently diving in Key Largo and made the mistake of shipping my 100 HP Steel Worthington SCUBA tanks back to myself via Fedex Ground. Mistake because the tanks showed up with a nice gash in it. If you look at the attached photo, it seems like the gash goes through to the steel,...

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Has anyone ever had a problem getting one through the bag check? Looking at it in the original packaging with the "2 SPARE BLADES" , it does look rather ominous. I'm thinking I should take it out of the packaging and leave (especially) the "2 spare blades" behind.

Posted by on 28 March 2015 | 5:24 pm

Rescue Diver Class at home? Cozumel

I wanted to take the Rescue classes and pool at home ( So Cal ) and finish in Cozumel but the dive operation in Cozumel said I couldn't do that without the Instructor there with me to verify the first stages. Now my question is, should I offer to pay half of travel for Instructor to go with me plus...

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Jacques Cousteau- these guys rock!

Watch these guys enter the water, go to 8:08 in this video and watch for a bit- Title is "The Undersea World Of Jacques Cousteau - Search In The Deep of the Oceans" Next boat trip, I'm bringing a slide.

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Trip to Palau

I would like to share the video from my trip to Palau. It is an amazing place to dive. I mainly used a sony rx100 m2, there a few gopro shots in there as well. I spent a week on the Palau Aggressor II and did a couple day trips after. I hope you enjoy the video:

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Lost light & motion sola video light -- breakwater 3/28

We just returned from breakwater to discover my video light was no longer part of my housing. It's a Sola/light & motion from backscatter. I don't know if it was lost along the breakwater itself or on the way back to the car, but if anyone finds it you will have my sincere gratitude and at least...

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Blue Hole Easter Weekend

May be heading down there that weekend, anyone else going that weekend? Also, does anyone know if Stella will be around??

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Divemaster Responsibilities

Sorry for the long post...My wife and I have around 75 dives and recently got our advanced cert and nitrox cert. Recently I went on a dive trip without my wife/buddy. Her biggest concern was I would get wrapped up in filming something and not pay attention to our dive group, etc. She usually stays...

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For Sale Pinnacle Black Ice Merino Lined Neoprene Dry Suit

This is a like new dry suit in size XLShort. Has less than a dozen dives, extremely warm, new wrist seals, Sitek valves, well maintained suit. Comes with a storage bag. Im 5'11"/200lbs and there is plenty of room to spare for a larger framed person. Asking $600. Not doing much tech diving so it...

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Brac Reef Beach Resort Remodeling in Summer/Fall 2015?

Recently, while planning our fall vacation to Grand Cayman and Little Cayman Beach Resort, we were also considering returning to Brac Reef Beach Resort but were told by their agent at Reef Fantaseas that "BRBR is currently not accepting reservations for that period because they MIGHT be doing some...

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For Sale For shipping - Aeris Velocity XP / Size XS

Lost the second fin. If you need it, or want it, shoot me over some shipping and handling money.

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For Sale 100 shipped - Cressi 2000HF free diving fins

Cleaning out my closet and I honestly have never used them. I thought I would get the chance to, but it hasn't panned out yet. I did buy them used, and I'm selling for what I bought them. Thanks for looking. Size 8-9 Size 42-43

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