Are ScubaPro 2013 transmitters ? better than the older models?

I consider buying a 1year old /2013 Galileo Luna Computer with a transmitter. I've read reviews from 2011/12 about problems with the transmitter? that constantly was losing signal ? Divers claimed that you must keep the transmitter on the same side as the computer to avoid problems... ...

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Clear Springs Scuba Park conditions 7/26/14

Busy out here today. Lots of classes. Air temp 95 at 1:30pm. Water temp 88 degrees at the surface. 70 degrees at 30 feet. Vis 10 ft at 10 ft. I visited my old friend Cisco the shark. My first freshwater dive in 10 years. Nice to get wet.

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Lost! full set of gear

help needed , with the up coming mini season i am looking for some honest person that might find my wives gear . Lost off pompano 80' water. my friend whom should know better set my wifes gear in the water for her to put on while she was still on the boat. You guessed it he didn't inflate the bcd...

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For Sale AL80 SCUBA TANKS (din) Good Condition - Los Angeles

Cleaning out the garage & need to move some tanks. 1 x Catalina AL 80 tank, DIN, no paint. last hydro: 2009 PSI: 3300 PRICE: $40 1 x Catalina AL 80 tank, DIN, no paint. last hydro: 2009 PSI: 3000 PRICE: $40 1 x Catalina AL 80, DIN, black. last hydro: 2009 PSI: 3000 PRICE: $40

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What do you use for a gear mat?

I'm trying to buy a gear mat but can't find them for sale. What do you recommend?

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For Sale WTS Misc. Dive Equipment

Hi All, The following items are in need of a new home: 1 DUI TLS 350, DIR compliant w/ red CLX450 overlay, P-valve (right), Kevlar knee and elbow pads, “Danny Riordan” reinforced Turbo boots, Zip seals neck and wrists, high profile Apeks exhaust valve, “Classic Zipper”, bellows pockets; cave...

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HAZMAT Diving Medical Monitoring

For PST teams that occasionally dive in contaminated water/HAZMAT scenarios here is a question. Do you do Pre and post medical monitoring of your divers and Decon personnel? I am on a HAZMAT team and we were thinking of doing some joint training, but wanted to see if it was even applicable.

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Question about bottom time, NDC times between dives

Considering doing a dive on either 21% or 32% to about 110 feet (maybe 120) - going to be spearfishing. AL 80 tanks What sort of bottom time (keep in mind I'll be spearfishing, so maybe a little more exertion than just slowly taking in the sights) should I expect considering I'll want to do a...

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Atomic T2x service - lever arm

Could anyone tell me what colour the lever arm is inside their T2x? I'm sure mine were silver in colour but I've just had my regs back from a service and the purge was sticking so of course I took a look inside. The lever arms are now gold / brass colour. I thought I 'd just ask you guys before...

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Who does VIP, Hydro, and Reg Servicing on Molokai and Lanai?

Random question that enter my head. Who does VIP, Hydro, and Reg Servicing on Molokai and Lanai? Are there even a lot of divers out there?

Posted by on 26 July 2014 | 11:33 am

Purchasing first wet suit 7mm - Henderson Aqualock or Bares Elastik

Good Day SB! I am still new to diving (11 dives) but am now in the process of buying my gear! I live in Ontario Canada which means almost all my dives HAVE to be in 7mm (or drysuit which I'm not interested in for another year or so) and I have done a ton of research for my wife and I. I am down...

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2014 Coastal Carolina Lionfish Derby

Hello scuba diving friends :) Here's the event info for the 2014 Coastal Carolina Lionfish Derby: The event will be held on September 20&21st. 9/20: Captain's meeting from 6pm-9pm at Dockside along with registration and an information seminar 9/21: Day of the derby. Starts at 5AM-6PM. Weight...

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Hey everybody. I have a question. I need to replace the main drain in my pool. I borrowed a tank from a freind and it is nitrox. The pool is only 9ft deep. He said i should be fine, just dont come up to fast. I was wondering you guys think. Any sauggestions, i have never used nitrox. Also...

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Need waterproof container to dive with, must be able to open underwater....details in

I have a close friend whose father was a WWII Submariner. He recently passed away and one of his wishes was that some of his ashes (1 1/2 cup) be released underwater in the Pacific. This is where he served and while on sick leave, his submarine never returned, hence his request to rest with his...

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Anniversary of Doria Sinking

The Andrea Doria sank 58 years ago today after a collision with the Stockholm the night before.

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