Pacific Hurricane Season and Socorro Diving Trips

I am booked in on the Rocio Del Mar for a trip to the Revillagigedo (Socorro) islands between 10th & 18th May 2015, a trip that I have been looking forward to for the best part of 2 years already. But reading about the recent devastation caused in the Baja California region by Hurricane Odile and...

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For Sale For sale - sealife flash sl961+optical cable+akku+charger+hard case

2 PS. SEALIFE FLASH SL961 + 2 ps.OPTICAL CABLE + 8 ps. AKKU +2 ps.. CHARGER + HARD CASE PRICE: = $420/Shipping = $80 Accept payment only PAYPAL For 20-25 dives. Good condition. Never entered water inside.

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For Sale Hollis S Series (Single Tank) 38LB (17.2 KG) Wing- Bangkok

I am selling my Hollis S Series (Single Tank) 38LB (17.2 KG) Wing which is still brand new. I purchased the wing 3 years ago and I have only used it once in the pool. There are no issues with the BC, it still inflates deflates properly with no leaks, it is still in brand new condition with LPI...

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For Sale Mares Octopus Metal Proton & Prestige 12 regulators (two of each) BRAND NEW!

I have 2 BRAND NEW Mares Octopus Proton Metal regulators & 2 Mares Prestige 12 regulators $250 each Free shipping if you buy 2 or more. If interested in all 4 we can work out a deal. I can get pics for interested parties. Thanks.

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For Sale FS: Atom 3.0 & 2 wireless transmitters (BRAND NEW still in factory hibernation!)

I have a BRAND NEW Atom 3.0 dive computer ( & _*2*_ black wireless transmitters to go with it. This is a complete buddy system kit so you can monitor your buddy's air at...

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DS51 batter compartment flood

I just flooded my battery compartment. I'm not 100% how, I suspect it wasn't tight enough (I installed new batteries just before the dive, I did ensure the seal was clear of debris and the cap was oriented correctly. The strobe didn't take any hits or bumps). I pulled the batteries and flushed with...

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Cozumel...what to take?

We are a newly certified diving family and will be cruising to cozumel for a one day dive over fall break. This will be our first ocean dive. I have been putting together our own dive equipment including regs, tanks, computers, wetsuits, etc. im a little worried about rental regs and will be...

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Wrist mounting an Oceanic BUD, backup dive computer?

Does anyone know if there is a wrist housing that will fit this unit? It looks like it might be able to fit into something. Would love to wear this as a wristwatch vs just clipping it to my belt as I am now freediving and have no were to really clip it. Thanks in advance for any help guys!

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Round Valley Reservoir - 09/20/14

Ocean was a bit washed out today so we did a fresh water dive. Met Andre at Round Valley Reservoir for a dive with my son. A 54 min dive - temps ranged from 70 to 64 degrees. Swam to the platform and did a dive around the shore line showing Andre around the place and a few fish that were hanging...

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Top 5 Shore dives and where to rent tanks??

Howdy, I know Ill probably find my answer sifting through all the posts......but frankly Im a bit lazy right now.......(cut me some slack...i just worked 12hrs....) Can someone tell me where I can rent some tanks to do some shore diving around the island ??? Ill be staying at the Westin...

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Texas deputy drowns patrolling flood risks

Travis County deputy caught in floods found dead after 36-hour search | ( ---Quote--- A Travis County deputy swept away in a flooded creek was found dead in Lake Austin on...

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Geoduck diver jailed

"Officers learned that Petersen also approached an Oregon-based company, offering a discount on geoduck if the company didn’t inspect his license." Geoduck poacher sentenced to jail time | Crime | The Olympian...

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Which Pony bottle should I get?

I am looking to get a pony bottle (40cft) and was wondering if there are major buoyancy differences in the AL ones? Does anyone have any positive / negative experience with Sherwood VS Catalinas etc?

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Missing Diver - Fort Lauderdale Florida

Authorities search for missing diver off Ft. Lauderdale coast | News - Home ( ---Quote--- FORT LAUDERDALE, Fla. - Authorities are searching for a diver who did not resurface...

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Download Dive Log from Cobalt 2 on Mac

Is there a trick to get the Cobalt 2 connected up to a Mac via Mac Dive? When I plug it into the computer, it's not seen in the USB device list under System Information (likewise Mac Dive can't find it.) I made sure the USB cable was plugged into the USB side of the adapter, but no luck on the two...

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