What's the connection between flying, diving, and going up a mountain? Sorry, very basic question. I should know this but I'm the mom of a toddler and my brain is half liquified as a result. Too much Elmo.

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Big island diving

Hi all, My husband and I are going to Hawaii. We will be in Maui most of the time but in Kona for 4 days. We want to get 2 - 3 dives in and one of them we want to be a manta night dive. I contacted Big Island Divers and one suggestion was this.... "Our Twilight / Manta Ray Night Charter...

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Want to Buy WTB Hollis LX38 Wing and extras

Just like the title says WTB Hollis LX38 wing. Looking to start another BP/W setup for my wife so let m know what you have for sale. Hollis SS plate or similar Wing similar in quality and lift Harness if new or barely and I mean barely used SPA with straps

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Cool diving fin!!!

Check out this amazing swim. Scuba divers have never moved like this through the water before. It may be even better than monkey diving... James Bond Would Love this X-15 SCUBA Ready Monofin - YouTube (http://youtu.be/Kr4vUrCWuXg) Who thinks this looks like fun? :D What are the...

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Mitral Valve Prolapse and diving. Anyone here, or advice?

I have mild mitral valve prolapse. The doctor tells me I'm just fine and can continue living a normal healthy life. Does anyone have experience with this? I need to see him this month before I plan to dive though to get a signed release. I take a mild dose of beta-blockers, which helps with...

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Tips for Cabo?

We've been diving in Cozumel a bunch, but are going to Cabo San Lucas for the first time this May for five days. So I'm looking for some tips like the fantastic tips we got here about Cozumel before our first trip. I've read a few trip reports, and I take it that the viz will not be as good as...

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Southerners coming to Boston in July, should we dive?

Hello! My husband, 14 yo daughter, 15 yo son and myself are spending 5 nights in Boston in July. We are all open water certified, but our dives have been in Hawaii or Caribbean and a few in Florida. So, what water temps, visibility would we encounter in July? We just don't have a lot of time...

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Future new diver in Florida

Hello! Names Daniel, here in Florida. I'm new to scuba, me and a work buddy plan on taking our first course in April. (Divepros in pensacola if anyone is familiar with them) We've already done some pre-reading in some books we bought on Amazon just to get the basics down. I'm very excited to be...

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Upcoming new diver here. Couple certification questions and med question.

Hello all, this is my first post here. Me and a work buddy want to take our basic open water course in April. We live in Florida, and will be taking the course in Pensacola. Just have a couple of questions. The course we want to take is a 2 weekend program. Fridays are course days, and the...

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Dive Report - Fernando De Noronha Island, Brazil

Truth be told, I only dove one day but for what I saw it didn't peak my interest enough to go again.... Diving Destintations - Fernando de Noronha Diving (http://www.inkedadventurer.com/diving/diving-destintations-fernando-de-noronha-diving/)

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Combining an UNBALANCED 1st stage with a BALANCED 2nd-stage, what would I experience

If I were to combine an UNBALANCED 1st stage with a BALANCED 2nd stage, what would happen ? What would one experience with respect to things like breathing effort during the course of the dive (full tank vs low/empty tank) Would IP increase or decrease (and by how much ?) and would it have any...

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South Keys Dive Sites and Equipment Rentals..

Hello, if anyone has any recommendations for "Dive Sites" and also equipment rentals. Staying on Key Cudjoe, so, looking for Summerland, Torch, Sugarloaf, Big Pine Keys for tanks, fills and weights. Thanks in advance!!!

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For Sale AQUALUNG Seaquest dive xlt women's bcd - very good condition!!! $260

Ladies, you can finally stop looking for the ultimate BCD The Diva is the answer to all of your BC prayers Its integrated weight system and incredible lift are just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to this BC's features The sternum strap can be places in multiple places and the dual shoulder...

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Tusa fins

I have a pair of Tusa LiberatorX and love them but the buckle has broken. Does anyone know of any if non-Tusa buckle or strap replacements that will work? Having trouble getting Tusa in New Zealand (the tusa replacement strap is more than a new pair of fins!!) Thanks.

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Atlantis Found! The Philippines deliver a true diver’s paradise

Editor’s Note: DiveNewswire frequently receives requests to visit and dive with resorts around the world. Here’s a report from our venture to Atlantis Dive Resort in the Philippines. (DNW) It’s not easy to get there, but once you’ve arrived at the Atlantis Resort on Puerto Galera Philippines, all...

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