Hi guys, This is Sally, I'm new here. :banana:

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Best effective weight loss Supplement

I let myself go on key whatever I wanted when I want to so there was a sense of freedom for a little bit but very quickly I became lethargic the other half the story is what I went through mentally emotionally so I hope I can share with you what I learned thesis just the one your diet that you're...

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Samsung PN60F8500 Has Speaker Rattle

I have a new Samsung PN60F8500 and it has a low-pitched rattle or vibration when a certain kind of sound is played through its speakers. I first noticed it toward the end of this week's _Extant_ and then toward the beginning of _The Bridge_. The rattle does not occur when the shows are played on...

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The New Steam Tray Icon is Embarrassing

Guys, don't update Steam if you haven't already. It's bad...

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I hope AT&T does not put OTA out of buisiness.

Has anyone read TIME magazine page 37 to 41 August 2014. AT&T is trying to take control of the internet. They already own 60% of all the cables in this country and are making everyone that use their cables to pay very high fees. If AT&T is allowed to buy out the other 2 companies they will have...

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Gotta love DTV Salesmen

A funny thread to put a smile on your face. Was at local Sam's Club and the salesmen for a booth of DirecTV stopped to pitch it to me. I usually ignore them since I know they all BS but this time I actually stopped to "listen" ( since I'm having major issues with Fios, considering options...

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Getting Up Close with Bloodborne's Combat

Link (http://kotaku.com/getting-up-close-with-bloodbornes-combat-1627352759?utm_campaign=Socialflow_Kotaku_Twitter&utm_source=Kotaku_Twitter&utm_medium=Socialflow) ---Quote--- I would never say I was into horror games - I managed about 90 seconds of a YouTube playthrough of P.T. before...

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Destiny Fireteam Thread

Platform; PSN ID/Gamertag; and when do you mostly play video games? Myself: PS4; ntiaga; Sunday-Thursday ~11:00 p.m - ~1:00 a.m. EST, weekends much more flexible and varied.

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New game on the horizon - pre-orders here

Get it while you can https://games.yahoo.com/blogs/plugged-in/the-republicans-made-a-video-game-featuring-an-elephant-named-giopi-180929482.html

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Upgrade to Hopper/ Joey?

Thinking about upgrading our service to the hopper. 5tv's. How many hoppers and joeys will I need to record 4-5 shows at once, yet be able to still watch regular television if we wanted?

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OT - So, Is Christianity Basically Just a Hate Group At This Point?

With elections coming up later this year, and LGBT rights on the forefront of our political stage, Christians are being extremely vocal about exactly how much they hate gay people. Their seething hatred of homosexuals is unparalleled by any other group I've ever come across; in fact I can't name...

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Lost HD Audio on Assassin HTPC! Was it the recent Windows Update?

All of the sudden I have lost my HD audio output on my Assassin HTPC with ASUS Graphics Card and AMD chipset. I can see audio on the level meter but nothing comes from the speakers. I know if is not the TV or the Onkyo Tuner. Once in a while when playing in the speakers panels I receive the...

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Walking Dead Season 2 sale

Currently The Walking Dead Season 2 is 60% off and the final episode (Episode #5) dropped today.

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Any ETA for the latest Quantum bug?

Since the last update, when I search for a show, movie or genre I don't get the option to record the show when I find something that I want to record. For example, I hit DVR then search for a new show and typed in Halloween. It listed all the movies and shows with Halloween in the title so I...

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Samsung Smart TV and IR controller for cable box

I am having a problem with my new Samsung UNH657150 controlling my cable box. I have Verizon and a Motorola QIP 7232 2 cable box. The IR flasher to control the Cable Box through the TV will not shut off the cable box. It will turn on the cable box when I press power on the remote, but will not shut...

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