Yamaha V377

I'm going to be getting the Energy 5.1 Take classic speakers and was wondering if the Yamaha V377 is a good receiver to use with them. I was looking at other receivers but wonder am I paying more just for networking and Bluetooth features? Or will blu ray movies sound better on these speakers with...

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Did anyone else get the 3 month HBO freebie from Verizon?

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hello new member needing help

hey guys i recently bought a sound bar to go with my surround sound system and i cant seem to get it working together. the sound bar only has 2 optical audio outlets so i bought a optical audio splitter hoping that would work. I connected one wire to the sound bar on the the surround sound and...

Posted by on 20 December 2014 | 8:56 pm

samsung plasma conversion

hello everyone im new here and have a seemingly odd question since i cant find any answers to it anywhere..... ok so i have a samsung 60 plasma tv with a cracked screen.... junk so far but i had a thought what if i were able to hijack the tv output signal in its basic form before the hd...

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The Interview, Korean Censorship ?? WTF

Wow, have we become a country of pussy whipped limp dick wimps. Fuck that little fat cheese eating asshole, Now more than ever I want to see this movie. Hopefully someone will have to BALLS to show it. Your opinion ??

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Energy 5.1 Take Classic vs Monoprice Prem 5.1

Hey guys! I'm going to be replacing the hand-me-down home theater in a box in my bedroom finally :) The receiver I will be getting is the Yamaha v377. I read CNET's review on the Monoprice Premium 5.1 speakers and they certainly sound like an awesome deal. I've always been a name brand guy and I'm...

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Sansung UN60H7150 LED TV HD Problem

My 2 month old TV shows beautiful HD pictures when first turned on,then looses the HD quality after 1/2 hour to 4 hours later.Direct Tv Techs have checked all outputs and replaced the receiver in case the receiver was the problem. I question if some component in the TV is overheating and...

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How to control sound volume with wired headphones

So I got the device mentioned in another post, and it works fine, but I have no control over the sound volume. I looked through all the settings, but the best I could come up with is to not control the TV sound. Is there a way to do this? Even if you used Blue Tooth headphones, you wouldn't be...

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New Router

Maybe someone could help me out. I currently have Lynksys 54g router that works for the most part. You see I have never had a problem with it in all the years I have had it. Paid 49.99 a good many years ago. Now my cable company Charter updated service for free and gave us 60 mb/s from the 30 mb/s...

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Charter Communications has gone all digital. I thought the HD picture was great before as I couldn't tell the difference between ota and cable. Then comes this all digital switch. Don't understand maybe someone could chime in as the picture is now life like. No more blotches in dark screens (Had to...

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How can I recover my lost messages from iPhone 6?

The upgrade process was failed when I was trying to update my iPhone 6 Plus to iOS 8.2 early this morning. I can restore some content stored on iCloud backup, such as contacts and notes, but I couldn't get back my text messages, which are important for me. How to recover my lost messages? Can any...

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Searching for lg 47ld500

Does anybody have one available for sale? I have been searching for a few years for one all across eBay, craigslist google. Let me know if you have one. :banana:

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Feliz Natal

*Com o desejo de um Feliz Natal e um Prospero Ano 2015 para todos vós familiares e amigos.*

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Flash sales and. Community votes. It's on.

Steam winter sale 2014 has begun. And frankly with some pretty meh deals today.

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Best Calibration Settings For Vizio M422I-B1?

I just picked up this tv two days ago and after learning how much better a calibrated tv can look from standard I decided to find some settings on avs and cnet however once I used these setting the picture always had a green tint to it.This was with both the calibration settings I used from both...

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