Improve your muscle with best supplement

I want their numbers other upsets the but I was very I was in kind of this very disciplined mind’s eye I me sure that if I had one Kali calorie we can only get kaka hot I'm yeah so I had a Google Doc to and I’ll show you images it now and I and it was really funny I actually looked back male pill...

Posted by on 22 September 2014 | 12:14 am

HDMI Version

I am looking at HDMI splitters as I have 3 devices and only 2 HDMI ports. However, I am seeing several different versions of HDMI. (I didn't know there were different versions.) So my question is what version should the switch support with my devices. I have a chromecast, Lenovo E420 laptop, and...

Posted by on 21 September 2014 | 8:12 pm

Employer $10 discount

Just an FYI, some people qualify for a $10 discount for certain employers. Go to to find out if you qualify. I just learned about this recently.

Posted by on 21 September 2014 | 5:30 pm

65 Inch Mitubishi wd 65733

Hey Guys, I have a 65 Inch Mitubishi wd 65733. I have been having problems with it lately, I had these white dots appearing all over the screen, after some quick googling I found out it was some chip that went bad. There was only a few at the time so I didn't rush to fix it. Then all of a sudden...

Posted by on 21 September 2014 | 4:11 pm

Play Station 4 dead

Hi guys,Nephew carried a Play Station in plastic bag (Dam) the beg ripped off and P4 fell on the floor,now they ask me to look it over but i can see anything obvious,so is there anything besides sending it off to Sony that i look at? thanks

Posted by on 21 September 2014 | 10:02 am

Copy Favorites between boxes

I have created Favorites 1 and Favorites 2 on the VMS box. Is there any way to copy or replicate those Favorites on the other IP Client boxes in my house...or do I have to build Favorite lists from scratch on each box?

Posted by on 20 September 2014 | 8:59 pm

Hit the On-Demand button

Just stumbled on this: For Verizon FIOS customers, free ON-DEMAND for ALL the pay channels from Sept. 19 through September 29. So catch up on the channels you don't have.

Posted by on 20 September 2014 | 5:28 pm

Nvidia and the Lame Ass GeForce "Experience"

Y'all remember my infuriating issue with Nvidia driver removal/install because of the HDMI audio. Yes, I know how to avoid it, but still. I have downloaded and used the new "Experience" app after 5 telling me he's used it and never had a problem since installing it. He'd had similar issues with...

Posted by on 20 September 2014 | 1:50 pm

Help needed Vizio E320-BOE

Hello everyone, first post. I am really hoping someone can help me out here. I have a Vizio E320-BOE and all was well with it, but the other day I got myself an external hard drive and had some videos on it, up until now I have been streaming from my pc to my xbox360 and that was working fine...

Posted by on 20 September 2014 | 11:52 am

New member old Questions lol

Finally upgraded the old Sony XBR5 to a 4K XBR850B. I have a PS4 and i am looking for recommendations in what setting combination is the best as well as why the 4k up convert only is available in cinema mode.. Kind of dulls the picture a bit.. Also are there any special hdmi cables I need to invest...

Posted by on 19 September 2014 | 8:35 pm

Philips 40PFL3505D/F7 display issues. Help appreciated

Hello all, I have a Philips 40PFL3505D/F7. It worked well until recently. At first you could see a few vertical lines (thin and solid colors) occasionally. The other day, she went full on gonzo. When you turn it on it has six or so bars with criss crossed lines in them. (See Pics attached)....

Posted by on 19 September 2014 | 7:06 pm

ot Iphone question

My wife has a 5s and is always having to carry her charger from room to room at night at the end of the day. I want to buy her a desktop charger for the bedroom. Any suggestions? She has a thin hard plastic case on it that I can't imagine she wants to take off every night. I have a GS5 and thus my...

Posted by on 19 September 2014 | 6:15 pm

Need Help Installing Speakers in Drop Ceiling

We are installing two speakers in our drop ceiling and need guidance. We want these speakers. Pyle PDIC60 In-Wall / In-Ceiling Dual 6.5-Inch Speaker System It is going to be low-volume background music for our office. We want the speakers running to a computer we have in the back where we can...

Posted by on 19 September 2014 | 4:25 pm

OT Bored

Waiting for a CT scan of my sinuses. I've had a sinus infection for like 8 weeks now and may need surgery. Minor stuff what ticks me off is I git here 35 minutes early and some woman who barely speaks English shows up after me an hour or more late and they take her before me. How about we punish...

Posted by on 18 September 2014 | 2:00 pm

Bloodborne coming to PlayStation 4 on February 6

Link ( ---Quote--- Sony Computer Entertainment has announced that From Software’s role-playing game Bloodborne will be available in North America and Europe from February 6, 2015. As well as the release...

Posted by on 18 September 2014 | 12:53 pm