Yet another Philips 42PF7320A/37 thread - PS power lights question

Hello all! My 42" Philips died awhile ago - like so many others, I chased and recapped the C8059 and C8060 caps on the PS board without change on power-up - the dreaded 7 code. My question is this, since my next move is to look for another LJ44-00101C power supply. Without hooking it up and...

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Someone Beat Ninja Gaiden II's Hardest Setting Without Taking Damage

Link ( ---Quote--- If you've played Ninja Gaiden II, you know that it's a game that's pretty tough on its third-hardest...

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From Rotten Tomatoes: "In The Equalizer, Denzel Washington plays McCall, a man who believes he has put his mysterious past behind him and dedicated himself to beginning a new, quiet life. But when McCall meets Teri (Chloë Grace Moretz), a young girl under the control of ultra-violent Russian...

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Samsung dlp problem

I have a Samsung HlR 5067dlp. The picture started to look dark so I replaced the lamp. The problem is that the picture still looks dark after I replaced the lamp. The colors seem to be more vibrant, but the overall picture is dark. I double checked the part numbers and it's all correct. I also...

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can you use DISH anywhere on a all in one computer

I just got a new all in one computer and want to know how to get DISH anywhere on it. Just today I wanted to watch 2 football games at the same time and that would have come in handy. Also, how does it work when you get it?

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4K TV Shipments Are Ramping Up Much Faster Than HD TV Did In The Past

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Converting component Y Pb Pr to HDMI

Hi, I have an older NAD DVD player with component output I am converting to HDMI for Mitsubishi projector... It worked well for several years and then suddenly stopped the other evening. I thought the little conversion box failed so bought a new one, but it didn't work either... So I started...

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What's up with continuous complete signal loss

Today I kept getting complete signal loss over and over for hours. The weather is perfect, not a cloud anywhere. I know the problem is on DISH's end, especially since I tried to call in and cancel DISH altogether, but could not get through. This is the second time this has happened in a month. ...

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HR-200 install not going

My father is staying with me and brought his HR-200 from home with him. I bought a 18" round dish with a double LNB on it. I have run a line directly from the dish to the receiver and on the setup screen is shows no signal.. So couple of questions. 1. I am only setting this up on the TV in...

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Is it possible to run an HDMI cable over a distance of 30 feet?

Hello. I am trying to help my friend with something. He is trying to achieve an HDMI cable run of 30 feet. At one end, he has a playstation with an HDMI output. On the other end, he has a projector device with an HDMI input. Previously, he purchased an HDMI cable which is 30 feet long,...

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Seiki tv wont turn on

I bought a seiki 48 inch LED tv model#SE48FY25 in june 2014. And now it stopped working. The red led light is on which means there is power but the blue light wont come on anymore. Theres no picture, no sound, just black. What can i do and how can i fix this. It totally sucks coz it hasnt been...

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Projector noise at start up

Hi, I have a Mitsubishi HC1500 that is about 6 years old. Recently it started making a buzzing noise at start up like a street light would make... It quiets down after about 3-5 minutes. The picture is fine... I replaced the lamp assembly (with OEM) about a year ago before end of life as a spare so...

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Pics of Railven & Mase (and maybe Pinoy)

*You were so cuuuuuuuute!!!!!* Image: *But my favorite...* Image:

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Hello, I am a newbie and plan to cut my cable free. I almost bought the Mohu Sky 60 to mount in my attic, but since I'm so ignorant about going Cable free, I decided to get some opinions from you all before I purchase the Sky 60. It looks like I can get several channels within 60 miles according...

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No more free 3D channel

After attempting to demonstrate 3D TV to a relative yesterday, I later found out that the free 3D channel (107) has been dropped by DirecTV. The pay channel was showing “Godzilla” and I certainly wasn’t going to pay for that. I know it didn’t have that much viewership, but they should have kept it...

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