3D LUT Calibration - Custom Patch Sets vs. Traditional Patch Sets

Hi, if you calibrate your displays via 3D LUTs (Lightspace, Calman, Argyll) then you might be interested in this cal guide that explains the advantage of custom patch sets in display calibration...

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Which DVR do you guys use in your Car?

Hello everyone, Nowadays, Car DVR is becoming more and more popular. What model do you use for your driving? Dashcamtalk recommend G1WH as the best value as a DVR, and many people go for it. So which one is your favorite? Let's discuss!!!

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Hello everyone

Hi Guys, newbie here :haha:

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Cable TV meets the internet

I feel like this does a good job of making it seem like you're still watching TV - but it's internet content so no commercials. For some strange reason, I really like the concept of channels and shows, even if it is, ultimately, internet content. Basically just free curation, I suppose - and...

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New Customers $50 off First Bill!

New customer receives $50 credit off first bill when you use one of the following codes, either on the phone or on the site, to order new service with Dish. EML037746882 DRB037794580 DRB037794573 AHP234236589 DRA139696983 DRA139696976 DRA139696868 DRA139696850 EML020067904

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Just like to say hello to all the forum members. z4

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my tv looks like shit on regular cable not hd, when i put on something hd like netflix it looks amazing, is it normal for a tv to look like shit on standard def?

Posted by on 22 July 2014 | 9:44 pm

Thinking about Switching!

Hello All, I am currently on DishTV. I am planning to move over DirectTV or FIOS. I was just comparing plans. The premium package (max channels pack) costs a lot on every provider, so I was thinking about FIOS or DirectTV. I had almost decided on DirecTV, until i saw the prices of FIOS. After...

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Dragon Age: Inquisition delayed to November 18

Link (http://www.egmnow.com/articles/news/dragon-age-inquisition-delayed-to-november-18/) ---Quote--- Dragon Age: Inquisition, the third installment of BioWare’s fantasy RPG series, will miss its original October 7 release date and instead arrive November 18 in North America, the studio...

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Poloroid LED Television Picture Help

When I turn it on, the power light turns from red to blue, and it shows the Polaroid logo for about a second then goes to black screen. can't make it show any type of other picture. the dvd slot takes dvds and ejects them fine. no sound at all. Anyone know what could be the problem? Thank you.

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OT - "We Should Stop Exploring Space Because the Bible Says Aliens Would Go to Hell"

Link (http://www.patheos.com/blogs/friendlyatheist/2014/07/21/creationist-ken-ham-we-should-stop-exploring-space-because-the-bible-says-aliens-would-go-to-hell/) ---Quote--- One of the criticisms of Creationism (besides the whole “it’s wrong” thing) is that it stifles curiosity. “God did it”...

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I have a 46" hdtv and I have a shodow on the right side of my screen,help.

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The Solution to your Couch Gaming Needs?

https://www.steigerdynamics.com/products-couchmaster-features Image: https://www.steigerdynamics.com/img/product-couchmaster/couchmaster_features.jpg H7_N8I7Y4jU This thing seems pretty badass for those of you that like to game on your couches in your theater room.. I'd probably do it...

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Selection a sub channel...

Is there anyway to select a sub channel (412-16)? I can't find the hyphen on my remote. If I type 412, I get an annoying message on a black screen. "This program is not available for viewing in my area. To change channels, press the Guide button on the remote..." Then I have to hit...

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Unconventional installation.

Greetings. I am relatively new to DirecTV and have had a situation (and opportunity!) placed in my lap and I'm hoping that someone here may shed some light before I put in a lot of time, money, and effort. Background information, you can skip this if you want. I am a student at a university....

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