Torn between 3 TVs (help me decide)

They are all samsung and 55" JU7500- this one is curved 3D but only UHD average price-$1,200 JS8500- non curved 3D and SUHD average price-1,400 JS9000- curved with SUHD average price -2,000 I realize the JS9000 is the best of the bunch, but i really don't want to spend 2 grand on a tv. So...

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Hello everyone

I am a newbie just trying to get as much information as I can about setting up my tv

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Do I need a new receiver (if I buy a 4k tv)

Hello, I have an Onkyo 606 receiver, works great! It of course does not do 4K or 3D within the HDMI's. My question is, I currently use it as an HDMI switchbox for all my devices, is there anyway I can use my new 4K TV as a HDMI swichbox and just use the receiver for its sound capabilities...

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UPS - Doubts

Hello, I live in a rural area and a neighbor told me that some of his electronic devices got fried a couple of times due to lightning strike. I was recommended a UPS to avoid this. Now, taking in consideration that I'm only interested in protection against power surge and NOT in having...

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6-Day Left Only! MacX DVD Ripper Thanksgiving Giveaway for PC & Mac

The latest MacX DVD Ripper Pro v4.6.0 is free by courtesy of Thanksgiving. 1000 free copies are provided every day. The offer ends on Dec 2. >> It's a no-string-attached giveaway. Input your email and click "Get License code" to get the serial number...

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promotion:Mac Blu-ray Player for $39.95

Mac Blu-ray Player, regularly sells at $59.95, now just for $39.95, and the second only for $15 since Macgo has a promotion for the Black Friday and the Thanksgiving Day.

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Happy Bird-day

Happy ThanksgivIng day to All, enjoy ......

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Flickering at boot

Experiencing something new lately. When I boot up my PC, after it posts, but while windows is loading, i get little white flashy lines across the middle of the screen. After that, I get a bigger quick flash of blueish ones that cover a wider portion of the screen. Once it's at the log-in...

Posted by on 25 November 2015 | 8:22 pm

How are the PS4/XB1 as BD players vs a standalone?

Any limitations on audio or video? 24p, Dolby TrueHD and DTS-HD MA or passthrough are a must for me. I'm in the market for a new BD player and I've gotten pretty anti-console lately, like I don't even know if I care about playing even God of War 4 anymore but I guess that'd be a bonus if a game...

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BDA's Webite On UHD-BD

*The BDA just put together this website explaining all of the benefits of UHD-BD:*

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US Employment

Hey, Watch the UNemployment chart of US since 1948, interesting though and watch the stats for present. Shocking! to see

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CT reception issue

Hello all! I am new to this forum and fairly new to OTA television. I purchased and installed the following equipment on my roof, strapped to my chimney about 25 feet above ground level: RCA ANT3038XR CM7777 (FM trap is turned off) and a atneuator for adjusting down the amplifier My coax...

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OTA signal dropout issue Louisa, VA 23093

Background: I am having severe signal loss issues and am seeking advice on how to remediate them. It got way worse when the weather recently turned cold. Other than temperature, the issues are not caused by the weather. A spare antenna sitting on my deck, not pointed directly at the transmission...

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Need advice on surge protector

Hi, I have a huge gaming pc with 2x gtx 970's in sli and 850watt power supply with a 25inch 1440p monitor. I also have 2x m-audio bx6 powered speakers, a traktor z2 mixer and 2 pioneer plx-1000 turntables and all need to be connected a 11 or 12 outlet surge protector. My question is what is the...

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