Some companies plan Brexit hiring freeze, says IoD

An Institute of Directors survey suggests that a quarter of its members may freeze recruitment following the Brexit vote.

Posted by on 27 June 2016 | 4:15 am

Barclays and Easyjet shares slump on FTSE 100

Trading in Barclays shares is temporarily suspended and Easyjet shares falls more than 16% in volatile trading on the FTSE 100.

Posted by on 27 June 2016 | 4:05 am

Euro 2016 Catch-Up: Hazard masterclass and Irish heartbreak

Catch up with all the goals, match highlights, fun moments and more from Sunday at the 2016 Uefa European Championship in France.

Posted by on 27 June 2016 | 4:03 am

EU referendum: How these families living in the UK feel

After the UK's decision to leave the EU, some families are worried it could have an impact on them, if they have moved to Britain from other EU countries.

Posted by on 27 June 2016 | 3:59 am

England v Iceland: Raheem Sterling set to start in Roy Hodgson's 'win or bust' tie

Raheem Sterling is expected to play in what England boss Roy Hodgson accepts is a "win or bust" match against Iceland in the Euro 2016 last-16.

Posted by on 27 June 2016 | 3:50 am

Jeremy Corbyn unveils new top team after resignations

Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn announces a reshaped shadow cabinet following a wave of resignations in protest at his leadership.

Posted by on 27 June 2016 | 3:17 am

Nick Robinson: UK leadership gap in risky times

A leadership gap has opened up at a dangerous time for the UK, says Nick Robinson.

Posted by on 27 June 2016 | 3:15 am

Brexit: Just how divided is Britain?

To what extent does the referendum result show a divided Britain? We explore the data.

Posted by on 27 June 2016 | 3:06 am

Spanish election: PP wins most seats but deadlock remains

The conservative People's Party of PM Mariano Rajoy wins most seats in Spain's election but is again short of a majority.

Posted by on 27 June 2016 | 2:58 am

Lithuania's 'Top Goat' beauty pageant

An unusual beauty contest has been taking place in Lithuania. There were no swimsuits or speeches - instead, the contestants went down the red carpet on all fours, as the BBC's Tim Allman explains.

Posted by on 27 June 2016 | 2:57 am

Osborne: UK in a position of strength

Chancellor George Osborne says the UK is in "a position of strength" and indicates there will be no immediate emergency Budget after the Brexit vote.

Posted by on 27 June 2016 | 2:48 am

M&D's rollercoaster crash: Injured remain in hospital

Nine people remain in hospital after a rollercoaster crash at a theme park in North Lanarkshire.

Posted by on 27 June 2016 | 2:37 am

Lionel Messi: Argentina forward retires from international football

Argentina and Barcelona forward Lionel Messi, 29, retires from international football after missing in a penalty shootout.

Posted by on 27 June 2016 | 2:03 am

Glastonbury Remain voters 'devastated' at the Brexit vote

The EU referendum has not just divided political parties, it has also opened up a gulf between generations.

Posted by on 27 June 2016 | 1:32 am

Queen to meet first and deputy first ministers during two-day Northern Ireland visit

The Queen and the Duke of Edinburgh will meet the first and deputy first ministers later on Monday during a two-day visit to Northern Ireland.

Posted by on 27 June 2016 | 12:33 am

Newspaper headlines: Labour turmoil, post-Brexit politics and Wimbledon siblings

The fallout from the vote to leave the EU dominates the headlines, with many focusing on shadow cabinet resignations.

Posted by on 27 June 2016 | 12:02 am

Johnson pledges EU co-operation after referendum result

Boris Johnson says the UK will continue to "intensify" its co-operation with the EU following the UK's vote to leave.

Posted by on 26 June 2016 | 11:03 pm

Clashes at white-supremacist rally in Sacramento leave 10 injured

At least 10 people are wounded, two seriously, in clashes between right-wing extremists and counter-protesters in Sacramento, California.

Posted by on 26 June 2016 | 10:46 pm

Documenting decline

The spirit of the Pitmen Painters is being kept alive by a group of photographers who are reimagining the artists' celebrated works.

Posted by on 26 June 2016 | 9:26 pm

'Fat cats'

Iranians have taken to publishing their payslips online, angered by revelations that managers in some state companies enjoy surprisingly high salaries.

Posted by on 26 June 2016 | 7:20 pm

Pope Francis says Church should apologise to gays

Pope Francis says the Roman Catholic Church should apologise to gay people for the way it has treated them.

Posted by on 26 June 2016 | 6:47 pm

Seeking shelter

As stock markets tumble and sterling weakens in the wake of the EU referendum result, what are the safer alternatives for investors?

Posted by on 26 June 2016 | 6:26 pm

Schezwan dosa anyone?

Food writer Samar Halarnkar explains what Indians have done to Chinese and other cuisines of the world.

Posted by on 26 June 2016 | 6:24 pm

50 years on

Fifty years ago this week Barclaycard issued the first credit cards in the UK. Simon Read looks at how the plastic card changed our relationship with money.

Posted by on 26 June 2016 | 6:00 pm

Coldplay close Glastonbury 2016, with help from the Bee Gees

Coldplay launch Glastonbury's grand finale in style, with pyrotechnics and glitter cannons lifting the spirits of rain-soaked revellers.

Posted by on 26 June 2016 | 5:50 pm