Video: Is Bundy a 'domestic terrorist?'

Mark Potok of the Southern Poverty Law Center joins Karen Finney’s panel of experts to discuss Cliven Bundy and whether he is a hero or a terrorist. (Disrupt)

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Video: Agreement on Ukraine collapses

Steve Clemons, Dana Milbank and Jamelle Bouie discuss the possible next steps the U.S. will take in dealing with Russia and also the future of the relationship between the European Union and Putin. (Disrupt)

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Video: If not Hillary Clinton, then who?

With news of Chelsea Clinton’s pregnancy, people are beginning to wonder if Hillary will run for president in 2016. Karen Finney panel discusses Clinton’s chances now of running and who will take her place as a Democratic candidate if she does not run. (Disrupt)

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Video: GOP vs. Dems on ACA: will the fighting stop?

Zerlina Maxwell, Jamelle Bouie, Dana Milbank and McKay Coppins join Karen Finney to discuss the latest Affordable Care Act enrollment figures, the GOP’s response and if Democrats will change from defense to offense on the issue of Obamacare. (Disrupt)

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Video: Keystone XL Pipeline review delayed

Alex Witt talks to NBC’s Luke Russert about the Obama Administration’s decision to delay the review of the Keystone XL pipeline. (Alex Witt)

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Video: The future of Russian/EU relations

Alex Witt talks to Former Governor and UN Ambassador, Bill Richardson, about the economic and diplomatic relationship between Russia and the West. (Alex Witt)

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Video: Did Edward Snowden act as Putin’s pawn?

Alex Witt talks to reporter Greg Miller about Edward Snowden’s appearance on a televised Q&A with Russian President Vladimir Putin. (Alex Witt)

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Video: The 'double standard' in labeling terrorism

The MHP table discusses how the election of President Obama lead to the "culmination" of racial angst in the country and assessing where terrorist threats actually come from. (MHP)

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Video: The continuing debate on the ACA

Alex Witt talks to MSNBC contributors Perry Bacon Jr. and Jonathan Alter about the debate surrounding the Affordable Care Act and the Keystone Pipeline and how they will affect the midterms. (Alex Witt)

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Video: The link between one website and hate crimes

A new report released by the Southern Poverty Law Center found that users of, which advocates a "white power" ideology, have been responsible for nearly 100 murders in the last five years. (MHP)

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Video: The power moms wield to shift gun control

Moms Demand Action's Shannon Watts joins to talk about becoming politically mobilized on gun control. (MHP)

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Video: MHP: Why changing Redskins' name makes sense

Melissa Harris-Perry's open letter this week goes out to the owner of the Washington football team, Dan Snyder, where she explains why it makes financial sense to change the team's name. (MHP)

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Video: Captain of South Korean Ferry arrested

Alex Witt talks to Professor of Navigation and Marine Transportation, Peter Vecchio, about the capsized South Korean Ferry and the arrest of its Captain and some crew members. (Alex Witt)

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Video: Tamron Hall on Texas and President Obama

In Part II of this week’s Office Politics, Alex Witt continues her talk with MSNBC’s Tamron Hall, discussing everything from her home state of Texas, to the political realm to Hall’s cheerful persona. (Alex Witt)

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Video: Review of the new tape released by Al Qaeda

Alex Witt talks to NBC Terrorism Analyst Evan Kohlmann about the new Al Qaeda tape that showcases their Number 2 and questions why they would release it now. (Alex Witt)

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Video: Preventing attacks against our power grid

Alex Witt talks to Technology Reporter, Dustin Volz, about the measures, or lack thereof, in place to protect the nation’s power grids from physical and cyber-attacks. (Alex Witt)

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Video: Will latest diplomatic deal hold in Ukraine?

The back and forth between Ukraine and Russia continues in spite of an interim agreement reached by diplomatic representatives. NBC's Jim Maceda, Dorian Warren, Nina Khrushcheva, Dafna Linzer and Alexander Motyl discuss. (MHP)

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Video: Should Europe play bigger part in Ukraine?

The MHP panel discusses the differences of using a neo-con ideology versus a diplomatic strategy in dealing with the Ukraine crisis and pros and cons of Europe being a more key player. (MHP)

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Video: Swin Cash: 'Players need to have rights'

Swin Cash from the WNBA Players’ Union and the MHP panel discuss the opposition to college athletes unionizing from coaches. (MHP)

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Video: Climate change: How many wake up calls left?

A new United Nations report says the world needs to take aggressive action very soon in order to reverse course on climate change. Bill Nye, Coral Davenport, Alex Bozmoski and Sam Stein discuss. (UP)

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Video: Can Dems hold onto crucial seat in Arkansas?

Will Democratic Senator Mark Pryor have a real chance at re-election this November and be able to hold onto a strategically crucial seat for Democrats in Arkansas? David Ramsey from The Arkansas Times joins to discuss. (UP)

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Video: Rick Perry under investigation

Texas Governor Rick Perry is under investigation for withholding money from a prosecutor’s office, and now a grand jury is getting involved. The Austin American-Satesman’s Tony Plohetski and The San Antonio Express-News’ Peggy Fikac join the UP panel to discuss. (UP)

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Video: Mike DuHaime’s role during Christie scandal

Steve Kornacki reports on the close ties Chris Christie’s top political advisor, Mike DuHaime, has to key players from the George Washington Bridge scandal, and the information he was relaying between them revealed in the latest documents. (UP)

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Video: Four new subpoenas to go out in New Jersey

Democratic State Assemblyman John Wisniewski, who is co-chair of the Chris Christie investigative super committee, reveals that four new subpoenas will be issued next week in the legislature’s investigation into the Bridgegate scandal surrounding New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie’s administration. (UP)

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Video: Captain of South Korean ferry facing charges

Alex Witt talks to NBC’s Bill Neely about the search effort in place for the hundreds of missing passengers from the South Korean Ferry and the criminal investigation involving the captain and crew. (Alex Witt)

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