Video: Do you recognize this presidential candidate?

MSNBC’s Ally Hickson showed pictures of 2016 presidential candidates to people visiting New York City's Times Square and asked if they knew who they were. It looks like some candidates still have a little ways to go in getting their name out... (msnbc quick cuts)

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Video: Debunktion Junction: Seven finger edition

Rachel Maddow points out the hard-to-believe-but-true fact that Montana Senator Jon Tester, who lost three fingers in a meat grinder, has an executive assistant who also lost three fingers (the same three fingers) in a meat grinder. (Rachel Maddow)

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Video: Semi crash spills millions of bees on highway

On Friday, a semitruck overturned on a Washington highway. The cargo? An estimated 14 million bees that were destined to pollinate crops north of Seattle. KING's Jake Whittenberg reports. (msnbc quick cuts)

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Video: Shift Sounds of the Week: April 13

Listen to the best one-liners by this week’s hosts and guests on Shift by msnbc. (msnbc)

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Video: Nothing but the Bluth

Looking forward to his interview this weekend with "Veep" and "Arrested Development" star Tony Hale, Steve finds out if a member of the UP team knows as much about "Arrested Development" as he claims. (UP)

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Video: Is Dodd-Frank working?

Critics have said Dodd-Frank didn’t do enough end ‘Too big to fail.’  But some new evidence suggests it might be working better than we think. Josh Barro discusses a big move by General Electric and what it means for the success of financial reform and the future of the economy. (msnbc)

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Video: Deportations put fear into DAPA eligible families

MSNBC’s Amanda Sakuma reports from New Orleans on the personal impact of deportations on DAPA eligible families. (msnbc web only)

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Video: Clinton's campaign website makes a splash

Nellie Bowles explores the latest tech headlines, including the launch of Hillary Clinton's campaign website and the FAA's approval for Amazon to test out their delivery drones. (msnbc)

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Video: Sen. Harry Reid hints at forcing Lynch vote

On the Senate floor, Sen. Harry Reid alludes to a procedural trick he told msnbc's Rachel Maddow he may use to force a vote on Loretta Lynch's nomination for Attorney General. (msnbc quick cuts)

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Video: Lawmakers reach fast track deal

Progressive Democrats fighting the Fast Tracking of the Trans-Pacific Partnership call on presidential candidate Hillary Clinton to reject the controversial trade agreement. Ed Schultz, Rep. Rosa Delauro and Larry Cohen discuss. (The Ed Show)

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Video: New allegations in Tulsa shooting

Disturbing details reveal questionable tactics by the Tulsa County Sheriff's Office when vetting and training reserve deputy Robert Bates. Ed Schultz, Karen Desoto, Thomas Mesereau and Dr. James Peterson discuss. (The Ed Show)

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Video: Teaching social media to an older generation

In an msnbc original video, we're introduced to Beverly Johnson, head of social marketing at Yahoo!, who spends her off-hours teaching the "granny" set how to tag, tweet, hashtag and emoji. (msnbc)

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Video: Are Apple's new 'diverse' emoji problematic?

MMR associate editor Paige Tutt joins to talk about Apple's new ethnically-diverse emoji, and why she thinks these new emoji unnecessarily, and problematically, insert race into tweeting and texts. (msnbc)

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Video: A horologist takes on the Apple Watch

Steven Richardson, a master watchmaker and horologist, discusses the virtues of the "smartwatch," and msnbc's Ally Hickson asks passersby what they think of the Apple Watch outside the 5th Avenue Apple Store in New York City. (msnbc)

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Video: GOP 2016 field rushes to New Hampshire

As almost all of the 2016 GOP presidential hopefuls descend on New Hampshire, Chris Christie is flashing extraordinary confidence, saying the Jeb Bush “train has slowed down,” and Mike Huckabee aired a sensational ad about ISIS. Alex Wagner talks with The Boston Globe’s James Pindell, msnbc’s Steve Kornacki, and New York Magazine’s Jason Zengerle. (NOW)

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Video: China builds new islands in disputed waters

According to satellite images, for the past several months, China has been somewhat quietly turning coral reefs in highly contested waters into artificial islands by pumping sand and concrete onto the reefs. (NOW)

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Video: Kelley Paul on coping with the campaign trail

Kelley Paul, author and wife of 2016 GOP presidential candidate Sen. Rand Paul, discusses her role on the campaign trail,as well as her thoughts on immigration in modern America. (msnbc quick cuts)

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Video: Transgender activist vies for Men's Health cover

Aydian Dowling, fitness enthusiast and transgender activist, may be the first transgender person to be featured on the cover of Men's Health magazine. Why? Well he may be the magazine's Ultimate Man. (msnbc quick cuts)

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Video: Will Sen. Reid force a Loretta Lynch vote?

On Thursday, Senate Minority Leader Harry Reid told MSNBC's Rachel Maddow that he may force a vote on the confirmation of Loretta Lynch for attorney general, and that he has spoken to several GOP senators about this possibility. (msnbc quick cuts)

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Video: Secy. Johnson reacts to gyro-copter landing

Thursday, Secretary of Homeland Security Jeh Johnson discussed the ongoing investigation into the landing of a gyro-copter on the Capitol lawn in Washington, D.C. on Wednesday. (msnbc quick cuts)

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Video: White tiger cubs meet public for first time

4 newborn white tiger cubs were introduced to the public at Saitama Tobu Zoo in Saitama, Japan on Thursday. Watch as the cubs play and react to a crowd of people for the very first time. (msnbc quick cuts)

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Video: South Korean president vows to raise ferry

Angry victims boycott the memorial service for the first anniversary of the Sewol tragedy, as South Korean President Park Geun-hye vows to raise the sunken ferry. (msnbc quick cuts)

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Video: Hillary Clinton campaign wraps up Iowa trip

Hillary Clinton's first trip to Iowa as a 2016 presidential candidate ends, while Martin O'Malley releases an add subtly hitting her for her stance on same-sex marriage. E.J. Dionne, Josh Barro, and Jennifer Jacobs join Lawrence O'Donnell. (The Last Word)

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Video: Clinton takes liberal tack on dark money

Rachel Maddow reports on how Hillary Clinton's campaign is showing some outreach to liberals in the Democratic base with a platform is taking shape to include liberal issues like campaign finance reform. (Rachel Maddow)

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Video: Clinton charms Iowa caucus voters

Hillary Clinton aims to improve her favorability in Iowa speaking with small business owners and city council members. Ed Schultz traveled to Iowa to hear straight from voters. Karen Finney, Lanny Davis and Genevieve Wood join the conversation. (The Ed Show)

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