Video: Ashley Madison & digital privacy hypocrites

The NSA's collection of metadata on private citizens is very similar to the Ashley Madison hack.  Lawrence explains why that matters with The Week's Ruth Margolis and The Intercept's Glenn Greenwald. (The Last Word)

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Video: One-on-one with Novak Djokovic

Chris Hayes talks with tennis champion and UNICEF Ambassador Novak Djokovic about his career, his family, and his philanthropy. (All In )

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Video: Watching Katrina through a car windshield

Watch as Hurricane Katrina wreaks havoc in New Orleans on August 29th, 2005 from the perspective of a front-seat car passenger. (msnbc quick cuts)

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Video: Sinkhole in China swallows up pedestrians

A sinkhole opened up beneath 5 people at a bus stop in Harbin, China on August 22nd. Luckily, only minor injuries were reported. (msnbc quick cuts)

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Video: NOLA's Canal Street endures Hurricane Katrina

New Orleans' iconic Canal Street endures brutal wind and rain from Hurricane Katrina on the morning of August 29th, 2005. (msnbc quick cuts)

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Video: Clinton talks VA shooting, Tamir Rice in OH

At a Grassroots organizing meeting on Thursday, Hillary Clinton addressed the tragic shooting in Virginia, as well as Tamir Rice who was killed by gun violence in Ohio in 2014. (msnbc quick cuts)

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Video: Trump: 'It's my hair, I swear!'

Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump uses audience participation to prove a point at a campaign event at the T.D. Convention Center in Greenville, South Carolina. (msnbc quick cuts)

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Video: Is New Orleans safe 10 years after Katrina?

The failure of New Orleans' levee system led to massive flooding across 80% of the city after Hurricane Katrina hit. Ten years later, the rebuilt levees are bigger and stronger than before, but is the city safe? MSNBC's Trymaine Lee reports. (msnbc originals )

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Video: City's poor still catching up after Katrina

Lt. Gen. Russel Honore was a tough-talking, no-nonsense three star general who became a hero of Katrina. MSNBC's Trymaine Lee speaks to Honore about the progress made since the hurricane hit 10 years ago. (msnbc originals )

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Video: Boyfriend pays tribute to slain journalist

Chris Hurst shows NBC News's Stephanie Gosk a selection of photographs from his nine-month relationship with Alison Parker. (msnbc quick cuts)

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Video: New fake candidates inspired by Deez Nuts

Rachel Maddow reports on new, silly-named candidate filings with the FEC following the publicity of Deez Nuts as a joke candidate that is actually showing up in national polls. (Rachel Maddow)

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Video: Maddow: Some days local journalism is heroic

Rachel Maddow reports on the tragic, deadly shooting of two local Virginia journalists and points out the courage and work ethic of the colleagues of the victims at WDBJ, who continued to do their jobs covering very personal, very painful news. (Rachel Maddow)

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Video: Media becoming part of the 2016 story

Rachel Maddow reports on the poor decision CNN is making to follow Fox News on the GOP debate structure, interfering in the race, and compares Donald Trump's clash with Jorge Ramos to past public conflicts between press and politicians. (Rachel Maddow)

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Video: Clinton on shooting: 'I feel just great heartache'

Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton responded to the shooting death of 2 journalists in Virginia on Wednesday, saying more has to be done to "...prevent this incredible killing that is stalking our country." (msnbc quick cuts)

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Video: 70th annual 'La Tomatina' festival hits Spain

The streets of Buñol, Spain were covered in tomato pulp on Wednesday, as residents and tourists alike celebrated the 70th annual "La Tomatina" festival with - what else? - a massive, public tomato-throwing fight. (msnbc quick cuts)

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Video: Kirby on Clinton emails, Iran deal

State Department spokesperson John Kirby comments on the Clinton email investigation saying, let the review go forward. He also talks about the Iran deal and says the State Department is trying to educate the skeptics of the deal. (Morning Joe)

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Video: Group of BLM activists unveil policy plan

BLM activists and co-founders of Citizen Zero, Brittany Packnett and DeRay Mckesson, explain their 10-step plan to Lawrence. (The Last Word)

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Video: Univision anchor kicked out of Trump presser

Jorge Ramos is thrown out of Donald Trump's press conference in Dubuque, Iowa for asking a question out of turn. Lawrence is joined by Kasie Hunt, Zeke Miller, Maria Teresa Kumar and Jonathan Allen (The Last Word)

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Video: What would a Biden run mean for progressives?

The Sanders/Clinton dynamic in the Democratic presidential race seems to have been a boon for progressive ideas. So what happens if Biden gets in? (All In )

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Video: Trump offers up Bush impression at IA rally

During a rally in Dubuque, Iowa on Tuesday evening, GOP presidential hopeful Donald Trump did a brief impression of fellow contender Jeb Bush, calling his opponent "low energy." (msnbc quick cuts)

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Video: Ramos, Trump clash at Iowa press conference

Univision reporter Jorge Ramos grills GOP presidential candidate Donald Trump on his immigration policies and other topics at a press conference on Tuesday in Dubuque, Iowa. (msnbc quick cuts)

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Video: Reporter ejected from Trump press conference

Watch as GOP presidential candidate Donald Trump and Univision reporter Jorge Ramos clash at a Trump press event in Iowa on Tuesday evening, with Ramos being led out by security. Ramos later returned to the press conference. (msnbc quick cuts)

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Video: Whispers of a Biden 2016 campaign

On Monday, President Obama reportedly "gave his blessing" to Vice President Joe Biden running for president, if he so chooses. Chris Hayes talks to Esquire's Charles Pierce and The Huffington Post's Sam Stein about whether Democrats should root for that to happen. (All In )

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Video: Obama speaks out on renewable energy in NV

After being introduced by Senator Harry Reid, D-Nv., President Obama spoke about America's advances in renewable energy, as well as the importance of addressing climate change, at the National Clean Energy Summit in Las Vegas, Nevada on Monday. (msnbc quick cuts)

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Video: Let Me Finish: An act of American heroism

Chris Matthews finishes the show with his thoughts on three Americans who received the Legion of Honor in France after a valiant display of bravery saved scores of train passengers from a gunman. (Hardball)

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