Video: Cleveland police under intense scrutiny

The Cleveland police department has been under intense scrutiny after the recent deaths of 12-year-old Tamir Rice and Tanisha Anderson, a 37-year-old woman with mental illness. Seema Iyer, Wesley Lowery, Jumaane D. Williams and Keith Sainten talk about how far police-citizen relations still have to go in Cleveland and how police unions factor in. (MHP)

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Video: Your last chance at Up Against the Clock this year

Steve Kornacki says farewell to 2014 in this special year-end digital edition of his current events and politics game show, Up Against the Clock. (UP)

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Video: What if North Korea wasn't behind Sony hack?

Xeni Jardin, editor and tech culture journalist at, talks with Rachel Maddow about the dearth of known facts about the hacking of Sony Pictures and why some people are skeptical that North Korea is the real source of the Sony Pictures hack. (Rachel Maddow)

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Video: The Republicans' greatest hoax?

Republican members of Congress spent the 2014 year trying to discredit climate change despite the trend toward the warmest year on record. Ed Schultz, Paul Douglas and Michael Brune discuss. (The Ed Show)

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Video: Obama: ‘Sony made a mistake’

Pres. Obama used the year's final press conference to address North Korea's hacking of Sony and the subsequent cancellation of the movie the Interview. Ed Schultz, Joe Cirincione and Mikey Kay discuss. (The Ed Show)

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Video: The craziest politicians of 2014

GQ's Michael Hainey joins Morning Joe to discuss who made this year's list of America's 20 craziest politicians. And Mika tries on new shoes. (Morning Joe)

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Video: Cuba deal reached under cloak of secrecy

Rachel Maddow reports new details of how President Obama negotiated directly with Cuba's President Castro to remake U.S./Cuba relations, the role of Pope Francis, secret meetings, and the American spy returned to the U.S. in the deal. (Rachel Maddow)

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Video: Going from New York to Tehran in minutes time

Artist Amar Bakshi speaks to Ayman Mohyeldin about his new art installation titled "The Portal Between Tehran and New York City" which enables participants in both cities to garner face time with each other. (msnbc2)

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Video: Pundit surprise: 'It's your mother calling'

From a surprise caller during a political debate between brothers to Rep. Nancy Pelosi showing off her BMX skills, these were the most awkward political moments of the week. (msnbc quick cuts)

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Video: Inside the V.A.: Colonoscopy claims denied

Five years ago, V.A. hospitals potentially exposed thousands of veterans to potential infections like HIV/AIDS and Hepatitis. Ronan Farrow Daily and the NBC News Investigative Unit report that, for some, that was just the beginning of the nightmare. (Ronan Farrow Daily)

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Video: ‘Keep it true:’ Tamron Hall speaks at Temple

NewsNation host and Today Show co-host Tamron Hall spoke at Temple University’s winter graduation ceremony on Thursday. Tamron graduated from Temple with a degree in journalism in 1992. (msnbc quick cuts)

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Video: No ‘one solid solution’ for Cuban democracy national reporter Irin Carmon speaks with a Cuban-American family, who discuss the generational gap in opinion over U.S.-Cuba relations and the Castro regime. (msnbc quick cuts)

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Video: US officials: North Korea behind Sony hack attack

After a threat from hackers, which U.S. officials are now directly linking to North Korea, Sony cancels the planned theatrical release of "The Interview." (All In )

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Video: Rangel: Castro respects Obama, Rubio doesn't

New York Congressman Charlie Rangel joins Ronan from Havana, Cuba during “a tremendous, historic” moment there, offering choice words about Senator Marco Rubio’s stand against renewed relations with Cuba – as well as Rubio’s own heritage. (Ronan Farrow Daily)

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Video: 'Mixed reviews' on Cuba deal

Long-time Castro regime critic Senator Bill Nelson (D-FL) explains why he thinks the President’s moves on Cuba are a positive step – and talks about how divisive those moves are proving on the Hill. (Ronan Farrow Daily)

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Video: 'Emotional' homecoming for Alan Gross

Maryland Senator Ben Cardin, a leading advocate for the release of Maryland native Alan Gross during his long imprisonment in Cuba, tells Ronan about the moment of watching Gross return to American soil. (Ronan Farrow Daily)

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Video: Happy Hanukkah from The Rachel Maddow Show

Rachel Maddow shares the story of Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker closing a letter with Hanukkah greetings and an embarrassing bit of word confusion. (Rachel Maddow)

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Video: Meet the 2016 presidential contenders

Hillary Clinton? Elizabeth Warren? A look at some of the potential 2016 candidates as Jeb Bush steps closer to a presidential run. (All In )

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Video: Mom calls into C-SPAN to scold pundit sons

Politically divided brothers Brad and Dallas Woodhouse got a call from an unexpected guest – their mother – while on C-SPAN’s “Washington Journal” show. “I would really like a peaceful Christmas,” she told them. (msnbc quick cuts)

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Video: Congressman down in the mouth over scandal

Rachel Maddow tip-toes around the story of an obscene domain name owned by Republican Congressman Black Farenthold, and congressman's promise to give up ownership now that public attention has blown up the story. (Rachel Maddow)

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Video: 'A bloody mess': Warden on Oklahoma execution

Ziva Branstetter, enterprise editor for Tulsa World newspaper, talks with Rachel Maddow about new details revealed in the botched execution of Clayton Lockett by the state of Oklahoma of what took place after a curtain was drawn closed on witnesses. (Rachel Maddow)

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Video: Democrats take advantage of Cruz showboating

Rachel Maddow reports on how political grandstanding against President Obama's immigration actions by Ted Cruz in the Senate allowed Senate Democrats more time to confirm more presidential nominees, including Vivek Murthy for Surgeon General. (Rachel Maddow)

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Video: Police union chief: Tamir Rice killing 'justified'

The president of Cleveland’s police union talks exclusively to “All In” about demanding an apology from the Browns’ Andrew Hawkins, who protested the police shootings of Tamir Rice and John Crawford. (All In )

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Video: A weekend of marching for justice

Rev. Sharpton recounts the importance of this past weekend’s marches in Washington, New York and elsewhere around the country as protesters continue to seek justice for Eric Garner and Michael Brown. (PoliticsNation)

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Video: What we know about the Sydney Siege suspect

Alex Wagner and panel discuss the terrifying attack on a café in Sydney, Australia on Sunday and Monday, and what we know about the motivations behind the brazen act. (NOW)

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