Video: Emma Watson: Feminism is not man-hating

Actress Emma Watson of Harry Potter fame, addresses members of the U.N. about the launch of the HeForShe Campaign. Watson spoke about women's rights and misconceptions about feminism saying "fighting for women's rights has too often become synonymous with man-hating." (msnbc quick cuts)

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Video: Hunt continues for suspected cop killer

Pennsylvania police Deputy Commissioner Lt. Col. George Bivens gives an update on the hunt for Eric Frein, who is a suspect in the fatal shooting of a state trooper. (msnbc web only)

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Video: Climate advocates feel a moment in history

The People’s Climate March in New York City on September 21, 2014 aims learn from prior social movements and mark a pivotal point in history. At a pre-march event, students and staff from The New School describe what’s compelling them to take to the streets. (msnbc originals )

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Video: Up Against the Clock: Scotland meets Iowa steak

Here's your chance to play along with UP's current events and political game show in this week's digital edition. (UP)

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Video: Absentee Congress no help as ISIS war deepens

Anne Gearan, Washington Post diplomatic correspondent, talks with Rachel Maddow about how the U.S. war on ISIS will progress absent Congress for six weeks, and what to expect when they return, given the apparent lack of concern for foreign affairs. (Rachel Maddow)

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Video: Cynicism seen in NFL response to abuse outcry

William Rhoden, New York Times sports columnist, talks with Rachel Maddow about the calculated way in which the NFL is addressing the outrage over a series of domestic violence cases, catering to constituencies instead of acting according to a moral code. (Rachel Maddow)

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Video: A Cocktail Moment salute to Scotland

Rachel Maddow reports on the outcome of Scotland's independence vote and points out that on the same night, world-famous St. Andrews Golf Club voted to allow women to join, so, fittingly, Rachel demonstrates the mixing of a Cameron's Kick cocktail. (Rachel Maddow)

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Video: The NFL and off-the-field violence

Dewan Smith-Williams and Hall-of-Famer Harry Carson discuss their experience of domestic violence in the world of professional football. (All In )

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Video: The NFL's tax-exempt status

The numbers behind the non-profit league that takes in billions of dollars every year might surprise you. (All In )

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Video: Sharpton: Time to confront domestic violence

Rev. Al Sharpton closes Friday’s broadcast with why domestic violence being on the national stage is so important and what we can do to stop it from happening. (PoliticsNation)

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Video: Up Against a Different Clock: Desk Set

Guest appearances, continuity problems and clean desks prevail as UP producers stay on top of the latest developments. (UP)

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Video: The NFL commissioner breaks his silence

Amid numerous scandals plaguing the NFL, Commissioner Roger Goodell said that the league will be implementing a set of personal conduct policies. Alex Wagner discusses the situation with Time’s Sean Gregory and author Leslie Morgan Steiner. (NOW)

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Video: Social media steps in after gay couple beaten

Out There: In this week's LGBT news roundup, Thomas Roberts discusses why drag performers want Facebook to allow use of performer names in personal profiles, two LGBT advocates who received this year's MacArthur Foundation 'Genius Grant,' Ruth Bader Ginsburg's recent comments on marriage equality and the SCOTUS, a new pro-equality Target commercial and the latest details in an attack on two gay men in Philadelphia. (msnbc quick cuts)

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Video: Will the NFL's violence initiatives be enough?

NBC's Anne Thompson, Sports Illustrated's Greg Bedard and Bloomberg's Kavitha Davidson joins The Cycle to discuss NFL's commissioner Roger Goodell's new domestic violence initiative. (The Cycle)

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Video: Any chance Roger Goodell resigns?

VP of Howard Bragman discusses what the NFL’s goal should be in today’s big press conference and what he expects to hear from Commissioner Rodger Goodell in response to the recent NFL abuse scandals. (Ronan Farrow Daily)

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Video: Obama to assault survivors: You are not alone

President Obama speaks out about the need to focus on ending campus sexual assault, and calls sexual assault not just a crime, but a violation of civil rights. (msnbc quick cuts)

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Video: First iphone 6 owner drops phone

The first person to own the new iphone 6 almost brought his phone to a very quick demise. (msnbc quick cuts)

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Video: Is the Motor City roaring back to life?

Is the Motor City roaring back to life? Joe Scarborough shares why he thinks it is. (Morning Joe)

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Video: Glasgow votes yes, but the nos could have it

Richard Lui reports on the latest results from Scotland in the vote for independence. Then, executive editor Richard Wolffe and NBC News digital journalist Alastair Jamieson break down the numbers and discuss why a the "no" campaign's votes could keep the United Kingdom united. (All In )

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Video: Scottish independence vote count under way

Alastair Jamieson, NBC News digital journalist reports live from Scotland as votes for and against independence are being counted and discusses whether a late push by the "no" campaign will be enough to keep the United Kingdom united. (Rachel Maddow)

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Video: 'Cataclysm and chaos' to follow Scotland vote

Matt Wells, U.S. blogs and networks editor at the Guardian, talks with Rachel Maddow about how Scotland's independence vote is likely to affect British politics even if separatists are not successful with this evening's vote. (Rachel Maddow)

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Video: Early vote tally optimistic for UK unity

Rachel Maddow reports on some of the early returns in the Scottish vote on independence from the United Kingdom, noting that the early success of "no" voters is not an encouraging sign for separatists. (Rachel Maddow)

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Video: Congress ducks out as US military fights ISIS

Rachel Maddow reports on the Senate's passage of expanding the training of Syrian rebels, and points out the abject dereliction by Congress to give itself more months off without addressing the war on ISIS while the U.S. military continues the fight. (Rachel Maddow)

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Video: Is 'moderate rebel' an actual thing?

The term 'moderate rebel' has been tossed about by government officials. But, is a 'moderate rebel' even possible? (All In )

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Video: NBC exclusive on DOJ's ‘Bridgegate’ probe

Federal officials tell NBC News that the Justice Department's investigation into NJ Gov. Chris Christie's has revealed no evidence linking him to "Bridgegate" so far.  (All In )

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