Video: The blocks room

(Part 2) - A classroom in Harlem has come to symbolize frustration between those who have, and those who feel like they have-not.  (msnbc originals )

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Video: Radical racist context missed in rancher hype

Rachel Maddow points out that Nevada rancher Cliven Bundy's racist remarks are unsurprising in the context of his apparent adherence to the philosophy of the Posse Comitatus and Sovereign Citizen movements, rooted in post-Civil War reconstruction. (Rachel Maddow)

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Video: Armed militia unwanted by rancher's neighbors

Nevada Congressman Steven Horsford, who represents rancher Cliven Bundy’s district, talks with Rachel Maddow about how the citizens of his district, Bundy's neighbors, feel about Bundy and his armed militia supporters. (Rachel Maddow)

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Video: Candidate compromised by Santorum surprise

Rachel Maddow teases ahead to an upcoming segment with an explanation of why a Colorado candidate trying to deny his past position on personhood would not welcome a surprise endorsement from former presidential candidate Rick Santorum. (Rachel Maddow)

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Video: Maddow Friday: An oil spill on purpose?

Rachel Maddow gives viewers a heads up on an upcoming segment on Friday's show about a new plan being considered that would involve intentionally creating an oil spill. (Rachel Maddow)

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Video: Darrell Issa’s new target

Oversight Chairman Darrell Issa expands his IRS dragnet to the Justice Department and Attorney General Eric Holder. Ari Melber discusses with Dana Milbank. (The Last Word)

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Video: Good news for Democrats in the South

Democrats and Republicans spar over the latest New York Times poll that was very good news for Democrats. David Axelrod and Howard Dean join Ari Melber. (The Last Word)

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Video: Whoa Bundy!

Nevada rancher Cliven Bundy made shocking remarks and denied he made them - until the video proof was released. (All In )

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Video: Bundy: Black people happier as slaves?

You read that headline correctly. Chris Hayes analyzes the Nevada rancher's comments with Jon Ralston and Michael Eric Dyson. (All In )

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Video: GOP leaders back away from Bundy

James Peterson and Wayne Slater join Hardball to discuss Nevada cattle rancher Cliven Bundy’s recent comments about race that have some Republican leaders backing away from supporting him. (Hardball)

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Video: Proposed FDA regulations on e-cigarettes

In 15 seconds, NowThisNews tells you the FDA’s new proposed regulations for e-cigarettes. (msnbc web only)

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Video: DC gets taste of Keystone XL Pipeline woes

The Cowboy-Indian Alliance continue their demonstration in D.C., this time showing Capitol residents what it would be like to have a pipeline in their own backyard. Ed Schultz, Art Tandrup, and Casey Camp discuss. (The Ed Show)

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Video: Cliven Bundy's skewed view of slavery

Nevada rancher Cliven Bundy attempted to clarify his views on African-Americans and government subsidies, here are some of the must-see moments. (msnbc)

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Video: ‘Fear is a natural emotion’

(Part 1 of 4) Since sustaining injury Afghanistan, Keith Sekora, U.S. Air Force (Ret.), has struggled with a memory that isn’t quite in order and moves at different speeds. Taking the Hill airs Sunday, April 27 at 1 p.m. (Taking the Hill with Patrick Murphy)

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Video: Real estate market still struggling to recover

If construction in the U.S. got back to its usual pace, the country could potentially add more than a million jobs, unemployment would fall, and the economy would grow at 4% a year. Neil Irwin from the New York Times explains why all of this isn’t happening. (The Cycle)

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Video: Russia begins military drills

Russian Pres. Vladimir Putin called the latest Ukrainian efforts to oust pro-Russian forces from government buildings in East Ukraine “a grave crime.” The Washington Post’s Anne Gearan joins to discuss the latest news and how the U.S. could respond. She also discusses Israel’s decision to suspend peace talks with the Palestinians after an alliance between two rival factions. (The Reid Report)

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Video: Obamacare could be boon for Democrats in 2014

What if everything you’ve heard about the2014 midterms is wrong, and Democrats will benefit from the Affordable Care Act’s increasing popularity? Joy Reid looks at the numbers with MSNBC contributor Jimmy Williams and Democratic strategist Tara Dowdell. (The Reid Report)

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Video: What will it take to end Chicago bloodshed? senior editor Jamilah Lemieux joins Joy Reid to discuss the history of violence in Chicago now coming to national attention and Chicago’s new violent crimes unit. (The Reid Report)

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Video: The election story that matters is yours

As the 2014 midterms approach, Joy Reid looks at the real factors that propel people to get out to the polls and vote, and encourages viewers to take the power to vote into their own hands. (The Reid Report)

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Video: RF Headlines: Obama abroad, racism back home

President Obama travels to Asia; a controversial rancher makes explosive racial remarks; and oil spills could be affecting America's dolphin population. These are the RF Headlines for April 24th, 2014. (Ronan Farrow Daily)

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Video: Obama’s Asia trip: All talk, no substance?

As President Obama meets with foreign leaders on his trip to Asia, some are asking if tangible progress on issues is being made, or if the president’s trip is simply “style over substance.” The Washington Post’s Dana Milbank and The Root’s Corey Dade discuss. (Ronan Farrow Daily)

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Video: Cliven Bundy makes explosive race remarks

The Southern Poverty law Center’s Richard Cohen joins to discuss Cliven Bundy’s incendiary remarks on race, and why racial hate is, unfortunately, still a powerful force in 21st century America. (Ronan Farrow Daily)

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Video: 2016 election speculation hitting fever pitch

As the country inches closer to the 2016 presidential election, speculation over who will run is rapidly intensifying. Robert Traynham and Bob Shrum join to discuss. (Ronan Farrow Daily)

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Video: Lavrov reacts to promise of further sanctions

Richard Lui speaks with NBC's Jim Maceda about the latest in Ukraine, including Russian diplomat Sergei Lavrov’s promise of retaliation. (msnbc)

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Video: Dolphins dying at a staggering rate

A report released shows that 900 dolphins have died following the 2010 BP oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico. “Ocean Mysteries” host Jeff Corwin joins to discuss. (Ronan Farrow Daily)

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