Small Basic: Turtle Polygon Patterns

Here is a gallery of some of our favorite patterns made with the Turtle object in Small Basic!   This first Turtle pattern comes from litdev: Turtle.Speed = 10 For i = 1 To 600 Turtle.Move(10) Turtle.Turn(i*11) EndFor   Next, here's an interesting shape from Zock77: Import code: FFB727   As a bit of a joke, Pappa Lapub used it as a Turtle Frame: And here are Pappa's three shapes: Turtle PolySpiral   LNZ598  18 Lines , shortened as (too) much as could, but 3 figures, not my idea TurtlePattern Brillie   JMC583   10 Lines   OK, but not my idea Circle Series / Flower   QCL151  15 Lines PS: Turtle.Hide sends Turtle (Image Shape) to Oblivion and it will never be seen in the same program again.  Turtle.Show wont bring it back.Although not the same; to hide Turtle Shape and then show it up again Shapes.HideShape("_turtle") and Shapes.ShowShape("_turtle") can be used.    And here is some code from MK_hobby_coder: Changing the number used in the turtle code makes different pictures.  The following code makes a  pictogram for 0-9.  Then the user can make a pictogram to store a numeric code.  program : TLQ846 Turtle.Speed = 10tutrix = Turtle.Xtutriy = Turtle.YFor x = 0 To 9  GraphicsWindow.PenColor = GraphicsWindow.GetRandomColor()  Turtle.X = tutrix+(x*100)-300  Turtle.Y = tutriy - 100  Turtle.Angle=0  GraphicsWindow.FontSize = 20  GraphicsWindow.DrawText(Turtle.x,Turtle.y,x)For i = 1 To 300 Step (x+1)  Turtle.Move(10)  Turtle.Turn((x+1)*i)EndForEndFor  code = "1=3;2=5;3=6;4=8;5=2;6=2;7=5;8=0"  For x = 1 To Array.GetItemCount(code)  GraphicsWindow.PenColor = GraphicsWindow.GetRandomColor()  Turtle.X = tutrix+(x*100)-300  Turtle.Y = tutriy + 100  Turtle.Angle=0  GraphicsWindow.FontSize = 20  'GraphicsWindow.DrawText(Turtle.x,Turtle.y,code[x])For i = 1 To 300 Step (code[x]+1)  Turtle.Move(10)  Turtle.Turn((code[x]+1)*i)EndForEndFor ==================   Enjoy the Turtle Patterns! Do you know why turtles love fancy patterns? No? Well see Small Basic: Why Turtles Love Fancy Patterns .    - Ninja Ed

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Small Basic: Why Turtles Love Fancy Patterns

Did you know that turtles love to make fancy patterns? You didn’t know that?   Well, take a look at this one:  TLQ846    And take a look at this one from Zock77: Import code: FFB727 And then Pappa Lapub used it as a Turtle Frame:     I think you’ll start to see how much turtles love fancy patterns!   It all started with Tommy Turtle. At that point in time, all turtles had smooth shells. But Tommy couldn't help but feel that everyone looked the same, and they couldn't really express themselves as individuals! And so Tommy Turtle went to work! He had Tammy Turtle and Tara Turtle help decorate his shell! They painted it, they carved it with him, and by the time they were done, he finally had color and a design on his shell! Tommy Turtle looked different. Now, others looked at him and said, "That's Tommy Turtle!" Tommy became famous. And that made all the other turtles jealous! They came up to Tommy, and they said, "Tommy, why do you get a unique shell? All our shells are boring! We all look the same, except for you. It's just not fair!" Well, that made Tommy Turtle think. Were they right? Was it not fair that Tommy got to enjoy some independence and personal expression, and they didn't? But what if they did? Tommy began to wonder about it. Finally, Tommy decided to help out all the other turtles. Tommy said, "You know what. You're right. It's not fair. So Tammy Turtle, Tara Turtle, and I will help you design your shell and make it so that each of you is unique!" But Tyler Turtle objected, "Wait! If we're all made different, like you, then we'll all be the same again! The only difference is that we'll have the same patterned shells and not the same smooth shells!" "Well that's a good point," said Tommy Turtle. "I know! Instead of making all the designs the same, we'll make each design a little different, with different patterns and different colors!" Well Tommy's idea was well received, and so Tommy, Tammy, and Tara all got to work, helping make unique colors and designs on all the turtles.   And after time passed, all those turtles had future generations of turtles, and all their shells are now patterned, just like those turtles in the past were! Well, their love for designs grew back then, and ever since then, turtles have loved to create designs! Well, Small Basic is no different! The Small Basic turtles also love designs. Don't believe me? Well, take a look at this turtle, from litdev: Turtle.Speed = 10 For i = 1 To 600 Turtle.Move(10) Turtle.Turn(i*11) EndFor   Oh, those crazy turtles and their patterns! You can go here to see what other shenanigans those turtles are up to: Small Basic Turtle Games & Graphics   Have a great day!    - Ninja Ed      

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Heap Corruption Exception 0xC0000374

Modern computers can execute millions of instructions per second, and if one of them is erroneous, then the process could crash. Often analysis of a crash dump can immediately indicates what the problem is, so the fix is easy. For example a NullReference exception: declare a Process variable with a null value, then try to find the value of the Id member.             System.Diagnostics.Process process = null; var procid = process.Id; Seeing these...(read more)

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Cyber thieves stealing from businesses and how DMARC can help

I read an article yesterday entitled Cyber thieves stole $215 million from businesses using hacked email addresses. How did they do it? Here’s a key except: Here's a nightmare scenario: You're working in the accounts department, when you receive an email from your boss, asking that you urgently wire one of the company's foreign suppliers a five-figure sum that has been somehow missed. You do, and then you email your boss to let him or her know—only to receive an email back that reads, "Which wire transfer?" Yep, you've been scammed—and according to a recent alert from the FBI, it's one that cyber thieves have used to pilfer almost $215 million from businesses over the past 14 months… Rather than spamming thousands of people at a time as with a regular email scam, the "business email compromise" (BEC) swindle specifically targets businesses known to work with foreign suppliers or other businesses, and to routinely use wire transfer payments. As the article says, this is a nightmare scenario, and it is becoming more common. So how do we stop it? One way to do it is with DMARC which protects the From: address that you see in your email client. Many corporations use Microsoft Exchange which shows your picture when the sending email address matches the person’s account information in Active Directory, for example: Many people looking at that would be tempted to think it was a legitimate message sent from me. After all, it’s got my picture next to it. But in this case, it’s not from me, it is spoofed. And that’s where DMARC comes in; it helps protect the From: address from spoofing, and that’s the one you really want to protect because in the corporate environment it really looks like it is an internal message, and therefore your guard is down. This is one reason why DMARC is critically important for businesses – it helps cut down on malicious spoofing like this which is how hackers break in much (most?) of the time. You need to deploy DMARC! For more information on how to do this in Office 365, please see this previous blog post: Using DMARC in Office 365. Now, in this article, I did take a few liberties. The article is not about spoofed messages from the outside but instead hacked accounts from the inside. That is, a hacker broke into someone’s account by stealing his username and password. He then logged into that account and sent a message from his account (i.e., a real message) to someone else. In this case, DMARC wouldn’t work because it is an internal message and would have passed DMARC if it even would have been scanned at all. Those types of compromises are more difficult to detect so you have to have a product that monitors those sorts of things – intrusion detection and hackers moving laterally. There are a few products out there that do this sort of thing. Security needs to be done in layers and this article, and this blog post, illustrates why – because the type of detection is different depending on where the threat is coming from.

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My reading for Engineering System and Continuous Delivery

Below is the list of talks which in my reading list for Engineering System and Continuous Delivery The Evolution of Continuous Delivery at Scale @ Linkedin Jason Toy talks about the evolution and history of LinkedIn's release strategy. Jason Toy drives the direction for build automation at LinkedIn, focusing on the commit to release pipeline with the ultimate goal of allowing developers to move code from dev to prod in 30 minutes. Continuous Delivery: Building Systems that Can...(read more)

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BA Marathon: Free Day of Online Analytics Learning Spotlights Power BI, Excel

Guest blog post by: PASS VP of Marketing Denise McInerney – a Data Architect at Intuit – began her career as a SQL Server DBA in 1998 and now applies her deep understanding of data to enable analytic solutions to business problems. She is founder of the PASS Women in Technology virtual chapter, and a speaker at user group meetings and conferences. You can follow her on Twitter at @denisemc06. On your mark… Get ready… Get set for a free day of online analytics learning at the PASS BA Marathon webinar series Tuesday, Feb. 3, kicking off with an inside look at the new Power BI platform, redesigned for data professionals, business analysts, and business users. Featuring six back-to-back live webinars with an exceptional lineup of business analytics and data experts from around the world, the BA Marathon will preview a slice of top speakers and sessions coming up at the PASS Business Analytics Conference, April 20-22, in Santa Clara, CA. The BA Marathon is excited to have Jen Underwood, Sr. Program Manager of Microsoft Business Intelligence & Analytics, and Miguel Martinez, Product Marketing Manager for Power BI, participating in the webinar series and sharing how business analytics and BI professionals can get more from Power BI and Excel. Jen will sound the BA Marathon starting gun with a demo-rich tour through what’s new in Power BI in her session Introducing the Reimagined Power BI Platform, beginning at 9:00am ET / 14:00 GMT. A couple of hours later, Miguel will join Blue Hill Research Chief Research Officer Hyoun Park and data visualization expert, author, and data strategist Jen Stirrup, from the PASS Board of Directors, for a live panel discussion on the hottest topics in business intelligence, business analytics, and big data: What's Next for Business Analytics in the 21st Century? (11:00am ET / 16:00 GMT). And don’t miss the last session of the day, as PowerPivotPro’s Avi Singh and Excel MVP Chandoo (Purna Dugirala) show you how to take advantage of the Excel and Power BI dynamic duo in Productivity Revolution in Excel (2:00pm ET/ 19:00 GMT). Check out the full BA Marathon lineup, and register now for your favorite sessions – or all of them! And make sure to follow the conversation at #PASSBAMarathon. Then see how to continue your analytics learning at the PASS BA Conference, with 60+ real-world sessions from these Excel and Power BI all-stars and more. Get the best rate when you register by Feb. 16 – and save an additional $150 with discount code BAMSFTBL150. I look forward to seeing you in Santa Clara! 

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Me chatting about Hyper-V in Windows 10 Technical Preview 1

The guys over at Channel 9 invited me to come and chat about Hyper-V the other day.  The video of this has been published here: Cheers, Ben

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App Store Optimization Tricks – Keywords

Proper store optimization for your app can mean the difference between a hit and an absolute dud. In this next episode of App Business Secrets, Abhinav Gupta shares his strategy he has coined T.R.I.C.K.S. Tricks stands for Title, Reviews, Icon, Customer, Keywords, Screenshots/Video. With this strategy Nav (Abhinav) hopes to show you how he has found success with his own games and apps. This latest video is for the next letter in the acronym, K. Keywords. Nav's advice: Use localization! Most users will search the app stores in English, but many users will also search in other languages as well. “An important part of any ASO strategy is selecting good targeted keywords! However this is usually a challenge as most new developers try and guess their way to the top. One technique I like to use is localization. Right off the bat, I'd recommend creating keywords in both English and Spanish if you're targeting the North American market. As always, keep in mind who your customer is so that you use the right keywords that are related to your app.  Simply using the keyword "Angry" will not get you a high ranking nor downloads in today's market. “ Abhinav Gupta is  the Lead Developer and CEO of Game Scorpion Inc. He is an App Developer, App Business Trainer and even a Motivational Speaker in the Mobile and Technology Industry. Recognized as a professional in the field, he has had his hand in building and successfully publishing over 40+ apps in over 10+ markets including Apple, Google Play, Amazon, Windows Store, Barnes and Noble, Blackberry, HP WebOS, and several others. He has been developing apps and games for several years and has a passion for creating new things. The apps he and his team have created have been downloaded millions of times across the world in various markets. DISCLAIMER The opinions and tips shared in these videos are those of Abhinav Gupta. Abhinav Gupta is not affiliated with and does not represent the opinions of Microsoft Canada Inc. Are you a startup or small studio? Why not join BizSpark! BizSpark provides free software, support, and visibility to help startups succeed. Get access to all the software you need including Visual Studio. Not only that, but you also get credits for Azure, so you can start getting your technology in to the cloud. Join BizSpark and become part of a global community that has over 100,000 startups in 100+ countries.

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Data and Seahawks: Road to Superbowl XLIX

The Superbowl is just around the corner and as you can imagine we are getting very excited here in the Seattle area. A good way for us to get some of the Superbowl anxiety out of our systems is to take our data visualization and analytics tools and use them for football related analysis. What you see here today is the result of that. First: what do the Seahawks, the Internet of Things, Power BI, Azure Stream Analytics and Amir Netz have in common? There's not an easy answer but the next video might help. Watch Amir (you might remember him from our Amir Netz Selection post) demo Power BI and Azure Stream Analytics with a Seahawks twist. Some healthy competition is not bad at all.   If you feel like trying Power BI and Stream Analytics together you can apply for a private preview here. And now, something that's becoming a tradition (it's just the second time, but we want to make it a tradition): The Power Map tour Road to the Superbowl showing how the Seahawks made it to the big game. Enjoy and don't forget to try Power BI! Try Power BI Learn more about Power Map Follow @MSPowerBI on Twitter Sign up for the Power BI Newsletter Register for our next Getting Started webinar on Feb 3rd

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SCOM Enhanced Email Notification Script Version 2.2

  SCOM Enhanced Email Notification Script Version 2.2 now supports Subscriber schedules and Address schedules! Setup Instructions:  See original post. Download   Note: Any exclusions take precedence over any inclusions.      

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CRM 2015 Virtual Foundation Course - starts next week!

I am excited to announce the availability of the new and improved Microsoft Dynamics® CRM 2015 Virtual Foundations course.  We have completely revamped this course with new CRM 2015 content, and are leveraging the new Dynamics Learning Portal.  This allows us to bring it down to one night/week of Instructor Training, and brings the cost down from $3995 to $1750, a 44% savings, while still fully preparing consultants on CRM 2015 and certification exams. Join us to ramp up on the new features and functionality of Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2015. This virtual instructor-led course will focuses on both product knowledge and certification as key objectives.  This course will prepare you for the following exams: MB2-704 Microsoft Dynamics CRM Application MB2-708 Microsoft Dynamics  CRM Installation (TBD) Microsoft Dynamics Customization & Configuration As part of this course you will be provided three exam vouchers – a $450 value! Course will consist of self-directed weekly learning with corresponding weekly instructor-led 3.5 hour sessions; 2/5/15 through 3/19/2015 with class hours of 6:30pm – 10:00pm CST. REGISTER NOW

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Test for cross posting

Cross posting test

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私が Windows 8 に入れているアプリ 2015年2月版

#win8jp #SurfaceJP 以前紹介した 私が Windows 8 に入れているアプリ。私がふだんブレットで使っているストアアプリを並べてみましたが、その内容もちょくちょく変わっています。1か月半たった今のラインナップを見てみます。 Media Player GOM Player ~ 動画見るならとにかくこれは必須! デスクトップ版でもおなじみだった動画プレイヤー。今はプレイヤーはほぼコレ一択ですね。多数のフォーマットに対応しているのと、タッチでの操作がしやすいので使っています。 Hyper for YouTube ~ Youtube アプリに迷ったらまずこれ Youtube Player はこちらを使っています。まだ模索していますが。登録チャンネルの表示してくれるほか、閲覧の操作性、そして動画や音声だけの保存などYoutube に関する必要なことがそろっています。全画面、情報+小さく表示などを視聴しながら切り替えられるのもいいところ。 Station TV Link / Station TV ~ Nasne のビデオや地デジはこれで これも現状維持のDLNAプレイヤー。家庭内ネットワーク上にあるテレビ番組やビデオ、音楽、写真などを表示できる。NASNEに録画してある動画を見ることができるので便利に使っています。Station TV のほうはPIXELA のネットワーク対応チューナー対応プレイヤー(PIX-BR310W/Lなど)。要は Windows 8 でTVがみられるようになります。 Pico Viewer :最強の自炊ビューワーがあった! 以前は nyalu を自炊本のビューワーとして使っていましたが今のイチオシはこれ!Windows 8ストアアプリの中では一番の出来だと思っています。きっかけは自動単ページ表示をできることでしたが、使ってみたら圧倒的な機能でこれ!ついに Perfect Viewer がキタ!といっても過言じゃないです。本棚への登録の速度が決定打ですが、タップカスタムや自動余白削除などほぼ完ぺきです。 希望があるとすれば、Nyalu にあったパスワード付の非表示本棚、フォルダにもサムネールを付けるのと、ファイルの並びで日付ソート。募金用に1000円アプリ出したら払いたいくらい。   News Apps / SNS Service Client My Time Line ~ ニュースが見やすい まとめニュースアプリケーション。とにかく見やすくてタッチでの操作もスムース。各所のニュースサイトからピックアップされたニュースを時系列に表示しますがそれっもきれい。何日もさかのぼることができるので大助かりです。 Flantter.Cascade ~ 固定カラムを切り替える Twitter クライアント Twitter クライアント。カラムは横スクロールしないです。最少カラムを指定しておくと画面幅で表示カラム数が変わります。あとはカラムを選んで表示する内容を選ぶという感じで使います。文字サイズを大きくしても見やすいのが今使っているポイント。タッチでのスクロールもスムース。著とそれぞれの操作・選択エリアが小さいと思うときはありますが。使いやすいですね。 2ch Sanka ~ スレッドのみ、リスト付表示が切り替えやすい 2ch専ブラ。特定のスレッドをお気に入りに入れておいて、大概そこだけをチェックするのですが、スレッドを表示・非表示きり帰るのが便利で使ってます。文字を大きくしても便利な他、スレッドをゆっくり自動スクロールしてくれるのもポイント。 facebook 本家Facebook。一応入れてるけど、最適化されていないし機能も足りない時があるので、結局Webを使っていたりします。 Twitter 本家 Twitter クライアント。それなりに見やすいけど、タイムライン1つしか表示できないしほとんど使ってない。何かの時のために入れている。 Photo Edit Apps 写真やイラスト系は元になる写真がネタとなります。ですので、Windows 8の場合はOneDrive にたくさん写真をいつも入れて同期しておくといいです。スマフォで撮った写真も OneDrive にまとめて入れておくといいでしょう。   鉛筆画カメラ  :自分の写真がを加工してアイコンに! 写真をスケッチ風にエフェクトしてくれるアプリ。楽しくてよく使っています。できる限り高画質で大きな画像をベースに使ったほうがきれいに加工することができます。 Super Photo Free 〜 いろんな加工を簡単に あちこち日本語が怪しいけど、多くのエフェクトから選んで楽しめる。細かい調整解かないですが、その分思わぬ写真が出来上がったりする意外性が楽しい。処理が早いのが素晴らしいね。 PhotoFunia:ポスター雑誌そんな加工が自由自在! 自分の写真を雑誌の記事風や、街中のポスター、ラテアートなど様々な形にコラージュできるアプリ。何といってのコラージュパターンが多いのがポイント。 Phototastic:複数の写真をまとめるならこれ 複数の写真を1つにまとめられるアプリ。Twitter に写真を複数だしたいときなど便利に使えます。昔はFacebook に出すのもこれ使っていましたねー。どちらかというとWindows Phone で使うケースが多いかな? Adobe Photoshop Express:タッチで Photoshop フォトショは使うので一応ちゃんと入れてます。まぁ、エフェクトは面白いので、それなりに使えるねって感じ。 Drawing Apps Fresh Paint:タッチでペイントの定番 タッチでお絵描なら絶対にこれを入れておきましょう。ペン画、水彩画、クレパスなど多彩な表現力を持っています。 Lazy Paint:ペンで描くより加工に近い 自分で絵を描けない人もこれなら大丈夫。写真や絵をベースにタッチとエフェクトで絵を描けます。書くというよりフリーエフェクトみたいな感じですね。 SketchTime :書いたプロセスを再生できる シンプルなイラストアプリ。ペンとかホントにシンプルなんですが、面白いのは再生機能。書いたプロセスを再生できるのが楽しい!   Utility My Explore:タッチでファイル操作 いわゆるエクスプローラー。タッチで操作できるのが便利なので入れてます。ファイルからアプリへのランチャーという使い方。 OneNote:ペンタブなら必須アプリです なくてはならない必須アプリ。デジタルノート。これを使わないなら Windows 8 タブレットは不要、とまで言いたいくらい。特にペンタブは。 ゲーム Game Microsoft Number Puzzle :最も操作しやすい数独 数独系では最も良くできているアプリの1つ。デジタル数独ならではの機能が盛り込まれています。本気で解きたい人も、メモを見ながらお気軽に解きたい人もストレスなくできるアプリです。ペンにも対応しているのが素晴らしい。なかにチャレンジというのがあります。解いていくとめだるがもえらえて実績がたまります。これなんか燃えます。そして変形数独も楽しい。 Microsoft Solitaire Collection:ソリティアサイコー Windows といえばソリティア。自分だけのpersonalタブレットでいつでもどこでもソリティアの世界にどっぷりと浸ることができます。音がいい。アニメーションがいい。難易度設定も種類もいい。デイリーチャレンジも楽しい。 Microsoft Jigsaw:本格ジグソーパズル ジグソーパズル。画面デザイン、操作方法、機能、ゲームのバリエーション、難易度、すべてにおいて良くできてる。こちらも同じようにチャレンジモードがありますね。ずっと楽しめるゲーム 麻雀3 @GAMEPACK :本格的な4人打ち麻雀 本格、4人打ち麻雀。まだ少なくて。麻雀って探すとみんな上海なのよね。ちゃんと打てるのでこれ。 Cut The Rope:だんだん難易度が上がって楽しー Windows Phone で出たときからお気に入りなので入れてます。遊ぶのはWindows Phone のほうが多いかな?

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Проблемы работы User Profile Service SharePoint 2013 (stopped-extension-dll-exception)

Доброго времени суток. Пару дней назад столкнулся с проблемой, которая мешала работать службе User Profile Service на тестовой площадке. Тестовая площадка была собрана и поднята с полного бекапа продуктивной среды и вроде всё работало, пока не выяснилось, что не синхронизируются профиля. А именно, новые пользователи появляются, а текущие не обновляются, если какой то из атрибутов был изменён. Начал разбираться и заметил ошибки при синхронизации профилей: Log Name:      ApplicationSource:           FIMSynchronizationServiceEvent ID:        6801Task Category: ServerLevel:              ErrorKeywords:    ClassicDescription:The extensible extension returned an unsupported error.The stack trace is: "System.Reflection.TargetInvocationException: Exception has been thrown by the target of an invocation. ---> Microsoft.Office.Server.UserProfiles.UserProfileApplicationNotAvailableException: No User Profile Application available to service the request. Contact your farm Microsoft.Office.Server.UserProfiles.ProfileManagerInstance.GetApplicationProxy()at Microsoft.Office.Server.UserProfiles.ProfileImportExportService.GetPartitionIds()--- End of inner exception stack trace ---at System.RuntimeMethodHandle._InvokeMethodFast(Object target, Object[] arguments, SignatureStruct& sig, MethodAttributes methodAttributes, RuntimeTypeHandle typeOwner)at System.Reflection.RuntimeMethodInfo.Invoke(Object obj, BindingFlags invokeAttr, Binder binder, Object[] parameters, CultureInfo culture, Boolean skipVisibilityChecks)at System.Reflection.RuntimeMethodInfo.Invoke(Object obj, BindingFlags invokeAttr, Binder binder, Object[] parameters, CultureInfo culture)at Microsoft.Office.Server.WebServiceDirectProxy.WebMethodInfo.Invoke(Object webServiceInstance, Object[] args)at Microsoft.Office.Server.WebServiceDirectProxy.Invoke(String methodName, Object[] args)at Microsoft.Office.Server.UserProfiles.ManagementAgent.ProfileImportExportDirect.GetPartitionIds()at Microsoft.Office.Server.UserProfiles.ManagementAgent.ProfileImportExportExtension.Microsoft.MetadirectoryServices.IMAExtensibleFileImport.GenerateImportFile(String fileName, String connectTo, String user, String password, ConfigParameterCollection configParameters, Boolean fFullImport, TypeDescriptionCollection types, String& customData)Forefront Identity Manager 4.0.2450.11" В первую очередь начал искать ответ в интернете и натолкнулся на статью -, в которой речь идёт о версии 2010. Но советуют пересоздать прокси к сервису приложений профилей. Remove the User Profile Service Application proxy: $proxy = Get-SPServiceApplicationProxy | where {$_.typename -eq "User Profile Service Application Proxy"} Remove-SPServiceApplicationProxy -Identity $proxy -confirm:$false Create the User Profile Service Application proxy: $upa = Get-SPServiceApplication | where {$ -eq "<name here>"}New-SPProfileServiceApplicationProxy -Name <proxyName> -Uri $upa.uri.absoluteURI И после переподключить веб приложение. Add-SPServiceApplicationProxyGroupMember [-Identity <the service application proxy group>] [-Member <members to add to the service application proxy group>] После таких телодвижений ничего не поменялось, как бы я не делал iisreset /noforce или же физически перезагружать сервер. Ничего не помогло. Дальше я начал думать, что может отличаться от продуктива в этой среде, так как по идеи две среды идентичны. Отличие было только в днс именах. Дальше я нашёл ещё один вариант решения проблемы. Необходимо запустить клиент управления службой профилей MIISClient.exe и перейти на вкладку Management Agents. В ней выбрать задачу MOSS-GUID указанный идентификатор и открыть свойства. Перейти в раздел Connection Information и указать правильный адрес к сайту центр администрирования. У меня был указан другой и я поменял на правильный. После этих действий я перезагрузить IIS, службы Forefront и даже сервер. Ничего не помогло. После 2-х часов очередных неудачных попыток восстановить сервис приложение, я всё таки нашёл ответ на свою проблему. Необходимо было просто остановить сервис приложение, через центр администрирования или же через команду PowerShell и после остановки заново запустить. После чего ошибка исчезла. Удачного Вам шарикопрограммирования :).

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Reminder: March 1, 2015 Exam Requirements Changes for Partner Programs

As previously announced in July 2014 through the Partner News Update email newsletter, PartnerSource, and various program guides, there are changes to exam requirements beginning March 1, 2015 for the following Microsoft Dynamics partner programs:   Solutions Provider Agreement (SPA)    Certified Software Advisor (CSA)    Microsoft Partner Network (MPN) ERP and CRM Competencies As part of these programs’ ongoing lifecycle, exam requirements are regularly updated per program strategy to ensure new versions of Microsoft Dynamics products and their associated technical exams and sales assessments are included in these requirements.  To reflect this, all partners must be on current product versions of exams and sales/presales assessments for Microsoft Dynamics CRM (2013 or 2015), and on current exams for Microsoft Dynamics AX (2012 or 2012 R3) starting March 1, 2015 to be able to order and claim fees.   Retiring Exams: ALL Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2011, Microsoft Dynamics CRM 4.0, Microsoft Dynamics AX 2009, Microsoft SQL Server 2008, and Microsoft SharePoint 2010 exams, along with Exam MB5-858: Managing Microsoft Dynamics Implementations will no longer be accepted toward program requirements. For full details on these changes, please refer to the “What’s Coming – Changes to Microsoft Dynamics Exam Requirements” page on PartnerSource.  If you have additional questions, you may contact 

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Export a Sharepoint List view web part

SharePoint List view web part, one of the most used Out of the box web part in any SharePoint application. Often we need to deal with this web part and some time we may need to export this as well. And here we face some issue when we  need to export a list view webpart. By default the list view webpart doesn't come  with the Export mode on,nor even there is an option to switch it on from edit panel. In my project almost 2 hour I was just struggling and tried all the means that I found on Google or Bing. Few blogs suggest Share point designer, few blog suggest some JS to be run on browser etc etc. But NO FRUITFUL RESULT and I landed up with some utter frustration. Little more searching on web part definition and internal xml structure I landed up with this quick trick. Steps 1.Open notepad and copy paste the following xml <webParts> <webPart xmlns=""> <metaData><type name="Microsoft.SharePoint.WebPartPages.XsltListViewWebPart, Microsoft.SharePoint, Version=, Culture=neutral, PublicKeyToken=71e9bce111e9429c" /><importErrorMessage>Cannot import this Web Part.</importErrorMessage></metaData><data><properties><property name="ListUrl" type="string">/Lists/DemoList/AllItems.aspx</property><property name="ExportMode" type="exportmode">All</property> <property name="ID" type="string">wp1</property> </properties></data></webPart></webParts> 2.Save the file with .webpart extension 3.Navigate to the page where I want to add the list view web part. 4.Edit the page and click on Add web part 5.In web part add pane click on the upload web part. 6.Upload the saved file it will appear under the Imported web part list. 7.Now add the imported web part to your page.Do all the require settings. 8.Export the page. Bingo the exported page contains the configured web part. My problem solved and all my struggle to export a page with preconfigured web part comes to an end.

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Microsoft Azure public cloud webinar series – register now for February sessions

This is an exciting time for Microsoft, particularly for those of us lucky enough to support our customers on their journey to the cloud. Microsoft Azure is ready for you to leverage as an extension to your Data Centre. As part of this process, in conjunction with a number of our partners we will be holding a series of webinars this February to bring you up to speed on the latest developments, possibilities and opportunities with Microsoft Azure in education. Webinar dates, topics, and registration below With the Public Cloud set to go mainstream in Higher Education this year, many institutions will be carefully considering their options around cloud platform. This can often be a confusing and loathsome process for some and to help we have dedicated even more specialist resource from within Microsoft and from our specialist partners Sol-Tec & Inframon to support the HE sector. Microsoft Azure holds ‘Official’ Accreditation from the UK government, which means that Azure is now accredited to hold & transact public sector data for business conducted at the OFFICIAL level of Security Classification. Everyone from the University of Oxford, the Met Police, the NHS through 57% of the Fortune 500 already consume Azure Services. Over the course of February we will be running a series of webinars with the aim of helping you demystify Azure, and make an informed decision about the public cloud. The webinars we currently have scheduled are as follows: Azure Licensing (Wednesday February 4th 2015 @ 12:30PM) Join Lync Meeting or join by phone +441189093000 Conference ID: 74690540 StorSimple (Friday February 6th 2015 @ 12:00PM) Join Lync Meeting or join by phone +441189093000 Conference ID: 7281405 Azure Site Recovery (Friday 13th February 2015 @ 12:00PM) Registration details TBC StorSimple (Friday February 20th 2015 @ 12:00PM) Registration details TBC Azure Site Recovery (Friday 27th February 2015 @ 12:00PM) Registration details TBC We hope to announce some more webinars for February very soon, and will update this blog with new dates as and when they are confirmed. --- What to expect in each of the webinars? Azure Licencing We will be running two tracks on licensing in Cloud, focusing specifically on Azure. The first Webinar will be taking place on 4/2/15 at 12:30. Please share the Lync conference details with anyone interested. StorSimple Cloud services are fundamentally changing how we address business challenges, far more than just virtualized physical servers and appliances; access to a geographically dispersed network requires a different mindset. StorSimple, Microsoft’s hybrid cloud storage platform capitalizes on these advances. StorSimple is a three tier storage appliance using SSD, HDD and the cloud, seamlessly managing the data between on premise and Azure. With cloud storage the 2U and 4U devices offer up to 200TB and 500TB respectively, on a highly resilient platform providing primary and archive storage, offsite backup and DR. It delivers up to a 60% saving against traditional storage costs while managing data growth. StorSimple stands as an excellent storage proposition, the current price promotions from Microsoft make it utterly compelling. Azure Site Recovery With Azure Microsoft has developed products from its existing platform and created cloud specific new ones, to accelerate the time to market the latter has tended to come through acquisition. Acquiring InMage in 2014, specifically its Scout product, has enabled the Microsoft to transform Azure Site Recovery from a useful DR tool for the Windows platform into a best of breed business continuity solution. The integration of InMage Scout means that ASR can now protect Hyper-V, VMware and Windows and Linux physical servers. ASR provides automated replication of servers and orchestrated recovery to a secondary location or Microsoft Azure. In addition ASR provides simple DR testing, the ability to temporarily migrate services and, as part of Azure, you will only ever pay for what you are using. Well be publishing more detailed breakdowns of each webinar and a reminder each week before they commence, so please keep checking back for more in formation. We look forward to seeing you next week for the first in our series of Microsoft Azure Public CloudWebinars.

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Build a SharePoint Hosted App to access list data in your Host Web using the REST API in 10 Easy Steps

One of the most widely used features of SharePoint Online is the ability to create and easily store data in a list.  In just a few clicks you are able to create a data store which is integrated with various actions: creating views, sharing, following, managing permissions, running workflows, exporting to Excel, opening with Access, alerts and the list goes on. As you can imagine, organizations quickly adopt this methodology for storing data and managing tasks.  ‘Out of the Box’ SharePoint also provides various web parts for displaying data in your lists on pages: List View Web Part, Content Query Web Part, Content Search Web Part, etc. Now what it if you wanted to aggregate your list data with data from an external data source such as a RSS feed or data API, and display them together on a SharePoint page?  How would you go about this? My current client, who has recently migrated their intranet over to Office 365, had this exact request.  They wanted to display their most recent internal blog posts from SharePoint blogs along with their external blog posts form their publicly-facing website.  One thing to keep in mind is that pretty much everything in SharePoint is in its most basic form ‘a list’.  Therefore this would just be a matter of querying the list programmatically as well as querying the associated external feeds.  Now if you search online for this type of solution you’ll find that it will be very difficult to find a straight forward example.  Most of the examples will reference accessing data from a list that is in your ‘app web’ which is the web that houses your new SharePoint App.  This is not the same as data that is in your ‘host web’ which is your actual Team or Publishing site for example. For this example I’ll simulate this scenario by creating a blog in SharePoint Online and retrieving the data.  You can then easily add the logic to access your external blog posts. These are the technologies we’ll use to do it: SharePoint Hosted App SharePoint REST API JavaScript jQuery  I’ll provide the full source code in GitHub however if you would like to reproduce this from scratch simply follow the following 10 easy steps: 1. Sign up for an Office 365 Developer Trial: I have done so and the following is my Office 365 tenant.  I have named my tenant ‘Modern Appz’ which is what I use for my various personal projects. 2. Create a Blog site below your Team Site:   3.  Next we’ll need to create a SharePoint Hosted App Project in Visual Studio.  I’m using Visual Studio 2013 Update 4:   4.  Add your new SharePoint site ( and leave the app setting to ‘SharePoint-hosted’:   5.  Sign in with your Office 365 account:   6.  Your project is now created and you are now ready to implement your custom code:   7.  Next we need to add a Client Web Part to our project which will serve as the ‘App Part’ that we will eventually add to our SharePoint page:   8.  Replace the code in the newly created ‘ClientWebPartBlogs.aspx’ page in you ‘Pages’ folder with the following: 9.  Now here’s the secret sauce to all of this.  In order for your app to read data from the host web, you need to provide the app with read permissions to the site collection.  To do so double-click on your AppManifest, click the ‘Permissions’ tab and set it to the following:   10.  We are now ready to deploy our new app to our site collection.  Simply right click the root of your project in Visual Studio and click ‘Deploy’.  Once the installation is completed you will be presented with this screen.  By clicking ‘Trust It’ you confirm that you would like to provide the app with read permissions to the host web (site collection). After you have trusted the app simply add the ‘App Part’ to your page and here you have it my friends.  This serves the basis for all list queries you will need to make from your host web :).  Download the full source code on GitHub:  Additional Resources: REST API reference and samples Working with SharePoint list data - OData, REST and JavaScript SharePoint 2013 – CRUD on List Items Using REST Services & jQuery Use OData query operations in SharePoint REST requests 

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Cloud DevCamps

Join us for a FREE hands-on day of Microsoft Azure demos and labs in a city near you! Roll up your sleeves and get ready to learn the latest Microsoft Azure dev tools and technologies. Join Microsoft experts at your local Microsoft Cloud DevCamp and leave more...(read more)

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Microsoft WebCamp – coming to a city near you!

The new release of ASP.NET and Web Tools for Visual Studio 2013 puts the power to build cutting-edge websites right at your fingertips. Even better? Once you build a beautiful, interactive site, you can easily deploy and scale it with Microsoft Azure more...(read more)

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Interview with The Entrepreneur's Library on Getting Results the Agile Way

What is Agile Results all about?   What are the most important keys to using Agile Results to master productivity, time management, and work-life balance? If you've ever wondered what Getting Results the Agile Way is all about, or want to know how to make the most of the book, this is it.  I answer these questions and more in my interview with The Entrepreneur's Library on Getting Results the Agile Way: Interview with The Entrepreneur's Library on Agile Results In this interview, Wade Danielson, the creator of The Entrepreneur’s Library, asks me the following questions: What was the inspiration behind writing this book? What makes this book different from others regarding this same topic? If the reader could only take one concept/principle/action item out of the entire book, what would you want that to be? Do you have a favorite quote from your book? If there was only one book you recommend to our listeners based on the way it has impacted your life, what would that be? Wade also gives me a chance to give a walkthrough of the book, Getting Results the Agile Way, where I explain how to make the most of the book, and what each section is really about. It’s a unique chance to get the philosophy behind Agile Results and why it’s really a personal results system for work and life.   It’s not a system that you break yourself against.  Instead, it’s a simple system for meaningful results that supports you and the way you work.  It helps you optimize your productivity by focusing on the wins that matter, playing to your strengths, and using your best energy for your best results. An amazing thing happens when you become more focused and productive … You get more out of life. And you can get more done in a day than other people get done all week.

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Bootable USB を作っておく

#win10jp こういう時期はOSのインストールUSBを作っておくと便利な場合もあります。いざとなったら戻れるように。 UEFI Boot ができるよう FAT32 でフォーマットして、そこに回復ドライブをつくる。ドライバは今の原稿の環境から C:\Windows\System32\DriverStore\FileRepository のフォルダごとそのままコピー。最後にOSのディスクのファイルをすべてコピーして完了です。OSを入れるときはこの状態でUSBブートさせるといいし、リカバリーが必要な場合は、Root にあったOSをいったんフォルダに移動して、回復ドライブの中に入れた、ブートファイルをルートに出してUSB Boot すればOK。 マシンが複数台ある場合は、回復ドライブとドライバをそれぞれ持っていればいいが、回復ドライブを作成する際にUSBメモリはフォーマットされてしまうので、回復ドライブ作成用のUSBメモリと保存&起動用のUSBメモリが必要。  

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ServiceBus Client 2.6 Nuget is now live on

Yesterday the Service Bus Engineering team updated our public nuget feed with our 2.6 client updates This update contains a lot of updates and additions directly requested from our customers. Please always use the latest Azure Service Bus packages. Release Notes The following new features/fixes are introduced in Service Bus client:  Event Hub Updates: New feature 'Send to Publisher': Add support for sending events to EventHub via specific publisher endpoints. The feature allow events to be sent with more targeted access control.  Increase reliability in EventHubConsumerGroup.CreateReceiver() call by adding internal retry logic to handle transient exceptions (using same RetryPolicy similar to other classes).  Adding Api overloads for NamespaceManager.GetEventHubPartition().  Adding PrefetchSizeInBytes property to EventHubClient, EventHubConsumerGroup, and EventHubReceiver so that user can control prefetch limit using size rather than event counts.  Adding EventData.SerializedSizeInBytes so that user has better ways to track data size usage.  Adding new properties (LastEnqueuedOffset and LastEnqueuedTimeUtc) to PartitionDescription  Adding new runtime info method EventHubClient.GetPartitionRuntimeInformationAsync() that returns new class PartitionRuntimeInformation to provide partition centric metadata.  Adding support of Amqp over WebSocket transport for Event Hubs and Messaging. To use, make sure you are using Amqp transport type, and set ServiceBusEnvironment.SystemConnectivity.Mode to ConnectivityMode.Http before any entity creation. Messaging Updates Allow user to access Tcp connection pool's LeaseTimeout property in the NetMessagingBinding.  Improve exception message when user is using the runtime/management Api for the wrong entity types.  Adding utility methods FormatTransferDeadLetterPath to TopicClient and QueueClient.  Adding EntityPath and Publisher component to ServiceBusConnectionStringBuilder and connection string format.  Adding new CreateFromConnectionString() overloads to TopicClient and QueueClient to support entity path in connection strings.   A big thank you to all our customers to requested changes and features and helped us uncover issues. This rapid update cadence is helping us to improve our service faster than ever! Also a big thank you to our excellent engineering team for all their hard work!

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WinRT shared cookies between WebView and HttpClient

I recently worked on a project where we needed to make hybrid apps, consisting of native Universal Windows apps that displayed a responsive web application in the app through the WebView control. The web application contained some resources that needed more...(read more)

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KiPi. Know it. Prove it. 28 giorni di formazione tecnica con Microsoft. Accetti la sfida?

Ciao a tutti! Prima di tutto mi presento: sono Jessica Tibaldi, nuova Technical Evangelist su Azure. :) Molti di voi sicuramente conosceranno il portale Microsoft Virtual Academy. Per chi non lo conoscesse, si tratta di un portale di formazione gratuita, all’interno del quale potete trovare numerosi video e materiali per approfondire la vostra conoscenza sulle tecnologie Microsoft. I corsi presenti sono erogati dai maggiori esperti e contengono non soltanto video lezioni, ma anche slide, laboratori e assessment per valutare le competenze acquisite. Nel mese di febbraio avrà luogo una nuova e interessantissima iniziativa nell’ambito della Microsoft Virtual Academy: Know it. Prove it. KiPi non è solo un evento, ma anche una sfida per approfondire la vostra conoscenza della tecnologia! Si tratta di un percorso di formazione, online e completamente gratuito, della durata di un mese, che avrà inizio il 1° febbraio. Iscrivetevi scegliendo tra le learning challenge disponibili quella che più vi interessa e gestite liberamente i vostri ritmi di studio nell’arco dei 28 giorni. Le aree di sfida su KiPi sono le seguenti: Ognuna di queste comprende un certo numero di corsi tecnici, avanzando nella sfida riceverete punti e badge a dimostrazione delle competenze acquisite, avrete la possibilità di interagire e confrontarvi con gli altri membri della Community KiPi, nonchè di entrare nella classifica appositamente creata. Tutto ciò che occorre fare è iscriversi qui Riceverete una comunicazione non appena verranno aperte le registrazioni ai challenge, il 1° febbraio. Non perdete l’occasione di mettere alla prova le vostre competenze ;)

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