Xamarin in 2016

  Recently I’ve been on a huge Udemy kick.  Some (most probably) would say I’ve quickly become addicted to taking advantage of all of the content that’s out there.  I mean for 20 bucks, you can get started as an Android developer, IOS, Web, etc.  For 20 bucks, you can potentially start to change your life and your career.  So, with this in mind, I’ve spent the last couple of months going through Rob Percival’s courses on IOS and Android.  While I thoroughly enjoyed the courses and feel that I’ve learned an immense amount in just a short time, I have also started to truly appreciate the power of Xamarin.  Although the courses that I went through help me better understand each platform individually, with Xamarin, I can do them at the same time, and why not?  So in this mindset, I want to do a recap of the changes that have taken place for Xamarin in 2016 and how excited I am about them. Xamarin Joins Microsoft I guess a good way to start this off would be with the fact that Microsoft bought Xamarin, something I, as a Microsoft employee and Xamarin enthusiast, am extremely excited about.  At Microsoft’s Build conference and Xamarin Evolve, we have already seen how the two have become intertwined.  Microsoft Azure, Microsoft’s cloud platform and a very crucial piece to our business,  was used frequently as the backend of choice in several demos at Evolve.  Not just that, but Xamarin did a great job of highlighting the “end to end” story of using Xamarin, Visual Studio Online, Xamarin Test, Cloud, and Hockey App for Development, Dev Ops, and Deployment of real world applications!  To sum up, with those services, one can build an app, test it, and deploy it all in the Xamarin/Microsoft stack.  One can only imagine the possibilities going forward… read more here… Everyone Gets Xamarin At Microsoft Build, some of the biggest announcements was focused on Xamarin.  First is the fact that Xamarin comes with Visual Studio.  If this doesn’t excite you immediately, maybe you don’t fully understand.  Xamarin, for indie developers, was a paid subscription previously.  I believe it was about $25 per month per platform (android and ios).  Although that wasn’t a huge amount, it was still a monthly fee that many many developers shied away from.  Now indie developers get Xamarin for free if they have Visual Studio and…Visual Studio community is already free for indies!  In addition, developers/companies with existing MSDN subscriptions will also get Xamarin included in their subscription.  This is huge because the cost for business to have access to Xamarin was much more expensive than it was for developers The second piece of the “Everyone Gets Xamarin” idea is that Mono, the Xamarin SDKs for Android and IOS, and Xamarin Forms are all being open sourced.  So, what does this mean?  It means, “.NET is now open source and native on every single device, from mobile to desktop to cloud”.  With C# being my primary language and having a huge interested in devices in mobile, this couldn’t be any more exciting.  All of my C# experience can take me to any platform out there! Check out the source code here. New Xamarin Updates In addition to the extremely exciting announcements above, there’s also been great announcements with new features, updates, and more.  To start, Xamarin Studio 6.0 was announced with Rosalyn (Microsoft’s open sourced .Net compiler), dark themes (highly requested by the community), improvements to Android and IOS designer, and so much more.  You can check this link, Xamarin Studio 6.0, for the full feature list.   One of the practical and exciting tools created is called Xamarin Workbooks which are “live documents that are great for experimenting, teaching, training, or exploring mobile development with C#.”  I think of Workbooks as very similar to the Swift Playground in XCode, but even better.  In either the Swift Playground or Xamarin Workbooks you can write Swift and C# code respectively to test a piece of code without having to create an entire new project.  In my mind, Workbooks can/will become the “blog post” of the future in terms of teaching people sample code for Xamarin. Xamarin forms has always been my favorite feature of Xamarin.  The ability to create UIs with XAML or in C# that render appropriately on the platform that it ends up running on is incredible.  As of the Evolve, there have been a couple of neat additions to Forms.  The first is the addition of Themes which gives developers access to predefined UI Elements.  For me, not being creative in terms of UI, this is fantastic.  The more I can leverage UI elements that competent designers have created the better! Another addition to Forms is DataPages which allows us to display information from web source that returns JSON in our UI using Themes.  It’s really simply, you include the url for the data source and choose a template, and poof, you’ve got an app!  I’ve always said that retrieving data and displaying it to the user is one of the most fundamental features of so many apps.  Now, Xamarin Forms can take care of most of that for us! The last feature of Forms that I want to mention is the Visual designer for XAML.  This has easily been the feature that I have wanted the most since starting with Xamarin Forms.  I have gotten so used to the designer for Windows applications in Visual Studio that a Visual Designer has been much needed, and now it’s here! Looking Forward to More in 2016 Needless to say, I’ve been incredibly excited about all of the Xamarin Announcements that have come out and can’t wait to see how things progress!

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Easy and Offline Connection to your Raspberry Pi

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MS クラウド ニュースまとめ – Microsoft R Server 一般提供, Azure Information Protectionパブリックプレビュー提供, 他 (2016/06/22)

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StorSimple Virtual Array の重要な更新をリリース: ソフトウェア バージョン 10.0.10280.0 (Update 0.2)

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Azure Premium Storage の Virtual Machines 上のクラウド アセット バックアップ機能の一般提供開始を発表

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Azure DevTest Labs 向け VSTS 拡張機能の一般提供開始

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Azure Batch で Docker コンテナーを実行

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執筆者: Adam Glick (Sr. Program Manager, Azure Resiliency) このポストは、6 月 9 日に投稿された New service-level disaster recovery guidance の翻訳です。   このたび、Microsoft Azure サービスの回復性ガイダンスのページが公開されました。このページは、サービス中断が発生した際にどのような対処が適切か明確にわかるガイダンスがほしいというご要望にお応えして作成されたものです ...read more...(read more)

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Backup Cloudera data to Azure Storage

Azure Blob Storage supports an HDFS interface which can be accessed by HDFS clients using the syntax wasb://.  The hadoop-azure module which implements this interface is distributed with Apache Hadoop, but is not configured out of the box in Cloudera.  In this blog, we will provide instructions on how to backup Cloudera data to Azure storage.  The steps here have been verified on a default deployment of Cloudera CDH cluster on Azure.  1. Go to Cloudera Manager, select HDFS, then Configuration, Search for "core-site", and add the following configuration to Cluster-wide Advanced Configuration Snippet (Safety Valve) for core-site.xml, replace with your storage account name and key: Name: fs.azure.account.key.<your_storage_account>.blob.core.windows.netValue: <your_storage_access_key> 2. Restart all Cloudera services from Cloudera Manager. 3. To test that Cloudera can access files in Azure storage, put some files in Azure storage.  You can do so by using command line tools like AzCopy, or UI tools such as Visual Studio Server Explorer or Azure Storage Explorer.  4. SSH into any Cloudera node, run the following command.  You may see some warnings, but make sure your can see the files in your Azure storage account.  Note that if you don't specify a destination folder name, you must have the trailing slash in the wasb URL, as shown in the following example: hdfs dfs -ls wasb://<your_container>@<your_account>.blob.core.windows.net/ 5. Run distcp on any Cloudera node to copy data from HDFS to Azure Storage.   # Run this command under a user who has access to the source HDFS files, # for example, the HDFS superuser hdfshadoop distcp /<hdfs_src> wasb://<your_container>@<your_account>.blob.core.windows.net/ Now you should be able to see the source HDFS content showing up in Azure storage: For more information about Hadoop support for Azure storage, please see this documentation. 

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Azure Site Recovery: Scout 8.0.1 Update 3 提供開始

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Azure Search:Power BI の検索トラフィックアナリティクスダッシュボードの更新

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