Towards a Collaborative, Coordinated Strategy for OER Implementation

Game Plan. By Rob Armes, CC BY 3.0 Today, the OER community releases the Foundations for OER Strategy Development. This document provides a concise analysis of where the global OER movement currently stands: what the common threads are, where the greatest opportunities and challenges lie, and how we can more effectively work together as a […]

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Free Music Archive launches 2015 fundraising drive

The Free Music Archive, a long-running Creative Commons music platform, is running its first-ever fundraising drive. It will run from mid-November until mid-December 2015, and is offering donors shirts and stickers at various pledge levels. The Free Music Archive has existed for many years and has provided millions of users with curated, ‘some rights reserved’ […]

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Trans-Pacific Partnership Would Harm User Rights and the Commons

The final text of the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) was released earlier this month. The gigantic agreement contains sweeping provisions regarding environmental regulation, pharmaceutical procurement, intellectual property, labor standards, food safety, and many other things. If adopted, it would be the most sweeping expansion of international restrictions on copyright in over two decades. Over the last five years, the TPP […]

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Message to our community about the Paris and Beirut attacks

It’s been a very frightening evening and a sombre morning. We are all worried for our friends around the world who are at risk. Last night we saw the attacks in Paris in Beirut, but we also know that this kind of violence is sometimes a daily reality in countries around the world not so […]

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Creative Commons offers Bassel Khartabil position as Digital Cultural Preservation Fellow

Bassel Khartabil by Joi Ito, CC BY 2.0. Bassel Khartabil is the lead of Creative Commons Syria. He’s been has been imprisoned in Syria since March 15, 2012. Bassel has been a key contributor to projects that digitize, preserve, and share cultural heritage works. The #NEWPALMYRA project was launched last month, which is an online community […]

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Creative Commons Toolkit for Business

Guest post by Fátima São Simão, CC Portugal Public Lead; Teresa Nobre, CC Portugal Legal Lead CC Toolkit for Business Handouts CC Toolkit for Business Posters CC Open Business Model Canvas At the 2013 CC Global Summit in Buenos Aires, Creative Commons launched the CC Toolkits Project, an initiative aimed at developing, collecting, and organizing […]

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US Dept. of Education proposes Open Licensing Policy. CC joins White House announcement.

    Yesterday, Creative Commons joined the U.S. Department of Education (ED) for a series of important announcements that will advance OER in grades PreK-12 across the United States. ED announced the launch of its #GoOpen campaign to encourage states, school districts and educators to use Open Educational Resources (OER). OER, made “open” by CC […]

Posted by on 30 October 2015 | 12:00 pm

White House takes another step in support for open education

Yesterday the Obama administration released an updated version of its Open Government National Action Plan. Ever since the launch of the global Open Government Partnership in 2011, participating nations have made commitments to work on initiatives “to promote transparency, increase civic participation, fight corruption, and harness new technologies to make government more open, effective, and accountable.” […]

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WIRED article highlights #NEWPALMYRA project launch

Temple of Bel 3-D model renderings, CC0 Today marks the launch of #NEWPALMYRA, an online community platform and data repository dedicated to the capture, preservation, sharing, and creative reuse of data about the ancient city of Palmyra. The project features 3-D models of ruins from Palmyra created by Bassel Khartabil, the lead for Creative Commons Syria […]

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Read the story of Bassel Khartabil, Syrian prisoner who lives and risks dying for a free Internet

The original article was written by Stéphanie Vidal in It has since been published under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International license. Please attribute author Stéphanie Vidal and as the place of first publication by linking to the original article. The following has been translated into English by Philippe Aigrain, Mélanie Dulong de Rosnay, […]

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