Report from India: Relicensing books under CC

Release of DVD containing Odia font, open source tools and Offline Odia WikipediaAhemadullah Shaikh / CC BY-SA This guest blog post was written by Subhashish Panigrahi of The Center for Internet and Society, a Creative Commons affiliate in India. My name is Subhashish Panigrahi. I am an educator currently working in the community and communication […]

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Project Gooseberry: Full-length CC BY animated film

Here at CC, we’re big fans of the Blender Foundation, which supports the open-source Blender 3D animation suite and produces beautiful animated films. The films are built entirely with open technologies and are licensed under CC BY. Big Buck Bunny, one of the early Blender films, raised a lot of awareness about Creative Commons licenses […]

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CC BY 4.0 required on U.S. Department of Labor $150M grant

Creative Commons actively works to support foundations, governments, IGOs and other funders who create, adopt and implement open policies. We believe publicly funded resources should be openly licensed resources. To support these and other emerging open policy efforts, CC is about to launch, with multiple global open organizations, an Open Policy Network and Institute for […]

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Creative Commons’ Foundation Engagement Project

Creative Commons received a grant from the William and Flora Hewlett Foundation to survey the licensing policies of private foundations, and to work toward increasing the free availability of foundation-supported works. We are still pursuing this objective, but here’s where we are at the moment. Tax-exempt private foundations are non-profit institutions exclusively devoted to benefitting […]

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CC talks with Marc Weidenbaum

This guest blog post was written by Niki Korth. If you’re in the Bay Area, come see Marc read from his new book at City Lights Thursday night and come hear Niki speak at next week’s CC Salon. Marc Weidenbaum / Jorge Colombo In 1996, Marc Weidenbaum founded the website, which focuses on the […]

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First CC0 official translation in Dutch

The first official translation of CC0, into Dutch, is now published! Congratulations to CC Netherlands and CC Belgium, who collaborated on the work. This is not just the first CC0 translation—it is the first official translation of any international CC legal tool. Under CC’s new legal code translation policy, translation teams work closely with CC […]

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Affiliate Project Grant Update: Latin America

This is the final installment in our five week blog post series on the Affiliate Team project grants. You’ve heard about projects in Africa, Arab World, Asia-Pacific, and Europe. Today, you’ll hear about projects from our Latin America region, including: a report on the evolution of the academic journals’ presence and dissemination in Chile, a […]

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Professor spends sabbatical building “50 Wise Speakers” open videos

I recently interviewed Dr. Phil Venditti, professor of communication studies at Clover Park Technical College in Washington State (USA). Phil teaches public speaking and other oral and written communication courses. In 2010 Phil learned about the Open Course Library project and became an enthusiastic adherent. Phil developed two courses in the Open Course Library, wrote […]

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Free Bassel Day

#FREEBASSEL / Kennisland / CC BY-SA As of today, CC Syria community leader Bassel Khartabil has been in prison for two years. Today, we join the worldwide open community in honoring Bassel and insisting that he be freed. Amnesty International and Front Line Defenders have produced this excellent video about why Bassel’s story is important […]

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The global CC community: building a more open world

Stay up to date with CC by subscribing to our newsletter and following us on Twitter. Alaska’s Pavlof Volcano: NASA’s View from Space (cropped)NASA Goddard Space Flight Center / CC BY The global CC community: building a more open world Over the past few weeks, we’ve been featuring some of the amazing activities of our […]

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