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ISC StormCast for Friday, March 27th 2015

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Pin-up on your Smartphone!, (Thu, Mar 26th)

Yeah, okay, I admit that headline is cheap click bait. Originally, it said Certificate Pinning on ...(more)...

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Nmap/Google Summer of Code, (Wed, Mar 25th)

The Nmap security scanner project is participating again in its 11th Google Summer of Code. We of ...(more)...

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F-Secure: FSC-2015-2: PATH TRAVERSAL VULNERABILITY, (Wed, Mar 25th)

F-Secure has announced a security vulnerability affecting their corporate and consumer protection ...(more)...

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PHP 5.5.23 is available, (Wed, Mar 25th)

From the fine folks at

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Repurposing Logs, (Tue, Mar 24th)

Keeping an eye on your logs is critical (really, its number 14 on the SANS critical list of contr ...(more)...

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Interesting Home Depot Spam, (Mon, Mar 23rd)

We get a ridiculous amount of Spam at the Internet Storm Center. " /> At first glance i ...(more)...

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