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Change in patterns for the pseudoDarkleech campaign

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Change in patterns for the pseudoDarkleech campaign, (Sat, Jul 2nd)

Introduction Im used to seeing large blocks of code containin ...

Posted by on 1 July 2016 | 10:31 pm

APT and why I don't like the term, (Fri, Jul 1st)

Introduction In May 2015, I wrote a dairy describing a SOC an ...

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Phishing Campaign with Blurred Images, (Wed, Jun 29th)

Posted by on 30 June 2016 | 1:18 am

Critical Symantec Endpoint Protection Vulnerability, (Wed, Jun 29th)

Googles Project Zero released details about a number ofcritical vulnerabilitiesin Symantecs Endpo ...

Posted by on 29 June 2016 | 2:26 pm

What is your most unusual User-Agent?, (Wed, Jun 29th)

When looking at my web logs, I am always out to hunt for anomalies. Today, after seeing some odd ...

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DDoS Extortion - Almost Universally an Empty Threat, (Mon, Jun 27th)

Last year there was an emergence of threats of DDoS against financial websites (that eventually b ...

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