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Kali 1.0.8 released with UEFI boot support, more info at

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Windows Previous Versions against ransomware, (Thu, Jul 24th)

One of the cool features that Microsoft actually added in Windows Vista is the ability to recover ...(more)...

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New Feature: "Live" SSH Brute Force Logs and New Kippo Client, (Wed, Jul 23rd)

We are announcing a new feature we have been working on for a while, that will display live stati ...(more)...

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WordPress brute force attack via wp.getUsersBlogs, (Tue, Jul 22nd)

Now that the

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App "telemetry", (Tue, Jul 22nd)

ISC reader James had just installed "Foxit Reader" on his iPhone, and had answered "NO" to the "I ...(more)...

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