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Oracle Critical Patch Update for April 2014

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Oracle Critical Patch Update for April 2014, (Wed, Apr 16th)

Oracle released its quarterly Criticical Patch Update (CPU) yesterday [1]. As usual, the number o ...(more)...

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New Feature: Monitoring Certification Revocation Lists, (Wed, Apr 16th)

------ Johannes B. Ullrich, Ph ...(more)...

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Looking for malicious traffic in electrical SCADA networks - part 1, (Tue, Apr 15th)

When infosec guys are performing intrusion detection, they usually look for attacks like portscan ...(more)...

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INFOCon Green: Heartbleed - on the mend, (Mon, Apr 14th)

We are going back to INFOCon Green today.   Things have stabilized and the INFOCon is used t ...(more)...

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Reverse Heartbleed Testing, (Sun, Apr 13th)

I wanted to know if the tools/software I execute regularly are vulnerable to scraping my syste ...(more)...

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Interested in a Heartbleed Challenge?, (Sat, Apr 12th)

CloudFlare lunched a challenge yesterday: Can You Get Private SSL Keys Using Heartbleed?[

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