Safe PST Backup

Backup Outlook PST files automatically using Safe PST Backup, a Free tool to back up and archive email. Create backup of Contacts, Calendar, Tasks or other Microsoft Outlook Personal folders with a few clicks. The backup will be done in the background regardless of whether Outlook is running or not. Safe PST Backup solution uses incremental backup model to back up and transfer only changes made to Outlook items. Schedule and automatically back up Outlook at specified time intervals or back up selected PST files manually. Multi language support. Get more with Enterprise Edition. Version 2.50

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The forensics email analysis tool MailXaminer emerges as a great standalone utility that assists techies to examine and extract evidence from both web-based as well as desktop-based email clients. With the versatile features of Mailxaminer, investigators can carve all the related evidence and create a comprehensive report of the case.

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Mail Minder

Have you ever sent an email that you wish you hadn't? The Mail Minder Add-In solves several problems related to sending email. It looks at each email before it is sent and applies the following solutions: With Delay Send the mail will be delayed by the number of minutes you specify in your settings. SafeBcc will split the BCC list into individual emails before sending. Safe Reply warns you if you are about to Reply All to an email that you were BCC'd on. This keeps your identity safe from other recipients of the email.

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itrezzo Unified Contact Manager

Sync contacts between the global address list and Outlook Contacts to access on smartphones and tablets. Unify data from multiple sources in the address books of employees mobile devices. Supports Exchange server, Office 365, and Azure AD.

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SyncPlus Redact

SyncPlus Redact protects company reputation by identifying and reducing incidents of data ex-filtration via ActiveSync. SyncPlus Redact detects sensitive information such as credit card information, and government identification numbers, and can be customized to detect other sensitive data. SyncPlus Redact “redacts” sensitive content in emails by blocking the specific sensitive content, or blocking the affected area where the sensitive content exists, or blocking the entire message. NEW: SyncPlus Redact can now report on incidents of synchronization of sensitive content, not only in email messages, but also calendar, contacts, and notes.

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