Monthly Catch-up: S75 with special co-host Willy-Peter Schaub | Visual Studio ALM Rangers

On this holiday edition show, we go take look at the current and future sprints and have a great guest dropping in where I pick his brains a little.This month we cover:[01:05] - Looking back in S75 & what is coming up in S76[04:06] - Updates[07:11] - Coming up next month[07:45] - Q&A with Willy-Peter SchaubWe are pleased to announce that the release of the Extracting effective permissions from TFS research findings, packaged in a whitepaper and samples, based on a prototype, not a production solution.Chris Margraff unblocking customer and Wouter de Kort also using the TFS Planning, Disaster Avoidance and Recovery, and TFS on Azure IaaS Guide Rangers solution.Popular LinkedIn group for those interested in discussing software development with the ALM tools is Visual Studio and TFS.Follow @wpschaub  Blog: Willy's Reflections - Visual Studio ALM RangersFollow @anishapindoriaFollow @wouterdekort  Blog:

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TWC9: Last Show of 2014, Orleans, Bing Developer Assistant, VSO news and more... | This Week On Channel 9

This week on Channel 9, Nikola and Vlad discuss the week's top developer news, including;[00:32] Orleans Goes Open Source[David Gristwood],[01:29] Bing Developer Assistant for Visual Studio [Shabbar Husain][02:52] Skype Translator – How it Works [Mo Ladha, Chris Wendt][04:34] Magic Moments and the Big Screen, with Xim 1.3 [Colleen Estrada][06:27] VSO Update, Quick code editing, backlog filtering, and more – Dec 17 [Aaron Bjork], Lightweight Web Editing with Markdown Files in Visual Studio Online [Brian Keller][07:17] A new Visual Studio Online and Team Foundation Server Features Timeline [Brian Harry][07:56] Microsoft’s IoT Developer Program Puts Windows on Little Boards[09:24] Kinect Evolution code, video and GitHub K4W Doc's too[11:20] .NET Open Source Developer Projects [.NET Community][14:29] Modernizing Legacy C++ Code [Marius Bancila]Picks of the Week!Nikola's Pick of the Week:[15:28] Announcing Office Sway: reimagine how your ideas come to lifeVlad's Pick of the Week:[16:49] C9 Team Blog - Last Week on Channel 9Cortana's Pick of the Week:[17:59] Code for Cortana's Pick of the WeekFeedback? Tell us what you think![20:19] Since this is the last show of the year, we'd like to take this time for a short retrospective and to get your feedback.What can we do better? More of (or less of)?Do you like the new host rotation?Do you like the "new" TWC9?Is the show too short or too long?Are we bringing you the right news?Something else?Please leave a comment or email us at, from all the TWC9 hosts, and the Channel 9 team, we wish you and yours Happy Holidays, Happy Hanukkah, Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!Thank you all for a great year and we'll see you all next year! :)Follow @CH9 Follow @metulev Follow @gduncan411 Follow @codefoster Follow @nisha_si Follow @vladkol

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EdgeShow 130: Inside the Azure Storage Outage of Nov 18th | Edge

In this episode of The Edge Show, Rick introduces a special interview by Larry Larson from Channel 9 talking with Mark Russinovich, CTO of Microsoft Azure about the Storage Outage that took place November 18th. Mark provides insight into what happened, how it was resolved and how the Azure team is actively working to improve the customer experience on the Azure platform as a result.The Full Blog post on the Root Cause Analysis over on the Azure blog.BlogPost: Details on the RCA (Root Cause Analysis) of the Azure Storage Outage of November 18th.We're taking a break for the holiday season. We'll be back with a new Meaner and Leaner EdgeShow format in the new year!Connect with the Edge Team:Follow @tnedgeFollow @dtzarFollow @SymonPerrimanFollow @SimonsterFollow @RicksterCDNFacebook

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Episode 164: Azure Diagnostic Improvements with Boris Scholl and Saurabh Bhatia | Microsoft Azure Cloud Cover Show

In this episode Haishi Bai is joined by Boris Scholl and Saurabh Bhatia, both Program Managers on the Azure Tools team.  Boris and Saurabh join us to discuss diagnostics improvements with the Azure SDK.  Saurabh starts by showing the new IaaS configuration page in Visual Studio which enables viewing endpoints, installing extensions, altering logging levels, and much more.  He then goes on to show how to create custom Event Sources in your code to better facilitate logging information from your applications and how to configure those event sources for your roles.  Also shown is being able to view the debug locally and see the debug information, something that will continue to be enhanced and made easier.Links from the show:Azure 2.5 SDK release notesIn the news: Azure Remote App GAIn the news: Azure Automation Script ConverterIn the news: Diagnostics for WebsitesLike Cloud Cover on Facebook!Follow @CloudCoverShowFollow @chrisrisnerFollow @haishibai2010

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Azure Websites Migration Assistant with Apurva Joshi | Azure Friday

Apurva Joshi (AJ) shows Scott how to use the Azure Websites Migration Assistant to migrate an on-premises site to the cloud in just a few clicks.

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Strategies for Adopting New Technologies | Visual Studio Toolbox

This is the fifth in a series of shows featuring speakers from the VSLive conference, which was held in Redmond in August. In this episode, Robert is joined by Miguel Castro. They discuss how you approach new technologies, and in particular, how you approach the fact that as new techniques become available, there is more then one way of doing things. Specific examples they discuss are WCF/Web API and WebForms/MVC, but the approach and the way you think about this is broadly applicable.

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Extending Exchange, Outlook and OWA across platforms and devices with the new app model | The Garage Series for Office 365

Can the new mail apps save you time to automatically generate personalized and data-driven email?  This week Jeremy is joined by Jason Henderson from the Exchange engineering team to answer this question and more. They explain not only how mail apps work, but also show how to build and preview them using Visual Studio and how apps can insert data directly from a web service into the body of an email. Jason also describes how OAuth is used to provide secure and scoped access to content, tasks or calendar as well as how an app can be written once and consume within Windows, OWA for iPad/iPhone and the upcoming OWA for Android app.

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Inside the Azure Storage Outage of November 18th

On November 18, Microsoft Azure customers experienced a service interruption that impacted Azure Storage and a few other services, including Virtual Machines. Azure Chief Technology Officer Mark Russinovich sits down with Channel 9 to provide customers with a look into what happened, along with how the team is actively working to improve customer experiences on the Azure platform as a result.

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Learning to Code: Hour of Code | Hour of Code 2014

Learn the fun of coding through this Hour of Code broadcast which teaches students of all ages how to fix and customize a game in Microsoft TouchDevelop.For additional resources check out:Try the changes made in the Hour of Code webcast at your own the finished game and try some more cool coding resources for students from

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Leverage Existing Chef / Puppet Toolsets for Management   | Azure IaaS for IT Pros Online Event

If you are a SysAdmin who already supports solutions on the Linux platform at scale, you are probably familiar with Chef and Puppet. Did you know they are also available in Azure for both Linux and Windows Machines? You can take your existing instructions and configurations and configure agents on your IaaS instances to point to your servers for deployment. Learn how to implement these amazing technologies for your Linux and Windows Azure hosted solutions.

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What's New In C# 6.0 | Connect(); Microsoft Visual Studio vNext & Azure

C# 6.0 adds about a dozen bite-sized new features to C#, all aimed at making your code cleaner and clearer. Instead of introducing new concepts, each feature makes a common coding pattern simpler, and removes boilerplate to let the intent of the code stand out. The video takes a quick tour through the new features: auto-properties without setters, methods and properties with expression bodies, member access that protects against null, interpolated strings and much more.

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Fundamentals of Visual Studio Online: (00) Introduction to Visual Studio Online | Fundamentals of Visual Studio Online

The presenters for this event introduce themselves, set expectations and provide an agenda.Full course outline:Mod 00: Introduction to Visual Studio OnlineMod 01: A Lap Around Visual Studio OnlineMod 02: Top Tips for Visual Studio Online Account ManagersMod 03: Organize and Track Work with Visual Studio OnlineMod 04: Managing Source Code with Git in Visual Studio OnlineMod 05: Managing Source Code with Team Foundation Version ControlMod 06: Automating Builds with Visual Studio OnlineMod 07: Cloud-Based Load Tests with Visual Studio OnlineMod 08: Application Insights 101Mod 09: Visual Studio Online and Microsoft Azure

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C++ in Visual Studio 2015 | Connect(); Microsoft Visual Studio vNext & Azure

Developers working on C++ projects know how important the language is to their organization, Microsoft is no different with many of our core tools and services created using C++, with the help of Visual Studio.Join us for a panel discussion with the C++ product team on how Visual Studio "14" brings many new features and enhancements to help you with improving your productivity, code quality and application performance. We'll dive into what's new in areas such as code editing, debugging and profiling, Build performance and the continued path of further C++ 11/14 language conformance.

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Microsoft Azure Platform & Tools | Connect(); Microsoft Visual Studio vNext & Azure

With Microsoft Azure and Visual Studio, you get cutting-edge cloud services and infrastructure support, tightly integrated with the world's best IDE.Join us for a panel discussion with the product team on what's new for cloud developers in areas such as Visual Studio's rich integration to Azure platform services, including the continued improvements in many key debugging scenarios. We'll also discuss how the Azure platform can power your Dev/Test and Big Data scenarios.

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Cloud development with Azure and Visual Studio | Connect(); Microsoft Visual Studio vNext & Azure

Learn how to extend your applications with Azure and ASP.NET vNext to take advantage of the cloud, and embrace new scenarios that unlock unlimited possibilities for your applications. 

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TechNet Radio: MVA Live Event - (Part 3) Modernizing Your Data Center | TechNet Radio

If you have questions about Microsoft Azure and how it can work for your data center, then look no further than Microsoft’s  Virtual Academy live online event “Modernizing Your Data Center” this upcoming Tuesday, October 28th. Register now for this FREE training seminar and have your questions answered by the experts! __________________________Experience Microsoft's latest products with these FREE downloads! Build Your Lab! Download  Windows Server 2012 R2,  System Center 2012 R2 and  Hyper-V Server 2012 R2 and get the best virtualization platform and private cloud management solution on the market. Try it FREE now! Don't Have a Lab? Build Your Lab in the Cloud with Microsoft Azure Virtual Machines. Try Windows Azure for free with no cost or obligations, and use any OS, language, database or tool. FREE Download__________________________If you're interested in learning more about the products or solutions discussed in this episode, click on any of the below links for free, in-depth information:Websites & Blogs:Matt Hester’s BlogJennelle Crothers’ BlogCloud Solutions HubBuilding Clouds blog Follow the conversation @MS_ITPro Become a Fan @ Subscribe to our podcast via iTunes, Stitcher, or RSS

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モバイル デバイスの企業利用 | Microsoft Virtual Academy – 専門家が提供する e ラーニング コース –

モバイル デバイスの企業利用

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