Edge Show 121 - Azure Resource Manager | Edge

See why Azure resource manager is so important for anyone who uses Azure, an enabler of a key DevOps practice using infrastructure and configuration as code, and learn about how it works in this demo-heavy interview with Kevin Lam, Principal Program Manager at Microsoft. We also demo the newly released Role Based Access Control (RBAC) feature inside of Microsoft Azure.More specifically at [06:23], we cover:What is Azure Resource Manager? Resource Groups, Management Layer, RBAC, Deployment Templates[10:12] Demo: PowerShell to view and download deployment templates[11:28] Demo: Viewing the deployment template from the gallery[12:00] Demo: Understanding some deployment template fundamentals[15:04] Demo: Understanding the parameters template file[16:15] Demo: Deployment of the infrastructure and application using the custom template via PowerShell[17:12] Why might you use deployment templates and Azure Resource manager for provisioning over other methods like native PowerShell, Microsoft Azure Markup Language (MAML), Chef, or Puppet?[17:55] Demo: Visualization of Resource groups in the new Azure Portal[21:00] Demo: Assigning permissions using Role Based Access Control (RBAC)News:Windows 10 preview is here!Windows Blog PostBusiness Blog PostWindows Insider ProgramRegister for the Azure Resource Manager LIVE Jumpstart October 9th or view the course recording at a later datehttp://aka.ms/arm-devopsConnect with the Edge Team:Follow @tnedgeFollow @dtzarFollow @SymonPerrimanFollow @SimonsterFollow @RicksterCDNFacebook

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.NET Micro Framework | Visual Studio Toolbox

In this episode, Robert is joined by Olivier Block and Salvador Ramirez, who talk about and show the just released beta update to the .NET Micro Framework SDK, which adds support for Visual Studio 2013. Olivier and Salvador show how easy it is to write C# applications that run on resource constrained embedded devices, including sensors and robots.Resources:.NET Micro Framework team blog.NET Micro Framework website.NET Micro Framework on CodePlex

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"Bill Fink on Kinect for Windows"

Technology And Friends hosted by David Giard recently interviewed Bill Fink, Microsoft Technical Evangelist, where, as you guessed it, they talk Kinect for Windows...Episode 335 - Bill Fink on Kinect for WindowsMicrosoft Technical Evangelist Bill Fink describes some cool things you can do using the Kinect with and without an Xbox.Project Information URL: http://technologyandfriends.com/SubText/archive/2014/09/15/tf335.aspxContact Information:Blog: http://technologyandfriends.comFollow DavidGiardFollow @WhatsTheBigITFollow @CH9Follow @Coding4FunFollow @KinectWindowsFollow @gduncan411

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2C24U (Two Construct 2 posts for you)

It's been a while since we've highlighted Construct 2, the cross platform game maker, Jump into HTML game dev with the free Construct 2, so when I saw today's items I had to get them out to you as soon as I could...Today we've got a great series from MVA that will jump start your Construct 2 effort and we close with a super list of free Construct 2 game templates.Developing Games with Construct 2Are you interested in becoming a game creator? Want to make the next Flappy Bird? Look no further than Construct 2, a cross-platform HTML5 game creator designed specifically for 2D games. It supports multiple platform exports, including free export to Windows Phone and Windows 8.Join experts James Quick and Shahed Chowdhuri for this engaging session. Learn to build a fun and engaging 2D game in just an hour, with no previous experience, using the popular "drag-and-drop" tool. Watch exciting step-by step demos, and see how easy it is to set up Construct 2, build games, and publish to the Microsoft platform. You can even get blog posts and video links to supplement your learning. Don't miss this chance to get started creating games!FREE Game Templates in Construct 2Hello guys, I have been creating several game templates that should help you to get a faster and polished products, or help you to learn Construct 2 much faster.In the following weeks I should find some time to polish these templates and get them all up to date. You will notice that some are more polished in their behaviors and graphics. Also, to get them ready for Github I should make certain that I have translated all comments and should create a nice description of the project.In any case, I hope you enjoy the templates, many more should be available soon.• Roguelike Alienhttp://bit.ly/myrogueTop down adventure with randomly generated scenarios. Virtual thumbstick for touch controlled devices. Keyboard support. Polished art from @KenneyWings. Shadow management for Mobs. Full game already published in the store: http://bit.ly/roguealien• Chili ZombiesSide scrolling shooting. Gamepad implementation. Ready to use mouse, keyboard and touch.• The FallingGame that I reserved to explain in around 45 mins to students. Many of the videos in my channel (https://www.youtube.com/user/kanedarkon/videos ) explain the details of this one.• Doodle BombsPlatformer with my own kind of twist. Perfect to explain the bullet behavior.• Falling XmasXmas themed platformer.• Flappy In the StormRiding the Flappy Bird wave. Using a C2 template I polished and completed a full game.• Pumpkin EscapeMy take on Doodle Jump. Infinite jumper with a few twists like falling zombies.• Santa Vs ZombiesMy kind of Xmas. Infinite Runner.• S G RunnerOne of my first infinite runners. Not the best, but simple to modify.• S G StormCopter like game.• Super GMy first Infinite Jumper. It has inclinometer support.• Tainted Love(Yes, I do like to created stupid links that put weird ideas in your head. I have issues, I know :)Valentine’s themed platformer.• Super G InvadersNot the best graphics, but it was my take on Space Invaders.You may see that some games are incredibly much more polished than others, and that is because I was learning about C2 at the same time I was publishing the games. So, you should be able to find games for all tastes and expertise levels.[Click through for the links for all the above templates]Follow @CH9 Follow @Coding4Fun Follow @gduncan411

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Ping 223: CastleStorm, xBox One Comedy Central app, Inbox Personality Rules, MSFT Hardware and Home Automation | Ping!

Hey everybody! Welcome back to Ping!  It's episode 223, which is country code, not an area code.  Travel schedules and studio availability got the best of us this past week - sorry about that!  As a bonus - there were LOTS of comments on 222 - so much so, we took the first 9 minutes of the show talking about them all!  But we digress....We talk about your suggestions about the coolest cooler and more these stories that we've been pinging each other about...[09:09] CastleStorm: Definitive Edition available for xBox One[10:22] Cancel Your Plans: Comedy Central's Now on xBox One[11:37] Give your inbox a personality with Advanced Rules in Outlook.com[14:12] Microsoft Creates a keyboard for iOS and Android tablets[15:37] Microsoft Wireless Display Adapter[18:15] Insteon integrates with Microsoft Cortana for voice control in the home [14:32] Question of the week! What commands would you like Cortana to respond to with Home Automation? Chat with us throughout the week using  #PingShow on TwitterLike us on Facebook http://facebook.com/ThePingShow@MarkDeFalco @RicksterCDN 

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ICTV028: Eyenaemia Meets Bill Gates | Imagine Cup TV

John and Golnaz are back for a new season of Imagine Cup TV and they've got big news: the 2014 Imagine Cup World Champion, Team Eyenaemia from Australia, have returned to Seattle for their meeting with Bill Gates! 

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CodeChat 012 - James Lau (OneNote API) | CodeChat

The full power of OneNote is available to developers to do epic stuff through the OneNote API. James Lau is the lead program manager on the OneNote API team and on this instance of CodeChat he gives us the run down on the power of OneNote itself, the ease of using the API, and a tour of the various apps that have already harnessed the API for great user scenarios. 

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Defrag Tools #108 - Sysinternals SysMon - Mark Russinovich | Defrag Tools

Mark Russinovich and Thomas Garnier join Andrew Richards in this episode of Defrag Tools. We talk about their new tool - Sysinternals System Monitor.System Monitor (Sysmon) is a Windows system service and device driver that, once installed on a system, remains resident across system reboots to monitor and log system activity to the Windows event log. It provides detailed information about process creations, network connections, and changes to file creation time.Resources:Sysinternals System Monitor (SysMon)Rogue Code - A NovelTimeline:[00:00] - Rogue Code - The new cybersecurity novel[00:55] - Announcing: Sysinternals System Monitor (SysMon)[04:17] - Released August 7th 2014[04:42] - Command Line[05:55] - Case of My Mom's Chronically Infected PC[12:20] - Sysinternals AutoRuns - Scheduled Tasks[15:08] - 64Mb Event Log - weeks of activity[16:59] - Email us your issues at defragtools@microsoft.comAuthors:Mark Russinovich is the Chief Technology Officer for Azure and co-founder of Sysinternals.Thomas Garnier is Senior Security Software Developer in Trustworthy Computing. 

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Luc Bealieu of Frima Studio

This year at the Unite 2014 conference in Seattle, Jaime Rodriguez, Principal Program Manager, was able to sit down and talk with Luc Bealieu, Chief Director of Technology at Frima Studio.

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The Veil

This year at the Unite 2014 conference in Seattle, Christine Clark, Co-Founder of Wayward, joined Jaime Rodriguez to talk about The Veil , an immersive game with a great audio/visual story released exclusively for Windows Phone. The Veil won 3rd place on the Porting Unity Games to Windows contest.. This first chapter in The Veil is free; download it from the Windows Phone store. To learn more about the great offers (free software, devices, promotion opportunities) available to Unity developers porting to Windows mentioned in the video, check out http://www.wpdevcenteroffers.com/.

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TWC9: BKVM Updated, VS 2013 Update 4 CTP2, .NET Micro Framework for VS 2013 and more... | This Week On Channel 9

This week on Channel 9, Brian and returning special guest host Charles Torre discuss the week's top developer news, including;[00:33] Visual Studio 2013 Update 4 CTP 2 (And More) Available (John Montgomery)[01:40] Now Available: Update 3 refresh of Visual Studio 2013 ALM Virtual Machine [Brian Keller], http://aka.ms/ALMVMs[02:41] .NET Micro Framework now supports Visual Studio 2013[03:46] New Update for Windows Phone Preview for Developers (Brandon LeBlanc)[04:32] Ultimate Guide & FAQ to Setting-Up a Windows Phone Development Environment (Nick Landry)[06:12] Prototype Windows Phone App in SketchFlow (Sanjay Sharma)[06:50] Under the hood of the new Azure Portal (Justin Beckwith)[08:46] Reactive Extensions RX in Action the movie (Jim Wooley)[10:48] Microsoft’s Cube debuts at Decibel, creating a one-of-a-kind digital dance party (Aimee Riordan)Picks of the Week!Charles' Pick of the Week:[14:07] Programmer Tweet of the WeekBrian's Pick of the Week:[15:46] Defrag Tools #106 - Larry Osterman - 30 Years - Part 1 [Larry Osterman, Larry Larsen, Andrew Richards, Chad Beed]Charles' Larry's Cool Dev Pick of the Week:[16:47] ContentPrefetcher class Admin Note: There's no show next week, October 3rd, 2014. We'll be back with a special show on the 10th. See you then! Follow @CH9 Follow @briankel Follow @Carmine007 Follow @gduncan411

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Windows Compatible Hardware Development Boards Launch Event (Morning Session) | Windows Compatible Hardware Development Boards

An event for the Sharks Cove hardware development board from Intel. We will demonstrate how it can be leveraged by developers for driver development and see how our Partners have successfully used this platform to further their business.

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Day 4: Post Award Ceremony Wrap-Up | Imagine Cup World Finals 2014

John and Golnaz discuss the highlights of the Imagine Cup World Finals 2014 Award Ceremony in this post wrap-up video.

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Day 3: Interviews with India, Canada and Korea Teams | Imagine Cup World Finals 2014

Golnaz catches up with the teams from India, Canada and Korea while they present their projects to Microsoft Employees at the company showcase.

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Day 3: Hands-On Judging and Partner Awards | Imagine Cup World Finals 2014

Today the competition took place at Microsoft and consisted of hands-on judging. Each judge spent fifteen minutes with each team, testing out their project directly. At the end of the judging we had a showcase for Microsoft Employees to come see the finalists and their projects. Also, John announces the winners of the partner awards.

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Day 2: Live Presentations | Imagine Cup World Finals 2014

It is day 2 of the Imagine Cup World Finals and the heat is on! It is the first day of competitions with the start of the live presentations. Each team has ten minutes to present their project to a panel of judges, followed by ten minutes of questions and answers. Golnaz catches up with some teams after they finish presenting and we get a sneak peek into the dorm rooms where the students are staying for the week. 

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2014 Imagine Cup World Championships | Imagine Cup World Finals 2014

We'll award prizes to the first, second, and third place teams in the Games, Innovation, and World Citizenship categories. And then the three first-place teams will compete live onstage to see who takes home the overall Imagine Cup trophy and gets a private meeting with Bill Gates.

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