Windows 10 Devices | Windows 10 Devices

The journey of personal computing has taught us this simple lesson: no single device will be the hub of activity forever. The hub is you.

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Command Line Tools for Apache Cordova with Kirupa

In the second video in this Apache Cordova series Kirupa introduces us to some new command line tools to make creating apps much easier (in the OS of your choice). The tooling is very straight forward and has an awesome site to boot! Enjoy.Some useful links:Tools for Apache Cordova

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Getting Started with Apache Cordova in Visual Studio

I wanted to learn how to get started with Apache Cordova in Visual Studio so I took a walk over to Kirupa's office and had him explain it to me (on camera to boot). We had a tiny problem where my screen grab died for some reason when he ran the project so you don't actually get to see the result - this exercise is left to the viewer :)Couple of links that might be helpful (and tools we used):Ionic Visual Studio TemplateVisual Studio Tools for Apache CordovaMSDN DocumentationI'm looking forward to see what you've built! If you have an app that you built using these tools let me know (in comments below)!

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Developing for the Cloud with Matt Nunn | The DEVintersection Countdown Show

Host Richard Campbell chats with Matt Nunn on the DEVIntersection Countdown show about the on-going evolution of tooling for developers building software with Microsoft Azure. The new Azure App Service Architecture makes it easy to use your corporate identity across applications that utilize Microsoft and third party products. Learn more about what you can develop in Azure at DEVIntersection at the MGM Grand in Las Vegas, October 26-29.Register Now!

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Vitruvius: Your Need for Kinect Dev Speep Solution

Vangos Pterneas, Friend of the Gallery has just released one of the most exciting Kinect foe Windows products I've seen in a long time. Being a Kinect MVP, he's heard and seen all the questions, needs and wants of the Kinect Community, and in this one package (of which there's a free to platinum tiers) he seems to touch all the bases!Vitruvius: Developing Kinect apps in minutesDuring the past few months, I have been quite inactive. It was for a good reason, though. My team and I have been working on an ambitious project that helps Kinect developers build apps faster. I would like to introduce Vitruvius.What is Vitruvius?During the past few years, Kinect developers from all over the world have been creating outstanding Kinect apps, utilizing the power of Kinect SDK 2, Computer Vision, complex Mathematics, and Linear Algebra. Kinect development is hard and demanding. Through my blog posts (and your 600 comments), I have been trying to simplify the process and make it easier for students, researchers and engineers.Kinect development should be fun.So, after three years of professional experience and a lot of successful commercial projects, I developed a framework that accomplishes hard tasks using a few lines of code. Please welcome Vitruvius.Vitruvius is a set of tools, utilities, controls and extensions that simplify Kinect development.FeaturesVitruvius is already used by big companies and institutions out there. I was proud to learn that NASA, XEROX and Michigan State University are actively using Vitruvius into their internal research projects.Here’s exactly what’s included:Avateering (3D model animation)Animating a 3D model using Kinect is a very tough process. Not any more. Vitruvius lets you animate your FBX rigid models with one line of code! Never worry about the joint orientations or the complex Mathematics you need to apply. The following line of code animates a 3D model:..Angle calculationsCalculating the angle between selected joints is also a matter of one line of C# code. Calculating an angle will help you take human body measurements with accuracy. You can specify the target axis (X, Y, Z) or simply calculate the angle in the 3D space. Vitruvius also provides you with a handy Arc control to display one or multiple angles on top of a body:...HD Face ExtensionsKinect SDK includes the most powerful Face API in the world. Face and HD Face APIs lets you access over 1,000 facial points. Vitruvius provides an easy-to-use Face class that is populated with Eyes, Nose, Chin, Cheeks, Jaw and Forehead properties. No need to mess with the thousands of points. Accessing the facial properties has never been more straightforward:...Bitmap manipulation & Background removalConverting a Kinect RGB, depth, or infrared frame into an image is, indeed, confusing. Bitmaps are handled by each programming platform. For example, XAML represents bitmaps using the WriteableBitmap class. Unity supports Texture2D. Vitruvius supports everything! We access the raw data of any Kinect frame and convert it to the corresponding image format....Coordinate MappingKinect developers have been struggling to convert points between the 3D world-space and the 2D screen-space. Kinect SDK includes CoordianteMapper, a useful tool that converts between camera space and depth/color space. Vitruvius simplifies Coordinate Mapping with the Vector and Point functions:...Body ExtensionsHandling body data effectively is a core part of my Kinect philosophy. A lot of people ask me how to identify the closest body, the number of the tracked joints, or the height of the players. The built-in Body class provides a lot of great information, but there is always something missing. Vitruvius fills these gaps and gives you everything you need to create a solid experience for your NUI applications:...Gesture detectionNatural User Interfaces are strongly relying on gestures. Gestures help users accomplish tasks easily using their hands or body. Vitruvius supports waving, swiping, and zooming....Documentation & SamplesVitruvius supports WPF, Windows Store and Unity3D. There is extensive MSDN-like documentation for every platform.Documentation for WPF and Windows StoreDocumentation for Unity3DThe following demos are included in the Download section:AvateeringAnglesFaceFitting RoomFrame ViewGesturesGreen ScreenAdditionally, Vitruvius integrates amazingly well with your existing projects, too. No need to re-invent the wheel or change your coding style. Simply call any function you want from your existing code. It’s that simple!PerformanceWe are taking performance seriously. Vitruvius is designed to use as few resources as possible. It only consumes what’s really necessary. There are no duplicates or unnecessary copies. Everything is real-time. As long as your computer meets the standard Kinect SDK requirements, you can use Vitruvius at no risk.Project Information URL:, Vitruvius.Project Download URL: Information:Blog: VitruviusFollow @CH9Follow @Coding4FunFollow @KinectWindowsFollow @gduncan411

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Defrag: Windows 10 Upgrade Tips, Microsoft IoT Starter Kits, Windows To Go and more... | The Defrag Show

Microsoft tech troubleshooter extraordinaire Gov Maharaj and I help walk you through troubleshooting solutions to your tech support problems. If you have a problem you want to send us, you can use the Problem Step Recorder in Windows 7 (see this for details on how) and send us the zip file to We will also be checking comments for problems, but the email address will let us contact you if needed.[00:57] What counts as “changed file” for Windows Search? (link) [01:43] Errors 0xC1900101 -0x20017 when upgrading from Windows 7 to Windows 10Gov: Uninstall nero, and all ATI\AMD software, and ASUS VGA driver, PC-Wizard, spyware blaster, virtual clone drive, spybot, ASR appcharger, CCleaner, instantboot, Logitech camera driver[08:28] Permission denied when editing specific Registry Key [10:16] Upgrade from Windows 8.1 to Windows 10 tips for problem systemsGov: Zip and share $windows.~bt\sources\panther[12:35] Error 0x80004005 when upgrading to Windows 10 (Install these, x86 or x64) [13:13] Learning to program for the blindDaniel Hubbell, who drives accessibility on Windows and he spoke with a blind developer who provided this: Unfortunately there isn’t a short answer. In my experience both JAWS and NVDA work partly and both have issues. And this is the challenge when you are trying to learn a new skill because you are learning both the skill and the accessibility of the environment. To be clear Narrator, Window-eyes and everything else have issues. The best resource I know is the program-l email list where many developers who are blind exchange information.[15:01] Cannot create recovery drive for Windows 10 Pro 32 bit [16:11] Is it possible to use my Surface Pro 2 as a live-view monitor for my DSLR camera (Canon 5D Mk2) (link) [17:26] Windows 8.1 activation problem after factory restore [17:49] Is Cortana only available on the phone? (link)Pick of the Week:[19:22] Microsoft IoT Starter Kits (link) Pick of the Week:[20:24] IronKey Workspace W200 Windows To Go (link)Follow @CH9 Follow @larryla Follow @gduncan411

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OfficeDevShow - Episode 14 - Getting Started Experience on Dev Office | Office Dev Show

OfficeDevShow - Episode 14 - Getting Started Experience on Dev OfficeIn this episode of the Office Dev Show, Keyur Patel takes us through the brand new Getting Started guided experience on Developers can now register their app in Azure AD right from the site, as well as obtain their authentication details for their app. The Getting Started experience also supports additional guided walk-throughs for building add-ins as well as connecting to the Office 365 APIs through various languages and technologies. Go check it out today: Happy Coding!

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First look at Skype Meeting Broadcast | Office Mechanics (formerly Garage Series)

On today's show we take a look at the new Skype Meeting Broadcast. Greg Baribault from the Skype team joins Jeremy Chapman to explore what it is, how it works, and demonstrate new producer capabilities for managing the broadcast

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Monthly Catch-up: S89 with special co-host Casey O'Mara | Visual Studio ALM Rangers

In this show, we go take a look at sprint 89. We also talk to Casey O'Mara, who drops by the studio. We find out what he has been working on and we get an insight into Casey's world.This month we cover:[00:31] - Looking back in S89.[02:02] - More about Casey's role and focus.[04:06] - Why Casey is an ALM Ranger.[05:05] - Casey's involvement with some of the projects.[10:13] - Casey's favourite projects.[17:12] - Why Anisha prefers British chocolate.References:Team Foundation Server 2015 upgrade planning: a few discussions and checklists to help with planning an upgrade.Upgrade your deployment to the latest version of TFS: MSDN documentation.ALM Ranger solutions: A library of out-of-band tooling and practical guidance, Extensions, and Community solutions.ALM Ranger publications: A library of supplementary videos, books, publications and papers created in addition to the guidance and tooling solutions.Follow @wpschaub Blog: Willy's ReflectionsFollow @anishapindoriaFollow @casey_omara

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Tuesdays with Corey: Out and About - John Ashenden, Head of Design at Mesosphere | Tuesdays With Corey

Corey Sanders, Director of Program Management on the Microsoft Azure Compute team takes the show on the road! Rick and Corey are in San Francisco talking with a number of partners who offer services in Azure and other ecosystems.  In this episode - Corey drops by the Mesosphere office and talks with John Ashenden, Head of Design for Mesosphere.Don't forget - we're always looking for Suggestions and Questions here in the comments section OR via twitter #AzureTwC. You never know - you might make it to an upcoming episode and be a virtual star of the show - like THIS one!Post any questions, topic ideas or general conversation here in the comments OR online on via Twitter.Follow @CoreySandersWAFollow @RicksterCDN Follow @ashenden 

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CodeChat 042 - Antsquare Creates a Digital Neighborhood Marketplace | CodeChat

Jacob Whitish (@whitishj) is a business development manager at Antsquare ( and joined me this week on CodeChat to talk about their startup, what it's like as a bizdev type to work with us dev types, and more.Antsquare is a great startup that is billing themselves as a community marketplace. They essentially become a digital  means by which local buyers and sellers can discover each other and conduct marketplace transactions quickly and safely. It's pretty exciting.Do you think developers tend to overestimate or underestimate the timeline of a story? What can a developer do to work and communicate effectively with other groups such as business development, marketing, and sales. Jacob weighs in on these questions and more.I hope you enjoy the episode. Especially the part where we accidentally show bare buns on screen! Please do take a chance to drop a comment down below. Let us know what you think, ask the guests a question, or recommend something for a future show.As always, you can find me online at or on Twitter @codefoster.

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Writing Good C++14 | CppCon 2015

Presentation Slides, PDFs, Source Code and other presenter materials are available at: do we use C++14 to make our code better, rather than just different? How do we do so on a grand scale, rather than just for exceptional programmers? We need guidelines to help us progress from older styles, such as "C with Classes", C, "pure OO", etc. We need articulated rules to save us from each having to discover them for ourselves. Ideally, they should be machine-checkable, yet adjustable to serve specific needs.In this talk, I describe a style of guidelines that can be deployed to help most C++ programmers. There could not be a single complete set of rules for everybody, but we are developing a set of rules for most C++ use. This core can be augmented with rules for specific application domains such as embedded systems and systems with stringent security requirements. The rules are prescriptive rather than merely sets of prohibitions, and about much more than code layout. I describe what the rules currently cover (e.g., interfaces, functions, resource management, and pointers). I describe tools and a few simple classes that can be used to support the guidelines.The core guidelines and a guideline support library reference implementation will be open source projects freely available on all major platforms (initially, GCC, Clang, and Microsoft).

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Building apps with the intelligent cloud | AzureCon 2015

Apps are key to transforming and growing your business. Apps define your customers' experience, empower employees’ success and underpin critical business processes but can take time to show results. Hear from organizations how building on the Azure application platform is accelerating their business transformation and driving rapid results.

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Journey to the intelligent cloud | AzureCon 2015

Cloud is helping business and technical leaders worldwide turn the digital disruption into their advantage. How can you do the same? Gain insights from organizations successfully transforming using cloud, hear best practices first hand from customers and learn about some of the latest Microsoft innovations to enable your journey to the cloud.

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Uncle Bob on Software Practice | That Conference 2015

Uncle Bob, one of the original creators of the Agile Manifesto, discusses software engineering practice and how the industry needs to evolve to have a culture of carefulness. It was a fascinating discussion with a software engineer with tons of experience: I learned a lot!

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Cory House on ReactJS | That Conference 2015

Cory was kind enough to spend some time introducing React through a simple example. He also describes how React co-mingles the markup and the code by using JSX. It was a fascinating explanation and demo!

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The Universal Windows Platform | Developer’s Guide to Windows 10

Take a look at how Windows 10 brings a single platform experience to many different devices and how Windows tooling and .NET Native provide developers with a great opportunity to create amazing apps.

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