Real World IT - The App for That! 101 of SharePoint Apps (1st of 5) | Real World IT

Get help understanding how to find the app for that!  Check out this first of five episodes on the SharePoint app model. This is level 100 content for SharePoint enthusiasts and is presented by Audrie Magno-Gordon, Microsoft Certified Office Specialist for SharePoint 2013 who currently is working in Microsoft IT in the Seattle area.  Comment below this video and as Audrie to review your favorite Office App.Learn More:Office App Store@BeITReady Twitter Feed

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David Renton's Kinect Games v5 now available and updated for the Kinect for Windows v1 SDK, v1.8

David Renton, Kinect MVP and Friend of the Gallery has updated his cool Kinect for Windows v1 games to use the features of the v1.8 SDK..Kinect Games v5 using Kinect SDK v1.8This update has been coming for a long time and was actually pretty much complete before the summer, but I’ve been so busy with my new role at College that I haven’t had a second to package it up and get it out. The new version of my Kinect educational games makes use of the latest Kinect SDK (v1.8) for the original Kinect for Windows, using the new SDK brings some performance boasts in itself. However the main thing that this release adds is the new X-Ray mode in my NoNeed4Green program (the green screen without a green screen). Press X once to show a skeleton overlaid on whoever is standing in front of Kinect, press it again to show just a skeleton avatar. I’m sure all you innovative educators out there can think of uses for this in the classroom.Download the new version of Kinect Games from here. It requires Windows 7 or Windows 8 and a Kinect for Windows v1 or Kinect for XBOX360 with external power supply....Project Information URL: Information:Blog: http://drenton72.wordpress.comFollow drenton72Follow @CH9Follow @Coding4FunFollow @KinectWindowsFollow @gduncan411

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Defrag Tools #104 - Writing a Debugger Extension Part 8 | Defrag Tools

In this episode of Defrag Tools, Andrew Richards and Chad Beeder continue a series on writing a Debugger Extension for the Debugging Tools for Windows. The series is based on a 3 part MSDN Magazine series that Andrew wrote back in early 2011.Resources:Writing a Debugging Tools for Windows Extension - Part 1 - March 2011Writing a Debugging Tools for Windows Extension - Part 2 - May 2011Writing a Debugging Tools for Windows Extension - Part 3 - June 2011Timeline:[00:00] - Vacation pics...[03:40] - Output Callbacks (a.k.a. text capture)[07:22] - IDebugClient::SetOutputCallbacks[07:44] - IDebugClient::SetOutputMask[08:28] - IDebugClient::CreateClient[11:31] - IDebugOutputCallbacks (ANSI Text capture)[14:17] - Running the code... DML is stripped[16:55] - IDebugOutputCallbacksWide (UNICODE Text capture)[18:30] - IDebugOutputCallbacks2 (DML Capture)[20:05] - GetIntereskMask - DEBUG_OUTCBI_xxx[22:09] - Output2 - Which: DEBUG_OUTCB_xxx[23:50] - Running the code... DML is printed as Text, not markup[24:19] - Next week - Debugger Markup Language (DML)[26:24] - Source Code ( is on the OneDrive[26:30] - Email us your issues at

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Hosting your own Visual Studio Gallery with the Inmeta Visual Studio Gallery

In the United States, today is Labor Day so I thought I'd not only highlight something Visual Studio related but also some kind of labor saving project. I scanned my queue, looked at a few projects and while they were interesting, they just didn't feel right. Then at the bottom of the list, there it was, today's post. I've had it queued for many months, waiting for the right time...Why this project on Labor Day? It's something that can save you a good bit of labor, help you in your day to day dev world and it's just kind of cool.Cool? Imagine your own, inside-the-firewall nuget gallery. You can use this to help manage version hell with third party components, or share components on networks that are not connected to the internet, but more importantly you can use this to provide a very cool in-house way to share your components with your peers and teamsThere are commercial (with free community editions) products to do this, like ProGet that might be more feature complete, but we get the source with this one! woot!Sure you can share packages, create Private Galleries, with just via file shares or atom feeds, but having a web site to search, upload, download and edit is nice and professional feeling. Sure it's not a complete Visual Studio Gallery site, but it's much better than a file share and since you've got the source, you can make it one!Inmeta Visual Studio Extension Gallery – version 2.0This year at the second MVP summit I presented a new solution for hosting a private extension gallery. Since then I have finished up the code and put it up on the CodePlex site so you can use it as you want to.In this blog post I will walk through the background and how you deploy and use the solution.Note: The sourcecode is available at as a new 2.0 release. I have branched the original source code so that it is still available.BackgroundLittle more than a year ago, I blogged about how to host your own private gallery for hosting Visual Studio extensions. The solution that I put up on CodePlex ( was a ASP.NET web service that scans a folder or share and generates the corresponding Atom Feed XML that Visual Studio expects when browsing extensions, using the Extension Manager. See the blog post for details on how this works.Although this solution works fine (we are using it internally at Inmeta) there are some things that have been nagging me:There is no easy way to upload or update extensions.Since the file system is the data storage, the service rescanned the whole structure on every request, which could become a bottleneck when the number of clients and/or extensions increaseI miss some of the features that are available in the “real” Visual Studio Gallery, such as showing the number of downloads and the average rating of each extensionThe last bullet is what made start looking at how this works in Visual Studio. As you know Visual Studio comes with two extension galleries by default, the Visual Studio Gallery and the Samples Gallery:The standard Visual Studio Gallery When selecting an extension here, Visual Studio shows among other things how many downloads this extension has, and the average rating together with the number of votes. Also it shows icons for the extension and a small preview image when selected. It is also possible to search on different metadata, such as popularity, number of downloads or most recent for example. All in all, this is a much nicer experience than what the was possible using the official private extension gallery mechanism.When I dug into the details of how this works, it turns out that Visual Studio internally uses a completely different protocol for communicating with these two galleries. It uses a standard (but completely undocumented) WCF SOAP service with the following interface:...So, with a (lot of) help from Fiddler I decrypted the protocol that was used and managed to implement a service that works in the same way that the Visual Studio Gallery does.Solution The new version of the Inmeta Gallery is a ASP.NET web application that consists of three parts:A WCF service implementing the IVsIdeService interfaceAn ASP.NET web application where you can upload and rate visual studio extensionsA SQL database for storing the extensions.Inmeta Visual Studio Gallery overviewThis makes it easy to deploy, it is just one web application that contains both the service that VS communicates with and the web application where you can browse and upload the extensions.The web application is simple, it shows the 10 most downloaded extensions together with the same information that you see in Visual Studio, and you can search extension by name or description....DeploymentServerThe CodePlex release for this solution is a simple web deploy package, that you can deploy to a local or remote IIS web server. I’ve attached the standard files from the Visual Studio publising wizard, so you’ll get the command files that simplifies the deployment, See for information on creating and deploying a Web Deploy Package using Visual Studio. Note that the web application is using Entitiy Framework Code First which means that it will try to create the database the first time the code is executed. In order to do so, it must have proper permission on the target SQL server of course. If you need to deploy the database in any other manner, just download the source code take it from there.ClientIt is not possible to add a private extension gallery of this type using Visual Studio, it will always create a Atom Feed gallery extension point. Since these settings are stored in the registry, it is easy to do this using a .reg file.The registry settings for a Visual Studio Gallery looks like this:[Click through for the entire post, reg tips and more][Also here's the project's codeplex site again too]Well I couldn't share this without trying it first!Grabbing the latest source, the project compiled and ran for me the first time with no problems at all (well, once I installed SQL Server... fun how app's complain about not being able to connect to a data source, when clearly the dev wrote that a SQL Server was required... funny that! Anyway.. a somewhat quick download of SQL Server 2014 [might as well use the latest version, right?], install and the app ran the first time with no problems at all)Here's a couple snaps of the Solution;And of the site running on my system...... with a visx I grabbed off the net to share... :)Finally proof that I can use this just like the Visual Studio Gallery, right from within Visual Studio;If you've been dreaming of having your own internal Visual Studio Gallery, one where you can play with the code, the Inmeta Visual Studio Gallery is waiting for you...

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Episode 008 - Michael Palermo (JavaScript and Such) | CodeChat

In this episode of CodeChat, I steal some time after recording some MVA courses in an alternate studio to have a chat with Michael Palermo who, like me, is a DX Evangelist for Microsoft. Also like me, Michael is in the JavaScript space and having fun with it. In our conversation we explore the current position of JavaScript and speculate about its future.

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TWC9: Lots of new Azure, VSO Stakeholder love, updated Kinect v2 SDK, "HyperDog?" and more... | This Week On Channel 9

This week on Channel 9, Brian and Dan discuss the week's top developer news, including;[00:19] Azure: New DocumentDB NoSQL Service, New Search Service, New SQL AlwaysOn VM Template, and more (Scott Gu)[03:35] Visual Studio Online - Stakeholder License (Soma), Stakeholder license is live (Brian Harry)[05:03] Updated preview Kinect for Windows v2 SDK now available[06:04] Exception.StackTraceEx - better exception stacktrace for async code (Lucian Wischik)[07:13] How to run Background Tasks in ASP.NET (Scott Hanselman)[08:41] ASP.NET Web API Documentation using Swagger (Taiseer Joudeh)[10:40] .NET Compiler Platform SDK Templates[12:32] .NET Compiler Platform Syntax VisualizerPicks of the Week!Dan's Pick of the Week:[13:16] Capture Your Canine’s Exploits With the New GoPro Dog Mount (Christina Bonnington)Brian's Pick of the Week:[14:31] Cardboard SurfaceFollow @CH9  Follow @briankel Follow @danielfe Follow @gduncan411

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Cloud Cover 151: Azure Machine Learning with Parmita Mehta | Microsoft Azure Cloud Cover Show

In this episode Chris Risner and Haishi Bai are joined by Parmita Mehta, Program Manger on the Azure Machine Learning team.  Parmita gives an overview of the new Azure Cloud Machine Learning Service.  Using the Cloud ML service, Parmita demonstrates how you can create experiments to detect patterns in data.  In the example shown, Parmita uses Cloud ML to predict family income level based off of census data.  This is tested using modules pre-built by MS Research, Xbox, and Bing!  After building and testing out an experiment, Parmita shows how easy it is to push the experiment to production as a web service which can be used to run individual tests or batches.Links from the show:ML StudioMachine Learning landing pageMachine Learning BlogMachine Learning ForumsLike Cloud Cover on Facebook!Follow @CloudCoverShowFollow @chrisrisnerFollow @haishibai2010

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Edge Show 116 - Docker on Azure | Edge

Learn how to get started running Docker on top of Microsoft Azure IaaS and understand some fundamentals of Docker in this demo-heavy interview with Andrew Weiss, ASSC Consultant at Microsoft.  After you've got the fundamentals down from this interview you might want to check out the more advanced topic of running Kubernetes on Microsoft Azure for container cluster management.More specifically at [07:25], we cover:What is Docker?[09:32] How does Docker relate to anything Microsoft?[10:28] Demo: Getting started Docker commands, Azure cross-platform CLIGetting the Azure image listCreate the Ubuntu Linux + Docker VM[16:34] Recap of what just happened and options on where to deploy containers[17:45] Why run your Docker containers on Azure versus locally?[19:03] Demo: Provisioning an application on top of Docker (in containers) on Azure Show the Docker VM in the new Azure portalOpening up endpoints to the Docker VM via Azure xPlat CLIGetting information about remote Docker host via Docker commandsPulling down mongo image from the Docker repository to the Azure Docker VMPulling down sample web app image from the Docker repository to the Azure Docker VMConfiguring the Docker container to utilize the new imagesAssign private IP address for the imagePassing environment variables to and initializing the containerOpening up the application running in the Docker container on the Azure cloud service[28:20] What options might you have to configure the environment after it is initially provisioned?[31:45] Where can people go to learn more?MS Open Tech: Docker support on Microsoft AzureMicrosoft TechNet Blog - PowerShell DSC for Docker and LinuxNews:MVA Live Event on Open Source Software at Microsoft : September 3-4New MVA course: Automating the Cloud with Azure AutomationNew MVA course: Corporate Apps Anywhere Anytime with Azure RemoteAppCloud Ecosystem PosterSysinternal tools updatesAZ Copy 2.5 updateAzure PowerShell DSC extension addedConnect with the Edge Team:Follow @tnedgeFollow @dtzarFollow @SymonPerrimanFollow @SimonsterFollow @RicksterCDNFacebook

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Cloud Cover Tip of the Week: Kubernetes Visualizer | Microsoft Azure Cloud Cover Show

In this week's Tip of the Week, Michael Blouin, a Microsoft intern, comes to the studio to show off the Azure Kubernetes Visualizer project he did with the team during Microsoft's first company-wide hackathon. The project visualizes pod/container management of a Kubernetes cluster running on Microsoft Azure, leveraging the recently announced Azure support for Kubernetes.To find out more about the project, please read this article. The source code of the project is also available at @CloudCoverShowFollow @chrisrisnerFollow @haishibai2010

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Managing iOS, Android, and Windows devices with identity-based access and Office 365 | The Garage Series for Office 365

In this week's show, Jeremy Chapman and Mark Kashman follow last month's Extreme Office 365 Mobility and Off-Road Rally Challenge episode to tell the IT pro story about managing user access and devices ranging from Android and iOS to Windows and Windows Phones. They'll discuss user-pivoted data access and catch up with long time Exchange ActiveSync (EAS) engineer, Greg Baribault, to discuss the evolution of EAS, Allow/Block/Quarantine (ABQ) and OWA for Devices apps. They'll also show the EAS controls in action as they demonstrate device wipe versus selective wipe and take an early peek at the upcoming Office 365 Admin app.Stay up to date with the latest shows at the Windows Phone app or the Windows 8 appFollow @OfficeGarage on twitter

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Ping 220: ReddX, Skype update, White House dress code, Ballmer moving on, and more | Ping!

Hey everybody! Rick is back and he brought with him a new old toy to show off.  Welcome him back and get the latest news that we're pinging each other about![06:05] ReddX: reddit App for Xbox One Available Soon[07:44] Skype Chat notifications rebuilt around you[09:02] The White House Gives Up on Making Coders Dress Like Adults[12:29] Steve Ballmer steps down from Microsoft board[14:24] Fibbage: The Hilarious Bluffing Party Game is Now Available on Xbox One [15:45] New AccuWeather app for Windows Phone includes minute-by-minute precipitation forecast for your location Question of the week! What's your dress code? Chat with us throughout the week using  #PingShow on TwitterLike us on Facebook @RicksterCDN

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Windows Compatible Hardware Development Boards Launch Event (Morning Session) | Windows Compatible Hardware Development Boards

An event for the Sharks Cove hardware development board from Intel. We will demonstrate how it can be leveraged by developers for driver development and see how our Partners have successfully used this platform to further their business.

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Day 4: Post Award Ceremony Wrap-Up | Imagine Cup World Finals 2014

John and Golnaz discuss the highlights of the Imagine Cup World Finals 2014 Award Ceremony in this post wrap-up video.

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Day 3: Interviews with India, Canada and Korea Teams | Imagine Cup World Finals 2014

Golnaz catches up with the teams from India, Canada and Korea while they present their projects to Microsoft Employees at the company showcase.

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Day 3: Hands-On Judging and Partner Awards | Imagine Cup World Finals 2014

Today the competition took place at Microsoft and consisted of hands-on judging. Each judge spent fifteen minutes with each team, testing out their project directly. At the end of the judging we had a showcase for Microsoft Employees to come see the finalists and their projects. Also, John announces the winners of the partner awards.

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Day 2: Live Presentations | Imagine Cup World Finals 2014

It is day 2 of the Imagine Cup World Finals and the heat is on! It is the first day of competitions with the start of the live presentations. Each team has ten minutes to present their project to a panel of judges, followed by ten minutes of questions and answers. Golnaz catches up with some teams after they finish presenting and we get a sneak peek into the dorm rooms where the students are staying for the week. 

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2014 Imagine Cup World Championships | Imagine Cup World Finals 2014

We'll award prizes to the first, second, and third place teams in the Games, Innovation, and World Citizenship categories. And then the three first-place teams will compete live onstage to see who takes home the overall Imagine Cup trophy and gets a private meeting with Bill Gates.

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