Training the Trainer, the Windows 10 Dev Workshop

Sometimes the best way to learn a subject is to teach it. Yet teaching can be hard, developing the course and resources can take a great deal of effort. Adding in a new technology is a difficulty multiplier.What if I were to share with you an already completed workshop? Resources, doc's, decks, code, student materials and more?WinDevWorkshopHands on Workshop for Windows 10 Developer TrainingThis workshop is based on the full Windows Dev Camp set of materials, which is in turn based on the "Developer's Guide to Windows 10" which was produced as a set of on demand video training on both Channel 9 and Microsoft Virtual Academy.The purpose of the Workshop is to provide a more interactive developer training experience that minimizes lecture in favor of more instructor led lab experiences.Each module contains a minimal PPT deck and one or more 'hands on labs' for direct delivery in a classroom setting.The lab manuals and solution files for this module have been moved. All hands on labs are now in their own repo at so that they can be easily downloaded independently of the slide decks.The day long agenda consists of the following modules, each 60 minutes split between PPT and LabIntro to the Universal Windows PlatformAdaptive UILive Tiles & NotificationsEdge & Web AppsCloud Enabling your AppMCP with CortanaMPC & App Services without CortanaStore & MonetizationWindows-Readiness/WinDevHOLsHands on labs for Windows 10 UWP app development topicsThese hands on labs provide a training experience where developers can learn through doing, learning about key UWP development topics by performing step-by-step labs.These labs are also included as part of the workshops found at They are provided here in this repository to provide a simple, smaller download than the workshop. Additional labs will be made available here in the coming weeks.Follow @CH9 Follow @coding4fun Follow @gduncan411

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One Dev Question with Raymond Chen - Error Reporting in Windows

The 'One Dev Question with Raymond Chen' video series is part of the One Dev Minute channel.  In this series, longtime Microsoft developer and semi-official Windows historian Raymond Chen covers a series of questions about Microsoft Windows development, team culture, and/or history.  If you have additional questions for Raymond, please add your questions in the comments section below.  You can also find out more development details about Windows and its history on Raymond's blog.

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Web Application Compatibility Inside Windows 10 | Inside Windows Platform

In this weeks' episode we will take a look at the browsers inside Windows 10, Microsoft Edge and Internet Explorer 11. We will help answer questions such as, why does Windows 10  have 2 browsers, how do I think about this in the context of web app compatibility, guidance on your long-term web app strategy, and what you should be doing the short term.Next StepsWeb Application Compatibility Lab KitLearn: Prepare your Enterprise for Windows 10 as a ServiceTry: Windows 10 free evaluationTry: Windows 10 Virtual LabsMore ResourcesTechCenter: Windows resources, tools and guidanceWatch: Get the inside track from Microsoft expertsConnect: Join the Windows conversation on TwitterGartner Magic Quadrant: Leader in Client Management Tools 

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The Ops Team #005 - "Stuntman" | The Ops Team

The Ops Team is a new weekly show where 4 Technical Evangelists specializing in IT Operations get together to give you the deets on their 4 areas of expertise: Microsoft Azure/Cloud, On-premises datacenter technologies, Enterprise Mobility / Windows and DevOps. This week on The Ops Team, the guys are scattered across the globe, with Rick and Matt 'down under', on the Gold Coast, speaking at Microsoft Ignite Australia 2015. Simon hits the UK, followed by Florida, while David is confined to his office!In the news, Rick brings you up to speed on some the Azure-specific announcements from the Connect(); // 2015 event. Matt makes a global announcement that both the Technical Preview 4 of Windows Server 2016 and System Center 2016 are available and discusses some of the new capabilities that are in the release. David discusses some of the DevOps-related materials available at the Connect(); // 2015 event via his tiny video window and finally, Simon spills the beans on some new capabilities coming to Intune.As an added bonus, this is the first episode with a couple of outtakes that are definitely worth watching! Stay watching through the end of the closing animation! ;) Apologies for the wind noise, but if you watch the outtakes, you'll understand!Here's all the links and info on the topics we covered, along with the time stamps to jump to specific points in the video.Global Cloud Datacenters with Rick Claus[03:11] - Announcements from the Connect(); // 2015 event[06:07] - Azure Stack[07:11] - Ignite Australia Sessions on Channel 9On-Premises Systems with Matt McSpirit[08:43] - Announcing Windows Server 2016 and System Center 2016 TP4[09:49] - What's new in Nano Server in TP4[11:47] - Hyper-V Containers and Nested Virtualization[13:19] - My sessions at Ignite Australia 2015DevOps with David Tesar[14:20] - DevOps sessions at the Connect(); // 2015 event[15:23] - DevOps Enterprise Summit - Jeffrey Snover sessionEnterprise Mobile/Gadgets with Simon May[16:33] - Microsoft's Security Posture and Cyber Defense and MAM without enrollmentWhat do you think? Send us an email, comment below in the comments area on Channel 9, or tweet us at @TheOpsTeam.Follow @TheOpsTeamFollow @dtzarFollow @mattmcspiritFollow @RicksterCDNFollow @simonster

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Our Reaction to the News & Announcements Made at Connect(); //2015

What would happen if we got a bunch of devs together on a Skype call to discuss all of the brand new announcements made during last week’s Connect(); //2015 conference? Do you think they’d say something they shouldn’t have or maybe geek out about a brand new feature say in Visual Studio or ASP.NET 5? Well, you’re about to find out, so tune in now! [1:14] Visual Studio Code beta release[4:04] ASP.NET 5 RC[5:25] Docker tools for Visual Studio RC[6:51] Cross Platform Development[8:19] Visual Studio Dev Essentials[9:25] Visual Studio cloud subscriptions[11:48] Android Development in JavaScript in Visual Studio[14:20] Using “R” in VS[14:31] What’s a pirate’s favorite language?[15:00] Visual Studio 2015 Update 1[17:10] Node.js Tools for Visual Studio 1.1. RTM[20:45] Google collaboration? Follow the conversation @msdev Become a Fan @ Subscribe to our podcast via iTunes, Windows Phone Marketplace or RSSIf you're interested in learning more about the products or solutions discussed in this episode, click on any of the below links for free, in-depth information:Websites & Blogs: Michael Palermo's BlogBret Stateham’s BlogJeremy Foster’s BlogDaniel Egan’s BlogPaul DeCarlo’s BlogAdam Tuliper’s BlogConnect(); //2015 On-Demand Sessions

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Monthly Catch-up: MVP Rangers with Brian Harry | Visual Studio ALM Rangers

In this special show, we have Brian Harry in the studio, who gets interviewed by some of the MVP ALM Rangers during the MVP Summit. We have Etienne Tremblay, Mathias Olausson and Vladimir Gusarov who stop by the studio and ask some burning questions.This month we cover:[00:17] - Quick intro.[01:05] - Etienne: How do MVPs help the direction of the product?[02:43] - Etienne: Comparing the interaction between customers and MVPs.[03:46] - Etienne: What sparked you to create Visual Source Safe and thoughts on the evolution of version control?[08:55] - Mathias: How has the DevOps trend changed the way you work at Microsoft today?[10:56] - Mathias: How do you see the extensibility model fit into the DevOps story?[13:49] - Vladimir: What is your vison for evolving testing and lab management as it is getting less attention?[20:20] - Vladimir: Great to see the 3 week release cadence with release notes, but why haven't you put that great internal expertise in release tracking into the product? [23:38] - Brian's closing remarks on the ALM Rangers.Follow @wpschaub Blog: Willy's ReflectionsFollow @anishapindoriaBrian Harry:BlogEtienne Tremblay:Follow @tegaaa        BlogMathias Olausson:Follow @molausson       BlogVladimir Gusarov:Follow @Hussar77        Blog

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Defrag Tools #146 - WinDiff | Defrag Tools

In this episode of Defrag Tools, Andrew Richards and Chad Beeder talk about WinDiff. A tool used to compare folders and files.Timeline:[01:20] - WinDiff[02:55] - x64 version available on Defrag Tools OneDrive[04:53] - File or Directory compare[10:22] - Alt-B (Both), Alt-L (Left), Alt-R (Right)[11:40] - F7 (Previous Change), F8 (Next Change)[13:00] - Outline/Expand (Esc)[14:44] - Tab Width (4 characters instead of 8 characters)[18:00] - Email us your issues at

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VS Code Beta, OSS, Extensions and more

Last week was a very exciting week. The Connect(); //2015 event was held and about a million things were shown and announced. Some of the cooler announcements revolved around VS Codev0.10.1 (November - Beta 2015)With this release, we mark our official Beta milestone and the big news is that VS Code now supports extensions (plug-ins) and is open source!VS Code Supports Extensions!VS Code has great features out of the box but now you and the community can extend VS Code to add new features and languages.Extension GalleryFind and install cool extensions by searching VS Code's public extension gallery. There you'll find new themes, snippets, languages and tools.Extensibility SDKIf you don't find an existing extension that meets your development needs, you can create your own. We've added extensive documentation on how to extend VS Code and a full extensibility API reference. In addition, we provide the tools to you need to create and publish extensions.Yo Code Extension ScaffoldingWe've updated the yo code generator to create a basic extension project (TypeScript or JavaScript) which has all the metadata and source files necessary for a working extension.Extension PublishingThe vsce publishing tool lets you easily package and publish your extension. You can share your extension with colleagues by distributing a VS Code extension package or publish your extension for the community on the public gallery.Extension samplesIf you'd rather start your extension by modifying a working example, you can find extension samples as well as the source code for many extensions on GitHub (Go Language Support).VS Code is Open Source!You spoke and we listened. With this release, VS Code development is now open source on GitHub.Add TextMate SnippetsAnother addition to the yo code generator is the option to add TextMate Snippets (.tmSnippets) to VS Code. Run yo code, select New Code Snippets and specify a folder containing TextMate snippet files. The generator will convert them to the VS Code snippet format and create a VS Code extension for your own use or to share on the gallery. The generator also supports Sublime snippets (.sublime-snippets).Debugging - Debug Console ImprovementsColored text output to highlight diagnostic errors and warningsSupport file path links with line and column information for quick source code navigation.  Debugging - Easy Variable SelectionDirectly add selections to the Debug Console and Watch window with two new editor commands:Debug: Evaluate - add the text selection to the Debug ConsoleDebug: Add to Watch - add the text selection to the Debug Watch windowDebugging - Debug environment configurationWhen you create your initial debug configuration (launch.json), VS Code now asks for your specific debug environment (Node.js, Mono) and creates a launch.json specific to that environment. VS Code also detects the type of request ('launch' or 'attach').Debugging - HoverDebug hover behavior has been improved: it is now possible to hover over object properties or variables that are not in the top stack frame.Debugging - Node.jsStarting with this release, we are now launching the Node.js debug target in the internal VS Code Debug Console. This eliminates the tedious management of external console windows and brings program output and the Node.js REPL closer together. Since the Debug Console does not support programs that need to read input from the console, the external console is still available and you can enable it by setting the attribute externalConsole to true in your launch configuration.Improved Syntax HighlightingWe updated all our syntax highlighters to emit tokens which are compatible with TextMate themes. Custom color themes now work with all languages, including HTML and CSS....Language - PHPVS Code is now using the official PHP linter (php -l) for PHP language diagnostics. VS Code will now stay current with PHP linter improvements.Languages - Workspace relative TypeScript versionIf you want to use a newer version of TypeScript, you can define the typescript.tsdk setting pointing to a directory containing the TypeScript tsserver.js and the corresponding lib.*.d.ts files. This setting now supports relative paths so you can easily share this workspace setting with your team and use the latest TypeScript version (npm install typescript@next)....The coolest announcement was that VS Code itself is now open source.Visual Studio Code - Open Source Code is a new type of tool that combines the simplicity of a code editor with what developers need for their core edit-build-debug cycle. Code provides comprehensive editing and debugging support, an extensibility model, and lightweight integration with existing tools.The vscode repository is where we do development and there are many ways you can participate in the project, for example:Submit bugs and feature requests and help us verify as they are checked inReview source code changesReview the documentation and make pull requests for anything from typos to new contentContributingIf you are interested in fixing issues and contributing directly to the code base, please see the document How to Contribute, which covers the following:How to build and run from sourceThe development workflow, including debugging and running testsCoding GuidelinesSubmitting pull requestsRelated ProjectsMany of the core components and extensions to Code live in their own repositories on GitHub. For example, the node debug adapter and the mono debug adapterFor a complete list, please see the Related Projects page on our wiki.LicenseMITThe fun thing is to use VS Code to compile VS Code. Following the instructions on How to build and run from source I was able to prep, and compile VS CodeIf you are looking for a code focused editor, that you can extend and is OSS, you have to check out VS Code.Follow @CH9 Follow @coding4fun Follow @gduncan411

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TWC9: Connect();'ing to Dev's, A Bridge to iOS, Early Ignite, Minecraft, Windows is 30 and more... | This Week On Channel 9

This week on Channel 9, Mark and Vlad discuss the week's top developer news, including;[00:25] Connect(); On Demand[01:23] Announcing .NET Core and ASP.NET 5 RC [Rich Lander][02:42] News and Announcements at Connect(); //2015 [John Montgomery][03:36] Announcing Public Preview for Visual Studio Team Services Code Search [Biju Venugopal][04:32] Windows Bridge for iOS: Where we are and where we are headed [Adam Denning][05:21] Today at Connect()—introducing the Microsoft Graph [Rob Lefferts][07:18] Get an early look at Microsoft Ignite 2016 with Mark Russinovich[08:21] Shipping a New Mindset with SQLite in Windows 10 [Usman Anwer][10:34] Using The Gamepad API In Web Games [Charlie Walter][12:18] Microsoft and Team Up to Bring Minecraft to Hour of Code,, http://education.minecraft.netPicks of the Week!Vlad's Pick of the Week:[13:51] ‘Future Visions’ anthology brings together science fiction – and science fact [Athima Chansanchai]Mark's Pick of the Week:[15:45] Windows turns 30: a visual history [Tom Warren]Please leave a comment or email us at @CH9 Follow @MarkDeFalco Follow @metulev Follow @vladkol Follow @gduncan411

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Defrag: Power Management Tweaks, Tons of Windows 10 Tips, Keeping your Desktop Clean and more... | The Defrag Show

Microsoft tech troubleshooter extraordinaire Gov Maharaj and I help walk you through troubleshooting solutions to your tech support problems. If you have a problem you want to send us, you can use the Problem Step Recorder in Windows 7 (see this for details on how) and send us the zip file to We will also be checking comments for problems, but the email address will let us contact you if needed.[00:32] Power Management Tweaks [04:54] Battery/Charging Suggestions[07:21] Opening multiple instances of Calc [08:03] Windows 10 boot speed question [Check Display Driver] [08:53] Hiding One Drive for BusinessGpedit.msc -> admin templates -> windows components -> onedrive -> prevent the usage of onedrive…[09:39] Windows 10 Enterprise on VMware Horizon View [Grid GPU and Drivers] [10:42] Dealing with a "Perma-pressed" Windows 10 Key [11:38] Stuck in a "Checking for Updates" mode [Check Time] [12:28] Windows Explorer, Show Extensions tips with creating new files [13:02] When upgrading to Windows 10, do all Windows 8.1 Updates have to be applied first, can you go from Windows 8.1 RTM to Windows 10? [14:29] Keeping installers from adding icons to the DesktopPick of the Week:[16:12] Using the Surface Pro 4 Type Cover with Fingerprint Reader on a Surface Pro 3 Pick of the Week:[17:02] Happy? Sad? Angry? This Microsoft tool recognizes emotions in pictures Pick of the Week:[18:29] Windows IoT Pick of the Week:[19:22] Battlefront comes out next week!!! [Defraghost] Pick of the Week:[21:29] A Look Behind the Latest Envisioning VideoFollow @CH9 Follow @larryla Follow @gduncan411

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A First Look at Azure SQL Data Warehouse | Data Exposed

Today's episode of Data Exposed welcomes to the studio Stuart Padley, Group Program Manager in SQL Engineering, and Miso Cilimdzic, Principal Software Engineering Manager to give us a first look at Azure SQL Data Warehouse, Microsoft's fully-managed, scalable, data warehouse service. Stuart and Miso first dive into an overview of SQL Data Warehouse, it's capabilities and great features as we discuss topics including scale and performance, the benefits of having MPP (Massively Parallel Processing) capabilities in the cloud, and the overall backbone of SQL DW.Miso and Stuart then wow us by spending the majority of the show demoing 1) How to Create a SQL DW, 2) How to visualize data in a SQL DW with Power BI, 3) How to Connect to a SQL DW using Visual Studio, and 3) How to monitor SQL DW with the Azure Portal. The beauty of these demos is that it really showcases how easy it is to work with SQL DW because Stuart was able to demo all of this in less than 20 minutes using the online documentation. It is hard not to get excited watching Stuart, at roughly the 9:50 point in the video, open PowerBI right from the portal, connect to an existing SQL DW, and within minutes have a fully functional dashboard. AMAZING!At roughly the 14:00 mark, Stuart and Miso show us SQL DW integration in Visual Studio, providing connecting directly into an existing SQL DW. Stuart shows us how easy it is to query Azure SQL DB and some of the available DMVs, and even better, shows us the EXPLAIN command which gives us full insight into the distributed query process in SQL DW. Awesome stuff!Back in the portal, Stuart and Miso show off the Query Activity Window, the ability to Pause a DW, the ease of scaling a SQL DW, and auditing. Lastly, Miso and Stuart demonstrates one of the methods of loading data into SQL DW. In this example, Stuart uses the awesome Polybase functionality also now available in SQL Server 2016 to load data from a CSV file into his Azure SQL DW. For more information on Polybase, see our Data Exposed video here.Fantastic video and introduction into Azure SQL DW! Lots more videos to come on this topic so stay tuned to Data Exposed!For more information on SQL Data Warehouse visit:

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Introducing ASP.NET 5 and Web Tooling | Connect(); // 2015

ASP.NET 5 has been re-imagined from the ground up to provide a faster development experience, best in class performance, full side-by-side support, and cross platform support for Linux and Mac. In this video, Scott Hunter gives an overview of what's new in ASP.NET 5 and provides a short demo of the new tooling inside of Visual Studio 2015

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Microsoft Graph (/v1.0) | Connect(); // 2015

The Microsoft Graph exposes intelligent insights that Microsoft builds in the cloud, by bringing together smart machine learning algorithms with a wealth of data and user behavior. Using the Microsoft Graph you can access information about users, groups, files, messages, calendar, contacts, notes, tasks, and more, all under a single endpoint. This video covers functionality available under the /v1.0 version of the Microsoft Graph.

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Introducing the Visual Studio 'C# REPL' | Connect(); // 2015

The Interactive Window is an interactive environment that helps you quickly learn APIs, play with language features, and experiment with other .NET technologies by providing you with immediate feedback.

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Satya Nadella : Empowering every person and every organization to do more | Innovation et Tech, quel sera votre métier demain ?

Satya Nadella, CEO MicrosoftAmir Netz Technical Fellow, Microsoft Business Intelligence

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Welcome/Introduction and Doing Data Science with FsLab | fsharp + ML |> MVP Summit 2015

In the brief introduction, you'll learn about the F# ecosystem. How does the F# Software Foundation, the F# team at Microsoft and the open-source community around the F# language work? What interesting projects are there, both inside Microsoft and in the community? And how to get in touch and join the community?The ability to take data, understand it, visualize it and extract useful information from it is becoming a hugely important skill. How can you turn all those logs, histories of purchases and trades or open government data, into useful information that help your business make money?In this talk, we'll look at doing data science using FsLab, an F# library for data science. The F# language is perfectly suited for this task – type providers integrate external data directly into the language – your language suddenly understands CSV, XML, JSON, REST services and other sources. The interactive development style makes it easy to explore data and test your algorithms as you're writing them. Rich set of libraries for working with data frames, time series and for visualization gives you all the tools you need. And finally – F# easily integrates with statistical environments like R, giving you access to the industry standard libraries.

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The Microsoft Cloud Platform for Developers | Connect(); // 2015

Just a command line or a click away - you now have the power to tap into dozens of global data centers and enact your will.  Publish a website in seconds on Azure App Service, add Machine Learning intelligence with a couple of API calls, connect your "internet of things" or roll your own web stack from scratch in a VM – the choice is yours.  In this demo-packed talk, Scott Hanselman will show you just how easy it for any developer to deliver mind blowing next-generation web applications and services powered by the cloud.    The demo used in the keynote can be found in the repo at The samples in the repo are used to present an end-to-end demo scenario based on a fictitious B2B and multitenant system, named "" that provides different websites, mobile apps, wearable apps, and services running on the latest Microsoft and open technologies.

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Building apps with .NET – ASP.NET & .NET Core | Connect(); // 2015


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