TWC9: Microsoft Band, TechEd Europe 2014, Office 365 API's, HTML5 Final, a special guest and more... | This Week On Channel 9

This week on Channel 9, Vlad and Nikola discuss the week's top developer news, including;[00:26] Band on the run - Microsoft Band, the first wearable powered by Microsoft Health, keeps fitness and productivity insights a glance away,,[01:23] Microsoft delivers wave of innovation at TechEd Europe[01:54] Missed TechEd? See it on demand[02:15] New Office 365 extensibility for Windows, iOS, Android and web developers[02:40] New MS Open Tech SDKs Make it Easier to Connect Android and iOS Apps to Office 365 Services [Doug Mahugh][03:12] TypeScript and the Road to 2.0 [Jonathan Turner][04:06] Upcoming Changes in Visual Studio Architecture and Design Tools [Jean-Marc Prieur][04:46] Apache Cordova and WinJS [Josh Rennert][05:52] NET Serializers Comparison Chart (Sebastian Krysmanski)[06:40] Visual Studio GenerateResource Error Building on Windows 10 [Nick Randolph][07:25] A Different Angle: What is AngularJS? [Jeremy Likness][08:03] W3C Declares HTML5 Standard Complete [Frederic Lardinois], Celebrating HTML5 Recommendation with the W3C [IEBlog]Picks of the Week!Nikola's Pick of the Week:[09:00] AeroMobilVlad's Pick of the Week:[09:53] Use C# to script in Unreal Engine 4 now, courtesy of Xamarin [Dave Voyles], Mono for Unreal Engine [Miguel de Icaza]. Sharp just got real!Cortana's Pick of the Week: [11:26] Microsoft Research: A New, Deep-Learning Take on Image Recognition (Kaiming He and Jian Sun)Follow @CH9 Follow @vladkol Follow @metulev Follow @gduncan411 Follow @codefoster Follow @nisha_si

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GoingNative 31: Easy Parallelization with Parallel STL | C9::GoingNative

Our show at this time dons a most festive theme,As we bid you good viewers, "Happy Halloween!"Join us this day in our episode,With one neat little trick to parallelize your code.Perhaps you scarce know how to do this task well,Until you've had a go with Parallel STL!With code that, once changed, still so simply reads,It's -- dare I say -- spooky! (with its simplicity)But the basket of treats is not quite yet gone,For parallel stl (dot) codeplex (dot) comIs a great way for you to be part of the force,That influences the future of C++'s course!And now I shall cease from extending this rhymeFor there's already the video to take up your time ;)P.S. Please welcome Mr. Carroll!

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Episode 160: Event Hubs with Elio Damaggio | Microsoft Azure Cloud Cover Show

In this episode Chris Risner and Haishi Bai are joined by Elio Damaggio, Program Manager on the HyperScale Computing Team.  Today Elio talks about Event Hubs which just went GA, is a new feature of Service Bus which enables you to ingest events into the cloud at massive scale.  This is a critical service for taking data from many different sources including common IoT scenarios.  Elio demonstrates a very simple console application which sends messages up to an EventHub.  He then creates an Event Processor which handles processing those messages.  Event Hubs handles scaling out to however many processors you want.  Event Hubs makes use of the standard AMQP protocol so you can submit information to an Event Hub from nearly any programming language with an available library.  Links from the show:Event Hubs landing pageAnalyzing sensor data with Storm and hbase in HDInsightApache QPID project - AMQP LibrariesLike Cloud Cover on Facebook!Follow @CloudCoverShowFollow @chrisrisnerFollow @haishibai2010Follow @ElioDamaggio

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Making the Internet of Things - "SkrillTrex" -The Dubstep Dino

Happy Halloween ghouls and goblins! In today’s “terrifying…ly” clever show, Stacey Mulcahy walks us through Project #1 in her Internet of Things (IoT) series ...a dubstepping dino built with Arduino and Processing!! If you’ve ever had the desire to drop some bass with a dino dubbing puppet (or anything else other than your typical midi boards dj’s use) then look no further than SkrillTrex! WUB WUB WUB!! _______________Find a full step-by-step tutorial of this project and others on our #idevthis look-book. Share your version of this project or a project of your own for a chance to be featured using the #idevthis hashtag on Twitter!_______________ Follow the conversation @msdev Become a Fan @ Subscribe to our podcast via iTunes, Windows Phone Marketplace or RSSIf you're interested in learning more about the products or solutions discussed in this episode, click on any of the below links for free, in-depth information:Websites & Blogs: Stacey’s BlogStacey’s IoT resource collectionVisual Studio Ultimate 2013 90-day Free Trial

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Coding4Fun October 2014 Round-Up

October was a serious milestone month for Coding4Fun, with three major milestones all this week.Monday's post, Making your debugging pretty with DotNetPretty, was our 1,000th Coding4Fun Blog overall post.Wednesday's, More Modern UI for WPF examples and samples, was my 600th Coding4Fun Blog post.Also on Wednesday, RoomAlive, was my 700th Coding4Fun Kinect Gallery post.I've been saying this all week, but thank you all for coming here, reading our posts, but much more importantly, checking out and visiting the projects I've highlighted. It's our highlighted developers, projects and bloggers that are the real heroes here. It's their awesome work and willingness to share that made all those milestones possible. Thank you!October 2014 Round-UpCoding4Fun Blog2C24U (Two Construct 2 posts for you)Visual Studio 2013, VS "14" .NET Micro Framework Support is here!Get live diff's with Git Diff Margin Visual Studio Extension"Cortana, what's new?" "There are new code samples..."Some Azure IoT PiLook... GitHub... LookHubOMNI Engine v1 Released (C# in T3D) - Think new Game Framework for C#'ers.NET a LEGO Mindstorms EV3 with MonoBrickWhereAmI? VS Extension notes where a file is in a Project (think "Sync no more")Sparking your game development muse with Project SparkHacking a Missile Launcher (as in the Dream Cheeky Thunder Missile Launcher... )Making your debugging pretty with DotNetPrettyMore Modern UI for WPF examples and samplesCoding4Fun Kinect Gallery"Bill Fink on Kinect for Windows"Carbonite and 3D print yourself with the Kinect for Windows v2Kinect Studio and a Harmonica PlayerAugmented reality sand table, Kinect poweredKinect to iPhone...Saluting the Visual Gesture Builder - Details and example codePakistan? Kinect? Development help? Yes!Skeleton & Gestures Kinect v2 SDK Sample Code, VB.NET'edKinect 4 Windows V2 & openFrameworks"No one likes to wait"Preview no more! Kinect for Windows v2 SDK RTW's and more!Custom Kinect Control for Drag and Drop, IKinectManipulateableControllerJumping into Kinect for Windows v2 development seriesRoomAliveKinect for Windows v2 and Windows 10 Technical Preview Troubleshooting TipPast Round-UpsCoding4Fun January 2014 Round-UpCoding4Fun February 2014 Round-UpCoding4Fun First Quarter 2014 Round-UpCoding4Fun April 2014 Round-UpCoding4Fun May 2014 Round-UpCoding4Fun Second Quarter 2014 Round-UpCoding4Fun July 2014 Round-UpCoding4Fun August 2014 Round-UpCoding4Fun Third Quarter 2014 Round-UpFollow @CH9 Follow @coding4fun Follow @gduncan411

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Inside Windows Platform | Inside Microsoft OCR Libraries | Inside Windows Platform

In this week's episode of Inside Windows Platform, we talked with Ivan Stojiljkovic, the Dev Lead of the OCR team at Microsoft.OCR is an extremely compelling developer scenario which can empower all sorts of amazing and useful mobile application. Microsoft's been developing OCR functionality for its applications for, literally, years. In order to get real world data, the OCR team first published their code as part of the Bing Translator app, which gave them an enormous amount of data, and compellingly delivers an experience of near real-time translation of any camera captured text.Now, the OCR team is giving YOU the ability to leverage the power of character recognition to your applications. The OCR team has published their libraries to NuGet, for you.Here are some links to the related materials:Microsoft OCR library NuGet pageMicrosoft OCR library sample appMicrosoft OCR library MSDN documentationDevRadio show featuring the Microsoft OCR Library Let us know if you have any feedback!@larryalieberman

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Kinect for Windows v2 and Windows 10 Technical Preview Troubleshooting Tip

Vangos Pterneas, living on the tech edge guy and Friend of the Gallery, shares a tip on how he was able to get the Kinect for Windows v2 working with Windows 10 Technical PreviewHow to run Kinect v2 modern apps on Windows 10 PreviewKinect SDK version 2 is out and fully supports Windows 8 Modern apps. So, if you want to publish your Kinect apps in the Windows Store and get featured there, this is your chance!As an early tester of Microsoft products, I recently installed Windows 10 Preview in a secondary development machine. I then tried my WinRT apps to discover any compatibility issues. Windows 10 Preview seems decent enough, so most of the apps run without any problems. When it came to Kinect v2 apps however, none of them would function properly! What’s going on? Is Kinect v2 incompatible with Windows 10 modern apps?! I was frustrated.Then, my partner George informed me about a workaround he applied to make Skype working again. Could it be the same fix for the Kinect camera?Seems that all of the WinRT apps which require access to a camera need to be explicitly allowed to make use of that hardware. So, if you want to run Windows 10 Kinect apps, just follow these easy steps:1. Launch your app using Visual Studio or Windows Store, or install using PowerShellIf you are a developer, you most probably have Visual Studio installed. If you have received a PowerShell script with an executable file, run it as you’d normally do. If you have downloaded a Kinect app from Windows Store, ignore this step.2. Close the appShut down the app completely.3. Launch PC Settings → Privacy → Webcam... [Click through for the rest]Project Information URL: Information:Blog: http://pterneas.comFollow pterneasFollow @CH9Follow @Coding4FunFollow @KinectWindowsFollow @gduncan411

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Load Testing Made Easier | Visual Studio Toolbox

Previously on Visual Studio Toolbox, Chuck Sterling showed how to load test your Web Sites so that you can see how well your software responds to various levels of usage. In this episode, Chuck returns to show that it is now much easier to set up load testing. You can do this right from the Visual Studio Online home page! Chuck has Robert create and run a load test to confirm that a performance issue has been fixed in a demo app.For more information, check out his blog post, as well as Brian Harry's.

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AngularJS Module for Microsoft Azure Active Directory Authentication | Web Camps TV

Join your guide Cory Fowler as he talks to the product teams in Redmond as well as the web community.This week Vittorio Bertocci joins us to demonstrate a new Azure Active Directory library, for JavaScript. This module is implemented using AngularJS and enables the ability to do single sign-on from your front-end JavaScript code. Vittorio ends the segment with a white boarding session to discuss how the module functions.Show LinksAzure Active Directory Library for JavaScriptSPA Sample for Azure Active Directory for JavaScriptAzure Active Directory on StackOverflowThe use of Azure Active Directory behind deploy to AzureADAL JavaScript and AngularJS Deep Dive

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Ping 227 - Xbox Digital TV Tuner, November System Update, PhotoMath, Titanfall updates, and Sunset Overdrive! | Ping!

Hey everybody! Welcome back to Ping!  It's episode 227 and Golnaz is filling in while many folks find their way to TechEd Europe 2014. Let's see how she does! Did you know she can juggle?In This Weeks episode:[04:04] Xbox One Digital TV Tuner Launch[05:41] Xbox One November System Update: New TV, Personalization and SmartGlass features now in Preview[08:22] PhotoMath uses your phone's camera to solve equations[09:56] Titanfall update introduces Frontier Defense co-op mode, Deadly Ground and more[12:22] Watch the New Sunset Overdrive Gameplay Launch Trailer Looks Amazing[14:46] Question of the week: What game are you looking forward to?Chat with us throughout the week using  #PingShow on TwitterLike us on Facebook @Golnaz89

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Keynote | TechEd Europe 2014

Join us for the TechEd opening Keynote with Microsoft’s Jason Zander, Corporate Vice President, Microsoft Azure and Joe Belfiore, Corporate Vice President of PC, Tablet and Phone, Operating Systems Group. View the live stream on the Channel 9 home page.

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Azure Automation 103 advanced runbook mangement and certificates with Beth Cooper | Azure Friday

Scott learns even more about Azure Automation from Beth Cooper. Beth shows some advanced internals with some useful PowerShell scripts that show you exactly how to use Automation in a secure way. She shows how to next runbooks, share functions and variables, and mange your connection to Azure correctly.We cover:Certification and Subscription ManagementRunbook librariesArchitecting your jobs by collecting and nesting Runbooks

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Build Your Virtual Conference with Windows Azure | AzureConf 2014

In this talk we'll cover the services in Azure we used to build and distribute the dotnetConf virtual conference. We'll show you how we used Azure Websites and Traffic Manager to distribute our conference to attendees across the world with ease. If you're interested on simple and scalable solutions with Azure, this is the session for you!

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Machine Learning on Azure | AzureConf 2014

Machine Learning can often be a daunting subject to tackle much less utilize in a meaningful manner. In this session, attendees will learn how to take their existing data, shape it, and create models that automatically can make principled business decisions directly in their applications. The discussion will include explanations of the data acquisition and shaping process. Additionally, attendees will learn the basics of machine learning - primarily the supervised learning problem.

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Microsoft Azure Document Database Deep Dive | AzureConf 2014

Microsoft Azure DB is a purpose built JSON document database that is ideal for use in developing the next generation of modern web and mobile applications. DocumentDB provides the scale and performance of benefits of a NoSQL database but without forcing developers to take a productivity hit at design time in order to use it. In this session we'll deep dive into the capabilities that set DocumentDB apart from RDBMS stores as well its NoSQL brethren. We'll look at how DocumentDB finally delivers on the schema-free promise of NoSQL with whole document indexing and a range of language integrated query mechanisms. We'll look at how DocumentDB provides the sort of data tier programmability that developers take for granted in relational stores but which, to date, has always been a little undercooked in NoSQL land. Finally we'll examine how to get the best performance out of DocumentDB by tuning the consistency level to your application requirements and tweaking your index and query strategies where required. If you're building web and mobile apps on Microsoft Azure then this session will help you to evaluate how DocumentDB can get those apps built faster, scaling better and running more cost effectively than other data storage approaches.

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Inside the Azure Resource Manager | AzureConf 2014

Keeping track of all the various resources used by a solution is a daunting task.  Azure Resource Manager enables you to group multiple resources into a single logical group.  With the ability to save the group as a template, we can reuse it for future solutions. In this session we'll explore how the Azure Resource Manager can be used to better manage our Azure solutions.  We'll dive deep into creating resources and manipulating the Resource Manager templates. In the end, you'll be able to unlock new, powerful ways to manage your Azure resources.

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Keynote | AzureConf 2014

Scott Guthrie kicks off AzureConf 2014.

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