Frankie Boyle on empty words and bad ideas after the Paris attacks

Frankie Boyle the political commentator uses a lot of the skills that made him a hilarious and shocking comedian to good effect. There are a lot of stabs at hypocrisy, inversions of received wisdom and bad taste, but pointed, punchlines. He also comes across as better informed than the people he’s attacking- which isn’t hard […]

Posted by on 25 November 2015 | 5:01 am

Learn some more about Daesh

Daesh publish their own magazine, and a journalist with a very strong stomach read all eleven issues to see what insight they gave into the workings of the terrorists. Apparently, they couldn’t care less about being called Daesh. Not that that’s going to stop me. The most important points are probably numbers 3 and 4- […]

Posted by on 23 November 2015 | 10:37 am


Fallout 4 came out this month. I’m not buying it yet, for the sake of my bank balance and productivity, but the release has inspired me to get back to a project I started a while ago. Boomtown is inspired by, but not based upon, the Megaton location in Fallout 3*. The gallery above shows […]

Posted by on 23 November 2015 | 6:57 am

We are governed by incompetent morons

The deficit has risen. The temptation is to say ‘despite George Osborne’s austerity policies’, but the truth is more that the deficit refuses to go down because of them. George Osborne is an economically illiterate incompetent, but at least the damage he’s doing to the country won’t affect him. Even if austerity was working, it […]

Posted by on 20 November 2015 | 11:31 am

This is not a lightsaber

But, for two seconds at a time, it’s more awesome. The TEC Torch is a handheld thermite stick designed to melt through door locks. Excellent for not so subtle break ins.

Posted by on 19 November 2015 | 8:39 am


There’s an alternative name for ISIS/ISIL that is just as valid as the one they’d prefer, but they don’t like it being used- Daesh. I’ve known for a while that they hate this name, but I hadn’t seen a decent explanation of why until I read this- Decoding Daesh: Why Is the New Name for […]

Posted by on 19 November 2015 | 4:26 am

New owner for Manchester landmark London Road Fire Station

Some, potentially, good news. London Road Fire Station has been sold to developerswho actually appear able to get things done with their properties. The building has been sitting there, waiting for a new lease of life, since before I arrived in Manchester an unmentionable number of years ago. I’d really like to see something done […]

Posted by on 17 November 2015 | 4:12 pm

George Osborne really wants to take money from the people who can least afford to lose it

George Osborne is said to be plotting cuts to target housing benefit to pay for his climb down on tax credits. The Chancellor is desperately looking for welfare cuts elsewhere after being forced to rethink the £4.4billion cuts to working tax credits. Cuts to Housing Benefits will probably put people out of their homes and […]

Posted by on 16 November 2015 | 4:15 pm

Christmas is coming!

Gift-giving time is almost upon us, so, I would like to point you to the places you can buy Spinneyhead stuff. Obviously, you can buy my books, or Garth’s, but they’re exclusively digital. Buy them as a treat for yourself. If you want physical presents to give away, there are a few places you can […]

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Secret Demon Services

My current project is a Garth Owen tale of an accidental demon summoning becoming a viral meme. Perhaps my characters will need help from these guys…. Spotted in town on Saturday.

Posted by on 16 November 2015 | 5:28 am