Salford Skyline- all but gone

Salford Skyline- all but gone, originally uploaded by spinneyhead.

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Casino Royale (James Bond, #1)

author: Ian Fleming review: After all the Bond films, going back to the source is an interesting experience. The book is leaner than I’d expected, and harder edged. Bond himself softens towards the end, but for most of the story he’s a driven and not particularly likeable character, but fascinating for it. The edition I […]

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Inside Pride

Inside Pride, originally uploaded by spinneyhead. This year I thought I’d do the Pride parade from the inside.

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Sniping for Dummies

A company called TrackingPoint have a range of targetting scopes which will do most of the calculations needed for long-range shooting, so you don’t have to. They calculate for range and target tracking, but not wind- which, I guess, is something you can’t work out with an optical system- and should greatly improve the accuracy […]

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Amber Run

Amber Run, originally uploaded by spinneyhead. Charles Street

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Salford Skyline- nearly gone

Salford Skyline- nearly gone, originally uploaded by spinneyhead. Once they’re done with this one, there are another two to go.

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Don’t sleep

Don’t sleep, originally uploaded by spinneyhead. Oxford Road

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Twat, originally uploaded by spinneyhead. Oxford Road

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Hanging Bridge

Hanging Bridge, originally uploaded by spinneyhead. I actually took this last weekend and just remembered it now.

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Out Now- The Old Woman In The Rock

On an abandoned space station built into a hollowed out asteroid, the old woman has raised The Boy and created massive books from data gathered across a multitude of worlds. But now it is time for a mysterious visitor to take The Boy and the books away, if her own past doesn’t catch up with […]

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