Poor old Darth, it just keeps on happening to him.

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BBC News – Historical abuse inquiry: Police examine ‘possible homicide’

My current work in progress is another Irwin race against time chase around Manchester. One of the spurs was a Government proposal to contract out running of childrens homes to private interests. Which has always worked out so well in the past. On that hook, I hung a story inspired by some of the darker […]

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Sunset over Salford

I just created this video with an app called Lapse It. Just a first go, if future ones are cool enough, I may upgrade so I can do them in HD.

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Halloween in Tokyo is cosplay turned up to eleventy!!

I will visit Japan one day, there’s so much stuff there that fascinates me (and, right now, distracts me from writing).

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Proper steampunk at Manchester Victoria station

This rather bizarre device is the sort of detail you might expect to see in the background of a steampunk flavoured comic or movie, but was actually used in Victoria station to zip parcels back and forth. It looks a bit crazy, and the post mentions that a worker was killed when they were knocked […]

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Rocky Mountain high

One of the butchers downstairs sells lamb frys (fries?). Lambs sure have big balls. I think it’s time to be brave and try a new food experience. First I thought I should find a recipe. Not all gentalia is good to eat. As some readers may recall, in February I wrote the Valentine’s Day edition […]

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Young man, there’s a place you can go….

The GI Joes and Cobra types on my picture rail aren’t limber enough to do the YMCA game signals justice. Also, none of them is dressed as a construction worker.

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The Secret Rulers of the World

I’m in a Masonic hall (Hemsley House in Salford, brothers) attending the North West Green Party regional meeting. You’d think they wouldn’t like our sort, maybe they need the money.

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Machined bullets for 3D-printed guns could make them practical weapons

3D printed guns have had one major drawback- the materials they’re made from don’t hold up well to the stresses created by an exploding bullet. The plastic cracks and the barrel or receiver becomes useless quickly. One developer has found a way around this by machining thick walled shells with the bullet an inch or […]

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The British government is leading a gunpowder plot against democracy | George Monbiot | Comment is free | The Guardian

The more I hear about the Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership, the worse it sounds. But it gives so much power and advantage to the rich and corporations that, obviously, our government doesn’t want to do anything about it, and would rather no-one talks about it. When David Cameron and the corporate press launched their […]

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