Stories I didn’t write- Ebola House

I’m writing the second novella featuring the adventures of not quite completely retired MI6 analyst Irwin Baker at the moment, (the first instalment was Tiger, gratuitous plug fans!) and some of the characters in it have been with me for years, evolving through multiple other projects. In particular Detective Kay Wood and crime scene tech […]

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Running Blind

Running Blind author: Desmond Bagley Old-school espionage. Alan Stewart used to work for MI6, until he got sick of being considered disposable. Now, he’s been talked into helping out the service on one of his regular trips to Iceland. Just deliver a package and then carry on with his life, it should be simple. But, […]

Posted by on 20 October 2014 | 8:22 am

Picture This

For the last few years, I’d say that the majority of post on Spinneyhead have been photos. I’ve not been very talkative, and taking pictures on my phone, then sending them to Flickr to be cross-posted to the blog has been easy. However, the last three pictures I sent to Flickr (four if you count […]

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City Trials

City Trials, originally uploaded by spinneyhead. Trials bikes on Deansgate. I’ve been experimenting with burst mode on my phone’s camera, and have quite a few photos. I may upload more to Flickr later.

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Looks like someone had a good night

Looks like someone had a good night, originally uploaded by spinneyhead. King Street West

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Whatever happened to the hero?

Whatever happened to the hero?, originally uploaded by spinneyhead. There are people who’ll call me all sorts of names for desecrating a book like this, but I just had to give it a go. Next time I’ll pick a slimmer book, maybe a romance, or a comic.

Posted by on 2 October 2014 | 9:25 am

And now, climate change is messing with gravity

“The loss of ice from West Antarctica between 2009 and 2012 caused a dip in the gravity field over the region,” writes the ESA, whose GOCE satellite measured the change. Apparently, melting billions of tons of ice year after year has implications that would make even Isaac Newton blanch.

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Make an assault rifle on your desk

Or workbench. Maybe that would be more sensible, because there’s going to be swarf everywhere. The guy who made a big noise with his 3D printed gun parts is back, with a, relatively, cheap home milling machine designed specifically to make lower receivers for home assembled AR-15 assault rifles. The process is made easier by […]

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Don’t talk about Tory policies, you never know what it’ll make them do

John Redwood doesn’t want businesses to speak about the positives of staying in the EU. Apparently, they’ll suffer some sort of payback after a referendum, though it’s not clear what form it will take. I’m worried about what parts of his anatomy Redwood’s going to be sending pictures of to people he meets online. Brooks […]

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All hail @cassetteboy

I don’t know all the details of the change to copyright law which allows mashups, but more of this sort of thing can’t be bad.

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