RIP Cilla Black

Spanish police report that entertainer and presenter, best known for Blind Date, has died in Spain Source: Cilla Black dies aged 72 | Television & radio | The Guardian

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The gangster’s guide to Los Santos

If, like me, you’ve got lost in GTA V, you’ll find this interactive map of the game really useful. I’m off later to do as many of the stunt jumps as possible. Source: GTA V Map – Grand Theft Auto 5 Google Map

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Why Are Labour So Scared, When Their Opponents Seem Permanently Terrified? – TheCritique Archives

Now, the 1980’s generation who served in Margaret Thatcher’s Cabinet was not exactly the epitome of political talent, but the Labour Party of the time would have seen today’s successors to Norman Tebbitt, Nigel Lawson, Geoffrey Howe et al as dream opponents by contrast. Yes, the modern Tory Party is as mediocre as it has ever […]

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A tale of two terrorists

A teenager in Newcastle is on trial, accused of plotting mass murder at his former college. He had pipe bombs and handguns, and wrote about the death and destruction he planned to wreak. Other reports have mentioned how he thought of Anders Breivik as a hero. You may not know about this. I only heard […]

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Nazi-era gold hoard found in northern Germany

World War 2 still has secrets to give up, even seventy years on. The collection of more than 200 coins discovered under a tree in Lueneburg were likely stolen from the Deutsche Reichbank’s gold reserves, archaeologists says. Source: Nazi-era gold hoard found in northern Germany – Jewish World News – Haaretz Daily Newspaper | Israel […]

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The heroic WWII mission to capture a deadly Tiger Tank from the Germans, is revealed for the first time – Mirror Online

He loaded his cargo on to the Empire Candida cargo ship for the first leg of the journey to the Tunisian port of Bizerte with the Germans in hot pursuit. When the ship came under fire from a U-boat, Douglas had an idea.“I think our Tiger is going to go hunting,” he said as he climbed […]

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Post Apocalypse Motor Home

  When I refer to the “wagons” in Pickers, these- but driven by electric motors, armoured and loaded with salvage- are close to what I see. Source: Globecruiser Motor Home | Aravua

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Pickers 3: The Valley

Out on 1st August. Part 3 of 4- The Valley Remy and his family have made it back to The Valley, which they left ten years before. Now they have to persuade the town- led by Remy’s brother Julien- to give them the resources they need for their expedition to the seed vault. But there […]

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Pickers 2: The Trip

The roads were mostly memories, scars through the landscape. But the rough, pockmarked surface generally grew smoother around settlements. It made sense for the route to and from the fields to be easier. They had just rumbled off rough track onto a tarred single lane which arced away to the right, disappearing behind the gentle […]

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Giving good Motörhead

A few years ago, Motörhead gave their name to a bunch of earphones and headphones. Which seems logical enough. I work for a hifi shop, and put several of the ‘phones onto the website. I doubt I’ll be doing listings for their latest piece of branding. The band has teamed up with online sex toy […]

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