The austerity delusion | Paul Krugman | Business | The Guardian

A long read, with economics related stuff in it, but worth working through. Short, angry version- austerity is bullshit and held back economic recovery. The Conservatives are either economically illiterate or only imposed it because of pressure from big business and their rich friends. And Labour are a bunch of pathetic cowards because they’ve been bullied […]

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A portable solar cooker, just what every Road Warrior needs

I keep finding cool kit that I could incorporate into Pickers. This solar grill is just the sort of thing you might need if you were trekking around a harsh wilderness. No fuel, no smoke (unless you overcook your meal), light, and portable, my characters would probably have one stored away somewhere. Source: The GoSun […]

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London Road Fire Station to be sold – finally – Manchester Evening News

This time Manchester council bosses will be determined to ensure that whoever buys the listed property – which is on English Heritage’s at-risk register – will actually develop it The plan seems to be to turn it into a hotel, but I’d love to see something more creative done with it, or some form of […]

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May Day Parade

I joined other Greens, union members and left wing types for a little march from Salford to Piccadilly Gardens yesterday to mark May Day.

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St. George’s Parade 2015

Photos from yesterday’s St. George’s parade. Be warned, there are a lot of pictures of scooters. Because there were a hell of a lot of scooters. And scooters are cool.

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Indoor Farms- a vegetable patch in a cupboard

These indoor farms look cool. They’re not hydroponics, which the builder thinks is too complex for general adoption, but use a “smart soil” to regulate water use and nutrient release. I don’t think they’d work in the world I’m building for my current story, but I could imagine them in some of the better off […]

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Chosen Ones and Source, out in May

I’m writing the next full length story in the Lost Picture Show series now. It’s called Pickers, and it’s a post climate change apocalypse, Mad Max inspired tale with a green quest at its heart (don’t worry, lots of chases and action as well). In the mean time, I’m releasing two short stories from the […]

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Pity the poor, picked on Kippers

I didn’t watch the opposition leaders’ debate on Thursday, but I’m guessing that it didn’t go so well for head Kipper Nigel Farage. I can tell this by the number of UKIPies whining about the “Left-leaning” bias of the studio audience. Here, for instance, is Salford UKIP’s moan. They complain that Of the 200-strong audience, […]

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Making Alcohol Fuel With a Solar Still

So I was writing a scene earlier today, based upon the idea of a solar powered still producing ethanol for fuel. By the power of teh internet, I have found that it is possible, and that people have already built there own- Making Alcohol Fuel With a Solar Still – Renewable Energy – MOTHER EARTH […]

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Volcanoes Are (Still) Not the Cause of Global Warming | WIRED

Volcanoes Are (Still) Not the Cause of Global Warming | WIRED.

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