Police response 'slow' - Tunisia PM

The slow response of Tunisia's police to last week's deadly attack in Sousse was a major problem, the country's prime minister tells the BBC.

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The search for Madagascar's sapphires

The lengths people go to get hold of the blue gem

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Boko Haram raids 'heinous' - Buhari

Nigerian President Muhammadu Buhari describes as a "heinous atrocity" the latest wave of attacks by Boko Haram militants that left more than 150 people dead.

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Africa this week: Five things we've learnt

And four other things we have learnt this week

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Africa in pictures: 26 June-2 July 2015

Masks, models, fishing and standing to attention

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VIDEO: Madagascar's sapphire miners

Desperate to make their fortunes, many people in Madagascar are putting their lives at risk.

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VIDEO: Zimbabwe's 'cellphone farmers'

Former hotelier Tapfumanei Shinya tells the BBC why managing his land over his mobile phone would never yield results.

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Sierra Leone FA suspends director

Sierra Leone FA suspends its technical director John Sherington over his row with sports minister Paul Kamara.

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VIDEO: 'I lost my job' week after massacre

The BBC's Rana Jawad reports from Tunisia that people have already lost their jobs in the week since the deadly attack by a gunman in the city of Sousse.

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VIDEO: Ghana tries to prevent flood repeat

Communities in Ghana's capital, Accra, are still recovering from the floods and fire which swept through the city one month ago, killing 150 people. It is trying to avoid a repeat.

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VIDEO: UK observes silence for Tunisia dead

A one-minute silence is observed across the UK to remember the 30 British men and women killed in the Tunisia massacre. last Friday.

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Kenyan 'killer brew' crackdown

Authorities in Kenya are beginning a four-day nationwide crackdown against illicitly brewed alcohol following a recent spate of deaths.

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Odemwingie signs new deal at Stoke

Nigeria international Peter Odemwingie signs a one-year extension to his contract with English Premier League side Stoke.

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In pictures: Ghana fire recovery

What has Ghana done to recover from disaster?

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VIDEO: Tunisia hotel 'hero' tells of gun attack

In the wake of the terror attack on a Tunisian beach last Friday, survivors reported heroic acts from hotel staff. One of those staff members has spoken exclusively to the BBC's Ben Brown.

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The African soldiers dragged into Europe's war

The Tanzanian soldiers dragged into Europe's war

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Foreigners and locals lament Sousse's dwindling tourism

Tunisians and foreigners lament dwindling tourism

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AUDIO: Zimbabwe fashionista on Beyonce

Zimbabwe's Farai Simoyi is one of the rising stars of the catwalk. The designer, who has worked with Beyonce and Nicki Minaj, spoke to the BBC's Farayi Mungazi about her career.

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VIDEO: What's Up Africa - Best of Series 2

As What's Up Africa's presenter Ikenna Azuike and his team take a well-earned break, we have put together the best bits of Series 2.

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Car smashes through South Africa roof

A photo is released of a car which smashed through the roof of a house in South Africa's coastal city Durban.

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Sanctions on South Sudan generals

The UN Security Council imposes sanctions on six generals accused of fuelling the 18-month conflict in South Sudan, the world's newest state.

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Egypt vows to pursue IS in Sinai

Egypt says its army will continue its offensive in the Sinai Peninsula until it is cleared of Islamic State militants, after clashes killed more than 100 people.

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Liberia's new Ebola outbreak spreads

Two more cases of Ebola are confirmed in the Liberian village where a teenager died on Sunday - the first case for seven weeks.

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Egypt profile

Provides an overview of Egypt, including key events and facts.

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Tunisia profile

Provides overview, key facts and events, timelines and leader profiles along with current news about Tunisia

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