How Cable News Covered White Supremacists Allegedly Shooting Black Lives Matter Protesters In Minneapolis

After months of vilifying Black Lives Matter and labeling the movement a "hate group," Fox News devoted scant coverage to a November 23 mass shooting that injured five protesters at a Black Lives Matter vigil in Minneapolis, Minnesota, and similarly downplayed the subsequent arrests of three white suspects.  By contrast, CNN provided updates throughout the day following the shooting, and MSNBC's Rachel Maddow offered in-depth coverage of the escalating threats of violence leading up to the attack: Five protesters suffered injuries when at least one person opened fire on a Black Lives Matter gathering outside the Minneapolis Police Department's 4th Precinct building on the evening of November 23. The Washington Post reported protesters had been "camping in front of the 4th Precinct since Nov. 15, when two Minneapolis police officers were involved in the contentious killing of 24-year-old Jamar Clark." As of November 24, "[t]he police said that they had arrested a 23-year-old white man, and that two other white men, ages 21 and 26, turned themselves in on Tuesday afternoon," according to The New York Times, which added, "[t]he police also said they were aware of a video in which masked men are seen driving to the protest site and brandishing a pistol, while making racist comments and justifying the killing of Jamar Clark." Social media posts of the three suspects "reveal a fascination with guns, video games, the Confederacy and right-wing militia groups," RawStory reported.  As the news of the shooting made national headlines and developments poured in on November 24, Fox News devoted the least amount of coverage to the incident among cable networks. According to a Media Matters review, Fox only mentioned the Minneapolis shooting 3 times, with coverage totalling only 1 minute and 16 seconds. CNN covered the story for 10 minutes and 37 seconds throughout the day, while MSNBC covered the story for just over 12 minutes The November 24 broadcast of MSNBC's The Rachel Maddow Show devoted a full segment to the incident, placing the shooting in the recent context of masked "anti-protesters or counter-protesters, or maybe you'd call them provocateurs" turning up at local Black Lives Matter protests to videotape the gatherings. As host Rachel Maddow explained, demonstrators at the 4th Precinct faced racist intimidation and escalating threats of violence leading up to Monday's shooting. The shooting  follows months of Fox News attacks on the Black Lives Matter movement, including Fox hosts likening the movement to "the Nazi Party," and the "Klu Klux Klan," and a "hate group." Fox News host Bill O'Reilly continued his attacks on Black Lives Matter during a panel on his show the day following the shooting. During the November 24 broadcast of The O'Reilly Factor, O'Reilly said of the movement, "if black lives matter, how come this group isn't on the south side of Chicago when every weekend you've got a couple of dozen black lives lost," while a panelist claimed Black Lives Matter is "inciting violence to the point of hate crime." During that segment, O'Reilly even alluded to the police shooting of Jamar Clark, but failed to acknowledge that five people protesting Clark's death had been shot the night before or that three suspects had been arrested.  Media Matters used Nexis and internal video archives to analyze news coverage of the shooting on CNN, MSNBC, and Fox News, using the search term "Minneapolis" from 6 a.m. EST through 12:00 a.m. EST on November 24. Media Matters did not include reruns in the time count of coverage. Lis Power and Brendan Karet contributed research to this report. 

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CNN Analyst "Shocked There's No Violence" During Chicago Protests

From the November 24 edition of CNN's CNN Tonight: HARRY HOUCK: I'm shocked there's no violence. I really am shocked. BAKARI SELLERS: You don't have to be shocked HOUCK: Well I kind of thought maybe some -- there'd be problems in the inner city. SELLERS: Why? Why? HOUCK: Well, you know the thugs like to use this as an excuse to go there out and cause -- SELLERS: The who? HOUCK: Thugs. DON LEMON (Host): He's -- I don't think you're -- He's not talking about the protesters. HOUCK: Now I'm not talking about these people here. I'm talking about people who will actually go out and riot, destroy property, fight the police. Previously:  Fox Panel Says Black Lives Matter Protesters Are Inciting Violence "To The Point Of Hate Crime" Fox's Megyn Kelly Bemoans The "Anti-Cop ... Thug Mentality" She Sees In "Black Communities" Fox's Kimberly Guilfoyle On Black Lives Matter: "Their Agenda Is It's OK To Go Ahead And Kill Cops"

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Theological Studies Director Calls Out Fox Contributor For "Abusing God's Word" To Justify "Fear" Of Muslims

A theological studies director is criticizing Fox News contributor and pastor Robert Jeffress for spreading anti-Muslim "hate speech" that's "abusing God's Word and violating its teaching." During a November 15 sermon at First Baptist Church in Dallas, Jeffress told his congregation that the Paris terrorists were "acting according to the teaching of Islam," and said "it is time" to call out Islam as "a false religion ... inspired by Satan himself": JEFFRESS: I believe it is time for us to lay aside political correctness and identify the belief system that is responsible for these horrific acts. And that is the evil, evil religion of radical Islam. That is the belief system that inspired this tragedy. And make no mistake about it. Islam is just not another way to approach God. Islam is a false religion and it is inspired by Satan himself, who Jesus said came to steal, kill, and destroy. And this weekend we saw the fruit of Satan's destruction in the acts of these terrorists. It is impossible to separate what these eight suicide bombers did from their faith, their religion that inspired them to do this. These terrorists were not acting in opposition to the teaching of Islam. They were acting according to the teaching of Islam.   Dr. Robert A Hunt, the director of Global Theological Education at Southern Methodist University, hit back at Jeffress for spreading anti-Muslim "fear and anxiety" through "hate speech." In a November 22 post headlined, "The Darkness in the Heart of Dallas," Hunt wrote that Jeffress "rather selectively quotes Jesus" and is "abusing God's Word" and railing "against Islam out of ignorance and fear" (emphasis in original): My city, Dallas, wants to be something. It wants to be an international hub of commerce. It wants to be a cosmopolitan center for the cultivation and appreciation of the arts. It wants to be a place whose citizens or all races thrive, whose families are safe from violence, and whose children excel. And this cannot happen yet. Because in the heart Dallas, in one of its biggest churches, pastors like Robert Jeffress (and others like him across the city) systematically attack the foundations of a diverse society by attacking its foundation of tolerance and respect for religious minorities. [...] Except this isn't really what is happening. What is happening at the heart of our city is that Christians are anxious and afraid and striking out blindly at what they believe threatens them. Jeffress and his people are grasping at every straw, even abusing God's Word and violating its teaching to justify their fear and anxiety and try to make sense of the world they live in. When what they actually need is what we all need: the peace of Christ, and to get to know their neighbors so that they can love and respect them as children of God. If Dallas is going to be the city it wants to be then Jeffress and his fellow pastors who rail against Islam out of ignorance and fear need to engage Muslims in dialogue and learn about the religion from its followers. Only then will they be able to show the kind of leadership our city so desperately needs. Hunt wrote a November 24 follow-up post explaining why Jeffress' anti-Islam statements are hate speech, and concluding that there "cannot exist a civil society without civil dialogue among people of different religions": Statements about religion are not opinions about something incidental to the identity of a group or individual. They are statements about the core of who that person is. All opinions have the potential to wound the feelings of another. You can hurt my feelings just by telling me that I'm fat, or bald and these things don't even touch my core identity. But what if you insult something that is essential to my identity like my ethnicity. That would be racism wouldn't it? That would be hateful. The same would be true if you insulted my nation, or my mother. Saying negative things about a person's religion are in the same category as disparaging his or her race, or parentage, or nationality. They are hateful, and are perceived as hateful, and cannot be defended against the charge of hate speech. [...] There cannot exist a civil society without civil dialogue among people of different religions. And there can be no civil dialogue when people of any religion denigrate the most closely held personal beliefs and values of their neighbors. Call Jeffress' words what you want, they undermine the social fabric of the city of Dallas and more broadly our state and nation. As do, I note, the words of numerous politicians both in office and aspiring to office. Hate speech is rapidly becoming the coin of the realm, and it is daily undermining the currency of reason, respect, and love.] Jeffress defended his remarks in television interviews, claiming that "Islam and all false religions are inspired by Satan to lead them away from the one true God." Jeffress is no stranger to incendiary remarks against those who don't follow his religious beliefs. He has called Catholicism a "cult-like, pagan religion," Mormonism a "cult" from the "pit of hell," and claimed followers of Judaism and Hinduism religions will be led to "an eternity of separation from God in Hell." Jeffress' fiery remarks have been rebuked by Republicans like Mitt Romney and Fox News contributor Karl Rove. Despite his hate speech, Fox News employs Jeffress and hosts him for regular on-air appearances. 

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Fox Anchor: "The Most Important Message" Of Laquan McDonald's Death Is To Obey Police

From the November 25 edition of Fox News' America's Newsroom: MARTHA MACCALLUM: Obviously at the outset, this is a tragic loss of a 17-year-old boy. It is also a devastating situation, no doubt, for the policeman. And we don't know all of the facts of this case. We have learned this lesson in a very tough way, really, over the course of what we have seen played out in Ferguson and other places, and we have learned that you have to wait and you have to know all of the circumstances before you can really figure this out.  [...] LARS LARSON: I've got to tell you, Martha, this is so wrong. Because first of all, this man was not unarmed, he had a knife, and the majority of those people shot by police -- by the statistics available -- are armed. Further, I don't understand what the protests were about last night. The community is angry, I understand that. They wanted the family compensated, that happened six months ago, they want the officer charged, that happened yesterday. And you knew almost from the get-go that this was a bad shooting because the officer continued to shoot after the man was already down and no longer a threat. So, what was the protest last night looking for? The city officials from Chicago, Rahm Emanuel and others, have promised to make changes. They may not happen, but the fact is they've promise to make the changes. So what was the point of a protest like this?  [...] MACCALLUM: One thing that needs to also be discussed -- where are the protesters for the children who are caught in the crossfire in Chicago? For the 400 some people who have been killed  in that city over the course of this year. The murder rate is up by 14 percent. And I understand it is a different situation when you are dealing with a police officer, obviously, but there is a problem going on in the city of Chicago, Lars, and it appears that the outrage is somewhat selective.  LARSON: Well, it's not only selective, it's bigoted. The very fact that Black Lives Matter only focuses on the shootings of black citizens by police. In the majority of cases people who are shot by the police are shot for good reason because they are a threat.  [...] MACCALLUM: And the reports are that this young man was on PCP, he had a knife, and he was resisting going to the police officers. And there's another message for young people right here -- when the police want to talk to you, you need to put down whatever is in your hands and you need to go over and talk to them. Emily, isn't that the most important message to save people's lives, like this young man, who obviously needed help for a number of reasons?  EMILY SUSSMAN: Yes, look, he absolutely did. And there are speculations, and we see on the video that he may have had a knife, but I also think that we need to remember that carrying a knife is not illegal, and if his past experience has not been that police have been respectful and cooperative, look, it goes both ways. [...] MACCALLUM: How many situations where someone turns around and says, OK, I have got a gripe with you, police officer, but I'm going to go with you, and then we're going to hash this out. This young man should not have been walking away from police who were asking him to come over and talk to them because it ended in absolute tragic circumstances for him and for his family.  Previously: Fox's Megyn Kelly Has A Problem With This Young Black Protester Looking At A Cop Watch A Chicago Protester's Perfect Answer To Hannity's Question On Why People Protest After Police Shoot African Americans CNN's Blizter Asks If Officer Who Shot Chicago Teen Was Charged With Murder to Avert Protest Violence

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MSNBC's Maddow Explains Violence-Endorsing Background Of Anti-Abortion Extremist Touted By Ted Cruz

The anti-choice Center for Medical Progress (CMP) has released a string of deceptively-edited videos targeting Planned Parenthood with false allegations that the organization illegally profits from the sale of fetal tissue donations. Troy Newman, an anti-choice extremist with a history of violent rhetoric, serves as both president of Operation Rescue and board member for The Center for Medical Progress. During the November 24 edition of MSNBC's The Rachel Maddow Show, Rachel Maddow laid out the violence-endorsing history of Troy Newman, whose endorsement was touted by presidential candidate Ted Cruz which said in a press release "We need leaders like Troy Newman." From the November 24 edition of MSNBC's The Rachel Maddow Show: Related: Troy Newman, Anti-Choice Extremist With A History Of Violent Rhetoric, Endorses Ted Cruz Previously: The Shady Anti-Choice Actors Behind The Deceptive Video Accusing Planned Parenthood Of "Selling Aborted Baby Parts" The Extreme And Violent Background Of The Group Consulting On The Anti-Planned Parenthood Videos A Comprehensive Guide To The Deceptively-Edited Videos Used Against Planned Parenthood

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Joe Scarborough Calls Trump's Debunked 9/11 Comments Merely An "Exaggerat[ion]," Accuses The Media Of "Overreacting"

From the November 25 edition of MSNBC's Morning Joe: JOE SCARBOROUGH: You know what, there is one element of truth to what Trump's saying that is true and funny because the poor Washington Post reporter writes this. At the time. And now he's really, really backing up, going 'Oh I don't know what I saw.' Listen, if he didn't see it he wouldn't have put it in the newspaper. So this is what people always do. They overreact to Donald Trump's overreaction and in overreacting to Donald Trump's overreaction whether it was a joke he said about McCain or whether it was, remember it was a list of things every Sunday. The mainstream media overreact and give him a kernel of truth to hold on. Now Willie, everybody's saying oh, nobody ever danced on roof tops. There's a Washington Post article that says they did. Just say he's exaggerating.  [...] SCARBOROUGH: But the point is though, it's in The Washington Post, just say they investigated it and it may have been a handful of people and Trump is exaggerating it to a thousand people. Now everybody is going around, going 'oh, it never happened.' Well, if it never happened, Willie, why did The Washington Post report on it?  Related: A Definitive Debunking of Donald Trump's 9/11 Claims Previously: CNN's Cuomo Grills Trump Surrogate Over False 9/11 Claims, Support For "Rough[ing]" Up Protester Limbaugh Defends Donald Trump's Debunked Claim That Thousands Of American Muslims Cheered The 9/11 Attacks In New Jersey ABC's George Stephanopoulos Fact-Checks Donald Trump's False Claim Thousands Of Arab-Americans Cheered In The Streets Following 9/11

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Fox's Steve Doocy Laments That American Mosques Are No Longer Spied Upon By Police

From the November 25 edition of Fox News' Fox & Friends: BRIAN KILMEADE (HOST): I want to bring up another topic before we go. You believe, like Donald Trump believes to a degree -- he's a little more aggressive about it -- we should be monitoring mosques. RUDY GIULIANI: I was the first one, I believe, to put police officers in mosques in order to monitor them. And here's why I did it -- KILMEADE: But not in full uniform. GIULIANI: No, no, undercover. And I did it because the attack in 1993 -- before I was mayor -- was organized in a mosque in Union City, New Jersey. Had we had undercover agents in that mosque at the time -- and there's no reason we should have known about it, I'm not blaming anyone -- but if we had, that never would have taken place. STEVE DOOCY (HOST): These are mosques that are open to the public and the police officers are just under cover. GIULIANI: And when I would get attacked for it, I would say there is no priest, there is no rabbi, there is no minister in this city that wouldn't welcome a New York City police officer sitting there in uniform or undercover, or in any way. And if there's any imam that does, why? DOOCY: Yeah. GIULIANI: Why? I go to mosques. I listen to sermons by imams. Perfectly fine. DOOCY: Yeah. GIULIANI: And sometimes it isn't an imam. The imam could be fine. We had situations where the imam was fine, but you get a group, you want to get in with that group, and find out what they're talking about is. KILMEADE: Exactly. GIULIANI: And you look at the history of some of these terrorists, and you'll see, a lot of it was organized in discussions at the mosque. DOOCY: And we just don't do that anymore. Previously: Fox Host Gretchen Carlson Lets Guests Push For "Profiling" Of Muslims Seeking To Enter The U.S. Fox Host Cites Radical Islam To Call For Unconstitutional Surveillance Of American Muslims Why Right-Wing Media's Call For Muslim Profiling And Surveillance Is Completely Wrong

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On Fox, Rudy Giuliani Mocks Obama Calling Climate Conference In Paris "A Powerful Rebuke To The Terrorists"

From the November 25 edition of Fox News' Fox & Friends: STEVE DOOCY: How is that a rebuke to ISIS?  RUDY GIULIANI: You know, you know, I really feel very stupid. I consider myself somewhat of an expert on law enforcement, terrorism, cybersecurity, security, and I never thought of the fact that if we just waged war on global warming we could defeat ISIS, and that's really going to shake them up. I mean, when we reduce carbon emissions, ISIS is just going to fold. They're just going to stop.  BRIAN KILMEADE: Even Al Gore would say that was inappropriate--  GIULIANI: I don't think I've ever heard anything more absurd from a president. I don't -- a mayor in the presence of a president who has shown leadership.  DOOCY: We have heard this president say that global warming is the top worry of the planet.  GIULIANI: But to say that this is like going to be a real shock to the terrorists, obviously he doesn't understand terrorism. He doesn't understand terrorists. He doesn't understand what motivates them. They -- they don't care what we do about global warming. What they are interested in is the Jihad. They're interested in taking over. They're interested in taking away your rights in particular, as a woman. Our rights to property. Our --my ability to worship god, and yours. That's what it's about. Not about whether the globe is going to get warmer or colder. The president is so -- that statement is so out of touch with reality, that there's a serious question as to what's going on. What's going on in your mind if you --  KILMEADE: If the terrorists want to get under the president's skin they should litter. Previously: "It Makes Me Sick": Fox Criticizes Obama For Saying International Climate Summit Will Be A "Rebuke To Terrorists"Ignoring The Facts, Conservative Media Call Bernie Sanders "Crazy" For Linking Climate Change To TerrorismOn Fox Business, Mark Steyn Invokes Image Of Terrorists "Sawing Bernie Sanders' Head Off" To Mock Him For Accurately Linking Climate Change To Terrorism

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New York Times Responds To Trump Mockery Of Reporter Who Debunked Bogus 9/11 Claim

As reported by Politico, The New York Times has responded to Donald Trump's recent mockery of one of its reporters who helped debunk the presidential candidate's false claim that he saw "thousands and thousands" of Arab-Americans cheering as the World Trade Center collapsed under the attacks of September 11, 2001. Defending his claim at a campaign rally, Trump chose to mock the disability of New York Times reporter Serge Kovaleski, who covered the immediate aftermath of the 9/11 attacks and has recently added to the definitive debunking of the presidential candidate's smear. As reported by Politico, "'We think it's outrageous that he would ridicule the appearance of one of our reporters,' said a spokeswoman for the Times." Trump can be seen mocking Kovaleski in this clip from Morning Joe: From Politico: During a defense of his widely debunked claim that thousands of people in parts of New Jersey with large Arab populations celebrated the collapse of the World Trade Center towers on Sept. 11, 2001, Trump performed a derisive impression of New York Times reporter Serge Kovaleski -- who suffers from a chronic condition that has limited the movement of his arms -- at a rally in South Carolina on Tuesday night. Citing a 2001 article written by Kovaleski that referred to people allegedly seen celebrating the attacks, Trump said it was "Written by a nice reporter." Trump went on, "Now the poor guy -- you ought to see the guy: 'Uhh I don't know what I said. I don't remember.' He's going, 'I don't remember. Maybe that's what I said.'" As he spoke, Trump launched into an impression which involved gyrating his arms wildly and imitating the unusual angle at which Kovaleski's hand sometimes rests. "We think it's outrageous that he would ridicule the appearance of one of our reporters," said a spokeswoman for the Times. The article cited by Trump was written by Kovaleski when he worked for The Washington Post and stated that in the aftermath of Sept. 11, "Law enforcement authorities detained and questioned a number of people who were allegedly seen celebrating the attacks and holding tailgate-style parties on rooftops while they watched the devastation on the other side of the river." On Tuesday, after Trump's supporters began citing the article as evidence for the candidate's claim, Kovaleski told CNN, "We did a lot of shoe leather reporting in and around Jersey City and talked to a lot of residents and officials for the broader story. Much of that has, indeed, faded from memory ... I do not recall anyone saying there were thousands, or even hundreds, of people celebrating. That was not the case, as best as I can remember." Kovaleski suffers from arthrogryposis, a congenital condition that limits the movement of the joints and weakens the muscles around them. As a reporter at the New York Daily News in the late 1980s and early '90s, he covered Trump's business exploits and met with the developer on several occasions. On November 24, the editorial board of The New York Times called on the media to hold Trump accountable for his "racist lies," adding "[h]istory teaches that failing to hold a demagogue to account is a dangerous act. It's no easy task for journalists to interrupt Mr. Trump with the facts, but it's an important one." Trump's actions are reminiscent of Rush Limbaugh's mockery of Michael J. Fox's Parkinson's in 2006. Limbaugh at the time accused the actor of "exaggerating the effects" of the disease in an ad, and later suggested that Fox had intentionally over-medicated himself "so you would really, really hate Republicans." Fox News host Sean Hannity defended Limbaugh, saying Fox "[has] a right to speak up, but he also has a right to be criticized. He is a guy that is very political."

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Fox's Kilmeade Asks African-American Fox Host If She Makes Kool-Aid With Her Cobbler

From the November 25 edition of Fox News' Fox & Friends: HARRIS FAULKNER: All right, so now I'm going to take my peaches and I'm just going to lay them in there. ELISABETH HASSELBECK: Which is great that they're canned by the way, because you can do this any time of the year. FAULKNER: You can do this - HASSELBECK: I love that. FAULKNER: I do it in the summer, and I put fresh strawberries in here, too. STEVE DOOCY: Oh, what a good idea. [CROSSTALK] BRIAN KILMEADE: Do you make Kool-Aid? FAULKNER: That's another - do I do what? KILMEADE: Make Kool-Aid. FAULKNER: No, I don't make Kool-Aid. [CROSSTALK] KILMEADE: It reminds me of the summer.

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Watch A Chicago Protester's Perfect Answer To Hannity's Question On Why People Protest After Police Shoot African Americans

From the November 24 edition of Fox News' Hannity: SEAN HANNITY (HOST): Hey Mike, I have a question for your guest. Can I ask a question?  MIKE TOBIN: Go ahead, Sean.  HANNITY: I want to ask him. There have been 818 murders in Chicago from 2014 through November 2015. We've had 4,224 people shot, shooting incidents in Chicago in that time frame. Ask him if he can name one person who was shot or one person who was killed.  MIKE TOBIN: Well, someone in New York, Sean Hannity, is asking, of all the people who have been gunned down in the streets of Chicago, gang violence, black on black violence, other than Tyshawn Lee, can you name anyone? BRENDAN GLOVER (PROTESTER): I go by basically what I see on the news. The most disturbing thing I've seen this summer was the Tyshawn Lee situation. For that to be a child and for somebody to do that is very disturbing. This situation strikes home to me with Laquan because that could have been me, my little brother, one of my friends. And the fact that we don't feel safe with the police around, they're here to serve and protect. And the fact that I don't feel safe around police, it's disturbing.  TOBIN: Essentially the question he's getting to is why is there not the outrage when there's black on black violence? GLOVER: Because crime is going to happen, wherever you go. Crime happens. And the people that are here to serve and protect are a part of that problem. So it becomes a problem when you can't even call 911 and feel like you're safe to protect you from people that are committing crimes. That's the point I'm try to make. TOBIN: Thank you. I thank you for making the point. That's one of the distinctions we've heard from people like Mr. Glover here is there's a difference when you have someone who is paid by your taxes to protect and serve and that person is out there charged now for doing something quite heinous, Sean.  HANNITY: That's a good distinction. I'll say that. Previously: Watch A Baltimore Resident Confront Geraldo Rivera Over Fox News' Irresponsible Coverage Baltimore's Kwame Rose Responds To Geraldo's Personal Attacks, Talks About Media And Freddie Gray Fox's Megyn Kelly Has A Problem With This Young Black Protester Looking At A Cop

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Fox's Megyn Kelly Has A Problem With This Young Black Protester Looking At A Cop

Fox News host Megyn Kelly denounced the scene of a young African American protester standing in front of a police officer during a peaceful protest in Chicago following the announcement that police officer Jason Van Dyke was charged with the first-degree murder of an African American teen. Protests erupted in Chicago following the release of a video showing the shooting death of 17 year old Laquan McDonald. Fox News covered the peaceful protest noting the silent protest of one young black man looking at a police officer. Fox's Megyn Kelly interrupted her show to comment on the protester, arguing that the protestor was not "appropriate," because the police officer "hasn't done anything wrong." From the November 24 edition of Fox News' The Kelly File: MEGYN KELLY (HOST): I just want to jump in as we're seeing an extraordinary moment. Look what's happening here. BERNARD KERIK: Listen, you're going to have guys like this. You know they want to instigate, they want to create a -- RICHARD FOWLER: What is he instigating? Bernie, I'm sorry I've got to interrupt. KELLY: But Richard look at him. This is a cop out there accused of doing nothing wrong, trying to keep the peace. FOWLER: This guy is having a silent protest with this police officer. This is his first amendment right. KELLY: He gets right in his face and stares him down? This cop hasn't done anything wrong. FOWLER: That is his first amendment right, Megyn. KELLY: To get in a cops face and stare him down? FOWLER: And you out of all people, Megyn, believe in protecting -- this is his first amendment right. I don't understand. KELLY: You think that's fine? You have no problem with this? FOWLER: This is his first amendment right. This biggest problem here is -- KELLY: It's not a question of what his constitutional rights are. It's a question of what's appropriate. FOWLER: And I see nothing wrong with this.

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"It Makes Me Sick": Fox Criticizes Obama For Saying International Climate Summit Will Be A "Rebuke To Terrorists"

Fox News personalities attacked President Obama for saying that an international climate summit in Paris will be a "rebuke to terrorists" by showing international unity, deriding his remarks as "disturbing" and "encouragement to the terrorists."Obama Says Paris Climate Talks Will Be "Rebuke To Terrorists" President Obama: Global Climate Conference Will Show Terrorists "The World Stands As One." President Obama said during a November 24 joint press conference with French President Francois Hollande that the upcoming Paris climate summit, which nearly 200 countries are slated to attend, will be "a powerful rebuke to the terrorists" by showing that "the world stands as one and shows that we will not be deterred from building a better future for our children": And next week, I will be joining President Hollande and world leaders in Paris for the global climate conference. What a powerful rebuke to the terrorists it will be when the world stands as one and shows that we will not be deterred from building a better future for our children. So, President Hollande, my fellow Americans -- let's remember we've faced greater threats to our way of life before. Fascism. Communism. A first world war. A second. A long Cold War. Each and every time, we prevailed. We have prevailed because our way of life is stronger. Because we stay united. Because even as we are relentless in the face of evil, we draw on what's best in ourselves and in the character of our countries. It will be no different this time. Make no mistake, we will win, and groups like ISIL will lose. And standing with allies like France, we will continue to show the world the best of American leadership. Vive la France. And God bless the United States of America. [The White House, 11/24/15] Fox News Attacks Obama's Remarks As "Surrendering" To ISIS Fox News Analyst: Obama Is Trying To Fight ISIS "With Windmills And Solar Panels." On the November 24 edition of Your World with Neil Cavuto, Fox News national security analyst KT McFarland mocked President Obama's remarks, saying that the terrorists "are laughing" because Obama wants to "defeat [ISIS] with windmills and solar panels": NEIL CAVUTO (HOST): Why this? Why now? Why climate change when it's like kind of life change that's going on here? KT MCFARLAND: Well, because President Obama thinks that climate change is the greatest strategic and geological and existential threat to our future. You know, here we are -- and the irony, if it were not so tragic it would be funny -- here we have ISIS, which is attacking with suicide vests and Kalashnikovs and potentially chemical weapons in the French water supply. What are we doing? We're going to fight ISIS. We're going to have windmills. We're going to have solar panels. We're going to show them. It's just really -- all it does is it gives encouragement to the terrorists who feel that they have been selected and chosen by Allah to establish the caliphate and kill everybody who disagrees with them. They now look at this and they are laughing. [...] This is a threat and an assault against all western civilization. We will not defeat it with windmills and solar panels. [Fox News, Your World with Neil Cavuto, 11/24/15] Fox Co-Hosts: "It Makes Me Sick" To See "America Surrendering" To ISIS By Talking "About The Weather." Co-hosts on the November 24 edition of The Five roundly criticized President Obama for his comments, saying that his remarks indicate "America surrendering" to ISIS. Co-host Jesse Watters also stated "I just don't know if Mohammed cares about the weather": ERIC BOLLING: And at the White House news conference alongside the leader of France today, President Obama really stuck it to the terrorists by reminding them he'll be attending a weather summit soon. [...] BOLLING: Memories and climate summits. KIMBERLY GUILFOYLE: Yeah this is really disturbing and I'm trying to think if I can speed-dial my doctor for a giant dose of antibiotics to cure me from the ills that the President is making me feel right now. I don't understand. Why would he even bring it up? Like, enough, we got it. We got the memo, we signed for the package. We know you love the weather. Stop. I mean, can you imagine poor President Hollande is in there going, "Hey, come on, can we get some action here, can we get some focus?" And he's saying I remember my romantic times in Paris and wow, we're going to stick it to the terrorists when we start talking about climate change. [...] JESSE WATTERS: I never thought I'd see America surrendering and France leading the charge. The president talking about kissing Michelle in Paris? What is that, soft power? I don't know what you'd call that. And then he's saying we need to fight terror by using a poem on the Statue of Liberty. OK, I don't even know what that means. And then he's going on and saying the biggest rebuke to terrorism is to talk about the weather. Now I just don't know if Mohammed cares about the weather. It's hot enough in the desert and I don't even think that matters. And I don't think Americans care if we rebuke the terrorists. I think we should be nuking the terrorists. But this is why people don't trust the president. [Fox News, The Five, 11/24/15] Fox's Charles Krauthammer: Obama Thinks "The Terrorists Have Won" If "We Don't Destroy Our Economies" By Addressing Climate Change. On the November 24 edition of Special Report, Fox News contributor Charles Krauthammer said that President Obama wants to "destroy our economies in order to save the ocean from rising an inch or two," or otherwise "Obama is saying ... the terrorists have won": BRET BAIER (HOST): The climate change thing, he said he wanted to stand up and it would send a message to ISIS. The climate change summit in Paris next week. But as you look at the latest Fox News poll, climate change is kind of down on the list there. And there you see it. Three percent down from five percent. Terrorism obviously taking the biggest jump, Charles, in the wake of all that's happened. CHARLES KRAUTHAMMER: I think what Obama is saying is that if we don't destroy our economies in order to save the ocean from rising an inch or two 100 years from now, the terrorists have won. So I think you know -- that's what Obama believes. [Fox News, Special Report with Bret Baier, 11/24/15] Fox's Andrea Tantaros Mocks Obama's Comments: "Nothing Scares Jihadists Like The Weather." Co-host of Fox News' Outnumbered, Andrea Tantaros derided Obama's remarks in a November 24 tweet, saying "nothing scares jihadists like the weather": Obama: wait til they get a load of us at the Climate Summit in a few wks...."a rebuke." Because nothing scares jihadists like the weather. -- Andrea Tantaros (@AndreaTantaros) November 24, 2015 [, 11/24/15] Giuliani On Fox: "Obviously" Obama "Doesn't Understand Terrorism." On the November 25 edition of Fox News' Fox & Friends, former mayor of New York and Fox regular Rudy Giuliani derided Obama's statement, mocking: "when we reduce carbon emissions, ISIS is just going to fold." Giuliani asserted that he had never "heard anything more absurd from a president" and that Obama "obviously" "doesn't understand terrorism." Co-host Brian Kilmeade joked: "If the terrorists want to get under the president's skin they should litter": STEVE DOOCY: How is that a rebuke to ISIS? RUDY GIULIANI: You know, you know, I really feel very stupid. I consider myself somewhat of an expert on law enforcement, terrorism, cybersecurity, security, and I never thought of the fact that if we just waged war on global warming we could defeat ISIS, and that's really going to shake them up. I mean, when we reduce carbon emissions, ISIS is just going to fold. They're just going to stop.  BRIAN KILMEADE: Even Al Gore would say that was inappropriate -- GIULIANI: I don't think I've ever heard anything more absurd from a president. I don't -- a mayor in the presence of a president who has shown leadership. DOOCY: We have heard this president say that global warming is the top worry of the planet. GIULIANI: But to say that this is like going to be a real shock to the terrorists, obviously he doesn't understand terrorism. He doesn't understand terrorists. He doesn't understand what motivates them. They -- they don't care what we do about global warming. What they are interested in is the Jihad. They're interested in taking over. They're interested in taking away your rights in particular, as a woman. Our rights to property. Our -- my ability to worship god, and yours. That's what it's about. Not about whether the globe is going to get warmer or colder. The president is so -- that statement is so out of touch with reality, that there's a serious question as to what's going on. What's going on in your mind if you -- KILMEADE: If the terrorists want to get under the president's skin they should litter. [Fox News, Fox & Friends, 11/25/15] Fox's Peter Johnson, Jr.: Obama Thinks "The Most Potent Weapon In His Arsenal Against ISIS ... Is Somehow Convening A Conference On Global Warming." Later on Fox & Friends, Fox News legal analyst Peter Johnson, Jr. suggested that Obama said that "the most potent weapon in his arsenal against ISIS, against al-Qaeda, against all of these terrorists, is somehow convening a conference on global warming, on climate change," which Obama thinks is "going to send a chill up the spine" of those terrorist organizations: PETER JOHNSON, JR.: I think the people join me at home today on this in being confounded and astounded ... by that statement that the President of the United States, Barack Obama, the most potent weapon in his arsenal against ISIS, against al-Qaeda, against all of these terrorists, is somehow convening a conference on global warming, on climate change, and that that's going to send a chill up the spine of the people who want to erect their flag over the White House and the Vatican and the major European capitals. And it gives Americans a sense of unease, disquietude, real anxiety like, what's going on. [Fox News, Fox & Friends, 11/25/15] Post has been updated to include additional examples. 

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Fox Panel Says Black Lives Matter Protesters Are Inciting Violence "To The Point Of Hate Crime"

From the November 24 edition of Fox News' The O'Reilly Factor: BILL O'REILLY (HOST): But the horrendous situation in Chicago and Los Angeles, here in New York in some areas, generated by blacks. Yet, you never hear -- Most programs won't do this segment.  LIS WIEHL: It is a complete double standard.  O'REILLY: It is a complete double standard. WIEHL: If you have got a white officer who's done something wrong and black person is hurt, exactly. They should get -- O'REILLY: They should get it, right.  WIEHL: But here when you have blacks that are killing this poor white woman. There is no Black Lives Matter coming after them.  O'REILLY: This has been going on for decades. And nobody is trying to solve the problem.  KIMBERLY GUILFOYLE: Right, but they're a hate group against police officers.  O'REILLY: Where is Black Lives Matter on this? Did they release a press statement on this? GUILFOYLE: No, they don't because this doesn't match their singular focus. There's hypocrisy there, and they essentially are espousing hate against police officers.  WIEHL: That's exactly right. I almost think they are inciting violence to the point of hate crime. When they're coming out and saying pigs in a blanket and all of that. They are trying to incite that violence. That to me escalates, that's a hate crime.  O'REILLY: Well I think that the bottom line on Black Lives Matter is if Black Lives Matter, how come this group isn't on the south side of Chicago when every weekend you've got a couple of dozen black lives lost.  WIEHL: Right. They matter.  O'REILLY: And you know who's killing them? Other blacks. But we don't hear a word of that.  Previously: Fox's Bill O'Reilly Compares Black Lives Matter Movement To The KKK Fox's Bill O'Reilly Says Black Lives Matter Is A "Hate Group" That Wants Police Officers Dead Bill O'Reilly Blames Black Lives Matter For "The Rise Of Fascism On American College Campuses"

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CNN's Blitzer Asks If Officer Who Shot Chicago Teen Was Charged With Murder To Avert Protest Violence

CNN host Wolf Blitzer questioned whether Chicago police officer Jason Van Dyke was charged with first-degree murder in the shooting of a teen, merely as an attempt to avoid potential violence. The Chicago Police Department announced Tuesday that Van Dyke will face first degree murder charges in the shooting death of Laquan McDonald. City officials also announced that they will release the 'graphic' footage of the shooting death of the black teen, which some city leaders "worried would inflame tensions and lead to the heated protests seen across the country over the last year." On the November 24 edition of CNN's The Situation Room, host Wolf Blitzer asked whether the potential for violence played a role in the charge against Van Dyke: WOLF BLITZER: Sunny Hostin, in charging the officer Van Dyke with first-degree murder did the prosecutor evaluate the potential for violence on the streets, if you will? In other words if it would have been a second-degree murder charge or negligent homicide, something along those lines, potentially the anger could've been much more intense given the graphic nature of the dash cam video. SUNNY HOSTIN: Well prosecutors aren't supposed to take that into consideration, Wolf. I mean prosecutors are seeking justice. They're seeking the truth. They're seeking to really find out what happened. So you don't really consider that when you're filing charges.  Related:  Chicago Police Officer Charged With Murder In Shooting Of Black Teenager As City Prepares To Release 'Graphic' Video Previously:  O'Reilly: Violence In Chicago Comes From "A Culture That Is Sociopathic" Bill O'Reilly On Chicago Violence: "This Is Real Racism, You Black Lives Matter Fools" CNN's Bizarrely Homophobic Coverage Of The Virginia Shooter

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