Berkeley Public Library director resigns amid contention over book weeding

Posted in News“Jeff Scott, the director of library services for the Berkeley Public Library, announced his resignation Monday after multiple protests related to the removal of thousands of books from the library’s inventory. Scott’s resignation will take effect Sept. 8, less than a year after he was appointed to the position. Sarah Dentan, acting deputy director, will […]Leave a Comment

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School and Library Spotlight: How Schools Buy and Use E-Books

Posted in News“Debate over the pros and cons of implementing e-books into schools continues to be robust in publishing and educational circles. But most observers agree that e-books are here to stay—at least for the foreseeable future, which is the best anyone can predict in an era of technological advances. As a new academic year kicks off […]Leave a Comment

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Denver Library brews a month of craft beer, coffee and tea events

Posted in News“There’s more to libraries than books. To prove it, the Denver Public Library has brewed up a month of events focused on craft beer, coffee, kombucha and even comedy. BrewHa!Ha! kicks off next week with two beer releases plus lessons on brewing kombucha and herbal potions. There are also coffee tastings throughout the month, lessons […]Leave a Comment

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This Librarian Bicycles Around San Francisco Towing a Miniature Library With Free Books

Posted in News“School librarian Alicia Tapia is on a mission to spread the love of reading. Knowing the important influence books can have on literacy and learning she started towing a miniature library around San Francisco in 2013. She calls her creation Bibliobicicleta.” (via Visual News)Leave a Comment

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Semi filled with books helped Biloxi library get back in business

Posted in News“Ten years ago, a semi truck full of books was bound for a public library in hurricane-ravaged Biloxi, Mississippi. Dozens of cardboard boxes had been sorted, packed and labeled — children’s stories, young adult fiction, adult novels and reference books. Nearly all of them had been collected by one man in Columbia.” (via The Missourian)Leave a Comment

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British Library turns down Taliban archive because of UK terror laws

Posted in News“The British Library is refusing to store a collection of Taliban material because of UK anti-terrorism legislation. It took the decision not to store the archive, which has been compiled over the past three years, on legal advice. The library was told that it could be in breach of the law if it made the […]Leave a Comment

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How the New York Public Library digitizes its vast map collection

Posted in News“While much of the city’s mapping community is focused on creating something new, a great deal of energy also goes into recovering maps that are quite old. The New York Public Library, the spiritual heart of the city’s mapmaking community, is gradually putting online its vast collection of 435,000 maps. This past January, it received […]Leave a Comment

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Amazon e-book deal with NYC public schools postponed as blind advocates say it would leave out visually impaired students

Posted in News“City education officials have shelved a $30 million deal to give students electronic books after advocates complained it would exclude the visually impaired. Online retail giant Amazon had been poised to land the groundbreaking, three-year contract to create a new e-book marketplace for the Big Apple’s 1,800 public schools. But Department of Education officials said […]Leave a Comment

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Colombian Garbage Collector Rescues Books for Children

Posted in News“A second-grade education has not stopped garbage collector Jose Gutierrez from bringing the gift of reading to thousands of Colombian children. Gutierrez started rescuing books from the trash almost 20 years ago, when he was driving a garbage truck at night through the capital’s wealthier neighborhoods. The discarded reading material slowly piled up, and now […]Leave a Comment

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Duke librarian doubles as scrabble whiz

Posted in News“For Duke librarian Hannah Rozear, playing Scrabble is more than just a rainy day activity. Rozear, librarian for institutional services at Perkins Library, recently placed fifth in her division at the North American Scrabble Championship in Reno, Nev. The event—which ran from Aug. 1-5—featured approximately 350 players from around the world and included prize money […]Leave a Comment

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Madison to be named Little Free Libraries’ first ‘City of Distinction’

Posted in News“According to the founder of the Little Free Libraries movement, Madison is the city that made it all possible — and, this weekend, Madison will receive the organization’s first “City of Distinction” award in recognition of that. “When I started this, I thought to myself, ‘Where in this country would you test this to see […]Leave a Comment

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Turning a page: downsizing the campus book collections

Posted in News“When, in 2005, the University of Chicago entered into a US$81 million renovation of a major library building, one of the primary goals was to ensure that the university’s collection of printed books in the social sciences and humanities would remain under one roof. That goal was achieved six years later. However, it also meant […]Leave a Comment

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An idiosyncratic library squirreled away in SoMa

Posted in News“It’s difficult, very likely even impossible, to explain the Prelinger Library without also discussing its founders, Megan and Rick Prelinger. In so many ways, the library is them. “It is a map of our shared consciousnesses,” Rick says. Each object is a reflection of their interests, the organizing principals follow their own streams of consciousness, […]Leave a Comment

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Review: A Despairing Librarian Is Ready to Check Out in ‘After Words’

Posted in News“In September, television viewers will have a chance to see Marcia Gay Harden play a brusque, decisive, rule-bending doctor in the new CBS drama “Code Black.” Anyone who wants to see her play more or less the polar opposite of that character is hereby referred to “After Words,” a romance novel of a movie featuring […]Leave a Comment

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World’s first public-library Starbucks coming to downtown Tulsa after renovations complete

Posted in News“Tulsa’s Central Library will be the first public library in the world to house a Starbucks location, according to an announcement Thursday. In a meeting of Tulsa City-County Library oversight commission, an update on the downtown Central Library renovation included news that the popular coffeehouse would be housed in the space at Fourth Street and […]Leave a Comment

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Baltimore writer returns overdue library book 34 years late

Posted in News“When faced with the unenviable task of going through her late mother’s personal effects, Baltimore-area writer Michele Wojciechowski uncovered something she hadn’t seen in over three decades. While rooting through a cabinet over her mother’s refrigerator, she discovered an old paperback copy of “Mary Shelley’s Frankenstein,” adapted and illustrated by Alice and Joel Schick. The […]Leave a Comment

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Man named to library board despite 1999 attempt to ban school book

Posted in News“A resident who tried and failed in 1999 to have a book removed from a high school curriculum has been appointed to the Downers Grove Public Library board of trustees. The village council voted 5-2 Aug. 18 to approve the nomination of Arthur Jaros Jr. to the six-member board. Jaros was one of 20 people […]Leave a Comment

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Up From The Ashes, A Public Library In Sri Lanka Welcomes New Readers

Posted in News“Rising two stories and capped by three domes, the Jaffna Public Library looks a bit like a stately wedding cake. Gleaming white under the Sri Lanka sun, the building’s classical lines and beautiful proportions make it one of the architectural standouts of the South Asia region. That it survived at all is a testament to […]Leave a Comment

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Don’t Suffer From Library Anxiety: How to Best Research in Libraries

Posted in News“There’s a name for it. “Library anxiety.” We learned about this in library school. Symptoms: anxiety, uncertainty, sudden shyness, fear, worry that one might seem woefully ignorant, embarrassment, bewilderment, lack of confidence, and perhaps even shame that one should “know better” or already know the answers before the questions are even posed. If not treated, […]Leave a Comment

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How libraries became the front line of America’s homelessness crisis

Posted in News“On any given night in 2014, over half a million people in the United States found themselves without a home. While the majority of these people (69 percent) secured shelter for the night, many do not provide daytime accommodations for their patrons. This leaves many in search of daytime activity and protection from the elements. […]Leave a Comment

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Book Ban in Venice Ignites a Gay Rights Battle

Posted in News“As subversive books go, many of the 49 children’s tales hardly seem seditious. There is the story of the male dog who aspired to be a ballerina. The one about the little boy who wanted to be a princess, and a princess who wanted to be a soccer player. The tale of the penguin egg […]Leave a Comment

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A Library Writes Its Own Story

Posted in News“The public library in Redlands, California is much more than a steward of books and information. It is an exemplar of the history of the town and a living legend of its spirit of generosity, a hallmark of Redlands since its first days.” (via The Atlantic)Leave a Comment

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Law Firm Librarians Feel Underused and Underpaid

Posted in News“Last month, Bloomberg Law surveyed 80 librarians from large and medium sized law firms about their respective roles. The result? Law firm librarians feel underutilized as analysts and underpaid for the analytical work they’re already doing. Ninety-three per cent of respondents said their library resources and training could be put to greater use servicing their […]Leave a Comment

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In Rockaways Library, ‘a Sign of Recovery’

Posted in News“When the Peninsula branch of the Queens Library opens to the public on Tuesday, it will be the first time in nearly three years that local residents have a fully restored library. The library, which just received a $3.6 million renovation, has been closed to the public since superstorm Sandy. The facility, which had been […]Leave a Comment

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Boy writes apology to library for damaging book while falling asleep reading

Posted in News“A young reader looking to atone for tearing a borrowed comic book has won over Toronto library staff – and many others online – with a handwritten apology note. The note, addressed to “Library” and signed by “Jackson,” explains in large blue writing that a page accidentally ripped after the book fell from the bunk […]Leave a Comment

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