Law Librarians May Have Killed World’s Biggest Copyright Troll

Posted in News“We here at Above the Law appreciate law librarians. Staci attended the AALL’s recent conference and it was the law librarian community that kickstarted the Twitter phenomenon #lawlibpickuplines. But for all their invaluable support, it’s rare that law librarians get to play the hero in a litigation. If anyone out there harbored lingering doubts over […]Leave a Comment

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Amazon about to score $30M gig to sell e-books to N.Y.C. school kids

Posted in News“The Department of Education is about to approve a $30 million contract with Amazon to create an e-book marketplace for New York City’s 1,800 public schools. The Amazon deal will be one of the D.O.E.’s most expensive contracts and one of the city’s few significant deals with a leading technology company. The contract will also […]Leave a Comment

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New Email Archive Tool to Sift Literary Legacies

Posted in News“The leather-bound diaries of a 19th-century high-school principal in southwestern India are helping change how archivists around the world handle email. As authors’ archives encompass fewer handwritten drafts and more digital documents, email remains a particularly sticky problem. That’s where the diaries, kept for 50 years by Sudheendra Hangal’s great-grandfather-in-law, come in. In 2004, when […]Leave a Comment

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Researchers lament Arizona genealogy library’s sudden downsizing, relocation

Posted in News“Researchers see history disappearing before their eyes, as the state’s genealogical library is being packed up and only partially relocated to a new building. News of the pending Friday closure of the genealogy library inside the state Capitol has fueled a wave of complaints and concerns from researchers who fear they will have less to […]Leave a Comment

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Berkeley: Whistle-blower rally calls for library policy changes

Posted in News“Retired librarians and some three dozen allies blew the whistle Tuesday — literally — at a noontime rally on library policies. Calling for whistle-blower protection for staff, retired librarian Pat Mullan, a whistle around her neck, told the crowd outside the Central Library that the system’s staff members face “threats of retaliation for speaking up […]Leave a Comment

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Libraries cheer passage of strong open access legislation in U.S. Senate

Posted in News“Today, public access to federally-funded research took one momentous move forward with the U.S. Senate Committee on Homeland Security and Governmental Affairs’ vote to support the Fair Access to Science and Technology Research Act of 2015 (FASTR). The legislation would accelerate scientific discovery and fuel innovation by making articles reporting on publicly-funded scientific research freely […]Leave a Comment

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New Features Added to Based On Your Feedback

Posted in News“Since the unveiling of in September of 2012, we have been constantly adding new features with each release, and many of the features in this release are based directly on your feedback.” (via a Comment

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British university gives gull-conquering owl ‘Yoda’ a library card

Posted in News“It’s not every day you’re honoured with a library card in recognition of the work you do, especially when you’re an owl. The University of Bath, clearly recognising just how tragically under-represented our feathered friends are in the world of book-borrowing, have issued a library card to their resident seagull-scaring Eagle owl, Yoda.” (via Mashable)Leave a Comment

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Ohio Supreme Court passes on library hair-pulling case

Posted in NewsThe Ohio Supreme Court has granted Telling Mansion activist Fran Mentch a final victory in her 22-month hair-pulling case with the city of Parma. Mentch served a 30-day jail sentence in March last year for pulling Cuyahoga County Public Library Executive Director Sari Feldman’s hair at a September 2013 library board meeting in Parma. Her […]Leave a Comment

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Library advocate to visit 50 New York libraries in his ’78 Volkswagen camper

Posted in NewsJeremy Johannesen and his son Jack plan to visit 50 New York libraries in 10 days. It’s not exactly the top vacation trip for most families, but it is the perfect adventure for Johannesen, a Bethlehem resident who is executive director of the New York State Library Association based in Guilderland. First, it gives him […]Leave a Comment

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Turning the page: Library district emerges stronger after years of cost reduction

Posted in News“Las Vegas-Clark County Library District Executive Director Dr. Ronald R. Heezen said half of the district’s employees who were laid off due to the 2008 recession have been rehired. And increased staffing isn’t the only bright spot in the district’s future: He said the libraries are now in a financial position to better meet the […]Leave a Comment

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How the NY Public Library Crowdsources Digital Innovation

Posted in News“Like most public institutions, the New York Public Library is chronically underfunded. However, shoestring staffing has not slowed the breakneck pace at which NYPL Labs releases new digital projects. NYPL Labs offers a model for public institutions around the country: Trust your patrons. Thanks to shrewd application of crowdsourcing initiatives, NYPL Labs has produced innovative […]Leave a Comment

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With 10,699 books printed, Windsor library’s self-publishing machine is a hit

Posted in News“Sue Perry likens her role at the Windsor Public Library to that of a midwife. Perry runs the main library’s self-publishing Espresso Book Machine which has produced 10,699 books in three years and she hopes to be even busier delivering professionally-bound paperback books into the hands of local authors. Windsor was the first public library […]Leave a Comment

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Booktrack Attracts $5 Million in Funding

Posted in News“Booktrack, an e-publishing venture offering publishers the ability to add customizable soundtracks to digital titles, has secured $5 million in funding led by investments from COENT Venture Partners and Sparkbox Ventures. The new round of funding comes on the heels of $3 million in financing raised by Booktrack last year. The company plans to use […]Leave a Comment

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The calamity of disappearing school libraries

Posted in News“From coast to coast, elementary and high school libraries are being neglected, defunded, repurposed, abandoned and closed. The kindest thing that can be said about this is that it’s curious; the more accurate explanation is that it’s just wrong and very foolish. A 2011 survey conducted with my graduate students of 25 separate statewide studies […]Leave a Comment

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N.Y.U. Library Acquires Archive of the Digital Art Journal Triple Canopy

Posted in News“When libraries acquire the archives of an art and literary magazine, they usually do so after a magazine has been around for decades and the files arrive by truck, in dusty boxes measured in linear feet. But on Monday, the Fales Library and Special Collection at New York University announced the acquisition of the archive […]Leave a Comment

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College librarian in China admits he replaced art with fakes

Posted in News“A former chief librarian at a Chinese university admitted in court Tuesday to stealing more than 140 paintings by grandmasters in a gallery under his watch and replacing them with fakes he painted himself. For two years up until 2006, Xiao Yuan substituted famous works including landscapes and calligraphies in a gallery within the library […]Leave a Comment

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Innovative survey finds online library access ‘most important’

Posted in News“Innovative has announced the publication of survey results from more than 4,000 library users at seven academic libraries in the UK. ‘We Love the Library, but We Live on the Web’ – which centres around how academic library users view online resources and services – reports on how online users interact with library-related services and […]Leave a Comment

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Posted in News“A museum dedicated to Richard Nixon’s presidency is getting a makeover that will include interactive exhibits appealing to younger, tech-savvy visitors, officials said Monday. The galleries at the Richard Nixon Presidential Library and Museum in California’s Orange County are getting a $25 million upgrade to add more audio and video features and include interactive touchscreens […]Leave a Comment

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Petition to ban new books prompts new debate on censorship in Duval County

Posted in News“Currently, there are 11 literary works that remain off the shelves of Duval County Public School libraries due to past protests from concerned citizens, but Superintendent Nikolai Vitti said adding more works to that list would set a bad precedent. “We are walking up a slippery slope when we start to decide what books we […]Leave a Comment

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Foundation donates $10 million to Notre Dame libraries

Posted in News“A charitable foundation named after a Notre Dame graduate and former faculty member and his wife has donated $10 million to the university’s Hesburgh Libraries to fund renovation and to establish an endowment to support digital library services and research projects. The university announced the donation from the Marilyn & Rudolph Navari Charitable Foundation on […]Leave a Comment

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Wikimedia projects benefit from Bodleian Libraries residency

Posted in News“For anyone looking to define Taijitu, Putso or Sangha, or to learn about Elizabeth Fry, the Junior wives of Krishna, or the Royal Ploughing Ceremony, one of the top internet search hits will be Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Articles about these, and hundreds of other topics, are now being improved using the Bodleian Libraries’ historic […]Leave a Comment

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Improving patent quality one search at a time

Posted in News“Good patents support innovation while bad patents hinder it. Bad patents drive up costs for innovative companies that must choose between paying undeserved license fees or staggering litigation costs. That’s why today we are excited to launch a new version of Google Patents, which has the power to improve patent quality by helping experts and […]Leave a Comment

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Community Board Approves Redevelopment Plan for Brooklyn Public Library Branch

Posted in News“A controversial proposed redevelopment plan for the Brooklyn Public Library’s Brooklyn Heights branch, which includes the construction of affordable housing, received a community board’s approval, with provisions, at a heated meeting on Wednesday evening. The board, which met at St. Francis College, voted 25 to 14 in favor, with four members abstaining. The plan, which […]Leave a Comment

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ALA applauds, engages national initiative to support broadband opportunity for public housing residents

Posted in News“The American Library Association (ALA) today welcomes President Barack Obama’s announcement of the ConnectHome initiative to expand high-speed broadband to public housing residents. The ALA is proud to be a partner in realizing a shared vision to empower more people to thrive online. “Librarians know from our work in communities every day that far, far […]Leave a Comment

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