St. Louis library opens recording studio

Posted in News“When Charles Thomas tells his friends he’s in the studio working on his latest release, they don’t expect to hear its being recorded at the library. ‘I tell them, ‘You want to come down you just got to bring your library card,’ says Charles Thomas. Since January he’s put in 20 two hour sessions in […]Leave a Comment

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Library launches alternate reality game ahead of Comic-Con

Posted in News“The Downtown Central Library is getting gamers geared up for Comic-Con in a unique way.  The public library has launched an alternate reality game that participants say is the perfect way to prepare for the upcoming four-day expo. “An alternate reality game is an interactive story that takes place in real time, in a real […]Leave a Comment

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ALA applauds presidential signing of the workforce bill

Posted in News“Today, President Barack Obama will sign the Workforce Innovation and Opportunity Act, a bill that will open access to federal funding support to public libraries for effective job training and job search programs. President Obama will sign the bill into law from 12:00 to 1:00 p.m. ET in the White House Oval Office in Washington, […]Leave a Comment

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Billy Joel to Receive Gerswhin Prize

Posted in News“Librarian of Congress James H. Billington today announced that Billy Joel is the next recipient of the Library of Congress Gershwin Prize for Popular Song. Billy Joel ranks as one of the most popular recording artists and respected entertainers in the world. His piano-fueled narratives take listeners into the relatable and deeply personal moments of […]Leave a Comment

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Librarians Lack LeBron’s Pull as Miami Arena Deal Precedes Cuts

Posted in News“Last month, Miami politicians approved a $19 million subsidy for the professional basketball arena. Six weeks later, they turned to a grimmer task: deciding how many police and librarians to fire.To plug a $64 million budget hole, Florida’s Miami-Dade County Commission this week began considering a plan to cut as many as 700 positions, including […]Leave a Comment

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U.S. libraries become front line in fight against homelessness

Posted in News“George Brown, a homeless man in Washington, has a simple answer when asked how often he uses a public library. “Always. I have nowhere else to go,” Brown, 65, said outside the U.S. capital’s modernist central library after a morning reading sociology books. “When it’s hot, you come here to stay out of the heat. […]Leave a Comment

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Libraries battle bed bugs in books

Posted in News“The vampire in the teen romance your daughter checked out from the library is fictional — but there could be a bloodsucker lurking in the book’s binding that isn’t make believe. A bed bug was spotted in a Las Vegas-Clark County Library District bin two weeks ago in the service center where 18,000 library items […]Leave a Comment

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Librarian transforms school bus to deliver books to kids in need

Posted in News“She’s a school librarian turned bus driver. Jenny Granger is delivering books to kids around Snohomish to beat the “summer slide.” Between tests in June and September, there’s a general drop in students’ scores. Granger says a big factor is the fact kids don’t read as much during the summer. “We can complain about it […]Leave a Comment

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Multnomah County Library turns to ‘collaborative learning’ to lure teens in, keep them engaged

Posted in News“Even in Multnomah County, where residents are known as some of the nation’s most enthusiastic library users, getting teens into the library can be a challenge. But a new effort to grasp teens’ attention – and hold it for more than a couple of hours – is showing promise. Coi Vu and her team at […]Leave a Comment

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‘9,000 Libraries, 9,000 Mohawks’ – Could Vista’s Librarian Mohawk Challenge Become a Dare?

Posted in News“Librarian mohawks – makes you do a double take, right? Those are two words that usually do NOT go together.But thanks to Vista, now they do, as five good-natured librarians made good on their promise this spring and got mohawks because the community pushed them to a big milestone – Vista was the first county […]Leave a Comment

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The Digital Public Library of America: Collaboration, Content, and Technology at Scale

Posted in News“The vision of a national digital library has been circulating among U.S. librarians, scholars, educators, and technologists since the early 1990s. Efforts led by a range of organizations—such as the Internet Archive, HathiTrust, and others—have successfully built resources that provide books, images, historical records, and audiovisual materials to anyone with Internet access. Scores of institutions […]Leave a Comment

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For This Author, 10,000 Wikipedia Articles Is a Good Day’s Work

Posted in News“Sverker Johansson could be the most prolific author you’ve never heard of. Volunteering his time over the past seven years publishing to Wikipedia, the 53-year-old Swede can take credit for 2.7 million articles, or 8.5% of the entire collection, according to Wikimedia analytics, which measures the site’s traffic. His stats far outpace any other user, […]Leave a Comment

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Denver Public Library turns 125

Posted in News“On Monday, the Denver Public Library turned 125. The state’s largest public library system has more than 4.3 million in-person visits and 9.8 million items circulated annually.” (via 9News)Leave a Comment

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New Hampshire students digitize Civil War letters

Posted in News“Seven score and 12 years ago, a Civil War soldier was packing on the freshman 15 — and then some. In cheerful letters sent to his family back home in Hillsborough, Pvt. Willard Templeton describes at length the food he ate and the weight he gained as he traveled and fought with the 11th New […]Leave a Comment

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Singapore withdraws gay penguin book from libraries

Posted in NewsSingapore authorities have withdrawn from libraries two children’s books featuring same-sex couples, sparking controversy amid a debate on gay rights in the conservative city-state. And Tango Makes Three features a pair of gay penguins while The White Swan Express mentions a lesbian couple. Petitions for the books to be put back have garnered thousands of […]Leave a Comment

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IMLS Announces New Awards to Strengthen Early Learning Activities at Libraries and Museums

Posted in News“Today, IMLS announced three new awards to engage libraries and museums as key partners in comprehensive early learning strategies. Three separate awards totaling $771,854 will be awarded to the Georgia Public Library Service, OCLC, and the BUILD Initiative. These new investments follow up on recommendations made in Growing Young Minds: How Museums and Libraries Create […]Leave a Comment

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FCC approves spending billions to put Wi-Fi in schools and libraries

Posted in News“The Federal Communications Commission on Friday approved a plan to spend $1 billion per year to provide Wi-Fi service in schools and libraries. The plan from FCC Chairman Tom Wheeler passed in a 3-2 vote after an eleventh-hour compromise was reached to secure the votes of the commission’s two Democrats. “Because of what we do […]Leave a Comment

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Higher Education, Library Groups Release Net Neutrality Principles

Posted in News“Today, higher education and library organizations representing thousands of colleges, universities, and libraries nationwide released a joint set of Net Neutrality Principles (PDF) they recommend form the basis of an upcoming Federal Communications Commission (FCC) decision to protect the openness of the Internet. The groups believe network neutrality protections are essential to protecting freedom of […]Leave a Comment

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NY Public Library Pilots Program to Rent Out Free Wifi

Posted in News“Libraries are known for lending books. Libraries have recently also become known as a place to use computers and the internet. Now though, libraries are combining the two in their latest effort to try to close the so-called “Digital Divide”—made up of those who do and do not have access to the internet. The New […]Leave a Comment

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Study in accessible media delivery in Ontario’s university libraries

Posted in News“The Ontario Council of University Libraries (OCUL) is commissioning a research study and report on accessible media delivery at Ontario universities. The study will identify a range of service options available to Ontario’s university libraries to ensure fair and equitable access to video collections held at university libraries across the province. The research project, otherwise […]Leave a Comment

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Rockefeller, Markey Raise Concerns Over FCC’s Proposed Changes to E-Rate Program

Posted in News“Senator John D. (Jay) Rockefeller, IV, Chairman of the Senate Committee on Commerce, Science, and Transportation, and Senator Edward Markey (D-MA), member of the Senate Commerce Committee, this week voiced serious concerns and urged Federal Communications Commission (FCC) Chairman Tom Wheeler not to move forward with several proposed changes that they fear could jeopardize the […]Leave a Comment

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Public libraries and technology: From “houses of knowledge” to “houses of access”

Posted in News“One major finding in our research into Americans’ use of public libraries is the extent to which libraries are synonymous not only with knowledge and information, but with the tools needed to acquire it in the digital age. Some 77% of Americans now think it is “very important” for public libraries to provide free access […]Leave a Comment

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For Those in the Digital Dark, Enlightenment Is Borrowed From the Library

Posted in News“Joey Cabrera stands for part of most evenings on the doorstep of the Clason’s Point Library, near 172nd Street and Morrison Avenue in the Bronx. There, he taps into the Wi-Fi that seeps out of the library after it closes. He checks in on Tumblr, Snapchat, Facebook — “the usual stuff,” he said — and […]Leave a Comment

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Mayor Walsh Launches Innovative Mobile Reading Initiatives across Boston

Posted in News“Mayor Martin J. Walsh today announced the launch of the Boston Public Library’s Bibliocycle, and the re-launch of ReadBoston’s Storymobile, now in its nineteenth year. Both programs use a human-powered bicycle with an attached trailer to make their services mobile, and will be pedaling through Boston’s neighborhoods this summer.” (via BPL)Leave a Comment

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‘Little Free Libraries’ legal in Leawood thanks to 9-year-old Spencer Collins

Posted in News“Nine-year-old Spencer Collins will be able put his “Little Free Library” back in his front yard first thing in the morning. The Leawood City Council unanimously approved a temporary moratorium Monday night that exempts the little lending libraries from a city ordinance that prohibits structures in front yards. The moratorium, effective Tuesday, will last until […]Leave a Comment

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