The End of the Tour Official Trailer

Posted in NewsYes, that is R.E.M. playing in the background. Yes, this movie is about DVW. Yes, I will be seeing it on opening night.Leave a Comment

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High-tech robot greets visitors at African-Amerian library

Posted in News“The African-American Research Library and Cultural Center has gone high-tech in its latest move to introduce visitors to its history and cultural treasures. The Fort Lauderdale library has unveiled an exhibit featuring a lifelike robot of Samuel F. Morrison, the former Broward County library director, the catalyst behind the library’s creation. Visitors to the library, […]Leave a Comment

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Posted in News“Chinese and American authors gathered Wednesday to protest a major U.S. book fair’s focus on China that they say ignores the country’s glaring problems of censorship and intimidation. Jonathan Franzen, Xiaolu Guo, Andrew Solomon, Ha Jin and others stood outside the main New York Public Library to demand that China free Nobel peace laureate Liu […]Leave a Comment

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The Technology Of Books Has Changed, But Bookstores Are Hanging In

Posted in News“If the book is dead, nobody bothered to tell the folks at Capitol Hill Books in Washington, D.C. Books of every size, shape and genre occupy each square inch of the converted row house — including the bathroom — all arranged in an order discernible only to the mind of Jim Toole, the store’s endearingly […]Leave a Comment

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Open-access books slowly on the rise, says PCG

Posted in NewsPublishers and libraries are increasingly experimenting with open access (OA) books, according to a new survey by Publishers Communication Group (PCG). Books published under the gold open access model with no paywall for readers are expected to slowly grow in importance, with funding derived from a variety of sources including library budgets, the study reported. […]Leave a Comment

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The Internet can’t replace libraries: Why they matter more than ever in the age of Google

Posted in News“If you were airdropped, blindfolded, into a strange town and given nothing but a bus ticket, to where would you ride that bus? You might be surprised to learn that there’s only one good answer, and that’s the public library. The library is the public living room, and if ever you are stripped of everything […]Leave a Comment

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How libraries in Germany are fighting extinction – and winning

Posted in News“Is an e-book as much a book as a “book book”? Libraries in Germany would say yes. It seems they’re coming to grips with what many readers take for granted. “As a customer and user, I expect today to find the latest bestseller as an e-book in my local library,” Klaus-Rainer Brintzinger, chairman of the […]Leave a Comment

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Mayor on library art: ‘You can’t just misplace a print worth $600G’

Posted in News“Mayor Martin J. Walsh today said he believes that two rare works of art worth hundreds of thousands of dollars are most likely not lost within the vast collection of the Boston Public Library, a week after officials disclosed they had begun a frenzied search. “From all indications, it’s not at the library,” Walsh said. […]Leave a Comment

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Portraits of homeless people using libraries

Posted in News“Libraries, “the last bastion of democracy,” are a haven for America’s 500,000 homeless people, where literature, Internet access, and nonfiction can come together to provide respite from the relentless brutality of life on the streets. In a series of moving portraits of homeless people using San Francisco, Sacramento and San Jose’s public libraries, Fritz Hoffmann […]Leave a Comment

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Veterans History Project nears 100,000 items at US library

Posted in News“The Library of Congress has been working to build an oral history collection to capture veterans’ memories of war, and the project is nearing a milestone of 100,000 records. The Veterans History Project is now in its 15th year. It holds more than 96,000 remembrances from veterans, including oral history recordings, letters, photos and memoirs […]Leave a Comment

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Libraries could outlast the internet, head of British Library says

Posted in News“Stop worrying about whether libraries will survive the digital age, the head of the British Library has said, as he argues that they could outlast the internet. Roly Keating, director of the British Library, said he was shocked at how many “smart people” still questioned whether libraries were still viable in the modern age. Saying […]Leave a Comment

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Small-town libraries struggle to stay open when funding is short

Posted in News“In 1991, when the Lawrence County Library System wanted to add two branch locations, Lynn wasn’t originally considered. The remote farming town of 282 is 15 miles down a winding stretch of Arkansas 25 from Powhatan. Its largest employers are a farm-services company and the small Hillcrest School District, which is about 6 miles south. […]Leave a Comment

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Ferguson librarian finds himself in national spotlight

Posted in News“One month after Scott Bonner stepped into his role as director of the Ferguson Municipal Public Library, Michael Brown was fatally shot. Bonner, 43, turned the library into a refuge as civil unrest erupted around it. Now Bonner is receiving grants from the state of Missouri and private foundations, as well as donations of books […]Leave a Comment

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Vancouver Public Library’s Central Branch celebrates 20 years

Posted in News“This Tuesday marks 20 years since Vancouver Public Library’s Central Branch on Robson and Hamilton streets opened its doors to the public. “[It’s] really a testament to the city’s interest in investing in its residents and lifelong learning,” said Sandra Singh, chief librarian at the Vancouver Public Library. Prior to 1995, the city’s main library […]Leave a Comment

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‘Simple and Seamless’ or ‘Significant Obstacle’?

Posted in News“Academic, library and technology organizations are denouncing a new sharing and hosting policy adopted last month by publisher Elsevier, saying it undermines open-access policies at colleges and universities and prevents authors from sharing their work. Elsevier, which publishes thousands of journals, introduced the policy last month. It aims to strike a balance between making sharing […]Leave a Comment

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Andreessens pair with H-P to send computers to Ferguson, Baltimore libraries

Posted in News“Public libraries that provided a quiet refuge from civil unrest in Ferguson, Mo., and Baltimore are about to receive a small bounty from Silicon Valley. Venture capitalist Marc Andreessen and his wife, philanthropist and educator Laura Arrillaga-Andreessen, have teamed up with Hewlett-Packard to donate nearly $170,000 worth of computers, printers and other equipment. The couple […]Leave a Comment

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Posted in NewsPublic pressure is forcing the Alameda County Library system to stop throwing away thousands of books it deemed unusable. ABC7 News first reported this story back in February and our Facebook post on it got attention nationwide, with more than 76,000 people sharing this story with their Facebook friends. Some of the books thrown out […]Leave a Comment

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Alma library bans e-cigarettes, companion pets

Posted in News“The Alma Public Library is taking some proactive steps by banning two things from its building: e-cigarettes and companion pets. Both items, which are sort of “signs of our time” have in recent months brought up questions for both patrons and employees. Bryan Dinwoody, the director and librarian for the library said that as far […]Leave a Comment

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hoopla digital Introduces Dynamic eBooks and Comics Experience

Posted in News“Hoopla digital (, the category-creating mobile and online service for public libraries, today announced the rollout of its new eBooks and Comics offering to its library customers and their patrons in the U.S. and Canada. With thousands of titles at launch, hoopla’s eBooks and Comics selection features works across genres – from children’s books and […]Leave a Comment

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Art is reported missing at Boston Public Library

Posted in News“Police are investigating the disappearance of two works of art worth more than $600,000, including a print of a Rembrandt self-portrait, that went missing last month from the Boston Public Library’s flagship branch in Copley Square, authorities said Tuesday. A report from the Boston Police Department’s Anti-Corruption Unit states that officers learned in April that […]Leave a Comment

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Seattle library patrons can check out Wi-Fi hotspot devices

Posted in NewsAs of Monday, anyone with a Seattle Public Library card could check out a Wi-Fi hotspot device to use on the go or at home. The initial 150 devices were funded with a $225,000 grant from Google and to the Seattle Public Library, according to a library news release. “We want the library to […]Leave a Comment

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Farrell named Clemson dean of libraries

Posted in News“An administrator with degrees in library science, public administration and American studies has been named dean of libraries at Clemson University. Mary Margaret “Maggie” Farrell, dean of libraries at University of Wyoming since 2002, will join Clemson in mid-July. “As the libraries’ chief academic and administrative officer, Maggie will provide vision and leadership for the […]Leave a Comment

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A Grateful Dead missed connection? How a librarian scored a free ticket to ’95 Birmingham show

Posted in News“On the evening of the 1995 Grateful Dead concert in Birmingham, Katie Moellering was shelving books. She was becoming increasingly disgruntled as she watched a stream of bright colors and happy faces pass through her view from inside the downtown Birmingham Public Library. A mere four blocks from the Birmingham Jefferson Civic Center, the library […]Leave a Comment

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Not Just Librarians Anymore: Jeffco’s DTLs are Leaders in a Digital Age

Posted in News“The days of the dewey decimal system, card catalogs, and “Please Be Quiet” signs have long past for Jeffco Schools librarians. Today’s Digital Teacher Librarians (DTL’s), have very complex jobs where the focus is on student information literacy and technology. Books still form the core of their mission, but Jeffco DTL’s say the primary goal […]Leave a Comment

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Startup Beams the Web’s Most Important Content from Space, Free

Posted in News“What do you get if you cross a satellite TV receiver with the Internet? According to startup Outernet, a way to bring billions more people the benefit of online information. By renting communications satellites, Outernet is currently blanketing about half Earth’s surface with a signal that transmits data including much of Wikipedia, open-source software, health […]Leave a Comment

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