Library of Virginia layoffs will hinder open government, preservation of historical record

Posted in News“The Library of Virginia will lose 15 of its 126 employees under Gov. Terry McAuliffe’s plan to close a projected budget shortfall, and it’s not yet clear which positions will be cut.Regardless, the cuts will hinder the library’s ability to manage records, preserve the state’s historical record and educate students and the public, a former […]Leave a Comment

Posted on: 21 October 2016 | 11:25 am

The New Hillary Library?

Posted in News“When the new president, if she is Hillary Clinton, moves into the White House, will she unpack her library in the spirit of Walter Benjamin—releasing memories of adventures attached to books? Not likely. Will she think of books and libraries at all? Probably not. She has more important things to do. But the arrival of […]Leave a Comment

Posted on: 19 October 2016 | 2:01 pm makes taxpayer-funded research freely available to the public

Posted in News“It has been a long held position by Sunlight and our allies that the Congressional Research Service (CRS), a taxpayer-funded research arm for Congress, should make its reports to the available to the public. But until Congress expands access to this public knowledge, a newly launched resource from Demand Progress,, will enable the disclosure […]Leave a Comment

Posted on: 19 October 2016 | 11:53 am

Axiell acquires Gold Systems, Inc. division to strengthen offering in the Vital Records market

Posted in News“Axiell, the leading vendor to archives, libraries and museums worldwide, as well as the leading Vital Records systems provider in Australasia and Canada, today announces the acquisition of a business division of Gold Systems, Inc., a Salt Lake City, Utah-based company. The acquisition further strengthens Axiell’s position in the market for Vital Records, which comprises […]Leave a Comment

Posted on: 19 October 2016 | 7:16 am

Library Presents Multimedia Web Presentation of Political, Cultural Icons

Posted in News“The Library of Congress unveiled today a new curated web presentation—”Food for Thought: Presidents, Prime Ministers, and other National Press Club Luncheon Speakers, 1954-1989″—that features speeches by some of the world’s most important newsmakers, including presidents, international leaders and other political and cultural icons of the period.Most of these select speeches from the Library’s National […]Leave a Comment

Posted on: 18 October 2016 | 2:14 pm

Providence library offers free photos of state’s history

Posted in News“The Providence Public Library has added thousands of photographs chronicling Rhode Island’s history to its digital library, making them available to the public for free.The Rhode Island photograph collection features more than 6,500 photographs of people, places and events from across the state from the mid-19th century through the 20th century.” (via (AP)Leave a Comment

Posted on: 16 October 2016 | 6:53 pm

Taylor & Francis + ReadCube Team up to Enhance Discoverability of T&F Article and Book Collections Across ReadCube Apps!

Posted in News“We have some very exciting new to share! ReadCube has partnered with Taylor & Francis, one of the world’s leading publishers of scholarly content, to bring their collection of over four million books, journals, and peer-reviewed articles into ReadCube’s discovery tools and Enhanced PDF library. We’ve already done all the heavy lifting so next time you […]Leave a Comment

Posted on: 14 October 2016 | 8:33 am

Virginia Museum of Fine Arts launches digital Fabergé archive

Posted in News“The Virginia Museum of Fine Arts announced the launch of its first digital archive, which documents the formation of the museum’s renowned Fabergé and Russian decorative arts collection at Organized through the museum’s Margaret R. and Robert M. Freeman Library, this project was made possible in part by the National Endowment for the Humanities.” […]Leave a Comment

Posted on: 14 October 2016 | 8:28 am


Posted in News“The public is getting a rare peek at first and early editions of some of William Shakespeare’s most beloved plays.The Boston Public Library is commemorating the 400th anniversary of the Bard’s death with “Shakespeare Unauthorized,” a free exhibition that opens on Friday.The library holds a copy of the so-called “First Folio,” the earliest published collection […]Leave a Comment

Posted on: 14 October 2016 | 8:21 am

Talis and YBP Library Services partner to provide more choice to academic libraries in the UK

Posted in News“YBP Library Services (YBP), a division of EBSCO Information Services, has partnered with Talis to bring more choice, and increased efficiencies, for course reading list driven library acquisitions and collection development.This partnership makes the integration between YBP and Talis Aspire, already in use at many Australasian universities, available now to our shared customers in the […]Leave a Comment

Posted on: 13 October 2016 | 7:12 pm

Arrests at a Kansas City Public Library event show how the lines blur when off-duty police work private security

Posted in News“A patron and a library director face charges stemming from an event at the Kansas City Public Library in May.Jeremy Rothe-Kushel, a documentarian and activist who lives in Lawrence, asked provocative questions of a diplomat, who had just concluded a talk about U.S. presidents’ attitudes toward Israel. Kansas City, Missouri, police say they arrested Rothe-Kushel because […]Leave a Comment

Posted on: 12 October 2016 | 7:05 pm

US, Cuba assessing efforts to save Hemingway artifacts

Posted in News“Ernest Hemingway was a pack rat who saved everything. Fortunately for fans of the literary icon, U.S. and Cuban officials and scholars have been working together to preserve artifacts at his former estate in Cuba — items they say will help illuminate his colorful legacy.At a forum Wednesday at the John F. Kennedy Presidential Library […]Leave a Comment

Posted on: 12 October 2016 | 6:45 pm

UNLV University Libraries receives NEH grant to continue newspaper preservation project

Posted in News“The University of Nevada, Las Vegas University Libraries has been awarded a $210,000 grant from the National Endowment for the Humanities to continue work on a project to digitize historical Nevada newspapers. The two-year grant is a continuation of funding for the Nevada Digital Newspaper Project, an extension of the National Digital Newspaper Program sponsored by […]Leave a Comment

Posted on: 11 October 2016 | 8:01 am

No internet? No problem! Kiwix celebrates ten years of offline Wikipedia reading

Posted in News“When your goal is to make the sum of all human knowledge available to everyone, how do you ensure that people can actually access it? For many Wikipedia readers around the world, the problem may be that internet access is either slow, censored, or even non-existent—and those with a limited phone plan know that using […]Leave a Comment

Posted on: 11 October 2016 | 7:42 am

Axiell acquires BiBer and becomes the largest privately-owned vendor for libraries in Europe

Posted in News“Axiell, the leading vendor to public libraries in Europe and the market leader in Scandinavia, today announces its acquisition of BiBer GmbH, a full service provider to public libraries in Germany and Switzerland, offering Bibliothekssystems BIBDIA, an advanced hosting and library logistics solution. The acquisition extends Axiell’s presence in Germany and adds 160 customers with […]Leave a Comment

Posted on: 11 October 2016 | 7:37 am

New Archive Provides One-Stop Access to Vital Resources on California’s Punjabi American Community

Posted in News“In the late 19th century, people from the Punjab region in north India, known as the Land of Five Rivers, began settling in the Sacramento Valley and other parts of rural California, farming the land that reminded them of home. Despite the many challenges these pioneers faced in a new land, they built a thriving community.The […]Leave a Comment

Posted on: 11 October 2016 | 7:33 am

Remembering Robert Goldstein, NPR’s Music Librarian And Our Friend

Posted in News“If there was ever anyone who could be said to have the soul of a musician, it was Robert. He lived and breathed it and talked about it all of the time. He was always emailing links preceded by the phrase, “Check this out!”His enthusiasm for music could not be confined to the librarian’s chair. […]Leave a Comment

Posted on: 8 October 2016 | 8:17 am

Inside the New York Public Library’s Last, Secret Apartments

Posted in News“There used to be parties in the apartments on the top floors of New York City’s branch libraries. On other nights, when the libraries were closed, the kids who lived there might sit reading alone among the books or roll around on the wooden library carts—if they weren’t dusting the shelves or shoveling coal. Their […]Leave a Comment

Posted on: 8 October 2016 | 8:07 am

Princeton University Art Museum’s Asian art collections to be made more accessible to scholars and the public

Posted in News“The Asian art collections at the Princeton University Art Museum will be highlighted for search and discovery thanks to a $150,000 Museums for America grant from the Institute of Museum and Library Services (IMLS). This IMLS grant will support the Museum’s ongoing Collections Discovery Initiative and is designed to ensure that Princeton’s Asian art collections […]Leave a Comment

Posted on: 8 October 2016 | 8:04 am

A Legacy of Botanical Art and Books

Posted in News“The late Rachel “Bunny” Mellon was half of one of the nation’s most renowned philanthropic art-collecting couples. She and her husband, banking scion Paul Mellon, were major benefactors behind museums such as the National Gallery of Art. Their personal collection overflowed with masterpieces.Still, one of her most profound sources of beauty involved digging in the […]Leave a Comment

Posted on: 8 October 2016 | 8:01 am

St. Louis County Library to highlight local musicians through online streaming, app

Posted in News“Local musician Melinda Cooper remembers the exact moment she fell in love with songwriting.  Decades ago, it was snowing outside and she was driving down Interstate 44 when Stephen Merritt’s song “Falling Out Of Love (With You)” began playing on her car radio.  She immediately changed course and drove to Vintage Vinyl to buy the […]Leave a Comment

Posted on: 6 October 2016 | 7:36 pm

DCPL Sees Spike In Library Card Applications Amid Free ShopHouse Promo

Posted in News“If politics is the great divider, then free food is the great uniter—and it is getting a whole bunch of people back to their public libraries.D.C. librarians reported a steady uptick in customers requesting new or replacement library cards yesterday in order to take advantage of a promotion from ShopHouse: anyone who flashed a library […]Leave a Comment

Posted on: 6 October 2016 | 2:42 pm

New York Public Library Digitizes 137 Years of New York City Directories

Posted in News“New York Public Library is digitizing its collection of New York City Directories, 1786 through 1922/3, serving them free through the NYPL Digital Collections portal. The first batch—1849/50 through 1923—have already been scanned, and the 1786–1848/9 directories are right now being scanned. The whole collection will be going online over the coming months. Staff at NYPL are currently teaching computers […]Leave a Comment

Posted on: 5 October 2016 | 7:57 pm

Images of Every Public Library Branch in New York City

Posted in News“Elizabeth Felicella’s photographs of New York’s public libraries are empty of people, but full of traces of them. She captures ghosts of letters and fingerprints on chalkboards, and doodles at the base of pencil sharpeners. Paper-wrapped book spines wait for patrons to collect them. There are folded newspapers, squiggles of electronics cords, and chairs pushed […]Leave a Comment

Posted on: 5 October 2016 | 5:58 pm

NYC launches archaeological repository and digital archive

Posted in News“Nearly 1 million antiquities including ceramics, a bayonet, perfume and medicine bottles — even a 200-year-old douche device — have been unearthed at construction sites in New York City, artifacts that help shed light on local history and the people who once lived there.Excavated from 31 sites across the city’s five boroughs, the objects — […]Leave a Comment

Posted on: 5 October 2016 | 2:46 pm