Cornell Library to Expand Research Materials Through Partnership

Posted in News“In an effort to grow their partnership with ProQuest, Cornell’s library is currently expanding its use of ProQuest’s Online Acquisitions and Selection Information System, or OASIS, software in order to broaden access to print, electronic and research titles. The online platform for finding and ordering print and electronic titles includes customized selection features based on […]Leave a Comment

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Should the Seattle Public Library be the Seattle Public Libraries? Cast your vote

Posted in News“The Seattle Public Library is considering a name change. Do you think the Seattle Public Library should be renamed The Seattle Public Libraries? Do you like the current name just fine? One way or another, you can help. A little background: in the summer of 2014, the library put out a request for a proposal […]Leave a Comment

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Life-term for nation’s librarian running out?

Posted in News“Hard on the heels of the recent surprise announcement that the current Librarian of Congress, Dr. James Billington, would accelerate his retirement from year’s end (as announced in June) to September 30, the Senate last night approved legislation to limit the service of all future Librarians. Co-authored by all five members of the Senate’s Joint […]Leave a Comment

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‘Libraries are forever’: The future of libraries in the digital age

Posted in News“We tend to think of libraries as collections. But the libraries of the future will be more about connections, said Harvard professor Jeffrey Schnapp on Wednesday. He spoke on a panel discussion for HUBweek, co-founded by the Boston Globe about the next generation of libraries. The event was hosted by Harvard’s Berkman Center for Internet […]Leave a Comment

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IU center awarded Library of Congress grant for educational app development

Posted in News“The Center on Representative Government at Indiana University has been awarded $315,000 by the Library of Congress to create game-based learning activities for students to explore representative government and the challenges it faces. The IU center is one of three organizations selected to receive funding during the next two years to support the development of […]Leave a Comment

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‘I’ve Got a Hunch’

Posted in News“Artist spaces for technologists. A Wikipedia editing takeover. Holograms. Those and other predictions about the future of research libraries came during “I’ve Got a Hunch,” a session held during this week’s fall membership meeting of the Association of Research Libraries. The association had plenty of serious topics on the agenda for its two-day meeting, including […]Leave a Comment

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The Benefits Of Self-Publishing Electronic Casebooks

Posted in News“Recently, the Washington Journal of Law, Technology & Arts published an online symposium called “Disruptive Publishing Models.” The articles discuss different initiatives to disrupt the traditional model for publishing legal casebooks and how those initiatives are driving down students’ costs for law school teaching materials. My colleague Rebecca Tushnet (Georgetown Law) and I contributed an […]Leave a Comment

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Questia Launches New Research Tool Allowing Students Improved Organization and Time Savings

Posted in News“Questia, the premier online research and paper-writing tool for students, has announced the launch of an all-new Research Tool. Through this new feature, students can now use Questia’s citation and note-taking tools on any digital sources, even ones outside of Questia, and then save, organize and access all of them within Questia project folders.” (via […]Leave a Comment

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Now over 1,000,000 Items to Search on Communications and More Added

Posted in News“This has been a great year as we continue our push to develop and refine There were email alerts added in February, treaties and better default text in March, the Federalist Papers and more browse options in May, and accessibility and user requested features in July. With this October update, Senate Executive Communications from […]Leave a Comment

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Check Out What You Can Borrow From A Library In Alaska

Posted in News“A library in Anchorage, doesn’t just carry an array of books — it also features everything from sea lion skulls to wolverine pelts.” (via npr)Leave a Comment

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7 Reasons Libraries Are Our Only Hope In Case Of A Zombie Apocalypse

Posted in News“When the zombie apocalypse rises from out of nowhere, as The Walking Dead has shown us it will, there will more than likely be wide-spread confusion as to where everyone should run to. Do you have a zombie apocalypse plan? The hospital is out of the question, since that has the highest chance being the […]Leave a Comment

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The Next Librarian of Congress Should Be an Actual Librarian

Posted in News“Most Americans probably weren’t aware that James H. Billington, who had served as Librarian of Congress for the past 28 years, resigned his position at the venerable institution on September 30. A Reagan appointee, Billington came into office before the advent of the World Wide Web and the sweeping changes of the information age. While […]Leave a Comment

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3M sells its $100 million library systems business to One Equity

Posted in News“3M Co. is exiting its library systems business to focus on other “core” businesses. The company that popularized book sensor tape, electronic checkouts and the digital uploading of library e-books has sold the assets of its North American Library Systems business to One Equity Partners Capital Advisors L.P., officials said Tuesday.” (via Star Tribune)Leave a Comment

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New licensing terms for Springer eBooks and journals expand online learning permissions

Posted in News“Starting in October 2015, Springer, part of the newly formed publishing group Springer Nature, will offer customers a way to make their online educational initiatives even more attractive. A unique offer to licensed institutions will allow them to embed, at no extra charge, up to 30 specialized links to Springer eBook and journal content into […]Leave a Comment

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ProQuest to Acquire Ex Libris

Posted in News“We are pleased to announce that ProQuest has signed an agreement to acquire Ex Libris. Together, our complementary skills and capabilities will accelerate innovation for libraries worldwide. We are fortunate to work with customers and users who are generous with feedback about the pressing challenges they face and how we can help them. We hear […]Leave a Comment

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How The British Library handles information architecture & ecommerce

Posted in News“In some ways, the notion that an institution like the British Library has to market itself at all is fairly new. Indeed, my step father wrote a paper on exactly that topic (marketing is a family affair, you know). But not only does the British Library have to create ‘customer value’, it has to do […]Leave a Comment

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Why Silicon Valley cares so much about who will lead the Library of Congress

Posted in News“In 2012, the Library of Congress issued an unusual decision, ruling that cellphone unlocking – the process of moving a phone over to a different carrier instead of remaining on a fixed contract – would now be a violation of US copyright law. The storied institution isn’t usually noted for its technology policy, instead primarily […]Leave a Comment

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After Attacks, Harvard Library Archive Charlie Hebdo Materials

Posted in News“The Harvard College Library and the Department of Romance Languages and Literatures are creating an archive to preserve materials related to the January attack on French humor magazine Charlie Hebdo and its aftermath. On the Jan. 7 attack, 11 people were killed when two jihadist gunmen stormed the Charlie Hebdo office in Paris in retribution […]Leave a Comment

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New Haven’s landmark Institute Library looks to future, needs funds to upgrade

Posted in News“Who could possibly love grant writing? Apparently, Natalie Elicker, executive director of The Institute Library, does and her efforts and those of her board of directors are paying off. After going dormant for decades, the unique quiet space on Chapel Street reinvented itself in recent years with a series of lectures and public events that […]Leave a Comment

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Posted in News“The Woodrow Wilson Presidential Library is launching a crowdfunding campaign to raise money for a digital document project. The library is working to digitize Wilson’s papers. The crowdfunding campaign on Indiegogo seeks to raise $14,000, the amount needed to complete the project’s first phase.” (via AP)Leave a Comment

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In Trove Of Kids’ Book Treasures, A Glimpse Of The Work Behind The Magic

Posted in News“Deep beneath the University of Minnesota, housed in a room 83 feet underground, one of the world’s great collections of children’s literature lifts the veil on thousands of classics. When you visit, just be sure to wear layers. “It’s cold down here,” says my tour guide, Lisa Von Drasek. “It is very cold. Put on […]Leave a Comment

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Emory library acquires collection of Jack Kerouac papers, photographs

Posted in News“The beat goes on for Emory University’s renamed Stuart A. Rose Manuscript, Archives, and Rare Book Library, which announced Thursday that it has acquired a significant collection related to Beat Generation writer Jack Kerouac. Purchased from Kerouac’s brother-in-law John Sampas, the collection includes photographs of the novelist-poet from 1939 to the end of his life […]Leave a Comment

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I’m a Librarian Who Banned a Book. Here’s Why

Posted in News“In the library world, access to information is a human right, not to be tampered with or controlled in any way. The books that line the shelves have been carefully selected by a trained librarian to offer the reader a balanced approach to all topics – that is, we try to provide all points of […]Leave a Comment

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Dublin’s OCLC prints last library catalog card

Posted in News“Shortly before 3 p.m. Thursday, an era ended. About a dozen people gathered in a basement workroom to watch as a machine printed the final sheets of library catalog cards to be made by Dublin-based OCLC. The final tally: 1.9 billion cards. OCLC long ago shifted its emphasis to online records and services, even changing […]Leave a Comment

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‘Predatory’ Publishing Up

Posted in News“The rise of open-access publishing, combined with pressure on academics to get published, has caused a spectacular increase in the number of articles spewed out by “predatory” journals, according to researchers at Finland’s Hanken School of Economics.” (via IHE)Leave a Comment

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