Obama chooses historic Jackson Park as library site

Posted in News“President Barack Obama and first lady Michelle Obama have selected historic Jackson Park, just east of the University of Chicago , as the site for the Obama Presidential Center, a source confirmed Wednesday. A formal announcement is expected next week.” (via Chicago Tribune)Leave a Comment

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A librarian’s bureaucratic battle for public records

Posted in News“For Marilyn Flachman, it seemed like a simple request.In Colorado, open records laws clearly say public employee salaries, which are funded by taxpayers, are available to the public.Last year, the district was having financial problems, so Ms. Flachman, a former Adams County School District 50 board president, wanted to see the details of most schools’ […]Leave a Comment

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Coding at the library? Join the 2016 Congressional App Challenge

Posted in News“Last week marked the official start of the 2016 Congressional App Challenge, an annual nationwide event to engage student creativity and encourage participation in STEM (science, technology, engineering, and math) and computer science (CS) education. The Challenge allows high school students from across the country to compete against their peers by creating and exhibiting their […]Leave a Comment

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Ingram Launches Ingram Academic Services

Posted in News“Ingram Content Group has launched Ingram Academic Services, a publishing service for university presses and academic publishers. The service offers resources, tools and, services to university presses and academic publishers including warehousing, print-on-demand network, digital asset management services, metadata management systems, and sales representation.” (via Publishers Weekly)Leave a Comment

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West Virginia Library Destroys Books, Draws Protests

Posted in News“Library director is usually not a terribly controversial job.But for months now, there have protests and petition drives demanding the firing of a library director who just took over in January.She is accused of destroying thousands of books, falsifying her resume, and firing good people. But she also has some strong allies.” (via WUSA9.com)Leave a Comment

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Another Word for ‘Illegal Alien’ at the Library of Congress: Contentious 

Posted in NewsMelissa Padilla was doing research on immigration in her university library at Dartmouth College when she noticed the term “illegal aliens” popping up again and again. The more she saw it, the angrier she became. “This term, and the way people used it to criminalize the choices our parents made in order to provide us […]Leave a Comment

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In Baltimore, The Library Is Open

Posted in News“Classrooms are empty, desks are stacked in the hallways, and Baltimore’s students are halfway through a sixty-day layover in which they are expected to sustain their learning until the upcoming school year.While summer can offer students the chance to learn through camps, family trips, or robust reading lists, access to these opportunities often falls upon […]Leave a Comment

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Library of Congress has 163 million items; one day they might fit on dot of copper

Posted in News“Got a dollar bill? Take it out and look at George Washington’s picture. Focus on the pupil in one of his eyes. That pupil is the size of a smidgen of copper that theoretically could store the entire contents of the Library of Congress, using nanotechnology developed by scientists at Delft University of Technology in […]Leave a Comment

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Salt Lake City Library Board selects new executive director

Posted in News“Peter Bromberg has been named the executive director of the Salt Lake City Public Library.He comes to Salt Lake City from the Salt Lake County Library system, where he served as the associate director for public services.His resume also includes: associate director of Princeton (New Jersey) Public Library; and assistant director at the South Jersey […]Leave a Comment

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Google’s New App Brings Hundreds of Museums to Your Phone

Posted in News“Not everyone can visit Sicily’s Valley of the Temples, home to some of the world’s oldest examples of classic Greek architecture. Nor can they view the soft colors of Claude Monet’s “Tiger Lilies” in person at Tokyo’s National Museum of Western Art. Despite being made for the masses, art and culture are often inaccessible. Google’s Cultural Institute wants to change that. In the […]Leave a Comment

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Toronto Public Library reveals its website searches in real time

Posted in News“Bulletproof coffee, brain games for puppies, Donald Trump sucks.What do they all have in common?They’re all recent searches on the Toronto Public Library’s website.The library has developed a tool using Google analytics that pulls search topics into one spot and updates in real time, offering a fascinating glimpse into the city’s psyche — and a […]Leave a Comment

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British academics are moving from books to journals to share their scholarship

Posted in News“British academics have shunned books and monographs in favor of journal articles over the past two decades, new analysis shows, in what appears to be further evidence that controversial journal impact factors are shaping research. The consulting group Digital Science looked at the forms of research academics have submitted to U.K. research assessments since 1992, […]Leave a Comment

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EFF: Controversial copyright law unconstitutional

Posted in News“The Electronic Frontier Foundation is suing the government to remove a controversial clause in a long-controversial copyright law.The digital liberties organization is suing to remove “anti-circumvention” restrictions from Digital Millennium Copyright Act (DMCA), long a thorn in civil libertarians’ craw.The DMCA was signed in 1998. Originally intended to protect the arts industries from online privacy, it […]Leave a Comment

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Why Libraries Are Everywhere in the Czech Republic

Posted in News“In the age of Amazon and the internet, the idea of going to a public library to borrow a book may seem ever more quaint and old-fashioned in many parts of the world, but one country, at least, is clinging to it tenaciously: the Czech Republic. There are libraries everywhere you look in the country […]Leave a Comment

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Staten Island Historical Newspapers Now Online

Posted in News“The New York Public Library just posted more than 9,000 pages from The Richmond County Advance online, covering the years 1886 to 1910. Find them at nypl.org/sinewspapers. This “NYPL Innovation Project” began with the scanning of the Advance from the collections of Historic Richmond Town. It is the largest batch of historical Staten Island papers […]Leave a Comment

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Researchers Find Answers With New On-Demand Information Concierge Service

Posted in News“Research Solutions, Inc. (OTCQB: RSSS), a pioneer in providing on-demand access to scientific, technical and medical (STM) information for research-intensive organizations, today announced that its wholly owned subsidiary Reprints Desk, Inc. has added a new human-powered information search and alerting service for researchers and scientists to its cloud-based Article Galaxy solution designed to collect, track […]Leave a Comment

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What the ‘First Black Woman’ Librarian of Congress Mean

Posted in News“The Senate confirmed Carla D. Hayden as the 14th Librarian of Congress last week. She is being hailed as “the first woman and the first African American” to hold the position.In our cultural discourse around firsts, “woman” usually means white woman, the largest recipients of affirmative action in the American workplace; “African American” signifies “black […]Leave a Comment

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James J. Hill library seeks 21st century role

Posted in News“James J. Hill was perhaps the richest Minnesotan ever. The railroad baron and financier known as the Empire Builder may have been worth more than $6 billion in today’s dollars when he died about a century ago. He founded a grand namesake library in St. Paul to help other entrepreneurs succeed. Now, the library’s leaders […]Leave a Comment

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Library of Congress wracked by DNS attack

Posted in News“The Library of Congress was the target of a denial-of-service attack that has knocked out Congress.gov and the U.S. Copyright Office website, and caused outages at other sites hosted by the library. Library spokesperson Gayle Osterberg told FCW that the DNS attack was launched July 17 and continues to affect library operations, including internal websites […]Leave a Comment

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Digital maps at the Osher Map Library show promise and perils of digitization.

Posted in News“The Osher Map Library at the University of Southern Maine is a treasure trove for the cartographically inclined. Its collection, which contains close to 450,000 items, spans the centuries, covering everything from a Ptolemaic chart of the world to a record of postal routes in the Dakota Territory. For much of the past decade, the […]Leave a Comment

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From private collection to lending library: Quatrefoil grows as resource for LGBT community

Posted in News“Rainbow flags hang prominently in the windows of the Quatrefoil Library on Lake Street in Minneapolis. Housed on the ground floor of a residential building, the library is open on weekends and weeknights, and run entirely by volunteers. Kathy Robbins has been the head librarian for 15 years. “I became a librarian in real life, […]Leave a Comment

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Libraries across the country look to Hennepin County Library for response to Black Lives Matter

Posted in News“Libraries may seem an unlikely place to go in the search for answers after the police shooting of Philando Castile and Black Lives Matter protests in the Twin Cities.But the Hennepin County Library, the state’s largest library system, has responded by launching a Black Lives Matter teen reading list that is now being replicated at […]Leave a Comment

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Library of Congress Acquires Archives of the American Association of Geographers

Posted in News“The American Association of Geographers (AAG)—a nonprofit scientific and educational society founded in 1904—is donating its archives to the Library of Congress. The acquisition will be housed in the Library’s Geography and Map Division, which holds the largest map and geography collection in the world.For more than 100 years, AAG has contributed to the advancement […]Leave a Comment

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Windsor library promotes drunken spelling bee

Posted in News“There’s already plenty of buzz about an adult spelling bee scheduled at Phog Lounge next week.Owner Tom Lucier partnered with the Windsor Public Library to host the event that gives adults an opportunity to relive their glory days, only this time with a few drinks from the bar.And there’s plenty of smack talk about the Buzzed Bee, according […]Leave a Comment

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Susanne Mehrer Named Dartmouth’s Dean of Libraries

Posted in NewsSusanne Mehrer, the deputy librarian of Cambridge University Library in Cambridge, England, has been named Dartmouth’s dean of libraries. She will begin the role on Dec. 1, 2016. “Dartmouth’s library is the lifeblood of our liberal arts mission—the treasured archive of our past and a crucial partner in the creation of the knowledge of the […]Leave a Comment

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