EBSCO Information Services Introduces the Architectural Digest Magazine Archive™

Posted in News“An extensive, searchable digital archive of the renowned design magazine Architectural Digest is now available from EBSCO Information Services. The Architectural Digest Magazine Archive™ includes cover-to-cover access to issues of the iconic and influential design magazine from the 1920s to 2011. Each issue in the Architectural Digest Magazine Archive is presented in its entirety, including […]Leave a Comment

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Washington Park could have edge for Obama library

Posted in News“In the site-selection derby for the Barack Obama Presidential Center on Chicago’s South Side, Washington Park, surrounded by a gritty neighborhood, may have the edge over the more glamorous lakefront location of Jackson Park.That, at least, is the view of New York architecture critic Paul Goldberger, who is advising the Barack Obama Foundation as President […]Leave a Comment

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Wikimedia Foundation removes The Diary of Anne Frank due to copyright law requirements

Posted in News“Today, in an unfortunate example of the overreach of the United States’ current copyright law, the Wikimedia Foundation removed the Dutch-language text of The Diary of a Young Girl—more commonly known in English as the Diary of Anne Frank—from Wikisource.[1]We took this action to comply with the United States’ Digital Millennium Copyright Act (DMCA), as […]Leave a Comment

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The new (and much improved) ‘Bluebook’ caught in the copyright cross-hairs

Posted in News“War is brewing over the most boring piece of intellectual property imaginable: the “Bluebook,” the 580-page quasi-authoritative source of proper legal citation formats published by the Harvard Law Review, described by Adam Liptak of the New York Times a few months ago as “a comically elaborate thicket of random and counterintuitive rules about how to cite […]Leave a Comment

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Indiana at 200: Carnegie libraries distinguish Indiana’s intellectual landscape

Posted in News“They are the libraries that Andrew built. In the early 20th century, Andrew Carnegie funded the establishment of public libraries across the United States in an effort to bring the joy of reading and learning – free of charge – to the masses.To Hoosiers’ great benefit, Indiana received more Carnegie grants than any other state, […]Leave a Comment

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Grab a Book From This Floating Library on Echo Park Lake

Posted in News“Visitors to Echo Park Lake know that the space is perfect for soaking in the sun, gazing at beautiful water lilies and — if you’re feeling especially adventurous on any given day — renting a pedal boat to spend some time on the water. The little vessels serve as temporary escapes, offering a chance to navigate […]Leave a Comment

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Hoopla Announces Deal with Ingram

Posted in News“Library service provider Hoopla Digital today announced a new agreement with Ingram through which publishers working with Ingram’s CoreSource Plus digital distribution service can offer public library patrons instant access to their titles via hoopla digital’s app and online service. Officials at hoopla say that inclusion of CoreSource titles will significantly broaden their catalog of […]Leave a Comment

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92% of college students prefer print books to e-books, study finds

Posted in News“If you imagine millennials are just young people entranced by their cellphones or tablet computers, you might want to think again. According to a new study, 92% of college students would rather do their reading the old-fashioned way, with pages and not pixels.The finding comes from American University linguistics professor Naomi S. Baron, author of […]Leave a Comment

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Queens Library goes after ex-CEO for $200G

Posted in News“Didn’t he have a library card? The ex-CEO of the Queens Library expensed books he bought on Amazon for his Kindle, the library says in court papers.The library filed the complaint about Thomas Galante in a countersuit to recover hundreds of thousands of dollars in personal expenses and legal fees it forked over to the […]Leave a Comment

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Deb Fallows on The Local Library

Posted in News“As we traveled around the U.S. reporting on the revival of towns and cities, we always made the local library an early stop. We’d hit the newspaper offices, the chamber of commerce, city hall, and Main Street for an introduction to the economics, politics, and stresses of a town. The visit to the public library […]Leave a Comment

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ALA supports Nebraska efforts to fight legislation impacting library boards

Posted in News“ALA President Sari Feldman, working in conjunction with the Nebraska Library Association, has issued a letter opposing Legislative Bill 969, a bill that would compel cities and towns throughout Nebraska to change their library boards from independent governing bodies to advisory boards. The letter was distributed to the General Affairs Committee of the Nebraska Legislature, State […]Leave a Comment

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High Court Last Hope for Copyright Lawsuit Over Google Book Scanning

Posted in News“The long-running copyright dispute between the Authors Guild and Google could be reaching a final chapter in coming weeks as both sides wait to see if the Supreme Court takes up the case.The litigation over Google’s digital book library stretches back to 2005, when the nation’s largest professional organization for writers filed a federal lawsuit accusing Google […]Leave a Comment

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Pullman Porter Museum to launch online registry of black railroad laborers

Posted in News“Theodore Berrien worked as a Pullman porter from about 1940 to 1969, during which time he was chosen to accompany President Franklin Delano Roosevelt’s funeral train on its route between Georgia and Washington, D.C.”He spoke of how kind Mrs. Roosevelt was and thanked him for his services during the trip,” his grandson recalled in a […]Leave a Comment

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Geological Society joins forces with ReadCube

Posted in News“Earth science publisher the Geological Society of London (GSL) has partnered with Boston-based publishing technology company ReadCube to index the society’s scholarly journals and books with ReadCube’s Discover service.More than 20,000 articles are now searchable across ReadCube’s web, desktop, and mobile reading portals and also included in ReadCube’s search engines, related article feeds and recommendation […]Leave a Comment

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Total Open Access: the new gospel of scientific communication

Posted in News“Scientific communication has evidently hit a brick wall. A growing number of scientists are publishing an increasing number of results and findings from research all over the world. Never before has the output from scientific publications been so great.As some publishers of journals exploit their market position and pitch subscription prices as if they hold […]Leave a Comment

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‘Master of the River’: A 71-year-old librarian’s 15 years of water commutes

Posted in News“It’s dawn when Gabriel Horchler climbs into his 21-foot Vespoli rowing shell at Bladensburg Waterfront Park and begins drifting downriver on the Anacostia. From the banks, one would see only a candy-apple-red sliver gliding on the water, framed by dense trees arching over the riverbanks. Here Horchler sits, as he does on so many mornings, […]Leave a Comment

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Whitehall library selling digital copies of yearbooks dating back to 1920s

Posted in News“When David Janders moved back to the Lehigh Valley after 40 years in the Arizona desert, he was looking for a way to reconnect with old friends and acquaintances.Janders tried digging up his 1968 Whitehall High School yearbook, but soon realized that an older sibling must have tossed it out even before he left for […]Leave a Comment

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MIT Libraries supporting Open Library of Humanities

Posted in News“The MIT Libraries have joined the Open Library of Humanities’ (OLH), an academic-led, all open access publisher of humanities journals. The platform, which has funding from the Andrew W. Mellon Foundation, covers its costs by payments from an international library consortium, rather than any kind of author fee. The platform hosts peer-reviewed open access journals in […]Leave a Comment

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Google’s New Interactive E-Books Would Be Impossible to Print

Posted in News“There was a moment when e-books felt a little bit magical. A single device that stores hundreds of books, fits in a tote, and doesn’t give paper cuts? Clearly, this was an upgrade to the tattered paper books we’d been reading for hundreds of years. Then, some years and a few generations of Kindle later, digital books began […]Leave a Comment

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National Library of Medicine Announces MedPix®, Free Online Medical Image Database

Posted in News“The National Library of Medicine is pleased to announce the launch of MedPix®, a free online medical image database originally developed by the Departments of Radiology and Biomedical Informatics at the Uniformed Services University, Bethesda, Maryland, USA. The URL is https://medpix.nlm.nih.gov/. The foundation for MedPix was a radiology study tool that was originally developed by […]Leave a Comment

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Falling Canadian dollar raises longstanding issue of journal costs

Posted in News“Academic libraries strive to provide their university’s faculty, researchers and students with broad access to international scholarship, recognizing that reported research is the critical starting point to inform new research, which in turn leads to new knowledge that advances science, culture and society. Much of the world’s research is reported in articles published in journals, […]Leave a Comment

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Students, librarians urge professors to use free, online textbooks

Posted in News“student advocacy group, along with one of the University of Washington’s top librarians, is urging faculty members to take a good look at using more free online textbooks.And two bills in the state Legislature would promote and facilitate the use of such open-source textbooks and course materials.”(via The Seattle Times)Leave a Comment

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Penguin Random House eBook Titles Now Available on EBSCO eBooks

Posted in News“EBSCO Information Services (EBSCO) has partnered with Penguin Random House to offer digital libraries the entire collection of Penguin Random House eBooks through EBSCO eBooks™.  Libraries can access 21,000 fiction and nonfiction e-book titles from prominent authors including John Grisham, Mindy Kaling, Paula Hawkins, Toni Morrison and Danielle Steel.” (via EBSCO)Leave a Comment

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Saskatoon libraries offer ‘blind dates’ with books for Valentine’s Day

Posted in News“In honour of Valentine’s Day, Saskatoon Public Library is offering patrons a chance to head out on a “blind date” with a book. Displays have been set up at branches allowing brave readers to meet mysterious literary strangers.”What we do is wrap up books in interesting wrapping paper so you can’t tell what title of […]Leave a Comment

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Beyond search: Enabling serendipity in research discovery

Posted in News“Researchers often find and retrieve the content they need through carefully planned searches — but what about less structured, unexpected instances of scholarly discovery? A new two-part white paper out today by SAGE Publishing explores the common researcher experiences that lead to “chance” discoveries as well as opportunities for information professionals to support and encourage […]Leave a Comment

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