Ransom Center provides free online access to over 22,000 images of literary collections

Posted in NewsThe Ransom Center — UT’s world-recognized rare book and manuscript library — is removing the requirement for permission as well as use fees for a significant portion of its online collections that are in the public domain, the university announced today. Dubbed Project REVEAL (Read and View English and American Literature), the year-long initiative digitized […]Leave a Comment

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The New New York Public Library

Posted in News“This is our moment!” said Tony Marx, the President and CEO of the New York Public Library (NYPL), as he was winding his comments about the present and future of libraries up to a crescendo: “Libraries are the central institution of civil society with the largest reach for everyone.” He continued with his carpe diem […]Leave a Comment

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Cuyahoga County library chief starts new chapter as president of American Library Association

Posted in NewsCuyahoga County Public Library Executive Director Sari Feldman has taken the reins of the American Library Association, the world’s oldest library association, where she will serve a one-year term as president. Feldman, who was elected last year and served a year as president-elect, immediately announced a new long-term public awareness campaign aimed at boosting funding […]Leave a Comment

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Posted in News“James Patterson is announcing the first round of school libraries to receive grants from an initiative he and Scholastic Reading Club launched in March, and he continues to raise the amount of money he will donate. The best-selling and prolific author said Tuesday that $500,000 has been given to 127 schools, from Berryville Middle School […]Leave a Comment

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Coming soon to your St. Paul library: Data tracking

Posted in News“Just about every week, Abe Alk steps up to the circulation desk at St. Paul’s Rondo Library with a big stack of movies. Documentaries are his favorite. “I have learned a lot of history from libraries, because sometimes I get like 12 DVDs,” he said. “So I am probably [their] No. 1 user.” Alk has […]Leave a Comment

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Huntington Library President Steven Koblik leaves with sense of pride

Posted in News“Even in the home stretch of his 14-year run as president of the Huntington Library, Art Collections and Botanical Gardens, Steven Koblik was still learning on the job. Recently leading a visitor on a tour of some of his favorite things on the 207-acre spread in San Marino, Koblik began with the reading room where […]Leave a Comment

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At the heart of the Monterey Public Library, a homeless community

Posted in NewsMinutes before the Monterey Public Library opened its doors on Wednesday, a group of homeless people filled the rear quad area. The atmosphere was tranquil, though just five days previously their refuge was tainted by a deadly altercation.” (via Monterey Herald)Leave a Comment

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CENIC and the City and County of San Francisco Collaborate to Make San Francisco Public Library the First 10 Gigabit Library in the U.S.

Posted in News“San Francisco Public Library (SFPL), the Corporation for Education Network Initiatives in California (CENIC), and the City and County of San Francisco announced today that they have collaborated to provide unprecedented direct connection at 10 gigabits per second access speed to CENIC’s California Research and Education Network (CalREN) and from there to the world” (via […]Leave a Comment

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Meet the first tablet made just for your local library

Posted in News“Back in 2006, a media devices company called Findaway launched its first product, inspired by the growth of the iPod. The Playaway was a little audio player that came pre-loaded with one audiobook — basically the evolution of a book-on-tape. There was good buzz for it. They landed a deal with Borders and Barnes & […]Leave a Comment

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Digital Public Library of America makes push to serve all 50 states by 2017 with $3.4 million from the Sloan and Knight foundations

Posted in NewsThe Digital Public Library of America (DPLA) is on the way to connecting online collections from coast to coast by 2017 – an effort boosted by a new $3.4 million investment, comprising $1.9 million from the Alfred P. Sloan Foundation and $1.5 million from the John S. and James L. Knight Foundation. These two new […]Leave a Comment

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E-Books Get a Makeover

Posted in News“For typography fans, electronic books have long been the visual equivalent of fingernails on a chalkboard. The fonts are uninviting. Jarring swaths of white space stretch between words. Absent are all the typesetting nuances of a fine print book. Now Amazon and Google are doing something about it.” (via WSJ)Leave a Comment

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How an NPR Librarian Outdid VA Researchers in Finding Mustard Gas Victims

Posted in News“The Veterans Affairs Department knew there were 4,000 World War II veterans who had been exposed to mustard gas during chemical experiments, the existence of which wasn’t declassified until the 1990s. But the agency’s effort to track them down and compensate any who suffered injuries went almost nowhere, according to exclusive findings by NPR’s investigative […]Leave a Comment

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25,000 librarians in S.F. to debate future of their business

Posted in News“For years, Luis Herrera has fought against the perceived demise of public libraries. The city librarian at San Francisco’s Main Library on Larkin Street has heard it all: Libraries are becoming obsolete. People are too busy with their iPads and iPhones. E-books are cheap. Technology is too great and any information people need can be […]Leave a Comment

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The New York Public Library Wars

Posted in News“Scholars who use the New York Public Library are boiling with frustration. It wasn’t supposed to be this way. In 2014 the library, under pressure from a coalition that included four senior scholars, abandoned its controversial Central Library Plan, which entailed gutting the stacks at the 42nd Street Library and selling the popular Mid-Manhattan Library […]Leave a Comment

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Unearthed In A Library, ‘Voodoo’ Opera Rises Again

Posted in News“About eight years ago, as a grad student, Annie Holt was working in Columbia University’s Rare Books and Manuscripts Library when she was assigned to catalogue the work of Harry Lawrence Freeman, a largely forgotten Harlem-based composer from the early 20th century. “It was fabulous!” she says. “I had the honor of going through all […]Leave a Comment

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In tough Jacksonville neighborhood, Dallas Graham library has been a safe haven for 50 years

Posted in News“The Dallas Graham branch library in Northwest Jacksonville is where Shantania Roseburgh, now 15, discovered the Junie B. Jones books, in which she found out just how much alike she and Junie are. She’s moved on though, and now favors mysteries — each one a treat as she opens it to see what happens next. […]Leave a Comment

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Amazon to pay authors in its library program by pages read

Posted in NewsIn a move that places a new priority on ‘page-turner,’ Amazon on July 1 will begin paying authors in its Kindle library program by the number of pages read, and not the number of times a book is checked out. The change appears to affect only ebooks self-published on Amazon that authors made available through […]Leave a Comment

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Boston Public Library’s art in state of neglect, report finds

Posted in NewsHistorical researcher Margo Burns was stunned three years ago when she discovered four handwritten records at the Boston Public Library from the case of a woman hanged in 1692 during the Salem witchcraft hysteria. The elation felt by Burns and two colleagues turned to panic only days later, when one returned and was told the […]Leave a Comment

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OCLC named among Computerworld’s Best Places to Work in Information Technology

Posted in NewsOCLC, the global library technology service and research organization based in Dublin, Ohio, has been named among Computerworld’s Best Places to Work in IT. It is the 10th consecutive year OCLC has been selected as one of the top workplaces for information technology (IT) professionals. This honor is part of the IT publication’s annual Best […]Leave a Comment

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Gale Expands Relationship with Google and Discovery Services

Posted in NewsEvolving to meet researchers where they begin their searching, Gale, a part of Cengage Learning, is supporting discovery by working with Google to index millions of documents in Google Scholar, and expanding the amount of content indexed by major library discovery services. In addition, Gale is promoting transparency in discovery through compliance with industry information […]Leave a Comment

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Semantico to partner with Colombia University

Posted in News“Semantico, supplier of digital publishing solutions to the scholarly and professional market, has announced a partnership with Columbia University Press (CUP) and the Columbia University Libraries/Information Services (CUL/IS). The project involves Columbia International Affairs Online (CIAO), an electronic database and website of aggregated content in the field of international affairs. As part of the CIAO […]Leave a Comment

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High ebook prices ‘unsustainable,’ says city’s top librarian

Posted in News“Toronto Public Library is crying foul over “unreasonably high” ebook prices that it says limit its titles as demand soars for virtual reading. The organization’s top executive, Vickery Bowles, said publishers charge vastly different prices to libraries than average consumers, and the ebooks come also with many usage restrictions. In an interview with the Star […]Leave a Comment

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At new teen library space, nobody’s hissing ‘shh’

Posted in News“Klaine Justo, 18, traced her fingertip across a seemingly normal glass windowpane. Six orange dashes and a tiny gallows magically appeared on the smart screen. The youth gathered in the Mix — the Main Library’s new $3.9 million teen center that opened Thursday — began shouting out guesses for the mystery word in the game […]Leave a Comment

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Bibliophiles Attack Condo Plan for Brooklyn Heights Library

Posted in News“An epic hearing over a contentious plan to replace the Brooklyn Heights Library with a new, smaller one at the foot of a wedge-shaped 36-story condo building was, in the end, anti-climactic. After hours of testimony from both sides, Brooklyn Community Board 2 postponed a vote on an application involving the sale of the library […]Leave a Comment

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Elsevier Collaborates With Ex Libris to Offer Automated Updates to Subscribed e-Content

Posted in News“Elsevier, a world-leading provider of scientific, technical, and medical information products and services, today announced an expanded collaboration with Ex Libris, a global leader in library automation services. The collaboration will enable mutual customers of Elsevier’s ScienceDirect and the Ex Libris Alma® library management solution and SFX® OpenURL link resolver, to benefit from a fully […]Leave a Comment

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