Denying New York Libraries the Fuel They Need

Posted in News“The city’s libraries — the fusty old buildings, and a few spiffier modern ones, planted in all five boroughs — had 37 million visitors in the last fiscal year, said Angela Montefinise, a spokeswoman for the New York Public Library, which runs branches and research centers in Manhattan and the Bronx and on Staten Island. […]Leave a Comment

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Library lovers toss the book at Alameda County’s disposal system

Posted in News“But that’s what appears to have happened in Alameda County’s 10-branch library system over the past two years. Watchdog activists believe the library has discarded almost 400,000 books from its shelves. County officials contend that the number is closer to 172,000 books, and they say many of these books are passed to friend-of-library groups for […]Leave a Comment

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New York Public Library expands Wi-Fi lending

Posted in News“The New York Public Library is a hot spot for free Wi-Fi. The library on Thursday said it was expanding its free broadband program, which loans low-income families hot spot devices so they can access the Internet from home. “The goal is to provide more Internet access to those that don’t have it,” said City […]Leave a Comment

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When Google is your librarian and Starbucks your WiFi, do we still need public libraries?

Posted in News“Libraries are repositories of books, music and documents, but above all of nostalgia: the musty stacks, the unexpected finds, the safety and pleasure of a place that welcomes and shelters unconditionally. John Palfrey shares these memories, but he is also wary of them. After all, fond recollections of pleasant reading rooms can cloud our judgment […]Leave a Comment

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‘Here to serve:’ Halifax libraries say they’re more welcoming, less rule-based, these days

Posted in News“Whether a crowded mall or cafeteria, public park or arena rink, any type of community gathering place comes with a unique set of characteristics – some good and some not so good. Last week, a man contacted Metro Halifax to voice his frustrations with one such community space – a library. He explained that he’s […]Leave a Comment

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A Sterling restoration Yale’s spectacular library

Posted in News“At a moment in history when you might have thought the library no longer relevant in the digital and virtual world, Yale University has invested in its past to burnish with new luster one of the most “sacred secular” spaces in North America: the nave of Sterling Memorial Library.An example of the Collegiate Gothic style […]Leave a Comment

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New York Libraries, Citing Dire Need for Renovation, Seek $1.4 Billion From City

Posted in News“The Hunts Point Library in the South Bronx uses only two of the three floors in its Italian Renaissance building, which was built in 1929 with money from the industrialist and philanthropist Andrew Carnegie. The quarters are so cramped that adult classes in English and computer skills spill over into the children’s area. The top […]Leave a Comment

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Audiobook Lovers Listen Up! Audio Samples Now on Goodreads

Posted in News“Do you love listening to audiobooks? Now it’s even easier to choose your next audiobook thanks to the new Goodreads “Listen” feature, which will be rolled out in the coming days. We’ve added free audio samples for 180,000 Audible titles to the Goodreads website, where they’re available to all of our members.” (via GoodReads)Leave a Comment

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Metro Money: Growing Number of New Yorkers Are Using the Library for Office Space

Posted in News“App designer Jay Collins loves his free office space. The building features fireplaces, hardwood floors, oversize windows and oak bookcases. The Wi-Fi is excellent. The research facilities, superb. The location? Staten Island’s Port Richmond Library. “I usually find myself in the teen room, because no one’s ever in there,” says Mr. Collins. The 32-year-old, who […]Leave a Comment

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Library of Congress Begins Posting Its Recorded Poetry Archive

Posted in News“To celebrate National Poetry Month, the Library of Congress has posted online some 50 recordings from its Archive of Recorded Poetry and Literature, including readings and lectures by Robert Frost, Elizabeth Bishop, Gwendolyn Brooks, Czeslaw Milosz and Paul Muldoon.” (via a Comment

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The Fictionary Adds Book-Specific Dictionaries to Ebooks

Posted in News“A lot of books have their own very specific type of word usage. Whether it’s the Song of Ice and Fire series or Catcher in the Rye, a standard dictionary isn’t always enough. The Fictionary fills in those gaps. A Fictionary is essentially a book-specific dictionary that integrates into your ereader. So, when you select […]Leave a Comment

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Take a Look at New York City’s Best Boutique Libraries

Posted in News“In New York City, our neighborhoods are filled with libraries of all shape and form—public, academic, school, miscellaneous. But too often we only think about the New York Public Library with its iconic 42nd street location and abounding network of 88 neighborhood branches. In fact, every year during the second week of April, the nation’s bibliophiles get together and acknowledge their love for our nation’s […]Leave a Comment

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14 Things Everyone Gets Wrong About Librarians

Posted in News“We recently asked librarians amongst the BuzzFeed Community to tell us the most frustrating misconception people have about their job. Here are the enlightening results!” (via Buzzfeed)Leave a Comment

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The Digital Public Library of America Announces New Partnerships, Initiatives, and Milestones at DPLAfest 2015

Posted in News“On the second anniversary of the Digital Public Library of America’s launch, DPLA announced a number of new partnerships, initiatives, and milestones that highlight its rapid growth, and prepare it to have an even larger impact in the years ahead. At DPLAfest 2015 in Indianapolis, hundreds of people from DPLA’s expanding community gathered to discuss […]Leave a Comment

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New features on Wikipedia iOS app help readers access, explore, and share knowledge

Posted in News“Each month, nearly half a billion people turn to Wikipedia for everything from preserving cultural heritage, to improving cancer detection, to researching homework. Today, the Wikimedia Foundation is excited to release an update to the official Wikipedia mobile app for iOS. It includes big, beautiful images at the top of every article, the ability to […]Leave a Comment

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Scribd Expands Audiobook Catalog in Deal With Penguin Random House

Posted in News“E-book subscription services are bulking up and expanding their libraries and services, as the competition to become the Netflix of books escalates. On Thursday, the subscription reading service Scribd announced that it would add more than 9,000 audiobooks from Penguin Random House Audio to its platform, increasing its audiobook catalog to more than 45,000 titles. […]Leave a Comment

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Envisioning a Colorado Haven for Readers, Nestled Amid Mountains of Books

Posted in News“The project is striking in its ambition: a sprawling research institution situated on a ranch at 10,000 feet above sea level, outfitted with 32,000 volumes, many of them about the Rocky Mountain region, plus artists’ studios, dormitories and a dining hall — a place for academics, birders, hikers and others to study and savor the […]Leave a Comment

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State Library of Victoria given $5 million in rare books

Posted in News“A late Melbourne QC’s rare English book collection, estimated to be worth more than $5 million, has been given to the State Library of Victoria. The 5000 works, mostly from the 15th to 18th century, were collected over 46 years by barrister, physicist and bibliophile John Emmerson, who died last year aged 76. In his […]Leave a Comment

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New Orleans’s Once-destroyed Public Libraries a Strong and Necessary Component of Civic Infrastructure

Posted in News“Shoring up the libraries of New Orleans with a proposed property tax increase will secure “one of the bright and hopeful” lights of civic infrastructure that is still, after nearly 10 years, working to recover from the ravages of Hurricane Katrina, according to New Orleans Times-Picayune contributing op-ed columnist Gordon “Nick” Mueller. Most of the […]Leave a Comment

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New York Public Library’s Renovation Plans Advance

Posted in News“The New York Public Library is moving ahead with a revamped plan to renovate its flagship Beaux-Arts building on Fifth Avenue and the shopworn circulating library across the street. A formal request for proposals is expected to go out this week to eight architectural firms under consideration to lead the $300 million project, which library […]Leave a Comment

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Internet Archive and CADAL Partner to Digitize 500,000 Academic Texts

Posted in News“The Internet Archive and the Chinese Academic Digital Associative Library (CADAL), are pleased to announce that 500,000 English-language, academic books will be digitized through a partnership that leverages strengths from both organizations. This furthers an initiative begun in 2009, The China-US Million Book Digital Library Project, seeking to bring one million texts into the public […]Leave a Comment

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Declines in state aid to Kansas libraries has forced budgeting changes

Posted in News“State aid to Kansas libraries dropped 23 percent in the past fiscal year, according to a new report — part of a years-long decline that has caused the Topeka and Shawnee County Library to change the way it budgets. The Kansas Center for Economic Growth said Tuesday state funds to libraries fell approximately 23 percent […]Leave a Comment

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Library of Congress: the Unexpected Diplomat

Posted in News“One doesn’t typically expect terrorism to become a topic of discussion at hearing about library funding. But that’s exactly what happened on March 17, as the Senate Legislative Branch Appropriations Subcommittee assessed the budget requests of the Library of Congress and the Architect of the Capitol. “You’re the world’s resource and we’ve been reading the news […]Leave a Comment

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No-sleeping rule at public libraries unwelcome change for Edmonton’s homeless

Posted in News“Darren Richards describes the Stanley A. Milner Library as a quiet, safe haven. Richards has been homeless for four years and uses the downtown library daily, as a place to read, charge his cellphone and nap. That will change May 1, when the Edmonton Public Library implements a no-sleeping policy at all its branches. Louise […]Leave a Comment

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CheckItOut – Taylor Swift Parody Video for National Library Week

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