New York Public Library Chairman to Step Down

Posted in News“>Neil L. Rudenstine, a former Harvard president who since 2011 has served as chairman of the New York Public Library, will step down in November, the library confirmed on Thursday. As interim chairman, Mr. Rudenstine said in a letter to his colleagues that he “expected to be in place for one year, or at most […]Leave a Comment

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D.C. rethinks its central library plans, goes bigger

Posted in News“The District’s big plans for its overhauled central library have expanded, though a mixed-use addition remains an option for the downtown landmark. The D.C. Public Library initially estimated it would need as little as 200,000 square feet of the 440,000-square-foot, Mies van der Rohe-designed Martin Luther King Jr. Library for library services. But after receiving […]Leave a Comment

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Posted in News“EPIC has launched a new web site – FOIA.ROCKS – to celebrate Open Government and the Freedom of Information Act. The site includes links to several current FOIA initiatives, including a coalition letter to President Obama on FOIA reform, recommendation for model FOIA regulations and a new recommendation from EPIC to the FOIA ombudsman on […]Leave a Comment

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EBSCO Introduces Flipster™, a New Way to Access Digital Magazines

Posted in News“Continuing its tradition of working with libraries to help patrons find the content they want as quickly and conveniently as possible, EBSCO Information Services (EBSCO) is introducing Flipster™, which allows library patrons to browse the latest issues of high quality digital versions of popular magazines, courtesy of their library. Flipster provides users easy access to […]Leave a Comment

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Seattle Sorts Library Books Faster than New York? Fuhgeddaboudit

Posted in News“New York has been taking some hard knocks from Seattle of late, books-wise. First came the epic and still-unresolved battle between Amazon and New York publishers. Then came reports — in a respectable New York newspaper, no less — that Seattle’s indie booksellers were thriving while Manhattan was turning into a “bookstore desert.” But on […]Leave a Comment

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Library archivists face contractual, technical challenges in preserving digital materials

Posted in News“Archivists at Stanford libraries face contractual and technical challenges in keeping an increasing amount of digital material, like eBooks and email, safe and accessible for future generations. For one, words in paper books don’t spontaneously disappear, but words in eBooks can. Because eBooks and electronic journals are licensed, not owned, libraries may not be able […]Leave a Comment

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Brooklyn Public Library announces programs to provide immigrants greater access to free citizenship, legal services

Posted in News“Brooklyn Public Library BPL on Wednesday announced two multi-year initiatives to provide immigrants in the borough greater access to free U.S. citizenship and legal services. The first, a program called Prepare for Citizenship, will provide ESOL learners with formal, 11-week citizenship courses at the Canarsie, Flatbush, Sunset Park and Kensington libraries. Operated in partnership with Catholic […]Leave a Comment

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What Book Should You Read Next? Putting Librarians And Algorithms To The Test

Posted in News“When I received the Brooklyn Public Library’s recent email newsletter promoting a new service called BookMatch, I was both delighted and dismayed. On the one hand, it was a great idea. All I had to do was fill out a short web form letting the librarians know a bit about what I wanted to read […]Leave a Comment

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New York Public Library grows near flagship Fifth Ave. location

Posted in News“The New York Public Library is expanding close to its main branch, purchasing a handful of commercial condos across the street from its Fifth Avenue research library, property records show. The library system paid $34.5 million for the properties. The nonprofit, which operates 92 branch and research libraries in Manhattan, the Bronx and Staten Island, […]Leave a Comment

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Los Angeles libraries to offer free flu shots

Posted in News“Los Angeles County health officials are concerned that the public will forget about a more common potential killer — influenza. So to expand the availability of free flu vaccines, the public health department is for the first time partnering with libraries. More than 100 sites, including selected city and county libraries, are offering the vaccines […]Leave a Comment

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ALA welcomes Adobe action; greater attention to reader privacy concerns

Posted in News“Today, Carolyn Anthony and Erika Linke, co-chairs of the American Library Association (ALA) Digital Content Working Group (DCWG), released the following statement regarding the Adobe Digital Editions (ADE) software update: “Librarians have long been guardians of and advocates for reader privacy. The plain text transmission of reader data by Adobe Digital Editions over the internet […]Leave a Comment

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Making It Real: 3D Printing as a Library Service

Posted in News“The New Media Consortium (NMC) and the EDUCAUSE Learning Initiative (ELI) have repeatedly identified 3D printing as an important development in educational technology, most recently forecasting a mere two to three years before widespread adoption. 1 What will that mean for higher education and society? How will such services impact practices of higher education and […]Leave a Comment

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Queens Library set to hire 50 new employees and replace private cleaning crew with staff

Posted in News“The embattled Queens Library is hiring 50 more staffers and ending its use of private cleaning crews, its temporary new leader announced last week. “Queens Library staff are the best in the world,” said Bridget Quinn-Carey, the library’s interim president and CEO. “Their ranks have been thin these last few years, and that has been […]Leave a Comment

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Multnomah County Library launches $500,000 study focused on bridging ‘digital divide’

Posted in News“The Multnomah County Library is teaming up with Portland State University to tackle the “digital divide” between low-income people and their wealthier counterparts nationwide. Library leaders announced plans this week to launch an extensive study of low-income library users’ technology habits and needs. They’ll share the results of that study with colleagues across the nation, […]Leave a Comment

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Oakland libraries imperiled by budget cuts

Posted in News“Next summer Oakland could lose as many as six to eight of its libraries, though it’s too soon to tell which branches might end up on the chopping block. Funded partly by the city’s general fund and partly by Measure Q—a parcel tax issued in 2004 to expand library services and add a sixth day of […]Leave a Comment

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Linda Hall Library bets on print over digital

Posted in News“As a product of the digital age, I’ve been conditioned to believe that anything worth saving is worth saving to an external hard drive. Paper can be ripped, lost, swept away, spilled on or destroyed in any number of ways. For me, digital has always been the way preserve information for the future. Luckily, the […]Leave a Comment

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So Little Paper to Chase in a Law Firm’s New Library

Posted in News“The law firm Kaye Scholer left a lot behind when it moved this month from 425 Park Avenue in Manhattan, where it had been since 1957, into new quarters at 250 West 55th Street.It left behind offices that had served giants like Milton Handler, one of whose students, Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg, called him a […]Leave a Comment

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Lexis Advance Named Best Online Legal Research Provider by Readers in The Legal Intelligencer

Posted in News“LexisNexis® Legal & Professional, a leading provider of content and technology solutions, announced today that Lexis Advance®, the company’s dynamic, next-generation legal information service, has been voted the best online legal research provider in The Legal Intelligencer’s “Best of 2014” survey of Pennsylvania legal professionals. This recognition is one of six “Gold” category wins for […]Leave a Comment

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World Series: SF, KC libraries engage in Dewey Decimal Duel

Posted in News“As it turns out, librarians can bring better trash talk than “Shush!” On the eve of World Series Game 1 between the Giants and Royals, the San Francisco Public Library and its Kansas City counterpart engaged in a war of words on Twitter. And it’s clear the thesaurus got a workout.” (via San Jose Mercury […]Leave a Comment

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After Queens scandal, bills introduced to open up books at city libraries

Posted in News“After Queens library boss Tom Galante was revealed to be blowing library cash on perks for himself and his cronies, legislation will be introduced in the City Council Wednesday to force city libraries to open their books. The bills, sponsored by Councilman Jimmy Van Bramer (D-Queens), would require public annual reports detailing all library capital […]Leave a Comment

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[Calgary Public] Library to trim about 300,000 books from collection

Posted in News“The Calgary Public Library wants to reduce its book stocks by about 300,000 in order to free up more space in the buildings to run programs. The surplus books will be cleared out before the end of the year. They will be sold through a re-seller. Calgary Public Library CEO Bill Ptacek told CBC Radio’s Calgary […]Leave a Comment

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San Antonio airport installs digital library kiosks for travelers

Posted in News“The San Antonio International Airport has unveiled two Digital Library kiosks that will allow travelers to check out digital media to take on trips. The kiosks were funded by the Friends of the San Antonio Public Library at a cost of $26,000. The kiosks will allow library patrons to browse the library’s digital media content […]Leave a Comment

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Videos Show Value of Code of Best Practices in Fair Use

Posted in News“Today, October 21, 2014, ARL released three videos on the Code of Best Practices in Fair Use for Academic and Research Libraries, a clear and easy-to-use statement of reasonable approaches to fair use of copyrighted material, developed by and for librarians who support academic inquiry and higher education. With generous support from The Andrew W. […]Leave a Comment

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ALA responds to Eleventh Circuit Court’s encouraging “fair use” decision in Georgia State University case

Posted in News“On Friday, the U.S. Court of Appeals for the 11th Circuit handed down an important decision in Cambridge University Press et al. v. Carl V. Patton et al. concerning the permissible “fair use” of copyrighted works in electronic reserves for academic courses. Although publisher’s sought to bar the uncompensated excerpting of copyrighted material for “e-reserves,” […]Leave a Comment

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Vatican Library Making 4,000 Ancient Manuscripts Available Online For Free

Posted in News“The Vatican Apostolic Library is now digitising its valuable ancient religious manuscripts and putting them online via its website, available for the public to view for free, as well as turning to crowdfunding to help it complete its work. The Vatican Library was founded in 1451 AD and holds over 80,000 manuscripts, prints, drawings, plates and […]Leave a Comment

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