Boston library projects land $700,000 from Knight Foundation to teach public about privacy and city data

Posted in News“On Friday, The Knight Foundation awarded over $700,000 in grants to two Boston-based organizations that are using libraries to educate the public about digital privacy tools and share information about public data.  One of the winning projects, Open Data to Open Knowledge, was submitted by Boston’s chief information officer Jascha Franklin-Hodge, and seeks to take data […]Leave a Comment

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Effort Makes Texts of Early English Books Available Online

Posted in News“A partnership is making the texts of the first printed editions of William Shakespeare, Geoffrey Chaucer, John Milton and other early English books available online. The University of Michigan Library, the University of Oxford’s Bodleian Libraries and ProQuest have made public more than 25,000 manually transcribed texts from 1473 to 1700. These include more than […]Leave a Comment

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22 ATLA libraries now using OCLC WorldShare Management Services

Posted in News“Twenty-two member libraries of the American Theological Library Association are now using OCLC WorldShare Management Services as their library management system. WorldShare Management Services (WMS) provide cloud-based library management and discovery applications in an integrated suite. WMS offers librarians a cost-effective way to manage workflows efficiently, and improve access to library collections and services for […]Leave a Comment

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Construction to begin on long-delayed Queens Library branch

Posted in News“Better late than never. A long-delayed Queens library is finally getting off the ground, with construction set to begin in the next few weeks, officials will announce Thursday. Workers have begun sampling the soil around the future site of the Queens Library’s Hunters Point branch, which will be the system’s first newly built branch in […]Leave a Comment

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From nurses to social workers, see how public libraries are serving the homeless

Posted in News“Almost every morning at the Denver Public Library’s main branch, a group gathers on the fourth floor at the doors of the Community Technology Center, home to the library’s public access computers. Many of them are homeless or underemployed. But the DPL, like a lot of city libraries, is a safe haven during the day, […]Leave a Comment

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DPLA Board of Directors Appoints Amy Ryan as New Chair

Posted in NewsThe nine-member Board of Directors of the Digital Public Library of America (DPLA) is pleased to announce the appointment of Amy Ryan, President of the Boston Public Library, as its next chair, beginning in July 2015 and effective for two years. Ryan will succeed the current chair, John Palfrey, Head of School at Phillips Academy […]Leave a Comment

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Posted in News“A leading e-book subscription service has added a top draw to its catalog: the “Harry Potter” series. Oyster announced Thursday that it had reached an agreement with J.K. Rowling’s representatives for rights to the seven Potter books, plus three Hogwarts Library stories.” (via The Associated Press)Leave a Comment

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Common Ground: Exploring Compatibilities Between the Linked Data Models of the Library of Congress and OCLC

Posted in News“Jointly released by OCLC and the Library of Congress, this white paper compares and contrasts the compatible linked data initiatives at both institutions.  It is an executive summary of a more detailed technical analysis that will be released later this year.” (via OCLC)Leave a Comment

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ALA seeks feedback on draft national policy agenda for libraries

Posted in News“Libraries are in a revolution fueled by rapid advances in technology, and thus the roles, capabilities, and expectations of libraries are changing rapidly. National public policy for libraries must reflect these changes. Today the American Library Association (ALA) Office for Information Technology Policy (OITP) released a discussion draft policy agenda (pdf) for libraries to guide […]Leave a Comment

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Posted in News“The late sister of “To Kill A Mockingbird” author Harper Lee, Alabama attorney and church leader Alice Lee, is leaving books and other personal items to the famed writer. Alice Lee’s will, filed in Monroe County Probate Court and obtained by The Associated Press, says Harper Lee is to dispose of the belongings “as she […]Leave a Comment

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Plans for Brooklyn Branches Have Merit

Posted in News“Two proposals to sell and develop local library sites are wending through the Brooklyn Public Library pipeline, and, predictably, opponents have manned the barricades, citing the usual arguments about selling off public land to rapacious developers. But for a change, the plans look promising. There is good and bad development, after all, and sometimes, with […]Leave a Comment

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In North Jersey, libraries of tomorrow are ready to turn the page

Posted in News“It looks like a scene from Google headquarters. A group of young inventors darts around the room, tackling a new experiment each week: build a flying machine, print a 3D object, design a new instrument, make an explosion with Popsicle sticks. The energetic buzz is punctuated by the occasional exclamation, “That’s so cool!” But this […]Leave a Comment

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Effort to get Obama library draws Chicago-style suspicions

Posted in News“Chicago’s rush to secure space in a public park for Barack Obama’s presidential library has unleashed a tussle typical of the president’s hometown — loud, contentious and full of suspicions about backroom deals and personal politics as tangled as the ivy at Wrigley Field.Most Chicagoans would be shocked if Obama didn’t bring his library to […]Leave a Comment

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Hardcovers? No, hardware at this library

Posted in News“A proposed library in Camden County won’t use the Dewey Decimal System. Instead, expect the DIY approach at a facility where patrons might check out saws, sanders and other handy gadgets. Freeholders voted Thursday night to advance plans for a county tool library. If everything goes well, it will debut by June 1 at the […]Leave a Comment

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Changing Skyline: Temple’s plan comes together with new focus on library

Posted in News“Temple University has spent a billion dollars over the last decade transforming itself from a commuter college into a residential school that can draw students nationally. It’s added glassy classroom buildings, a ritzy skyscraper dorm, and amenities such as cafés and rock-climbing walls. Yet, for all the flash, it was never clear how the expensive […]Leave a Comment

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Inside British Library’s low-oxygen archive

Posted in News“Newspaper sales may have dropped by more than 40% over the last decade, but more than seven million of them are still sold every day. The British Library save at least one copy of every paper printed – more than 60 million in total. This week it has opened a new hi-tech library in Yorkshire […]Leave a Comment

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Toronto Reference Library adds dedicated room for writers

Posted in News“For Toronto novelist and lawyer Robert Rotenberg, it’s what the city’s Reference Library doesn’t have that also makes it the perfect place to work on a novel. “I can’t do anything else there but write,” the man behind books such as Stranglehold, Old City Hall and Stray Bullets said Thursday in an interview on CBC […]Leave a Comment

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[Queens] Library execs quit as new chief settles in

Posted in News“Four top Queens Library officials resigned last week as the institution continues to reorganize following the ouster of its longtime president amid a financial and management scandal and criminal probe. The four executives who quit, who all bore the title of vice president, are Darlene Askew-Robinson, the library’s general counsel; Lisa Epps, who handled information […]Leave a Comment

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A Role for Librarians as Data Managers in the Life Sciences

Posted in News“Traditionally, librarians have been involved at the beginning and the end of the research process, assisting researchers with finding information and with disseminating information. With the changing data landscape, however, it is important for the library to participate in other aspects of research. A librarian who can provide concise and customized training in needed areas—for […]Leave a Comment

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IMLS to Award $154.8 Million to States to Improve Library Services

Posted in News“The Institute of Museum and Library Services (IMLS) today released its Fiscal Year 2015 allotment table for 56 State Library Administrative Agencies (SLAAs), totaling $154,848,000. These annual grants represent the largest source of federal funding support for library services in the U.S. The grants allocate a base amount to each of the SLAAs, plus a […]Leave a Comment

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Amazon Launches Kindle Textbook Creator

Posted in News“ today announced KDP EDU, a new segment of Kindle Direct Publishing (KDP) designed to help educators and authors easily prepare, publish, and promote eTextbooks and other educational content for students to access on a broad range of devices, including Fire tablets, iPad, iPhone, Android smartphones and tablets, Mac, and PC. Educators and authors can […]Leave a Comment

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Zine-ophile: OSU librarian Kelly McElroy hopes you’ll give zines a look

Posted in News“Tucked between seats on the bus, left near the cash register at 7-11, peeking out from behind the proselytizing literature on the rickety book rack at a Greyhound station: maybe you’ve seen one already and didn’t realize it. Zines are self-published booklets, typically assembled on a shoestring budget and made to be traded away or […]Leave a Comment

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New grants awarded to OCLC strengthen continuing education and professional development for U.S. information workers

Posted in News“OCLC has received grants from the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation and the Institute of Museum and Library Services to advance and sustain professional development and continuing education for information workers across the United States. The grants will support continued work of the Coalition to Advance Learning in Archives, Libraries, and Museums to produce strategies […]Leave a Comment

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Wellcome Library donates 100,000 medical images to Wikimedia Commons

Posted in News“The Wellcome Library has donated over 100,000 images on medical history, which have now been uploaded on Wikimedia Commons. The high resolution photographs and scans are used to illustrate a wide range of Wikipedia articles such as disease, art history, cartoons, sexuality and biographies. Wellcome Images provide free public access to their digital collection online, […]Leave a Comment

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Posted in News“In the world of e-books, you largely have a choice between Amazon’s Kindle and everyone else. Inc. distributes its e-books in a proprietary format that isn’t compatible with other devices and systems. Other companies have embraced a format called EPub. In theory, that means books bought for one non-Kindle device can be read on […]Leave a Comment

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