Former Queens Library head Thomas Galante to sue over firing

Posted in News“Disgraced former Queens Library president Thomas Galante says he’ll sue the library’s board for firing him over allegations that he abused a library credit card to make personal purchases.The library’s trustees — including board members appointed recently by Mayor de Blasio and Queens Borough President Melinda Katz — unanimously voted Wednesday night to terminate Galante’s […]Leave a Comment

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DocketFish simplifies docket research process for law firms

Posted in News“With the changing needs of the legal industry come new, innovative technologies that aim at making processes more efficient for workers in all aspects of legal. Research can be one of the more time-consuming, laborious processes for counsel, but certain software has been developed to take a stab at streamlining docket research with a new […]Leave a Comment

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In a kingdom of books, nation’s librarian champions digital age

Posted in News“For more than 25 years, Billington has been the librarian of Congress, a title that sounds rarefied, which, in fact, it is; only a dozen others have held the post since the library began in 1800. In the age of the Internet, it also might sound somewhat dated. Yet the 85-year-old scholar has been one […]Leave a Comment

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Toronto Public Library appoints new city librarian

Posted in News“Toronto’s new city librarian hopes to propel the Toronto Public Library system into the future by leading its shift toward digital technology and pioneering new approaches to library service. The library board has appointed Vickery Bowles, currently director of collections management and citywide services, to the top job, effective Jan. 5. “There are many opportunities […]Leave a Comment

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St. Paul council overrides mayor’s veto on expanded library hours

Posted in News“The St. Paul City Council on Wednesday voted to override a mayoral veto and fund evening hours at seven branch libraries. In passing the mayor’s proposed 2015 budget last week, the city council chose to make a series of changes to the proposed library budget. The amendments included redirecting $345,000 from a parking fund to […]Leave a Comment

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The great British library betrayal: Closures bring national network to brink of ‘absolute disaster’, reveals official inquiry

Posted in News“Library services are on the brink of disaster and can only be saved if they become more like coffee shops with wi-fi, sofas and hot drinks, a report will recommend on Thursday. A combination of funding cuts and declining attendance threatens the viability of the library network unless urgent action is taken, according to the […]Leave a Comment

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Queens Library fires Thomas Galante for wild spending

Posted in News“The board of the Queens Public Library closed the book on lavish spender Thomas Galante Wednesday night. Galante, 54, was fired from his roles as CEO and president after the board met to vote on his fate. His dismissal came after the trustees reviewed his expense accounts, which included opulent meals, expensive concert tickets and […]Leave a Comment

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Man returns statue 43 years overdue

Posted in News“Nearly 43 years ago, a young boy borrowed a small marble sculpture from the Rochester Central Library to help him through dark times. This weekend, the statue came full circle when it returned to its original home. The childhood of Scott Stewart, 52, of Rochester was plagued with abuse, but he sought refuge at the […]Leave a Comment

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Archiving Shakespeare, Dickens, R. Crumb

Posted in News“It may not say much for my literary tastes. But among the 35,000 items and 2,000 linear feet of archives in the New York Public Library’s Henry W. and Albert A. Berg Collection of English and American Literature, the one that excited me most was a copy of underground cartoonist R. Crumb’s “Zap #1” from […]Leave a Comment

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Can Wikipedia Disrupt News As It Did Encyclopedias?

Posted in News“Wikipedia revolutionized the way people amass information. It provides a free, one-stop shop for the Internet’s collective knowledge on any given topic. Now, one of the site’s founders, Larry Sanger, is launching a ‘Wikipedia for news’ called Infobitt. Infobitt says it will be “the world’s first crowdsourced front page news site.” It calls on users […]Leave a Comment

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New Films Added to National Registry

Posted in News“The horrors of war, the heroism of sacrifice, a vaudeville pioneer, the devil and a master of the macabre represent the diversity of an elite selection of films that have been recognized as cultural, historic or aesthetic cinematic treasures. Librarian of Congress James H. Billington announced today the annual selection of 25 motion pictures to […]Leave a Comment

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Libraries without physical books find a niche in San Antonio

Posted in News“Next summer Bexar County (Texas) will open a library in a housing project on the West side of San Antonio. There will be iMacs, iPads, laptops and hundreds of e-readers, but no physical books. This is the second library to be exclusively digital in San Antonio. Visitors can check out an e-reader for two weeks and […]Leave a Comment

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The future of libraries – no books, no knowledge

Posted in News“The Carnegie UK Trust has published its final report in its Enterprising Libraries series, a project aimed at making libraries more fundable by having them offer services that promote ‘economic wellbeing’. The report, Beyond Books: The Role of Enterprising Libraries in Promoting Economic Wellbeing, is the culmination of this project and offers recommendations for best […]Leave a Comment

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Kentucky appeals court considers cases that threaten funding for dozens of libraries

Posted in News“Most of the state’s public library systems could be forced to roll back their tax rates and collectively refund millions of dollars to local taxpayers under a pair of lawsuits heard Monday by the Kentucky Court of Appeals. The suits, filed by taxpayers in Kenton and Campbell counties, argue that many library districts have improperly […]Leave a Comment

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Calling all library patrons! Reflecting on 18 years of change

Posted in News“Linda Cook will retire next year after 18 years leading the Edmonton Public Library. How long have we been saying books are on their way out? Leading a library must be a bit like leading a newspaper. Neither are dead yet! via Edmonton Journal)Leave a Comment

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SAHA, Bexar County partnering to build the library of the future

Posted in News“Bexar County and the San Antonio Housing Authority have forged a new partnership to establish the first digital public library in a housing authority community. The details of the partnership will be announced this afternoon at the Gardens of San Juan Square community at 2003 S. Zarzamora St.” (via San Antonio Business Journal)Leave a Comment

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Coleman vetoes council effort to expand [St. Paul] library hours

Posted in News“St. Paul Mayor Chris Coleman on Monday vetoed the City Council’s move to extend evening hours at seven branch libraries, saying that the funding source the council would tap isn’t “steady and permanent” enough to support more hours in the long run.“While I understand the appeal of adding even more hours to libraries, this goal […]Leave a Comment

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Obama library bids submitted: UIC pitches two-site plan

Posted in News“It’s down to Chicago versus New York strongly competing for the  entire Barack Obama presidential library and museum with Hawaii hedging its bet and also pitching  a presidential center as four schools submitted bids on Thursday. The University of Hawaii, the University of Illinois/Chicago, the University of Chicago and Columbia University in New York presented proposals […]Leave a Comment

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FCC E-rate action expands broadband opportunities for libraries

Posted in NewsToday, the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) approved a landmark E-rate modernization order that addresses the broadband capacity gap facing many public libraries. In response, American Library Association (ALA) President Courtney Young released the following statement: “Connecting America’s libraries with high-capacity broadband connects our communities with opportunity and changes lives. Sometimes the government’s words are far […]Leave a Comment

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UNC library gets $25M contract, largest ever from EPA

Posted in News“Thanks to a $25 million contract, the UNC School of Information and Library Science will continue to operate the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) Research Triangle Park Library for another five years. This is the largest contract received by SILS from the EPA-RTP library and “significantly expands the scope of work to manage agency-wide subscriptions to […]Leave a Comment

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U. of C. sees tough competition from New York for Obama library

Posted in News“The official heading up the University of Chicago bid to host the Barack Obama presidential library said Wednesday that the biggest threat to bringing the facility to Chicago’s South Side comes from New York. While there is serious competition from the University of Illinois at Chicago and the University of Hawaii, Susan Sher, senior adviser […]Leave a Comment

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Friends of the Parks against using park land for Obama library

Posted in News“The Friends of the Parks, champions of preserving Chicago’s open lands, wants the Obama Presidential Library and Museum in Chicago – but is  against the University of Chicago proposals, to be submitted on Thursday, to locate it on park lands. “We do not believe the parks are the University of Chicago’s to offer up to the library,” Friends […]Leave a Comment

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A whole latte library: $48 million next-generation facility set to open at UTC

Posted in News“Students lined up early Friday morning to get into the new library at the University of Tennessee at Chattanooga. To get into its Starbucks, that is. During the planning stages for the $48 million building, students clamored to have the Seattle-based chain open a coffeehouse on campus.” (via Times Free Press)Leave a Comment

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Queens Library boss faces possible dismissal

Posted in News“Queens Library Director Thomas Galante could be fired next week, following a review by the library’s new trustees into his wild spending of tax-payer money on lavish meals, expensive concert tickets, and high-priced furniture. Records obtained by the Daily News show Galante spent more than $40,000 on food, alcohol and entertainment at restaurants across the […]Leave a Comment

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Rethinking the library proves a divisive topic at many liberal arts institutions

Posted in News“Several library directors at liberal arts institutions have lost their jobs as they clash with faculty and administrators over how much — and how fast — the academic library should change. None of the dismissals, resignations or retirements are identical. Some have resulted from arguments over funding; others from debates about decision-making processes or ongoing personal […]Leave a Comment

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