US Intelligence Mole on Lyme Disease Forum

I am copying here the text of a discussion on an internet forum called LymeNet, in which a US intelligence mole calling herself "Marnie", who has been in place on the forum for THIRTEEN YEARS, falls to pieces and outs herself, telling us that the Lyme Disease - biowarfare coverup is necessary and for our own protection (!!!)

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Photos and video from Kedem protest in Edinburgh

Seven photos and a video of the Edinburgh SPSC (Scottish Palestine Solidarity Campaign) protest at the Kedem stall in Ocean Mall, Edinburgh.

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15 photos from Edinburgh Mela 2014

15 photos from this year's Edinburgh Mela.

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Cyber-autonomy: A Tactical Approach to Media

Public debate on digital media tends to be organised in “either-ors.” Such polarisation allows for clarifying positions, but it doesn’t do justice to the messy dynamics of everyday digital practice. Paolo Gerbaudo’s recent contribution on internet activism in OT24 is no exception. He contrasts what he calls a “cyber separatist strategy” allegedly pursued by veterans of the anti-globalisation movement with “occupying the digital mainstream,” which he sees as a more inclusive and forward-looking strategy adopted by contemporary tech activists.

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Anarchist report from Ferguson

Three Rivers Earth First! sent me to scout Ferguson and do a report back. Here it is.

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Claim for Fire at BAE Arms Development Centre

We mounted our attack against the BAE Systems arms factory in the Filton area of Bristol by setting a fire against the fuel tank outside the onsite Advanced Technology Centre (Impact Facility - High Power Electro Magnetic Facility section) on August 29th. Today we now announce carrying this out in the context of the NATO summit in Newport in five days. Britain is rife with military industrial complex structures all year round and everyone can draw her or his own conclusion.

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As well as the Celtic Manor here are some other parts of NATO's militarised netw

Maps for those attending the 2014 NATO Summit

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Grow Heathrow: You can't evict an idea (VIDEO)

Video about eviction resistance at Grow Heathrow

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Attack on Army Cadet base in Bristol

Attack on Army Cadet base in Bristol

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Public Beheadings - Daily Sport in Saudi Arabia

Public beheadings are taking place twice daily in Saudi Arabia. The Justice Minister Mohammed Al Eissa, has defended tough Sharia punishments such as beheading, cutting off hands, and lashing claiming they; "cannot be changed because they are enshrined in Islamic law. These punishments are based on divine religious texts and we cannot change them," he said recently during a speech in Washington, USA.

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UG#689 - A Tale Of Two Worlds (Bridges in Myanmar, The Real 911 Suspects)

A stark contrast of material for you this week. We begin with an uplifting reading of Toni "El Suizo" Rüttimann giving the flavour of his latest expedition to Myanmar, in which he built half a dozen bridges of up to 100m in length in a 12 day period. Most of the show is a detailed exposition of old world malfeasance - Kevin Ryan on who he suspects committed the terrorism of Sep 11th - Donald Rumsfeld, Dick Cheney and a bunch of lesser known names, some of whom have been quite successful in evading the limelight, but all of whom appear to be covert operatives for the Deep State.

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Callout – Sabcat Day of Action Against Austerity, Benefit Cuts and Evictions.

Meet at the Cenotaph, Newport at 1pm. Dressing up as Sabcats optional, but we recommend that you mask up. Cat masks will be available on the day. Wear ears, fluffy tails and cat face paint and masks! <br/>

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Naming Gaza's Dead Vigil

A powerful action by Lancaster Palestine Solidarity Campaign, naming some of those who were killed in the recent bombings of Gaza by the Israeli military, and providing an opportunity for people to connect with the names behind the numbers. Part of ongoing campigns and actions to protest the unbearable situation in Gaza, which continues even after the recent ceasefire. We wish to share the information about the vigil, and the short film we made of it, widely, in the hope that it will inspire other similar actions. The banners we made are available for loan to other groups (you would have to collect and return or pay for postage).

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Snitch-jacketing in our movements: time to stop destructive rumours

Unfounded rumours are destroying the reputations of activists without good reason. In the following statement the Activist Security collective is saying that not only do we need to check this behaviour, but that people who continue to spread unfounded rumours about individuals after they’ve been asked to stop will be publicly named.

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Paul Oxberry a National Front and EDL supporter charged for assaulting partner

Paul Oxberry a National Front member and EDL supporter from Newcastle has just been sent to court for assaulting his pregnant partner.

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Leaked docs expose cosy relationships among corporates, Rotarians and frackers

Copies of documents apparently leaked from North and Western Lancashire Chamber of Commerce illustrate the role they play in promoting corporate interests and networking among the upper classes.

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No Borders S. Wales & Stop NATO day of action against racism, prisons & borders

A key means through which NATO and its constituent members maintain their power is through the control of the mobility of all but the richest few, which has given rise to increasingly militarised border regimes across the globe.

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Careerists of the desert

The government, seconded by most news networks are sure to have found the solution to the effects of religious fundamentalism as it has recently stricken British society: surveillance, stricter control through stricter legislation, supplemented by the practice of traditional ruffianism (or else the giving of information from members of the public to the authorities).

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Sun 31st August – Stop NATO action against securitisation and policing

Meet us at 3pm on Sunday 31st August at the security gates nearest to the Nye Bevan statue in Cardiff (west end of Queen Street, opposite the Castle) to make our feelings known. <br/>

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Benefit gig for London Antifascists 13 sept

antifascist benefit for London Antifascists <br/><br/>

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t NATO Summit in South Wales

NATO SUMMIT DEMONSTRATIONS <br/>Week of Action (Saturday 30 August - Friday 5 September) <br/>7 Days to Shake the World <br/>A quick round-up of some just some of the events happening. This is not a full list. Many organisations are organising stuff!

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Tory government attacking human rights again

Home Secretary Teresa May announces that people who go to fight for groups in the Middle East will have their UK passports cancelled.

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Anarchist Dierctory

We will make a good directory together

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Nae Nazis demo Edinburgh Saturday 23rd August 2014

Report and 5 photos of the anti-racism march and rally in Edinburgh on Saturday 23rd August 2014.

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RECLAIM THE CITY Oct18 posters&Flyers

Posters and flyers for The October 18 event Reclaim the city

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