UG#692 - The European Deep State Post WW2 (NATO's Secret Armies)

This time we focus on a seminal event in the evolution of European deep state groups, the NATO-backed "stay behind network" which first broke the surface in Italy (as Operation Gladio) but which was a factor in most if not all Western European countries after WW2. Daniele Ganser's particular focus is the role of Gladio in Spain. Our second speaker is Sibel Edmonds, whose main focus is the Turkish deep state and its relationship to the War On Terror.

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Referendum night in George Square, Glasgow September 18/19 2014

This is a detailed 3,000 word account of the results of the Scottish referendum on Independence with the party held by the Yes campaign in Scotland's largest city used as a backdrop. There are 20 photos included.

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Surveillance Project Exhibited in Nottingham

Eks’Vee: NTU MA Photography degree show Nottingham Trent University Exhibition: 20th September – 4th October

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A month of solidarity with Chelsea Manning (Part 1)

Report of solidarity with imprisoned Welsh-American whistleblower Chelsea Manning in August and September in Wales before, during and after the NATO summit. Full article with links here:

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How we fight the state every weekend

A brawl involving up to 500 youths broke out in Blackpool resulting in three police officers being injured on Friday night. Just a normal weekend as working class people unleash their anger on the state and their paid representatives all over these islands, physical or otherwise. Feel free to add to this small contribution to showing the reality

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Newport Rises to Action

Statement from new squatted social centre in South Wales

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Well the referendum is over but how much was it influenced by outsiders?

The 2014 referendum on Scottish Independence was the focus of worldwide media attention. How much was the result affected by outsiders? Dr Henry Kissinger advised Scots to vote `No` - here is what he may have said.

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Union Jack nationalists invade St George Square

Here come the NAZIS

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Scottish vote and promise of more decision-making powers for England?

This is a fake debate. There is an elephant in the room which most people are ignoring.

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Humanitarian catastrophe looming in Syria as ISIS advances on Kobanê

Humanitarian catastrophe looming in Syria as ISIS advances on Kobanê area held by Kurdish anticapitalist militias (YPG) in northern Syria!

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The Anarchist Guide to IS Psychology

I pretend to put myself behind you in order to make me appear bigger than I really am. (Pretend, because since the Obama-Morales affair airspace servitude is recognized as the unequivocal hallmark of vassal states, and in this instance it is not the case.) With this clownish gesture the Damascus regime has exposed the phoney coalition of hate mongers that the military-industrial complex came up with to out-compete the Islamic State on terms of human rights. Actually not, as the aggressors have literally voiced themselves their ambition is not to improve but to degrade. Apparently the imperialist does not understand the abolitionist rigorousity of the anti-occupation campaign as a consequence of the abuses of Abu Ghraib but is still filling the trough for its uniformed rapists. This immature response proves that by establishing its own foreign policy entirely independent of the nationalist state, the Islamic state has hit a nerve of the military-industrial complex. These empty suits get mad at the mirrors which are being held to them, until the doctor comes to remind everyone that the knife they imagine to see on the screen is merely a metaphor of the artist referring to an eavesdropping warrant in their own hands. In another interpretation, the followers of Mohammed have heated the axe of war in the glowing fire of Abolition, and since they passed it to Obama and Cameron the two are crying out in pain as they both burned their hands.

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Independent Film and Media Collective

Looking for people to help in the formation and running of a new autonomous film and media collective in the North-East.

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UG#691 - Big Drugs,Big Money& Big Guns (Deep State from Afghanistan to Susurluk)

We begin a new series this week, looking at the global drug trade and its key role in funding deep state groups. We begin with an expert on the Asian drug trade, Alfred McCoy. His 2010 talk, "Low-Intensity Conflict in the Drug Wars" focuses on opium production and its relationship to the proxy wars being fought in Afghanistan. We follow the heroin westwards to Turkey with a commentary by Sibel Edmonds who focuses on the nexus of the political and intelligence agency leaders, mobsters and drug traffickers which was brought to light by the "Susurluk scandal". This fateful 1996 car crash lead to the development of the phrase "Deep State" to describe the behind-the-scenes arrangements which were previously hidden from public view. While details of their operations remain unclear, they are increasingly understood to be more important to what really goes on than the for public consumption charade that is electoral politics.

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The annual mass anti-fascist mobilisation in Brighton opposing March For England has been cancelled for 2015. Join me now in a stroll down MFE Memory Lane!

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French Theatre company coming to Oxfordshire with UK premiere

French Theatre company Compagnie Animotion will be swimming the channel to bring you their bicycle filled extravaganza in October. <br/>Cie Animotion have been making highly visual theatre since 2004, accessible to both Deaf and hearing communities.

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21 & 22 September: Two Days for World Peace in Wrexham

Join us once again in Wrexham for a day celebrating peace and calling for an end to all warfare. This day is about coming together and sharing what we have in a spirit of peaceful cooperation. Peace Day events in Wrexham have always been free of charge and open to all. The success of the day is about what each of us brings to it. You are invited to bring vegetarian food to share and items you no longer need for the free stall. If you have anything else you would like to offer free of charge (no selling), please get in touch.

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The Taking of the Stone of Destiny - a screenplay

The story of Scottish nationalist Ian Hamilton's audacious recapture of the Stone of Scone from England in 1950. <br/>

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How can BT threaten voters on Scotland with costlier service? On whose mandate?

BT features as one of the Big Biz Conglomerates actively engage din consolidating to Big Biz dictating to the voters at the Referendum on Scotland on Thursday. Who gave BT that mandate to issue such threats? <br/>

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Open letter to the whiteman: Brett Bailey

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Eugenics (Nazi Germany) now in school curriculum

Eugenics is now in the school curriculum, known as 'Opening Minds' devised by the RSA (Royal Society for the Arts); President the Princess Royal, Patron the queen. The RSA is located within the John Adam St Gang network in London. (also known as the olympians, or the Committeeof 300). (Google 'John Coleman the olympians' for the youtube video on the olympians).

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Documentation of Cameron Message

David Haines Beheaded <br/><br/>IS just released a video where they behead yet another hostage. <br/><br/>This time its David Haines , a hostage from the United Kingdom captured in Syria in 2013. <br/><br/>This is the video text --

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Deep Forest Poetry

Where public life suffers oppression, freedom is on the run. The long march to the future beyond a time that has no future becomes the only escape from the destructive forces of capitalism. The project to get and remain ahead the distorted imagination of the death squads of civilisation becomes an existential impulse. The woods or what is remaining thereof becomes the most important if not condition of victory then obstacle of defeat, and the elementary techniques of life here have changed little over the recent millennia.

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ARK (Absolute Return for Kids) and the Dutroux Scandal - Schillings' threats

<br/>A brief youtube video which indicates the connection between the charity Ark (Absolute Return for Kids) and the Dutroux Scandal and legal threats from Schillings to remove this story from the internet.

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Guardian sinks further away from Journalism

1940GMT 13 Sept 2014 The London Guardian's Alan Rusbridger (who has erased the Manchester bit almost without trace) has announced a raft of measures that take him much nearer to Murdoch than would have been previously thought. In justifying the move, Rusbridger has resorted to complacently quoting Mr Scott, the very overly triumphed longest serving Editor of a Century ago. But Mr Rusbridger is, typically, being over the top in his boasts.

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The Need for Scottish Independence

It's not too difficult to get your head around is it? Decentralisation, the breaking up of the British state. What's not to not want?

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