Global Rally Against ISIS, For Kobane & For Humanity : Nov 1st 2014

A Global Rally against ISIS, For Kobane & For Humanity is being urged for November 1st, 2014. Please note that this is not a call for some kind of reactionary anti-Muslim, anti-Islam rally so please don't just dismiss it as being so and take a careful read of the following text including the signatories to this urgent call that include Noam Chomsky Archbishop Desmond Tutu and many, many others.

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Unite and Oppose the Racist Welsh Alliance in Cardiff on the 25th October

Meet at11:45 on the Green in front of Cardiff Castle opposite the Rummer Tavern CF10 1AY

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Wide angle on Calais

There are over 2000 migrant people in Calais and their number is rising, more people than in 2009 but there are more women and children . There is not even water, enough tents or sufficient food. <br/>Police violence aganst those trying to cross has escalated to appalling levels.

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Mass callout everyone to Parliament Square this Friday!

Defend the right to protest. This is a mass callout for everyone to gather at Parliament Square this Friday at 5pm to defend the right to protest. Over the past few days occupy protesters have been harassed, arrested and attacked by police! So be there this Friday from 5pm and on Saturday too the last day of the protest to show the authorities that we will not be intimidated by their attempted to ban democratic protest!

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Fatal encounter: Jennifer Laude meets US Marine Corps

PHILIPPINES: As I peered at Jennifer Laude’s serene face in the open casket, I saw the wound on her forehead that was barely concealed by the mortician’s make up. I did not see the bruises on her neck and shoulders, but a person familiar with the autopsy said they were severe.

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Turkey : Armed Manifestation In Support Of Kobane

Armed militants appeared on the streets of Diyarbakır, Southeastern Turkey tonight (20/10/2014) in a demonstration of combative solidarity with Kobane and in complete defiance of the fascist Turkish government.

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Protest at Green Investment Bank 2nd Birthday

Biofuelwatch, the London Biomassive and UKWIN will be protesting outside the Green Investment Bank's 2nd Birthday Celebrations at 5pm on Tuesday 29 October at 2 King Edward St, nr St Paul's, EC2A 1HQ. We will be targetting GIB's wilful, ongoing, investment in Big Biomass and Waste Incineration. See for more details and event info. Join There will be cake and music!

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War Against ISIS / Daesh : ColdHackers Hijack Turkish Regime FB Accounts

Once again the comrades from revolutionary Kurdish hacking collective ColdHackers have gone into action and attacked the online presence of the murderous and cowardly Turkish regime in solidarity with their YPG / YPJ brothers & sisters who are fighting for Rojava and the total liberation of Kobane.

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Millions of children now being instructed in Nazi eugenics techniques

It has been difficult, again, to keep this information online. <br/><br/>Millions of children instructed in Nazi eugenics techniques, from the Royal Society for Arts <br/>The ‘Opening Minds’ Science curriculum (established by the Royal Society for the Arts) is clearly instructing children in eugenics techniques. The Royal Society for the Arts has as president the Princess Royal (who has taken over from Prince Philip) and patron the queen.

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Wrexham Borras drill site occupied - Please support the camp

GP Energy (who were bought out by Dart who in turn have been bought out by IGas) applied for planning permission to do an exploratory drill for coal bed methane (CBM) at Borras, Wrexham. Frack-off describes coal bed methane as the evil twin of shale gas. Wrexham council refused the application back in March after at lot of work by local people to educate the planning committee on the dangers of unconventional gas extraction. The success of this was at least in part due to increased awareness of the issues as a result of a test drill happening at the same time in nearby Farndon. Unfortunately, the Wales Planning Inspector overturned the council's decision earlier this month - on some distinctly dodgy grounds - and the site is now under imminent threat of test drilling, even though it is in an area where the government's own report has indicated CBM extraction isn't feasible due to the geology.A public meeting has been called for 23 October in Borras but, in advance of that, the site has been occupied this weekend and a community protection camp set up. Support (including more campers) and supplies needed. Please get there if you can. Postcode LL13 9TG. There's a camp Facebook group or you can contact Frack-Free Wrexham for more information.

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Brief Analysis of Western Anarchist / Leftist Critique of Rojava Solidarity

Some brief analysis from Insurrection News of Western / English-speaking world anarchist & leftist criticism / critique of solidarity campaigns for the people of Rojava that have appeared in many counter-information networks recently.

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UG#694 - Social Destabilization Tactics Post 1989 (The Terrifying War On Terror)

We look this time at the terrifying reality that is "the war on terror", and the effects of that terror on two target populations - US and UK. Our first speaker, author, academic and activist asks why more US citizens today consider torture acceptable than did during the Bush presidency. Our second speaker, a senior lecturer in Risk and Corporate Security analyses the disproportionate reaction to the purported threat of terrorism. We conclude with more from Sibel Edmonds on the global heroin trade, and especially on its close connections with NATO.

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Anarchist Bookfair, London, 18 Oct 2014

Anarchist Bookfair, London, 18 Oct 2014

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Occupy Democracy – The Battle of the Tarpaulin

If a progressive movement can gauge the effect it’s having from the response of the State, then the Unions should be ashamed of themselves, and the Occupy movement should be cheering loudly.

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Can the TUC march and rally today deliver the Movement thats been overdue?

<br/>Poverty Made in England to mark today's march and rally against low pay <br/>The slogan should be No Pay and Low Pay- <br/>Will the TUC listen to the people who are not in chains of trade union bureaucracies?

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Letter to AFEM 2014


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Catholic priest BLESSES venue used for cruel hare coursing event

I have to ask: does the Catholic Church have a death wish? <br/><br/>Hare coursing is a horribly cruel “sport” that is a crime in many jurisdictions. It’s bad enough that the Irish government allows it…but this week pictures circulating on social media (twitter and facebook) clearly show a Catholic Priest officially BLESSING a hare coursing venue. <br/>

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Veggies Happy Birthday to you and Thanks!

Veggies will be catering at Anarchist Book Fair On Saturday 18th October. <br/>You are invited to Veggies Party at HQ Sumac Centre NG7 6HX from 6pm...also on 18th October <br/>Cakes,Buffet,Music and anything else you'd expect to find... <br/>Veggies offer our thanks to anyone that has ever washed plates, served tea and coffee,cut cake,served burgers...Happy Birthday to us and you... <br/>See you all on the road sometime somewhere...

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Rotherham:Against Rape, Against Racism

An Antifascist/Feminist response to abuse in Rotherham

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Safer Spaces Exposed is being launched today, 17th October 2014, the day before the London Anarchist Bookfair, where the seed for the Solidarity Collective was sown in 2013. This seems an appropriate date to choose for our launch.Hard copies of Document 1 will be available at the Bookfair. We hope for a successful Bookfair this year and that this contribution will result in serious debate and discussion, more awareness of the issues and some positive action to stop the cycle of physical and psychological violence that is tearing us apart.

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Cops at the door - a Bristol anti-repression statement

In the midst of a period of intensified police harassment of some anarchists & other radicals in & around Bristol, the Bristol Defendant Solidarity project and numerous other groups have issued a statement of defiance, mixing support & solidarity for those who need it, with legal advice & rights info.

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Demographic Endgame – IS/UK Relations in a Nutshell

When the imperialist moron in the London regime in interacting with the forces of abolition is parroting this publication (see Jan 23, 2014 + Sept 19, 2014) although there hardly is anything more depraved than its on series of undercover rapes, it is not merely a war of words which sees another copycat cowardice, it also is an admission of guilt that all the pompous reports how IS was behaving like an Arab king at home are just that. Cameron the regrettable idiot is so agitated to commit terror bombings that he does not notice any longer how the other fingers are pointing back at himself when he is grabbing for excuses for his atrocities. IS on the other hand has chosen not to follow the “speakers corner approach of substitute execution” and respect the last will of the prisoners in the same way it respects other aspects of their dignity except for their lives, but instead leave the British public blind to their own messengers. The message is clear – cease the bombings – and the messenger – the randomly arrested member of the public – whose death is being used as the carrier to transmit it is silenced, as if that was to be a part of the message. The confusion clears up a bit when it is taken into account that it happens intentionally, like the turning of a page before the content has been fully read, and therefore remains an obstacle to the signing of the document. The originator thereof intends to keep the British public out of the conflict with the regime, and instead tease the latter a little more, because in the circumstances of total spying that is the only way to leave the regime blind about the public. Hence, from the public viewpoint, the conflict between the two types of states is an internal issue of these, such as the intimacy of the prisoners in their robes is for them.

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U.S. Marine Suspected in Killing of Transgender Filipina

Akbayan sends letter to US Ambassador demanding the surrender of PFC Joseph Scott Pemberton

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SHAC ENDS. We made history... The future is ours.

SHAC (Stop Huntingdon Animal Cruelty) has been the biggest and most effective grassroots animal rights campaign the world has ever seen. Since we started, thousands of people across the globe have taken up the fight to close down Europe’s largest animal testing laboratory; HLS (Huntingdon Life Sciences).

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Pentagon caught lying about Iraq

U.S. troops DID find chemical weapons in Iraq - but the Pentagon kept it secret: Discovery of 5,000 warheads and shells from Saddam Hussein's abandoned weapons program 'hushed up' after soldiers were injured

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