Greyhound posters: a first in advertising

A national awareness campaign that is be breaking new ground for AFG and the greyhound protection movement.

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BBC Vigil

Tony Benn – “People will die because of BBC decisions”

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DPAC Northampton Protest Against Cuts To The Disabled Facilities Grant

Protest against an 80% cut in Disability Fund <br/>Tuesday 22/07/2014

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This is What Democracy Looks Like! : The Fight For The Can Vies Social Centre

n May Barcelona was shook by four days of rioting and protest against the eviction of an established social centre, Can Vies. <br/><br/>Juana Belén Gutiérrez de Mendoza looks at the history of the building, and interviews the organisers currently fighting its eviction. <br/><br/>Self organised social centre (Centre social autogestionat) Can Vies has been a space for radical politics and community organising for 17 years. It’s been a place where different generations of activists can meet and learn from each other, where hundreds of people have learnt to be a part of a community, participating in the assembly with consensus decision making and collective responsibility.

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Police harassment in Merthyr

On Wednesday, July 9th, the otherwise successful Day of Action against Nato in Merthyr Tydfil was marred by an intrusive police presence, the attempted intimidation of Stop Nato Cymru activists and the harassment of a public meeting that afternoon.

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Fascists Run Out of Cricklewood - Again!

They came, they sneered , they fucked off with their tails between their legs

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Wrexham: Naming the Gaza Dead at Barclays Bank

The second Gaza solidarity action in Wrexham this week was held outside Barclays Bank today to protest Barclays' investments in the arms trade and in Israel. See also this Indymedia report and photos from last Thursday. Barclays is the single largest global investor in the arms trade and the only high street bank with significant direct investments in Israeli companies. Based on the breadth of Barclays arms investments, it seems safe to assume that Barclays makes a financial profit for every death in Gaza. On that basis, we stood at the entrance to the bank and read out the entire list of names published by Al Jazeera of those killed by Israel in the Gaza strip since July 7th, adding after each one: "Barclays Bank profited from this death."

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Wrexham: Standing in solidarity with Gaza & protesting Barclays Bank

As Israel continues to shower death and destruction on the oppressed Palestinians in occupied Gaza, it's hard to know what to do, how to resist. My inbox is full of forwarded Stop the War Coalition emails advertising their disingenuously entitled Gaza Emergency Appeal, highlighted in red 'emergency' lettering at the top of their website. Clicking through reveals that the emergency in the StWC camp is funding their own activities and keeping their London office staffed.Protesting at the Israeli Embassy is a great idea if you live within striking distance or feel motivated to make the journey, with or without the help of Stop the War's 'Gaza Emergency' fund. If not, how about something closer to home? Every High Street has a Barclays...

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Philippines: 5 Makabayan bloc legislators got P481M pork barrel

Documents from the Department of Budget and Management (DBM) last year showed that five congressmen belonging to the Makabayan bloc in the House of Representatives received a combined P481 million in Priority Development Assistance Fund (PDAF) since President Aquino assumed office in 2010.

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Cheap media gets cheap food - delivered as Gaza bombing is biased and under repo

Demo 200 strong; BBC visited and popcorn rain as Gaza fluid support us stepped up in Southampton

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The Slime Ministers of Great Britain

The Conservative Friends of Israel <br/><br/>“DAVID CAMERON – CFI! <br/>FRIEND OF PALESTINE? NO. NO? WHY?” <br/>

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'Grasp The Nettle' Documentary Available for Download, Screenings, Sharing

Following the critically acclaimed 'The Crisis of Civilization' comes filmmaker Dean Puckett's newest film: 'Grasp The Nettle'

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5 July: Wales Against Fracking Day. Photos from Wrexham

Friends of the Earth Cymru called a national day of action against fracking and other extreme energy extraction methods for Saturday 5th July. Here in Wrexham, where the local council threw out an application for test drilling at Commonwood, Borras back in March, the company (GP Energy/Dart Energy/IGas) has now appealed against the decision (grounds for appeal attached as pdf) and the file is with the Planning Inspectorate in Cardiff, where they are apparently trying to decide whether an Environmental Impact Assessment is required (should be - it's essential!) before setting the timetable for the appeal.To mark the day, members of Frack Free Wrexham and FoE members from Wrexham, Chester and Llangollen held a stall in the centre of town from 10am-2pm, also joined from midday by Wrexham Greens.

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'WAR against WAR' - shocking WW1 photos from the classic anti-war book

In 1924, German anarchist, Ernst Friedrich, published the most powerful anti-war book of the 20th Century, 'WAR against WAR'. At a time when the media are showering us with a barrage of pro-war propaganda on the 100th anniversary of the First World War, Friedrich’s anti-war propaganda is more vital than ever.

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'No ILF, No Life' 4th July Independence Tea Party

Yesterday the 4th of July 2014, independent living fund receipents supported by many disabled activists and other campaign groups held an independent living fund tea party at the DWP.Wearing the bright yellow t shirts with no ilf no life we made our way to HQ....they placed crash barriers in front of the visitors doors and placed G4s security guards behind the crash barriers. I spoke to one of them and said that we had a right to protest against the Government who were hurting disabled people so cruelly with one horrendous policy after another. He said yes you have. But you are not coming in

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