GMB serves ASBO on over tax avoidance and poor treatment of staff

So hostile are Amazon that union organisation is driven underground adopting the tactics of the French resistance or human rights campaigns in totalitarian regimes says GMB.

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SWP member and Secretary of Wales UAF attacks student at Fresher's Fair

Trigger warning: contains discussion of rape and links to articles which discuss rape.

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Who is Graham Cox?

Graham Cox is the Conservative's Parliamentary Candidate for Hove & Portslade in Brighton. The only problem that seems to stand in Graham Cox's way, is that a lot of people in Brighton despise him? The question needs to be asked why? Why do so many people despise Graham Cox?

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Wrexham: Protest outside MP's office in advance of Iraq vote

Yesterday, seven people gathered at short notice from 4.30pm on a busy route close to the centre of Wrexham and outside the office of Labour MP and Shadow Minister for the Middle East, Ian Lucas, to protest government plans (supported by Labour) to join the US-led coalition that's bombing Iraq again.See also this previous article.

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Wrexham: Join us today to protest British involvement in war on Isis

Thursday 25 September <br/>4.30 - 6.30pm <br/>39 Rhosddu Road, Wrexham LL11 2NS <br/><br/>Join us outside the office of Wrexham MP Ian Lucas which is on a busy route out of Wrexham with plenty of passing traffic at that time of day. <br/><br/>Demand NO British involvement in the US-led war on Isis in Iraq and Syria. <br/><br/>It's ten years since a group here in Wrexham occupied Ian Lucas' office in protest at his abstension on the crucial Iraq war vote and his abject failure to oppose the war once it had started although he'd previously said a second UN resolution was essential. <br/><br/>Now he's the Shadow Minister for Africa and the Middle East.

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EDL National Gathering Downing Street 20th September

Boneheads turn up late to their own protest

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Mass Lobby of British Parliament for Palestine

Some photos from the Mass Lobby for Palestine of the Westminster Parliament on Tuesday September 9th 2014.

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Referendum night in George Square, Glasgow September 18/19 2014

This is a detailed 3,000 word account of the results of the Scottish referendum on Independence with the party held by the Yes campaign in Scotland's largest city used as a backdrop. There are 20 photos included.

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Surveillance Project Exhibited in Nottingham

Eks’Vee: NTU MA Photography degree show Nottingham Trent University Exhibition: 20th September – 4th October

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A month of solidarity with Chelsea Manning (Part 1)

Report of solidarity with imprisoned Welsh-American whistleblower Chelsea Manning in August and September in Wales before, during and after the NATO summit. Full article with links here:

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How we fight the state every weekend

A brawl involving up to 500 youths broke out in Blackpool resulting in three police officers being injured on Friday night. Just a normal weekend as working class people unleash their anger on the state and their paid representatives all over these islands, physical or otherwise. Feel free to add to this small contribution to showing the reality

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Newport Rises to Action

Statement from new squatted social centre in South Wales

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Well the referendum is over but how much was it influenced by outsiders?

The 2014 referendum on Scottish Independence was the focus of worldwide media attention. How much was the result affected by outsiders? Dr Henry Kissinger advised Scots to vote `No` - here is what he may have said.

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French Theatre company coming to Oxfordshire with UK premiere

French Theatre company Compagnie Animotion will be swimming the channel to bring you their bicycle filled extravaganza in October. <br/>Cie Animotion have been making highly visual theatre since 2004, accessible to both Deaf and hearing communities.

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21 & 22 September: Two Days for World Peace in Wrexham

Join us once again in Wrexham for a day celebrating peace and calling for an end to all warfare. This day is about coming together and sharing what we have in a spirit of peaceful cooperation. Peace Day events in Wrexham have always been free of charge and open to all. The success of the day is about what each of us brings to it. You are invited to bring vegetarian food to share and items you no longer need for the free stall. If you have anything else you would like to offer free of charge (no selling), please get in touch.

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