The students are back in town

Yesterday's student demo (Wednesday 19 November) saw up to 10,000 people on the streets of central London (organisers' estimate), some scuffles with the cops at Parliament Square, and breakaway groups targeting the Business ministry and a few other venues. Earlier, the NUS head office got a new paint job with "Scabs" scrawled across the windows, after the students' union pulled out from backing the demo.

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MFE Failure Anniversary

Today is the anniversary of the March For England 2013 failure to turn up in Brighton on their 'revenge march.' Yet another embarrassment for MFE and their bullshit rhetoric.

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Call-out for support for fracking resisters: Thu 20 Nov in Manchester & Wrexham

Papers have been lodged in the High Court by the landowner against 'persons unknown' at the Borras Community Protection Camp in Wrexham seeking possession of the currently occupied site of the proposed GP/Dart/IGas test drill. <br/><br/>Support is requested in the morning (Thu 20 Nov) at the court hearing in Manchester and at the camp near Wrexham. Full details below.

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Fascist Demonstration Sat 29th Nov at Greek Embassy, London #antifa #GoldenDawn

British, Polish and Greek fascists intend to hold a demo outside the Greek Embassy, Hollland Park, London on Sat 29th November 2014. So I thought I'd cast a quick eye over a few of the organisers.

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Muslamic Play Rug (real Ebay item): The Ultimate EDL / BF Winterval Present @edl

Don't be stuck without present ideas for your EDLer / Britain First / NWI friends this Winterval, whether they are dyed in the wool Islamophobes retweeting Pamela Geller and Robert Spencer, or are hardcore Hitler fans such as Lacette Brooks...... All will adore the Muslamic Play Rug (real name - not a hoax)...

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Demo Against Police Harassment at Bristol CID (report)

Last month a statement was released about police harassment in Bristol and the South West - . On Saturday, some anarchists in Bristol decided to pay the police a visit of their own... (for advice on dealing with police harassment, please see this guide - )

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Paul Morris AKA Green Arrow has arrived on Twitter! @edlnews @slatfascists

Veteran BNP stalwart, and troll of the old Lancaster Unity website, Paul Morris, has arrived on Twitter posting toxic racism including Islamophobia and anti-Semitism. The long-time fascist loser is calling himself Kevin Smith, the creator of the Green Arrow cartoon strip but his twitter URL is a dead giveaway: -

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The Siege of Julian Assange is a Farce

The siege of Knightsbridge is a farce. For two years, an exaggerated, costly police presence around the Ecuadorean embassy in London has served no purpose other than to flaunt the power of the state. Their quarry is an Australian charged with no crime, a refugee from gross injustice whose only security is the room given him by a brave South American country. His true crime is to have initiated a wave of truth-telling in an era of lies, cynicism and war.

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Not guilty verdict for Barclays Newport protestors

Statement from the anti-Nato protestors who were charged during the occupation of Barclays Bank in Newport.

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Brisbane G20 - Ciaron O'Reilly prohibited then arrested speaking out for Assange, Manning, Snowden

G20 resistance all but evaporates in Brisbane heatwave.Policing for the G20 summit in Brisbane this past weekend was of overkill proportions. There was very little in the way of serious resistance, the Guardian reported that cops (6,000) outnumbered protesters and only 14 arrests were made. One of these was Manning and Assange solidarity activist Ciaron O'Reilly, who has been held in custody all weekend and will be brought before Brisbane Magistrates on Monday morning.

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DISGUSTING FARAGE HAS A TASTE FOR SLIME @otanislove @exposing_ukip @edlnews

Since Farage and UKIP friends have revelled in stitching-up a former UKIP member with Met harassment, the UKIP leader has developed a fond taste for the unpalatable.

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The King's New Clothes (with a twist!)

"After this King – why bother with a sequel? Enough of being subjects! Instead - let’s all be equal!"

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Philippines: One Year after Typhoon Haiyan

Statement of Akbayan Chairperson Risa Hontiveros

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Suruc Diaries

We are in Suruc-Kobane right now and we are sharing our information and observations in here. We will be here for one week and we will keep informing you day by day.

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The Internationalist No. 38 is out!

Get the journal of revolutionary Marxism -- contact an Internationalist supporter or send US$0.50 to Mundial Publications, Box 3321 Church Street Station, New York, NY 10008 USA. Five issue/one year subscription $10.

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