Schooling hottentot at Photographer’s Reef

We came across a relatively large (for False Bay, in the year 2014) group of schooling hottentot (Pachymetopon blochii) at Photographer’s Reef, on a day with magnificent (uncommonly so) visibility. Hottentot are relatively common and are...

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Friday photo: Sheltering in Fish Hoek

A big storm chased this small group of fishing boats into Fish Hoek bay for shelter. I thought they looked really pretty!

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Newsletter: Making waves

Hi divers Weekend plans Friday: Seal Rock (Partridge Point) at 9.30am / Shark Alley at 1.00pm Saturday or Sunday: Roman Rock at 9.30am / Ark Rock to Photographer’s Reef at 11.30am Dive conditions report Last Friday we went out in False...

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Flying the drone at Mackerel Bay

Tony has been deriving much enjoyment from his little flying machine, and on windless days (to avoid this situation) we’ve been looking for spacious areas without too much human traffic so that he can experiment....

Posted by on 20 August 2014 | 12:39 am

Chasing sunfish

I certainly hope that this isn’t the only time I’ll see an ocean sunfish (Mola mola) underwater, but if it is, I can live with that. During a dive in Maori Bay last weekend, exploring...

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Bookshelf: The Unnatural History of the Sea

The Unnatural History of the Sea – Callum Roberts Conservation biologist Callum Roberts has spent years researching the history of the last 1,000 years’ exploitation of the sea by human beings. The result, The Unnatural History of the...

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Redfang triggerfish on Two Mile Reef, Sodwana

I think redfang triggerfish (Odonus niger, also called red toothed triggerfish) are ridiculously beautiful, and I love to find myself near a group of them while on a dive. They have bodies in graduated shades...

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Friday photo: Fishing boats

Here’s a closer look at the fishing boats we spotted in Fish Hoek bay after a big winter storm.

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Newsletter: Fine time

Hi divers Weekend plans Saturday: Boat dives at 9.30 am to Outer Castle and at 12.00pm to Maidstone Rock Sunday: Boat dives at 9.30am to Atlantis Reef and at 12.00pm to the SAS Pietermaritzburg wreck Conditions report We...

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Bookshelf: Flotsametrics

Flotsametrics and the Floating World- Curtis Ebbesmeyer & Eric Scigliano I found Flotsametrics to be a profound and moving memoir slash ocean science book. Curtis Ebbesmeyer is an oceanographer who cut his teeth in the oil...

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Damselfish at Grand Central, Two Mile Reef, Sodwana

Grand Central is a beautiful dive site in the middle of Two Mile Reef, Sodwana. Here, a school of damselfish swarms in mid water over the coral, perhaps feeding. The stronger the current, the closer to...

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Friday photo: Fishing boats at Fish Hoek

The day after a huge storm, we woke to find a small flotilla of fishing boats hiding out in Fish Hoek bay to avoid the massive swell and strong winds. Soon after I took this...

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Newsletter: Summer winter diving

Hi divers Weekend plans Saturday: Student dives (casual divers welcome) at Long Beach Sunday: Launching at 10.30 and 13.00 – Hout Bay if the south easter blows as predicted, otherwise False Bay. Dive reports We...

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Video(TED): Richard Pyle on exploring the reef’s twilight zone

In this TED talk, self proclaimed “fish nerd” Pyle speaks about his work studying coral reef fish that live in the 100-200 metre depth range. This depth is too deep for scuba, and too shallow...

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Bookshelf: Surf Science

Surf Science – Tony Butt It is well known that: I am not a surfer (but Kate is, lately!); and Conditions that make for great surfing generally mean poor diving, and vice versa. The second...

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Movie: Sphere

Sphere is a B grade horror/psychological thriller from the late nineties. I remember borrowing the Michael Crichton novel that it is based on from the library as a teenager, and being terrified by it. The book...

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Bookshelf: The Story of Sushi

The Story of Sushi: An Unlikely Saga of Raw Fish and Rice – Trevor Corson I didn’t really know what to expect from this book – I admit that I tried it out because it...

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De-gassing in Sodwana

De-gassing can be fun, as Tami demonstrates with some dance moves at the end of a dive on Two Mile Reef in Sodwana… Always do your safety stop, kids. It’s the hallmark of a healthy,...

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Friday photo: Looking east

This is the view from the Muizenberg Shark Spotters hut on Boyes drive, looking over at the eastern side of False Bay. Just above the tree on the right, you can see the huge mark of...

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Newsletter: Seven day cycles

Hi divers Weekend diving The weather looks marginal, so we’re going to give it a skip. Conditions report Visibility in False Bay is lovely at the moment, and we have enjoyed the great conditions with several...

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