Newsletter: Diving 9 to 5

Hi divers Weekend dive plans Saturday: Shore dives at Long Beach Sunday: Boat dives from Simon’s Town jetty at 10.00 to the wreck of the Brunswick and 12.30, site to be determined on the day The cold front seems to have passed by and the second one that was meant to arrive tomorrow seems now to … Continue reading Newsletter: Diving 9 to 5

Posted by on 22 July 2016 | 1:19 am

Newsletter: Wishing winter away

Hi divers Weekend dive plans Sunday: Boat dives from Simon’s Town jetty to Photographer’s Reef and Roman Rock OR shore dives at Long Beach I know we are barely past the halfway mark of winter, but the last few warm and pleasant days have got me wishing summer was here. Some swell and lots of south easterly wind … Continue reading Newsletter: Wishing winter away

Posted by on 15 July 2016 | 1:11 am

Bookshelf: One Breath

One Breath: Freediving, Death, and the Quest to Shatter Human Limits – Adam Skolnick This is the book on freediving that has long needed to be written. Structured, well researched, and focused, you must to read it if you have an interest in the sport. It is the best book by far that I, a rank … Continue reading Bookshelf: One Breath

Posted by on 11 July 2016 | 12:52 am

Newsletter: Afternoon antics

Hi divers Weekend dive plans Sunday: Boat dives from Simon’s Town jetty We went out hunting for cowsharks (they’re still AWOL) and visited the seals this afternoon. The visibility is not great, about 4-5 metres at Patridge Point and about 3 metres at Shark Alley. This weekend we will launch the boat for dives on … Continue reading Newsletter: Afternoon antics

Posted by on 8 July 2016 | 1:21 am

Article: National Geographic on great white sharks

The July 2016 issue of National Geographic contains an article entitled “Why Great White Sharks are Still a Mystery to Us“, and luckily for those of us who don’t have approximately $100 to drop on a magazine (I exaggerate, and it’s probably worth it), it’s available online as well. It’s an excellent explanation for why and … Continue reading Article: National Geographic on great white sharks

Posted by on 6 July 2016 | 12:52 am

Bookshelf: Pristine Seas

Pristine Seas: Journey to the Ocean’s Last Wild Places – Enric Sala Those of us who will likely never visit Kingman Reef and the Line Islands in person should be grateful for Enric Sala. Marine ecologist and National Geographic Explorer in Residence, Sala brings the same substance, urgency and gravitas to his underwater photography that … Continue reading Bookshelf: Pristine Seas

Posted by on 4 July 2016 | 12:47 am

Newsletter: Watching waves

Hi divers Weekend plans Saturday: Big wave surfing at Dungeons (we will watch, not surf) Sunday: Boat dives in False Bay, from Simon’s Town jetty The Bay has been on and off this week with some swell interfering with good diving. A 7 metre swell is expected tomorrow and this means that Dungeons may be worth a … Continue reading Newsletter: Watching waves

Posted by on 1 July 2016 | 1:36 am

Bookshelf: Sharks

Sharks – Michael Muller Michael Muller is probably best known for his work as a portrait photographer (focusing on celebrity subjects). He also has, it turns out, a longstanding fascination with sharks. While working as a commercial photographer for Speedo, Muller designed and built a waterproof housing for his 1,200 watt studio strobe lights. Incredibly, he … Continue reading Bookshelf: Sharks

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Newsletter: Winter waning

Hi divers Weekend dive plans Saturday: Student boat dives from Simon’s Town jetty This week the visibility was good in False Bay and the water was around 13 degrees.  There seems to be a lot of wind and rain in the forecast for the next week, however Saturday does look like a good option for … Continue reading Newsletter: Winter waning

Posted by on 24 June 2016 | 1:25 am

Newsletter: Planning ahead

Hi divers Weekend dive plans No diving this weekend, but conditions are promising for weekday dives next week! A six metre swell put paid to any hopes of celebrating Youth Day with a dive, but we have a week of very favourable conditions coming up. This coincides with school holidays (for some lucky ones) and we hope … Continue reading Newsletter: Planning ahead

Posted by on 17 June 2016 | 12:48 am

Bookshelf: Ice Blink

Ice Blink: The Tragic Fate of Sir John Franklin’s Lost Polar Expedition – Scott Cookman In Ice Blink, Scott Cookman provides another account of the much-reported final expedition of Sir John Franklin to the Canadian Arctic, in search of a Northwest Passage. The story has been told many times, in many ways, and Cookman’s rendition is … Continue reading Bookshelf: Ice Blink

Posted by on 13 June 2016 | 1:14 am

Newsletter: Clean out

Hi divers Weekend dive plans Sunday: Launching from Simon’s Town jetty at 7.45 am to Roman Rock We have been out a couple of times this week and False Bay is really clean. Visibility today south of Partridge Point was easily 15 metres and the water is 15 degrees. There is some south easter and some swell … Continue reading Newsletter: Clean out

Posted by on 10 June 2016 | 12:50 am

Bookshelf: Climate Change

Climate Change: Briefings from Southern Africa – Bob Scholes, Mary Scholes & Mike Lucas This is the book on climate change that I never knew I needed. It is written in the form of 55 questions and answers, from a South African perspective. One of the three authors (Dr Mike Lucas) is a biological oceanographer, so … Continue reading Bookshelf: Climate Change

Posted by on 8 June 2016 | 12:59 am

A Christmas dive with cowsharks

One of Cape Town’s best known dive sites is called Shark Alley, located close to shore near Pyramid Rock in False Bay. Here, broadnose sevengill cowsharks may be seen fairly reliably. There are times when they aren’t around (perhaps owing to a recent orca predation, or some other mysterious cause). Jerrel filmed this beautiful footage on a … Continue reading A Christmas dive with cowsharks

Posted by on 6 June 2016 | 12:39 am

Newsletter: Keeping it tidy

Hi divers Weekend dive plans Sunday: Boat dives, conditions dependent, in False Bay or the Atlantic Several days of south easterly wind is not uncommon in winter, but it is a little unusual. Today, tomorrow and Saturday it is meant to blow around 25 km/h from the south east, so it’s likely we may dive the … Continue reading Newsletter: Keeping it tidy

Posted by on 3 June 2016 | 1:01 am

Bookshelf: Blue Mind

Blue Mind – Wallace J. Nichols In Blue Mind, biologist (turtle researcher) Wallace J. Nichols articulates and elaborates upon an idea you’ve probably already had all on your own: that being close to water is good for you. More precisely, Nichols is interested in what proximity to water does for our brains. In this book he presents scientific … Continue reading Bookshelf: Blue Mind

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A visit to the Blue Planet aquarium in Copenhagen

On our last day in Denmark, after a week-long family visit between Christmas 2015 and new year 2016, we went to Den Blå Planet, Denmark’s national aquarium. (Actually we were wrong about it being our last day in Denmark, but that’s another story involving Turkish Airlines, who seem to innovate in the field of disappointment.) The aquarium is situated … Continue reading A visit to the Blue Planet aquarium in Copenhagen

Posted by on 30 May 2016 | 1:28 am

Newsletter: A raft of penguins

Hi divers Weekend dive plans Saturday: Launching from Simon’s Town jetty at 9.00 am for Roman Rock and at 12.00 for Photographer’s Reef or the wreck of SAS Pietermaritzburg Sunday: Shore dive at Long Beach or A Frame at 9.30 am Conditions in False Bay have been great this week, and I am sure they will be pretty good for the weekend. Some … Continue reading Newsletter: A raft of penguins

Posted by on 27 May 2016 | 1:39 am

Newsletter: Making friends

Hi divers Weekend dive plans Saturday: Double tank dive at 7.30am launching from Simon’s Town jetty Sunday: Double tank dive at 7.30am launching from Simon’s Town jetty I’ve been out several times this week and we’ve found clean, green and brown water in False Bay during this week’s dives. We’ll do double tank dives on both … Continue reading Newsletter: Making friends

Posted by on 20 May 2016 | 1:35 am

Newsletter: A weekend off

Hi divers Weekend dive plans No dives planned We will not be diving this weekend, but if you are able to get into the water then do so. False Bay looks promising. We will be back to full dive mode on Monday morning. Thank you to Jerrel for this week’s gorgeous photo of strawberry anemones, which he … Continue reading Newsletter: A weekend off

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