Article: Wired on hagfish

A recent-ish article on Wired provided a pocket guide to the under-appreciated hagfish, a difficult to classify eel-like fish with no spine (but a skull). I’ve seen two in my life – the one above,...

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Quote me on this: Alan Wilson Watts

… you are something the whole universe is doing in the same way that a wave is something that the whole ocean is doing. - Alan Wilson Watts, from The Tao of Philosophy  

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Bookshelf: The Reef Guide

The Reef Guide: East & South Coasts of Southern Africa – Dennis King & Valda Fraser It was with extreme joy that I discovered this book. I brought it home and placed it on the...

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Night dive on the wreck of the Clan Stuart

This footage is five years old and very grainy, but has some sentimental value to me. Tony filmed it after a night dive on the SS Clan Stuart, which on Friday celebrated (?) 100 years aground...

Posted by on 22 November 2014 | 11:13 pm

100th anniversary of the wreck of the Clan Stuart

Yesterday, 21 November 2014, marked 100 years since the SS Clan Stuart, a British turret steamer of 3 594 tons, ran aground in a south easterly gale off Glencairn at two o’clock in the morning. She...

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Friday photo: Clouds over the valley

Fish Hoek valley is a narrow saddle of low lying land approximately thirteen kilometres across, with False Bay on one side and the Atlantic ocean on the other. It looks beautiful from above, too. Here...

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Newsletter: Choose your own adventure

Hi divers Weekend dives Sunday: Launching for two dives, either in False Bay or Hout Bay Dive conditions The wind has been a little unkind for a while and last weekend and much of this...

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Article: Vanity Fair on Nick Sloane, the salvor of the Costa Concordia

The most recent issue of Vanity Fair has an article on Nick Sloane, the salvage master who refloated the Costa Concordia and oversaw the towing of the ship to Genoa. Wonderfully, the article is written by William Langewiesche,...

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Sunset boat inspection

Our hundreds – nay, thousands – of cats spend a lot of time inspecting the various items of equipment that Tony uses to execute his job. Here, Dixie investigates the bow of Seahorse, still (or already)...

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Friday photo: Door in the dunes

I think this gap in the dunes takes one to the Fish Hoek Seaside Cottages, but I could be wrong. It looks like a portal to somewhere amazing, though.

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Newsletter: Colour fronts

Hi divers During the last week we have dived a few times on either side of the Peninsula. Neither side has been spectacular and both sides have been cold. We had 10 degrees in the...

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Movie: All is Lost

At the start of All is Lost a solo sailor far from land in the Indian Ocean gives a brief farewell message – maybe writing a letter – to unseen recipients that we assume must be his family. We...

Posted by on 11 November 2014 | 11:07 pm

Article: Cabinet Magazine on shipping pallets

Here is something wildly esoteric, but beautifully written. Jacob Hodes researches the heck out of the pallet industry in the United States. Along with The Box, The Docks, and Deep Sea and Foreign Going, this fills in another...

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Inspecting the rain gauge

Fudge has taken it upon himself to ensure that the weather station at home remains in working order.

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Video (TED): Tanya Streeter on freediving and plastic pollution

If you watched yesterday’s freediving documentary, “No Limits”, you may enjoy this talk by Tanya Streeter, a (now retired) British/Caymanian freediver who features in that film. She gave a talk at TEDxAustin in 2012. In it...

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Documentary: No Limits

Freediving is an intriguing sport to outsiders (like me). There’s not a lot to read about it – James Nestor’s Deep is an overview of the sport (to a certain degree), but the rest of the...

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Friday photo: Just add people

This is last week’s photograph, but with people. I liked the symmetry.

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Newsletter: Blown out but not down

Hi divers Weekend dives Saturday: Launching from Hout Bay to visit the BOS 400 and the seals at Duiker Island Sunday: Launching from FBYC to visit the sevengill cowsharks at Shark Alley, and Roman Rock Dive conditions...

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Book recommendations, strongly worded

We read a lot (the royal we, and refer to yesterday’s post for more on that). Sometimes I finish reading a book, and immediately want to buy five thousand copies and air drop them all...

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Where to find a book

We talk a lot about books on this blog (in our house, apart from a gadget problem, we also have a book problem…) and I thought maybe it’d be helpful to provide a bit of...

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