Friday photo: Rocky Kommetjie

There are rocks and rockpools to explore for miles at Kommetjie when the tide is low. Tony and I enjoyed the feeling of space on a Sunday walk a couple of months ago.

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Newsletter: Paws for thought

Hi divers Weekend diving Saturday: No diving planned – why not join the coastal cleanup at Hout Bay harbour? Sunday: 10.30 am and 1.00 pm to North/South Paw and Justin’s Caves, from Oceana Powerboat Club (very much dependent...

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Bookshelf: Surfing books

This list will grow over time… Ghost Wave The Wave Surf Science

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Double boat inspection

I think the boys are actually trying to inspect a bird or other life form on the roof of the garage, and were using the boat as a convenient platform to advance their aims. Whatever....

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False Bay photo cruise

When diving conditions aren’t great, but it’s nice enough to be on the boat (and occasionally when it’s not!), a tour of False Bay is just the ticket. This particular winter’s day, bundled up in...

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Flying the drone at Glencairn

We took the drone down to Glencairn Beach one evening so that I could stroll and enjoy the sunset, and Tony could fly a bit. The SA Agulhas (now a SAMSA training vessel) was in False...

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Friday photo: Kommetjie

Tony and I took a walk in Kommetjie one Sunday, from Die Kom around to the Kommetjie Boat Club. The strip of water in this photo is the southern side of Die Kom. Just to...

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Newsletter: Fan club

Hi divers Saturday: Boat dives with OMSAC from Buffels Bay Sunday: Deep dives, conditions dependent Conditions report We dived Long Beach on Saturday, and on Sunday went to Atlantis and Maidstone Rock. Conditions were good...

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How to park a boat

Tony and I had lunch in Hout Bay recently, and while we were sitting at The Lookout Deck waiting for our food, we had lots (and lots and lots) of time to contemplate the beautiful...

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A view across the valley

Our house (and little dive centre) is located on the edge of a beautiful slice of Table Mountain National Park, below Peers Cave. Living where we do is one of the great joys of our...

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Paddling cat

We are storing Christo’s kayak for him at the moment. Junior has decided that the cover that fits over the place where you put your body in (what’s that called?) is a very congenial place...

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Sunset surfing videos

On Saturday 23 August a long (21 second) period swell rolled in from a favourable direction, and some waves stood up quite tall at Sunset Reef, a wedge shaped reef about a kilometre off Long...

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Bookshelf: Ghost Wave

Ghost Wave: The Discovery of Cortes Bank and the Biggest Wave on Earth – Chris Dixon Chris Dixon is a surf journalist and author, with strong connections to the big wave surfing community. Nominally concerned...

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Friday photo: False Bay

Here’s beautiful False Bay, seen from up high on Boyes Drive. You can just make out the mountains on the other side.

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Newsletter: Measuring up

Hi divers Weekend plans Saturday: Student dives at Long Beach, starting early (casual divers welcome) Sunday: Boat dives from Simon’s Town jetty to Atlantis at 9.30am / Maidstone Rock at 12.00 Dive report Last weekend...

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Bookshelf: Deep

Deep: Freediving, Renegade Science, and What the Ocean Can Tell Us About Ourselves – James Nestor I was very excited to start reading this book, and wanted very much to like it. I am eternally...

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Series: Saving the Ocean

I know Carl Safina as the author of several wonderful books about the ocean – The View from Lazy Point being the most recent one. I was surprised to discover that he has also ventured into...

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Bookshelf: The Death and Life of Monterey Bay

I had high hopes for The Death and Life of Monterey Bay, for reasons that will be revealed (I hope) in the course of the next few years. Monterey Bay is in California, and opens onto...

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An afternoon at Sunset Reef

If you’d happened to look out to sea from Long Beach, Kommetjie just after lunchtime on Saturday 23 August, may have seen – just at the limits of your sight – a group of 20-25 surfers,...

Posted by on 30 August 2014 | 11:55 pm

Diving in Sodwana

We enjoyed a beautiful few days diving in Sodwana in April. My photos were really poor, but I did take some videos that are marginally better simply because the water was so clean and the...

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