Newsletter: Taking time out

Hi divers This is a short reminder that there is no diving planned for this coming week and weekend, as and there will be no newsletter next week. We leave on Saturday morning for Sodwana and will be... Related posts: Newsletter: Shooting animals Newsletter: Mellow and mild Newsletter: Big five

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Bookshelf: Stars Beneath the Sea

Stars Beneath the Sea: The Extraordinary Lives of the Pioneers of Diving – Trevor Norton Marine biologist Trevor Norton channels Bill Bryson in this often hilarious collection of vignettes featuring a selection of the adventurers, scientists and... Related posts: Bookshelf: Beneath the Seven Seas Bookshelf: Seven Tenths Bookshelf: Neutral Buoyancy

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… and on with the new (outboards)!

The engine crane returns, to fit the 60hp Mercury motors to the back of Seahorse in another time lapse taken in our driveway at home. These smaller engines will significantly improve the boat’s fuel consumption, and adjust... Related posts: Off with the old (outboards)… … and out with the new (outboards)… Liveaboard diving: Getting out

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… and out with the new (outboards)…

Here’s a time lapse to follow yesterday’s post, of unboxing a pair of Mercury 60hp four strokes, in our carport. The motors come boxed with a metal frame around them that stays attached right until... Related posts: Off with the old (outboards)… Video footage of Poseidon’s Garden (Sha’ab El Erg, Red Sea) What’s so special about our boat?

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Off with the old (outboards)…

We did some work on the boat recently, and I used the opportunity to experiment with a little time lapse movie, compiled from photos taken in our driveway. This is how you use an engine... Related posts: Introducing Seahorse (our boat) What’s so special about our boat? New motors for Seahorse

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Video (TED): Enric Sala on pristine ocean ecosystems

Have you seen what Kingman Reef looks like? If not, today’s your lucky day. Kingman Reef is a triangular reef in the middle of nowhere (the northern Pacific Ocean). It is considered to be one of the... Related posts: Video footage of Shark Reef (Ras Mohammed National Park, Red Sea) Ocean conservation and research Lecture: Baited Remote Underwater Video Stations (BRUVS) in False Bay

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Friday photo: Waves on the beach

Here’s another photo from one of those most beautiful evenings on Fish Hoek beach – this one after some big swell and stormy weather. It is so clear you can see the mountains on the... Related posts: Friday photo: Fish Hoek mountain and clouds Friday photo: Stormy Fish Hoek Friday photo: Fish Hoek beach

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Newsletter: Easter diving

Hi divers Easter weekend dives Friday & Saturday: no diving (stay home and eat chocolate bunnies while watching the marathon) Sunday: launching from Hout Bay Monday: launching from False Bay Yacht Club Text or email... Related posts: Newsletter: Easter eggs Newsletter: Weekend festivities Newsletter: Marathon weekend

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Bookshelf: Beautiful Whale

Beautiful Whale – Bryant Austin featured an article about Bryant Austin last year. He is a photographer who has spent years (and his life savings) photographing whales in the ocean. His aim is to... Related posts: Article: Wired on photographing whales, life sized Bookshelf: Whale Adventure Article: The Atlantic on how whales see

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A Day on the Bay: Swimming for Hope

Date: 6 March 2014 One misty morning early in March I provided boat support for Richard Child, a 61 year old engineer who is an experienced open water swimmer. Richard was one of a field... Related posts: Newsletter: Round the Point Sea life: Klipfish Sea life: Puffer fish

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Quote me on this: Aldo Leopold

One of the penalties of an ecological education is that one lives alone in a world of wounds. Much of the damage inflicted on land is quite invisible to laymen. An ecologist must either harden... Related posts: Quote me on this: Karen Blixen Quote me on this: John Steinbeck Quote me on this: Sir Francis Drake

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Friday photo: Fish Hoek mountain and clouds

We had some wonderful swell and stormy weather early in January. We took a walk on the beach afterwards to admire the remnants of the swell and the amazing clouds and sky. Related posts: Friday photo: Stormy Fish Hoek Friday photo: Fish Hoek rainbow Friday photo: Fish Hoek beach

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Newsletter: Running in

Hi divers Weekend launches Saturday: 9.00 and 11.30 to Atlantis and the Ark Rock wrecks, launching from FBYC Sunday: 9.00 and 11.30 to Photographer’s Reef and Shark Alley, launching from FBYC Dive report We had... Related posts: Newsletter: Fancy a free boat dive? Newsletter: Service interval Newsletter: Summer’s last fling

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A Day on the Bay: Sealing the deal

Date: 24 November 2013 On a beautiful day in Hout Bay towards the end of last year, we were entertained by a seal that had caught a west coast rock lobster. The seal spent a... Related posts: Newsletter: Out of season crayfishing A Day on the Bay: Target practice Newsletter: The Cape Doctor

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Article: Donovan Hohn on a transpacific container ship

Donovan Hohn is the author of Moby-Duck, and as part of his research for that book he took a ride on a container ship as it made a ten day trip across the Pacific Ocean.... Related posts: Article: Harper’s on a spill of rubber ducks Article: Wired on stripping a container ship Article: Wired on the world’s (briefly) largest container ship

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Inspecting the EFR equipment

The kittens check out the oxygen cylinder and EFR Annie. Related posts: Oxygen tank? Enriched Air/Nitrox Specialty Learning the alphabet

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Yesterday’s post perhaps left us all feeling a bit deflated. So let’s get to the good stuff. How is a boat re-pontooned? First, the glued attachment strips are heated and removed and the pontoons, still... Related posts: Pre-pontooning What’s so special about our boat? Boat maintenance with help from the cat

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The boat we run is a 6.2 metre long Gemini, commonly referred to as a rubber duck. Our boat has five compartments inside its pontoons, each separated by a barrier called a baffle. The reason... Related posts: Boat maintenance with help from the cat New gloves (again)! You tell me: What floats your boat?

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Friday photo: Fish Hoek rainbow

Please enjoy this beautiful rainbow among storm clouds over Fish Hoek beach, taken in January. Related posts: Friday photo: Stormy Fish Hoek Friday photo: Fish Hoek beach Friday photo: Fish Hoek beach after a south easter

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Newsletter: Vroom vroom

Hi divers Weekend plans Saturday: Long Beach for student dives. Sunday: two launches either from False Bay Yacht Club or Hout Bay depending on what the Atlantic looks like on Saturday afternoon – but Hout Bay looks more likely. If we... Related posts: Newsletter: Marathon weekend Newsletter: Santa cat Newsletter: A peachy weekend

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