Weight Loss Plan: How to choose the most effective one for yourself

Weight loss plans come in different forms. They include diet pills, diet patches, weight loss diets to weight loss exercise regimes as well as weight loss surgery procedures. Which of these should you use and under what circumstances should you use them?

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Lose Weight: 8 Reasons to lose weight now

Obesity is the second leading cause of death after smoking. It is associated with an increased mortality rate of all ages including children. Losing weight though commercialized is still to your benefit if you carry more weight than you should.

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Trimspa: Anna Nicole Smith Weight Loss Pill

The face behind Anna Nicole Smith Weight Loss is a famous model born as ,Vickie Lynn Hogan. She is reported to have used TrimSpa to lose nearly 60 pounds. Anna Nicole Smith got overweight after getting involved in a court tussle over her deceased husband estate worth over $1 billion.

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Dr Phil Diet: The smattest diet yet

Dr Phil diet is a diet regime encompassed in the book "Ultimate Weight Solution: The 7 keys to Weight Loss Freedom" by Dr Phil McGraw. Dr Phil is by himself neither a nutritionist nor a dietician. But he does tackle the pressing issue of weight loss quite well.

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Celebrity Diets: Diets used by the rich and famous

From Anna Nicole Smith, a fashion model to Dr. Phil McGraw, a renown motivational speaker, all have celebrity diets.What exactly are celebrity weight loss diets?

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Weight Loss Dreampharm: The diet pill

The weight loss Dreampharm product is called Slim Essence, a bottle containing 90 capsules whose dosage is 1-2 capsules, three times a day after meals.

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Diverticulitis Diet: An adaptation for weight loss

Diverticulitis diet is a diet used to manage symptoms of the condition called diverticulitis. With slight adjustments you also can use it for weight loss.

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'No Flour No Sugar Diet' by Dr. Peter H. Got

It is not exactly a low carb diet but more of a smart carb diet similar to the later carbohydrates re-introduction stage of South Beach.. 'No Flour No Sugar Diet' is designed to be a simple to follow and an inexpensive approach to losing weight.

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South Beach Diet: Is it Atkin improved

Dr Agatston developed the South beach Diet as an eating plan for his heart patients to improve their cholesterol and insulin levels. Today South Beach Diet is considered as one of the celebrity diet programs and includes South Beach Diet for vegetarians.

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Hampton Diet: Is it just another beach diet

Yes, fairly different. Hampton Diet is not exactly a low carb. Hampton diet is named after Hampton, a 40 mile ocean front stretch of Long Island in New York City.

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Weight Loss and Exercises

Even in the case of extreme obesity, safe exercise i.e. exercising with strain exerted on bones and joints in mind is still encouraged to attain successful weight loss. This is probably the best way to introduce a healthy deficiency of calories to encourage the body to loose extra fat, hence weight loss.

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Low Carb Diets: The Sense Behind This Craze

Low Carb Diets are probably the most popular weight loss diets today. Yet the low carb diets are also some of the most controversial and highly debated.

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Diet Pills: Types of diet pills and how they work

Depending on how you access them, diet pills are grouped into two: OTC and Prescription diet pills. Their effective action varies from suppressing appetite to thermogenic effects.

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Weight Loss: The Top 4 Reasons For Weight Loss Failure

Weight loss the right way. Whatever the method you use for weight loss, for it to be effective four things need to be in place.

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