These are fun dog books

These are some nice dog training books. They are in paperback, digital and audio too..

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set of English books (Arnos grove) £5

Set of english vocabulary books, dictionary, thesaurus, humorous quotations, spelling dictionary, English grammar, punctuation, abbreviations, proverbs, usage and abusage, cliches and idioms Landline as listed or text 07473244696

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An excellent book to read!

Jack the Ripper a Killer Slips Not by Kevin Carmichael reveals NEW EVIDENCE in the case!

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The controversial and vastly misunderstood American pornography industry is revealed by Producer/Director Sandy Bunz. After producing over four hundred hardcore pornography films which were sold and viewed worldwide, Sandy exposes for his readers a c [...]

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On $0.99 cents per download to read A TAXI DRIVER'S JOURNAL: A NOVEL

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Jacqueline Wilson 8 book Sugar and Spice Collection £14

Jacqueline Wilson 8 book Sugar and Spice is a marvelous read for Children. The Series contains magnificent impressing tales for children. It contains magnificent impressing tales for children which are universally acclaimed. Titles in This Set Doub [...]

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Hope you join us!!! (London) £5

Hi, some friends and I are trying an experiment. We are trying to prove that complete strangers working together can make anything happen. We are trying to see if we can make this one book go viral. We are trying to make this book be the #1 book sol [...]

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Help negative, depressed people. (London) £9

Want to help change lives? Giving someone this book would be one of the best gifts you could give someone. Short and to the point. So easy to understand. It can be bought on Amazon, Amazon kindle or it can be ordered at any book outlet. Believing Ch [...]

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Communication Breakdown Unleashed (MRR) £2

Get All The Support And Guidance You Need To Be A Success At Having Better Communication!" This Book Is One Of The Most Valuable Resources In The World When It Comes To Discovering The Root Cause Of All Breakups In Rela [...]

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fat 20, 40 & 60 bags of sour diesel for sale (420) £40

Can deliver, looking for long term clientele. best grade around, dont miss out as I'm not sure when I have it again! please keep questions to a minimal as its just some weed, either you want it or not. :) ideally id like your location and mobile num [...]

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"Spooky short stories" eBook - On sale for a limited time! (Online)

TALES FROM THE BEAUMONT HOUSE (SPOOKY SHORT STORIES) By D.F. Holland. On sale for 0.99 .... for a limited time on Amazon - - - Amazon Link (Paste into browser) -*Version*=1&*entries*=0 ............. [...]

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Magazine start date from 2006(most issues) to all current issues, including all CDs. I am relocating and want my collection to have a good home. As a professional illustrator these magazines have been a great asset, one of the few sources covering ne [...]

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I need UK Urban/Chicklit Readers (Amazon)

Ginger wants Dwayne to do right by her, but his life of pimping and drug dealing keeps getting in the way. It doesn't help that he's extremely abusive. She's already been through so much in the past. From being raped and abused, all she wants is some [...]

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(Kindle-Amazon) Las sombras del Corazon (anywhere) £2

LAS SOMBRAS DEL CORAZON Spanish Kindle Version

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Box of comic books (Reading)

I have a box of comic books for sale available for collection in Reading. Make me a reasonable offer for the whole lot. The box includes: * A whole lot of Robin comics from the 90s. * A printed collection of "the greatest Batman stories" * A bunc [...]

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Squawk 7700 - Best selling aviation ebook (London) £4

Buckle your seatbelt and prepare for an eye-opening, turbulent ride into the world of aviation from the pilot's seat. From student pilot at age 15, to flight instructor, to nighttime cargo pilot, and finally to first officer aboard the ATR 42 and ATR [...]

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Aberdeen Wildman

Bigfoot and all matters of the paranormal completely explained in this book through my own true experiences with the paranormal and other strange creatures. Go to you local bookstore and ask for "Encounter with The Aberdeen Wildman, A True Story." [...]

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Poland - Business Foundation Book (Germany / Brandenburg) £100

Very honoured entrepreneurs, on over 1000 sides you receive valuable information in the book from center of the nineties from companies from Poland. These will be very useful you during the business preparation and business development. Much success. [...]

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The Morganville Vampires Series Collection Rachel Caine 14 Books Set £29

The Morganville Vampires series is a magnificent gorgeous adult fantasy story of the contemporary times. Written by Rachel Caine, The Vampires series becomes a thrilling read for any adult. Titles in This Set Black Dawn Last Breath Bite Club Car [...]

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film studies books (sidcup) £90

over 100 books on film studies, theory, stars, directors, history, feminism, national cinemas, textbooks, scriptwriting, representation, analysis etc. most are recent and excellent condition. suit film buff or teacher gcse/a level/degree film studies [...]

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Winston Graham Poldark Collection 3 Books Set Include Ross, Demelza, J £7

Winston Graham's Poldark Collection is a wonderfully depicted & beautifully narrated series of modern times. The Story presents the life of Poldark who face tough times after he returns from war. Titles in This Set Ross Poldark Jeremy Poldark Dem [...]

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Girl In A Box: The untold story of the Patty Hearst kidnap [eBook] £3

Amazon: eBook Trailer: Facebook: Website: Book Description: CALIFORNIA: SAN FRANCISCO BAY AREA Februar [...]

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The Hitchhikers Guide To The Galaxy 5 Books Trilogy Set £9

The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy is a fantastic science fiction story series written by Douglas Adams. It illustrates the unusual adventures of Arthur Dent & his alien friend Ford Prefect. Titles in this set The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy [...]

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The Morgan Four Wheeler Workshop Manual 1960 by John Dowdeswell (usa)

Just posted on usa e-bay, type in manual name on e-bay. Been in family storage since 1975 has receipt when bought in 1972. Awesome manual thanks for looking. Very Rare.

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