Book Rights for Sale (London ) £800000

Authors Scott A. Arminas and Maria Basora-Arminas, M.D. are selling their rights to their book "TALES FROM THE GALLERY", a book of short story fiction with excellent screen potential. If interested, book can be downloaded from Amazon. A screenplay tr [...]

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QLTS MCT Materials £100

Hi there. I recently took and passed the QLTS MCT assessment, and have a full set of 2014 course books available for sale. They're heavily highlighted, but I am selling them for only 100, which is a bargain relative to the 900 that the course cost al [...]

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ARCHBOLD Criminal Pleadings 2012: Good Condition BOXED (Liverpool Street) £50

ARCHBOLD Criminal Pleadings 2012: Good Condition BOXED

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Marcel Proust - A La Recherche Du Temps Perdu. (Vancouver, Canada)

Am open to offers to a rare complete set of Marcel Proust A La Recherche Du Temps Perdu. Condition of set are as follows. 1/ La Prisonniere, 53rd Edition---A La Recherche Du Temps Perdu...Editor's note, 3rd page in. Translated below The typed text [...]

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Affairs of the Heart & Soul - Erotic & Love Poetry (Worldwide) £9

AFFAIRS OF THE HEART & SOUL is a collection of 132 romantic love poems written over a span of thirty-two years by celebrated American poet, Robert Burns--and it speaks to everyone who has ever loved, lost, and dared to love again. . . Uniquely presen [...]

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Great Children's Story (eBook) £2

"... to their bewildered but astonishing amazement, his brightly colored feathers lifted with the wind and danced with such fluent grace amongst the flowers and trees for them to see, to such a degree that they never witnessed a more spectacular sigh [...]

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Bob Dylan Journal Montague Street (A basement down the stairs) £7

Now available are the first 3 issues of Montague Street. Montague Street is a semi-annual print journal that will bring together a variety of voices, new and well known, from different fields to further the discussion of Bob Dylan's art. More inform [...]

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TV for sale (Fulham) £150

I am moving from the country and must get rid of all the stuff in my flat. The TV is a 37 inch LG flat screen that is couple of years old but is still in good shape. I will also throw in the DVD player. You must pick it up your self.

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Crossing Rivers: Journal of An Integral Hospice Worker (Milwaukee) £4

Available on Amazon's Kindle, Sony's Reader, the Nook, iBookstore, and Scribd, this book by John Hughes is the journal of a spiritual caregiver at a hospice in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, in the form of a daily journal over the course of one year. The expe [...]

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The Testosterone Boosting Cure (london) £5

Naturally Boost Your Testosterone with Amino Acids, Minerals and Supplements. No drugs, just natural ways to dramatically boost your Testosterone. See results almost immediately. Includes a complete discussion of the Amino Acids, Minerals, Supplement [...]

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Redemption At Purgatory £2

Purgatory, Arizona where even the paint on buildings appears in need of deliverance. In the aftermath of a power struggle that massacred the Town's lawmen; the people of Purgatory were mired in hope's shallow end. Could the Purgatory bound stranger r [...]

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Nursing books for sale £10

All books can be paid for and delivered safely and securely via PayPal. If you need a book and don't see it on the list, email me and I can probably find it for you! Thanks! Call or Text 626) 657-0265 (6BO) OKS-8724 Study Guide to Accompany Brunne [...]

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#1 Rated Kindle ACCIDENT & EMERGENCY NURSING book #7 in HUMOUR!!! (Seattle) £2

Emergency Laughter: It Wasn't Funny When It Happened, But It Is Now! by Author Mike Cyra is HILARIOUS! Currently the #1 UK Kindle Nursing>Accident & Emergency book. Currently TOP 20 Humour book for Doctors & Medicine [...]

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Black Magick Seduction Techniques

Have you ever wanted to influence the people around you... without even saying a word? * You can call me crazy... or you can learn: * How to broadcast silent commands that must be obeyed * How to create you [...]

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Audio Research Mk2 original in box power amp £1900

Power output 200 watts ower output 200 watts per channel continuous from 20Hz to 20kHz. Approximate actual power available at "clipping" 210 watts (1kHz) Power bandwidth (-3dB points) 12Hz to 120kHz Frequency response (-3dB points at 1 watt) .5Hz [...]

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'The Lymington Novel' - Power Without The Glory (London) £20

Looking for something to read? Are you bored with the usual pulp fiction churned out by the major publishing houses? Try this novel, 'Power Without The Glory.' You won't find it selected by Punch and Judy or any of the reading circles. This novel is [...]

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Sugar Daddy ....... (UK)

....... When Sweet Turns to Sour ......... This is a story, of a mid 30's seemingly successful female, loving life and newly single, she was ambitious and driven and just out of a long-term relationship. Fast running out of cash, she decides to emb [...]

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Vintage Melody Makers, N.M.E's & Sounds Music papers (Shepherds Bush) £5

Fantastic collection of around 100 vintage Melody Makers, N.M.E's & Sounds music papers dating from 1985 to early 2000's. Copies include classic interviews & pics & original free cassettes/cd's . All in excellent condition with no cuttings or pen mar [...]

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Lots of Beano and Dandy comics for sale

Pictures on request time to get rid of my many many many comics and heres one place people may want them Beano, Dandy, classics from the comics

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Get Through Life in the UK Test - 1000 Practice Questions - 2013 £2

Extensively re-formatted after our kindle readers' feedback. We apologise for any inconvenience you had been having. We are pleased to present this revision and hope you'll really note the difference in formatting. If there is any remaining issue, ki [...]

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Cute Little Miffy Classic Library Collection Dick Bruna 5 Books Set £14

Miffy Classic Library 5 books set Collection contains heart touching stories of Miffy.The cute little lovable rabbit is a wonderful character of Miffy title series written by Dick Bruna. Titles in This Set Miffy's Birthday Miffy In The Snow Miffy [...]

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The truth is in here (Online) £3

Dear Reader, You do not need to know who I am, indeed you do not need to know what I am, but the information contained within this file is designed to make you think. Could the Nazis have won, if they had been able to use the alien technology that [...]

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Liverpool-Chelsea x4 £130

We have 4 tickets for Liverpool-Chelsea. The seats are on the half-way line, brilliant view. £130 each. Seats are in the Liverpool Section. Please sms/call +447745216665.

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How programming the universe supplies everything you desire. £6

Mode of Living outlines a diet of life based on positive consumption of immaterial and material energy. Using axioms and the fundamental Laws of the universe Mode of Living joins you on a journey to simplify the route to a life of vitality and greatn [...]

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Guardian Angels (amazon) £16

Guardian angels, do you listen? Have you ever stopped right before a car races by, and you say, that was close! I have worked for 26 years with kids on parole and probation taking them hiking, biking and snow shoeing. Looking back, we were protected [...]

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