Geraldine, the Giraffe / La jirafa Geraldina

Hi, it is my complete pleasure to introduce my book "Geraldine, the Giraffe / La Jirafa Geraldina", written in both English and Spanish to enlighten and enrich all children's book collection. I hope all children enjoy my book. Thank You. Hola, es un [...]

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HAVE A L@@K! ;) (Central London) £40

GOOD GAS ON DECK ! 3.5 - 40 7.0 - 80 9.0 - 100 14 - 130 28 - 250

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Fantasy Triumphs ! £6

The computer master named Tekor attacks the lead ship for the Gremon Raiders! The evil Gremon leader named Brak uses his telepathic computers to get control of the fantastic Stellar Beast! Brak sends the energy monster to attack the crew of the stars [...]

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Amazing Fantasy Series ! (London) £6

A computer master from the home world of Teon named Tekor uses his royal rank to voyage into the computer systems of a fantastic weapons array. Tekor connects himself to the computers to stop the evil tyrant named Vang from blowing up the weapons cac [...]

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Secrets of the Pink Kush

Cannabis Research Scientist Makes Amazing Discovering - the most amazing book ever written due to an accidental discovery about polyploid genetics in plants and humans, leading to actual proof of God, Satan, Lucifer, Greek/Roman gods, Nordic gods and [...]

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The Complete Italian Cookbook (Croydon/Surrey Area) £12

This large thick hardback book looks almost brand new. It's never been used. The prices does not include postage. ISBN 1898250855

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Delia Smith's How To Cook Books - 1&2 (Croydon/Surrey Area) £8

The book have never been used and apart from the paper covering which is slightly creased, the actual hardback book are in great condition. 8.50 each. Postage is not included in the price. ISBN 0563384301

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New Age Books (Croydon/Surrey Area) £4

New Age Books at 4 each! The books are all in good condition and a couple of them are still brand new. You can buy them all for an additional discount. Please note that the cost of sending them is not included in the price. List: The Secret (har [...]

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Cheap English As Foreign Language Books (Croydon/Surrey Area) £5

English As Foreign Language Books at 5-10 each. They are all in decent condition and suitable for foreign students and trainee teachers on CELTA courses. Buy all 9 books for a 5 discount. List: Practical English Usage by Michael Swan Tree or T [...]

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Children's Book

Hi! I've just released my first children's book. -Its an early chapter book for K-3. -Looking to get some exposure and sales. -Follow the link below for more information! [...]

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The art of computer programming (Knuth) (London) £20

All three volumes, Third edition. Condition is like new, sadly these are pretty much unused :( ISBN: 0-201-89683-4 0-201-89684-2 0-201-89685-0

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FE Civil Practice Problems- MICHAEL R. LINDEBURG (PAPERBACK) NEW (Suresnes) £100

Comprehensive Practice for the Computer-Based FE Civil Exam FE Civil Practice Problems contains 466 problems designed to reinforce your knowledge of important civil engineering topics. Three-minute, multiple-choice problems illustrate the type and l [...]

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24 Female - Use my applicances (Heathrow / Hounslow / Hatton Cross) £50

I am a 24 young female and offer you to use my appliances for a Fee. Rates as follows Mouth - £50 for up to 15 minutes - I can suck you till you cum Front Hole - £75 - One Quick Entry by you with protection - Max 15 minutes Whole Appliance - £ [...]

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Help negative, depressed people. (London) £5

Want to help change lives? Giving someone this book would be one of the best gifts you could give someone. Short and to the point. So easy to understand. It can be bought on Amazon, Amazon kindle or it can be ordered at any book outlet. Believing Ch [...]

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Fantasy and Sci-fi Action ! £6

Eric Hart and the crew of the starship Voyan follow the evil tyrant named Vang to a mysterious world, where they encounter the extremely powerful crystalline technology of the Rings of Cavan. Suited up in his silvery cosmic spacesuit, Eric attacks th [...]

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A Guide To Getting It On! ((Croydon/Surrey Area)) £4

A Guide To Getting It On, by Paul Joanides. It's the middle book in the picture. isbn 0091856981

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GCSE Mathmatics Higher Level (Croydon/Surrey Area) £5

The Complete Revision and Practice in good condition isbn -9781841463773

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Guitar Learning Books (Croydon/Surrey Area) £4

All six books are in good condition and between 2- 4: Guitar - by Dan Morgan Russ Shipton's Rock & Pop Guitar - Special Edition - 4 Songbooks in 1 Guitar Chord Book - by Peter Pickow 500 Chord Shapes for the Guitar - by Keith Papworth The Comp [...]

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Cheap Philosophy Books - for anyone on a degree or postgrad course (Croydon/Surrey Area) £6

Over 30 Philosophy Books, from Plato, Aristotle, Kant, to Locke, Frege and many more... They are all in decent condition and cost between 4 and 8. Will consider a giving a further discount if you want to buy the whole lot. The price does not incl [...]

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The Volunteer: Book One £2

Check out my new book on amazon kindle books by P.M. Keith. It's called The Volunteer: Book One of the Vedd McNeer Trilogy! You can also find it here at

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The Awakening of the Lion: Singapore (Ilfracombe. Devon) £15

Singapore, known as the Lion City, is about to get its Independence from Great Britain; most of its diversified people awakening with thoughts of a great future for the little island, the word Independence already on many lips. It was the Awakening o [...]

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Soft back official piggyback game guide for Final Fantasy XIII. A perfect game guide to help you through the game or a collection item for any Final Fantasy fan. Postage within UK 4 Postage worldwide 8

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Since completing this game I no longer have use for the book although I never really needed it so the spine is in tact. The artwork inside is stunning and would make a great addition to any final fantasy fan's collection. Postage within the UK 7 (b [...]

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Love Game of Thrones? Love Tyrion? Then be prepared to laugh your buttocks off at all of his quotes condensed down into this handy pocket sized book. It really is one of the funniest things I have read in a long time. A sample (and one one of my fav [...]

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Large World Atlas Map (Croydon/Surrey Area) £15

The book and the hardback box it's in is in almost perfect condition, but there is a production fault - the cover is attached the wrong way round. ISBN 0723007187

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