2014: Everything was Remasters

I’m planning out my annual Game of the Year list for 2014 and I have a serious problem: I’m fairly sure I haven’t even played ten new games this year. I still don’t have a Wii U, meaning I’ve so far missed out on a couple of gems there – Mario Kart 8 and Bayonetta 2 would almost … Continue reading 2014: Everything was Remasters →

Posted by on 25 November 2014 | 5:02 am

Building a £200 HTPC with OpenELEC

Tiny PCs like the Intel NUC are limited as replacements for the desktop, but they’ve come into their own in harnessing the media-decoding prowess of new chipsets to drive an HTPC. Coupled with free media centre software, it’s become possible to put together a powerful little set-top box that can compete with the behemoths of only a few years ago. It’s … Continue reading Building a £200 HTPC with OpenELEC →

Posted by on 24 July 2014 | 5:57 pm

Console Wars

As much as I love my well-thumbed copy of Game Over, it’s over 20 years old. Its account of Nintendo’s rise lacks two decades of changing perspective, context, new information that has emerged as people retire, move on and, separated from events by years and expired NDAs, give increasingly candid interviews. It’s from a world … Continue reading Console Wars →

Posted by on 11 July 2014 | 12:34 pm

E3 2014 Conference Review

The second E3 is usually when the big guns come out, the developers working on the second wave of games for the new consoles show off their labours, giving us the first proper taste of the games and franchises that will define this generation. What we got if that was your expectation was a disappointingly … Continue reading E3 2014 Conference Review →

Posted by on 15 June 2014 | 5:56 am

Passage to India

A couple of hours from now I’ll be on my way to India for a couple of weeks, my first foreign trip since I went to New York in 2009. I don’t think I’ll be going on a tour of the major locations from Temple of Doom or anything, but you never know. In any … Continue reading Passage to India →

Posted by on 23 May 2014 | 7:22 am

Converting Blu-ray HD audio to FLAC

As I mentioned in my first look at ripping Blu-rays, converting uncompressed PCM and lossless Dolby TrueHD and DTS-HD Master Audio to FLAC for use in XBMC carries a number of benefits. It’s also lossless, so no quality difference. FLAC is an open, well-documented format and so you’re not reliant on reverse-engineered implementations. XBMC can … Continue reading Converting Blu-ray HD audio to FLAC →

Posted by on 15 May 2014 | 2:53 pm

Some notes on ripping Blu-rays

Owing to my current HTPC project, about which a more comprehensive post is on the way, I’ve spent many hours over the last week delving into the murky, unexplored realm of ripping Blu-rays. This being a more niche format, requiring more unusual hardware and scads of hard drive space, the tools required aren’t quite as polished and straightforward … Continue reading Some notes on ripping Blu-rays →

Posted by on 12 May 2014 | 4:41 pm

Running classic PC games on a Mac with Wineskin

I’m in love with Good Old Games. They distribute classic PC titles, getting them running on modern operating systems, bundled with extras, and all without DRM. What I like most about it, though, is that GOG is up there with Valve in its efforts to make Mac gaming less of a wasteland. When it comes to retro computer games, DOS isn’t … Continue reading Running classic PC games on a Mac with Wineskin →

Posted by on 5 May 2014 | 5:03 am

What happened to mobile games?

It seems so long ago, but there was once a time when iOS and Android heralded the future of games. They were growing while the rest of the market contracted, and the buzz around open microconsoles like the Ouya, based on mobile technology, as they pushed into the traditional console market must have had Nintendo, Sony and … Continue reading What happened to mobile games? →

Posted by on 22 April 2014 | 3:23 pm

Me and my Kindle

Despite my assurances in my last post that I’ve been gaming as much as ever, there’s one area where I’ve been letting the side down, and it’s in portables. I love my 3DS and Vita – aka Persona 4: The Console – but my omnipresent-electronic-companion-that-isn’t-my-phone has been a simple Kindle. I love the little thing. … Continue reading Me and my Kindle →

Posted by on 20 April 2014 | 2:09 pm