Driveclub *New* - $19.99 at Gamestop

$10 drop from last week, looks like none are in stock online but you can lock in the price for store pickup.

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Rakuten: $30 OFF $100 with Bitcoin Checkout

Use BITCOIN coupon to get $30 off $100 on checkout paying with bitcoins. Details here:   I just used it to get $100 xbox credit for $70 (2x $50 cards If you don`t have a bitcoin wallet yet, i`d say Coinbase ( it's the safer / easier one to get started.

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GoHastings April Fools Day Sale 41% off used

Code:NOTAHOAX 41% off used games,CD's and more!

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$1 for 1 month of Gamefly (2 games out), Previous member only. YMMV. Expires 4/1/15

Copy and paste link ->!/reactivation/offer/backfor1dollar?cid=dollar0315   30 Days of GameFly membership for $1 is limited to previous members only. Quantities of this special offer are limited. This limited reactivation offer expires 4/1/15, is subject to continued availability, and cannot be combined with any other offer. Offer is only available by clicking through this email. Limit one offer per household, must be 18 years of age or older. Offer valid for reactivating customers only. Offer valid in the 50 United States only. Internet access and valid payment method required to redeem offer.

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500 PSN Reward Points for $3.75 @ GDD   Valid only in the USA. Code(s) must be redeemed and used by 6/31/15. Code(s) must redeemed at   PSN $10 = 1,000 points PSN $20 = 2,000 points   I got my code from GDD almost instantly. PSN$ card to be shipped from To summarize: PSN $10 cards 25% off

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Gaming PC Deal at Cyberpower PC

CYBERPOWER PC GAMING DESKTOP Deal - $761 ( $731 AR) Only for Today - EVGA GTX 960 Superclocked  - 4GB 1600MHz DDR3 RAM  - 240GB SSD Hard Drive - i5 4690 3.5GHz Quad processor (no OC) - GIGABYTE Z97X-SLI ATX  - LG Blu-ray Burner - Wi-Fi AC & Bluetooth 4.0 card - Win 8.1 (Free upgrade to Win 10) - Free Generic Mouse, Keyboard and Headset - Free McAfee AntiVirus Plus - Free Digital Copy of Witcher 3 I picked the cheapest/good case and fan option. Also there is a $30 rebate with the Motherboard, so you can get all this for  $734 (after $30 rebate) Free Shipping  NO TAX  (for most states, Tax in Ca) You can upgrade the Ram later, from Newegg (16gb DDR3 1600MHz will be $80-100)

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GameFly Used: Alien Isolation (PS4) $20 / (X360) $18

Alien: Isolation (PS4) $19.99 Alien: Isolation (X360) $17.99 Offer good while supplies last or Noon PDT on 4/01/15.

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BEYBLADE: Evolution Collector's Edition w/ Wing Pegasus Nintendo 3DS Game $4.99 (Free Ship) via Newegg Flash

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2TB HDD for PS4 upgrade $80

Staples   Amazon   These are portable HDD but you can open up the case and use the internal drive for PS4 upgrade. Inside, they have Samsung HDD that is thin enough for PS4. Then you can use the external case with the HDD from PS4.   I did upgrade on two PS4 and they work fine. HOWEVER I never was able to make this work on PS3.   Cheapest price I have seen so far.       EDIT:   ... You may also get an occasional drive that doesn't have a SATA interface and has a USB interface on it.  Most of the time, it's not been an issue, though happens rarely.   A better option, though more expensive:   Same drive from NewEgg, will be warrantied, $99.99 after promo code EMCAPPA25.  Expires 11:59PM PT tonight. ...   As shrike4242 mentions, it seems there is a possibility of getting a HDD with USB interface instead of SATA. Not sure how high that possibility is, but this may make it YMMV.

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PS Vita 4gb memory cards for $6 at Kmart. In store pickup only.

Obviously YMMV, probably low inventory. You can also do the starter kit which has a 4gb card for $24

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Target Ad 4/6-4/11

Dark Souls 2: SotFS 59.99 PS4/Xbox One Get $20 to use towards Dark Souls 2:SotFS on PS4 or Xbox One when you trade in Dark Souls 2 on PS3 or Xbox 360. MLB15 59.99 PS4/39.99 PS3 Free exclusive MLB OYO figure when you buy this game. 9.99 value. That's it. -->

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Microsoft Store - GTA5 $35 X360 - Titanfall XBO $15 MSStore Ebay

GTA5 X360 is $35 at microsoft     TItanfall Xbox one is $15 at microsoft store on ebay.   Decent deals for two awesome games! Standby for Titanfall!   = )  

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PlayStation Exclusive Batman: Arkham Knight Limited Edition Steel Grey PS4 Bundle $449.99 (Amazon, Best Buy)

Pre-order available now at Amazon, Best Buy.   This special bundle will be available for $449.99 (MSRP) and will include the limited edition Steel Grey PS4 system chassis with a custom Batman: Arkham Knight faceplate, a matching DualShock 4 wireless controller in Steel Grey and the explosive finale to the award-winning Arkham trilogy, Batman: Arkham Knight. Limited Edition PlayStation 4 in Steel Gray with custom Batman: Arkham Knight Silk Screened Face Plate Limited Edition DUALSHOCK 4 Wireless Controller in Steel Gray In the explosive finale to the Arkham series, Batman faces the ultimate threat against the city he is sworn to protect. The Scarecrow returns to unite an impressive roster of super villains to destroy The Dark Knight forever. PlayStation Exclusive Scarecrow Nightmare Missions: As Gotham City falls victim to Scarecrow's fear toxin, tear through the city in the all-new Batmobile and face off against a towering vision of Scarecrow and his undead army. PlayStation Exclusive Custom Batman and Batmobile Skins: Fight crime in the futuristic Justice League 3000 Batman skin or go retro the Batman Classic TV Series Batman and Batmobile skins.  

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Sunset Overdrive $39.99 (Best Buy, Amazon)

Sunset OverDrive is $39.99 MSRP or $32(GCU) at Best Buy. lowest price Its been since release i think.

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Wii Remote Plus $10 @ Sam's Club YMMV?

I stopped at Sam's today and saw that they had Wii Motion Plus Wiimotes for $9.81, I'm guessing YMMV. FYI this was at the Sam's in Gurnee IL. -->

Posted by on 30 March 2015 | 7:49 pm

Dragon Age Inquisition (PS4, X1, PC, PS3, X360) $40 on Amazon -->

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Dance Central Spotlight Xbox One - Digital Code $2.25 instant delivery   Just bought one and got the code right away, downloading on Xbox One now.   edit: there's something about liking their facebook and getting 5% off or something, but at $2.25 I don't care to figure it out for you... maybe kickrockz713 can chime in

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Dragons Crown $19.99 PS3/Vita @ Amazon

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Amazon - Grand Theft Auto 5 XB1/360/PS3/PS4 $29.99 - $39.99

Just found Grand Theft Auto 5 on sale on Amazon. I know a bunch of people in other forums were looking for a deal on it. Xbox One: $39.99Xbox 360: $29.99Playstation 3: $35.36Playstation 4: $39.99 (Currently out of stock)

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Buy 1 get 1 40% off Meijer (March 29 - April 4)

Hey guys wwas at the store yesterday and notice the tags on every platform as well as the amibo figures..know target has a buy 1 get 1 50% now but this also includes nintendo games and amibos. Hopefully someone will find it useful.

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Toys R Us Weekly Ad 3/29 - 4/4 (Buy 1 Get 1 40% off Games/Amiibo/Skylanders/Disney Infinity Figures)

I did not see this posted here. I was browsing the website and decided to check the ad. It has ALL games buy  1 get 1 40% off. Same with Skylanders, Amiibo, and Infinity characters. Runs from 3-29 to 4-4.

Posted by on 30 March 2015 | 9:09 am

Thrustmaster Ferrari 458 Spider Racing Wheel - Xbox One ($71.24 w/ code) + FS Microsoft Store is selling the Thrustmaster Ferrari 458 Spider Racing Wheel (Xbox One) for $74.99 + free shipping. If you text MSSTORE to 29502, you will receive a 5% sitewide off code, bringing the wheel down to $71.24 before taxes. This is around the same price (if not cheaper) for a USED wheel on Ebay. Price is $100 new on amazon. The wheel includes pedals too. This wheel is probably the best bang for your buck at this time. There are very limited options for racing wheels for the XB1 currently, and the only 2 wheels with force feedback are in the $300-$400 range. I decided to buy this wheel for my BF so he can stay home and play Forza instead of wasting gas on canyon runs.... ...although I doubt it will stop him lol Also, the Microsoft website originally said this product was eligible for the 10% education/student discount but when I signed in with my student info that notice disappeared and it wouldn't apply the discount. I think the wheel was incorrectly labeled for the discount but if anyone could get it to work, that would be great!

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3/29-4/4 - 15% off Itunes Gift Cards, 10% off Google Play Giftcard Multipack @ Dollar General

On Page 5 of the Weekly ad 15% off Itunes cards *Shown $25 card and $30 Multi-pack(3 $10 cards) 10% off Google Play Multipack *Shown $45 Multipack(3 $15 cards)

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WWE 2K15 $31.00 - Amazon

For Wrestlemania 31, WWE 2K15 will be $31.00 for the next 31 hours.

Posted by on 29 March 2015 | 7:44 pm

select first party Nintendo 3ds games at target for $15

These prices are in store. For some reason the prices are not reflected online. sorry guys I bought Mario 3d land but left the receipt in my car. Animal Crossing: New Leaf Mario Kart 7 Donkey Kong Country Returns 3D New Super Mario Bros 2 Super Mario 3D Land

Posted by on 29 March 2015 | 5:37 pm