Nintendo Wii U 32GB Console Super Mario 3D World and Nintendo Land Bundle $299.99 @ Best Buy

  Nintendo - Wii U 32GB Console Super Mario 3D World and Nintendo Land Bundle - Black $299.99 9/15/14 release date

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PS4 Infamous Second Son Flash Sale PSN

Second Son has it's own flash sale at $39.59 right now. Not too bad for people that want to go digital.

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(PS3) Final Fantasy X/X-2 HD Remaster --- $19.99 on

sold by

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Amazon 3DS sale, $25 each: MK7, DK Country Returns, AC: New Leaf, Mario 3D Land, New SMB 2

Mario Kart 7Donkey Kong Country ReturnsAnimal Crossing: New LeafNew Super Mario Bros. 2Super Mario 3D Land

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Destiny Limited Edition Back in Stock at GameStop!

Xbox One:   PS4:   Xbox 360:     PS3 is OOS

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GameStop PUR Steal of the Week 9/2: $5 off preowned for 3,000 pts.

The banner on the main page still shows last week's coupon, but this is in the catalog and apparently the new Steal of the Week: $5 off a preowned game for 3,000 points, expires 9/21.  Decent deal, will probably get one since I'm sitting on 6,000 right now.   EDIT: Tried posting a link but it won't work.  Use the Newest Rewards tab; the coupon is on the second page.

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Destiny - PlayStation 4 Trade in this item for up to $37.79 on Amazon

Destiny - PlayStation 4 Trade in this item for up to $37.79 on Amazon   Check this link :   Thanks

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SIMS 4 Limited Edition PC Digital Download - 24% OFF

Origin: $57.85Link: $59.99Link:">The Sims 4 Limited EditionDirect2play - $46.97 and around $44 after using the codeLink: Get 5% more off by using this code NSBAGARF Best Simulation Game Ever! The SIMS 4

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Dell - Sony Gold wireless headset for PS4/PS3/Vita for $100 with $50 GC   Costs $100, get back a $50 GC 2-3 weeks later.   Retails for $100, has been as low as $40 with rebates.  This is the black version, the white version is coming out this fall (same technical specs).     I bought one at bestbuy when it was on sale for $50 and its a great headset, comes with a little dongle that works on PS4/PC and uses a plug for vita (not sure PS3).     Dell GCs are pretty good, have ordered two game items from them so far each with a $25gc and they actually sent out three, total $75gc.  Takes though 15-20 days for you to get the e gift cards.  The gift cards expire 90 days after issue.   Good deal especially for those who got in on the previous Dell game deals and have $50-100 in eGCs.  If you want to apply more than one eGC to an order, you have to call it in or online chat to have the rep apply your eGCs to the order.  Online you can only use one eGC per order.

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Grand Theft Auto 5 $14.98 + Tax Sam's Club YMMV B&M

Sams club has Grand Theft Auto V 5 GTA5 for $14.98 + Tax YMMV B&M.   Trades into   walmart - $42.06 with 50% trade bonus promo Bestbuy - $27 + GCU Bonus Gamestiop - $23 + PUR Item # for Xbox360 - 379802 Item # for PS3 - 379827     Credit goes to CarlosSpicey from SD

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$40.16 - digital download of Xbox Live 13 month membership (instant) at   $42.47 here.   Like them on Facebook to get 5% off.    

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Sports Champions 2 Move Bundle for PS3 - $30 at Radioshack (YMMV)

Local Radio shack has a bundle with the move controller, the camera and a sealed copy of Sports Champions 2 on clearance for $30. All the items came in their standard retail packaging, so that's a plus. Not sure if this is new but search turned nothing up.

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NEW XBOX ONE with KINECT on ebay for $339 + Free shipping & NO TAX   Seller has 60 feedbacks, but they are all positive. Bit risky, but use paypal.

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gran tourismo-19.97 ps3 and ps3 controllers for 35.00 gran tourismo   controllers

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PS4 Controller $35 at Rakuten via Free Shipping New Customer Only

PS4 Controller $35 at Rakuten via Free Shipping New Customer Only   Codes:   NEW10 for $10 off new customer.   LABORDAY10 for free shipping.   Credit to Slickdeals.  Hurry before they're gone like the last time, but with the unsecured Visa Checkout on Red Dot instead of here.  You can checkout with Paypal if you are worried.  It's safe, effective and convenience.     Get this just in time for Destiny, which is out on September 9th.     ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Attached Thumbnails

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Kmart ad 9/7-9/13

SYWR members get $15 in points(expiring two weeks from purchase date as usual) with purchase of Destiny -does not show , presumably to prevent stacking with the next offer:   Buy any console and get any one of these 3 games for free: Destiny Madden 15 NHL 15   Note you can get any $59.99   game for free with purchase as worded. The 3 games above are the ones pictured, is all.   Also I didn't realize this ad was already posted, sorry Louie. The thread got buried so mods feel free to delete.

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Astro A50 Wireless or A40 w/ Mixamp Pro 2013 Ed. Refurbished 1 year warranty $159.99 or $143.99

Black or White Version A40 w/ Mixamp pro 2013 Edition Refurbished and 1 year warranty $143.99 shipped Astro A50 Wireless refurbished and 1 year warranty $159.99 shipped Basically everything has an additional 20% off from Astro Gaming via eBay, including new Astro A40 and A50 Wireless. Discount shows in your cart on desktop mode (not mobile). Sales tax in Washington and California. I don't know what other states charge sale tax.

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Target 20% off Destiny Trade-In Promotion and $20 Guaranteed for Select Titles

Not everyone frequents the Target Thread, so I thought I might as well make a separate thread for Target's awesome current trade-in promo! (Mods, feel free to delete if repost.) (click on red box labeled "20% Off Credit Towards Destiny!*!" for more information) Here are the details of the promotion if you're too lazy to check yourself lol:20% off Destiny Trade-In Promotion Between 8/31/14 and 9/6/14 trade in eligible video games* and get the trade-in value PLUS 20% off Destiny AND get a guaranteed trade-in value on select hot titles. 20% off coupon will be valid 9/9 - 9/20/2014. $20 Guaranteed Trade-in Value on the following select titles: -Grand Theft Auto V (Xbox 360 & PlayStation 3) -Titanfall (Xbox One & Xbox 360) -Battlefield 4 (PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Xbox 360 & PlayStation 3) -Call of Duty: Ghosts (PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3) -NBA 2K14 (PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3) -Assassin's Creed IV Black Flag (PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3) *To be eligible for the promotion, video game must be in the trade-in catalog. Offer valid in-store only in select Target mobile locations. Search below to find eligible stores. All in all, if you have any copies of the above titles that you're looking to get rid of (*cough* mainly Call of Duty: Ghosts *cough*), now would be the time to do it if a) you want Destiny for 20% off (even better with RedCard 5% off/employee discount 10% off) b) don't like/have GameStop credit c) don't like/have Best Buy credit / don't have GCU at Best Buy d) (edited for post #21) don't like Walmart LOL e) etc... Thanks for reading and have a fine day

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PC ARMA 3 50% off and 30% $22.xx steam compatible

I picked it up on Bohemia website. Their website has 50% off. Make an account and then vote for one of the mods. They will email you a 30% off coupon. Buy the game thru their website, the digital deluxe edition. Came out to $22.xx. His isn't thru steam, but it loads up on steam.

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Just Dance 2014 with Wiimote Plus; Wii U $29.99/ $23.99 GCU Solid deal for the Wii Mote.

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Sony 3D PSX Display 24" 1080p LED 240hz - $100 shipped from newegg on

Hey guys   I didn't see if this was supposed to be here or in the other deals area because its a TV, but its also specifically a "playstation" product because it has simulcast.   Anyway, these are the best set Ive ever seen, especially for sony ps3 gaming, but their initial quality run as many of us know were shit: 10% have the good ones, 90% have the RLOD, and 50% of those actually had theirs refurbished by sony and 25% of those stayed working and still do apparently.   Now, while theres a high likelihood, the set will break soon, the $100 price is worth it considering its newegg and ebay and sony refurbished, which apparently many say are working and fine now, but sony is just selling them for $100 to unload them to recoup for parts   Now, this has come up over the past few years. I bought my first one at the first big price drop in 2012 for $400 with extra pair of glasses and 3 games. That died in a week, and I tried another set, which I gave up, but since then, ive seen this drop and drop , 300, 200, 150, and finally $100.   Now ive always opposed recommending this but like I said, you have   ebay buyer protection paypal buyer protection newegg customer service credit card protection if you have that and finally, this is probably the last time well see a big retailer selling this, in other words I think thisll be the last lot of good working refurbished models (read open box/new)   Sony had a great product but poor quality control on this one, and ive protested the deal everytime it dropped $100, but I realize its worth one last shot and I wanted to relay it   Let me know what you think guys, is it worth it? just pass n move on, still best 3d display, especially at price point IMO, if it workS!! lol

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Amazon End of summer sale August 28-September 1st

Didn't see a topic for this and if there was Mods please delete this. Amazon is having an End of Summer sale and its alot of PC related Items. Just gonna drop the link here. kthxbai.

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Megaman Battle Network 5 Double Team DS $24.99 at Gamestop. Reprint.

So it looks like Gamestop has reprinted another game. This thing never appeared anywhere near me, and now practically every location has it.   It's $24.99. If you can get it complete, it's a pretty good deal. The birthday coupon or a B2G1 makes it even better.

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Thief Xbox One $19.99 @ Microsoft Store ebay   Seems like a good price for a solid stealth game.

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Bestbuy Free $10 Gift Card with Warriors 3 Orochi Ultimate purchase   delete if repost

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