Rock Band 4 X1 Game/Adapter Bundle In Stock at Amazon

Thought this justified its own post. If not I apologize . Sorry IPhone isn't cooperating with pasting the link.

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Fry's Daily Specials--$25/Xbox GC for $18

In my daily email from Fry's, they have a $25 Xbox GC for $18.   You have to have your code of the day, and it is limit one, but for those near a Frys who want more, its not a bad deal.     EDIT: I noticed it was on the tail end of the Fry's ad topic, but, since I did not see it on the header, was not certain if people would look at the thread.

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Skylanders Trap Team Holiday Bundle Pack Xbox 360 $44.99 - Amazon lightning deal

Seems like a decent deal. You get the starter pack, a character triple-pack, a mini two-pack, and an extra trap.   Unfortunately this deal is for Xbox 360 only. The deal has about three hours left on it.  

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PS4 gets a new, lower price ($350) starting Friday. 10/9/15         -->

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Good sale on Far Cry games (PC downloads)   Prices typically about 4x lower at this site right now. 

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Get $10 back and 4% on Amazon Reloaded Giftcards. Have to use a debit card to load it and you'll get a $10 credit added along with your minimum required $50+ put into the gift card. Another 4% in rewards to go along with it. Personally, I'm buying $100 psn credit and getting the $15 back on that so two decent deals that stack.  

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Amazon Student $5 Credit on Select $25 Gift Cards, Through 10/9 See link for all rules/restrictions but if you have Student Prime or are eligible for a trial, this should work.

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TOSHIBA 1TB 32MB Cache SATA 3 (6.0 Gb/S) 3.5" Internal Hard Drive Bare Drive $39.99, Newegg

$39.99 with promo code ESCKAAV22  

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GameStop Physical PC games starting at $0.97 (Crysis 3, Warhammer 40k: Space Marine), in-store only.

Crysis 3:   Warhammer 40k: Space Marine:   97 cents club: WarCraft III: BattleChest = 97 cents: Mafia II: Collector's Ed -> requires Steam = 97 cents: Portal 2 -> req. Steam = 97 cents = Spider-Man 3 = 97 cents: Scarface: The World Is Yours (game) = 97 cents:  More Games: Dishonored: GOTY Edition -> requires Steam = $7.97: NBA 2K14 = $4.97: Prototype = $2.97: Resident Evil 5 = $1.97:  Assassin's Creed games -> UPLAY required: Assassin's Creed: Brotherhood = $2.97: AC: Revelations = $4.97: Assassin's Creed 3 = $1.97:  The Sims 3 (Base Game) + An Expansion Pack Bundles: The Sims 3 Plus Pets = $4.97: The Sims 3 Plus Showtime = $7.97:  The Sims 3 - Expansions, DLC's, Etc: The Sims 3: Showtime (Regular Edition) [expansion] = $4.97: The Sims 3: Showtime: Katy Perry Edition [expansion] $1.97: The Sims 3: Expansion Bundle [World Adventures + Generations] = $4.97: The Sims 3: Into the Future (expansion) = $6.97: The Sims 3: Worlds Bundle (Hidden Springs + Monte Vista) = $6.97:

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PS4 - Assassins Creed Unity $15.04 on

save about 3 more dollars with you PM and use 25% pre-order deal at Target making this about $12

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Target ad 10/11 - 10/17

Rock Band 4 Band in a Box (includes game, guitar, drum set and microphone) $249.99 Yoshi's Wolly world with Green Yarn Yoshi Amiibo $59.99 available 10/16 Blue or Pink Yarn Yoshi Amiibo $16.99 available 10/16 32GB Wii U console with Mario Kart 8 pre-installed $269.99 Anki Overdrive Starter Kit $149.99 Thats all Credit to dantheman89 on

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Best Buy Ad 10/11-10/17

Video Games   Dragon Quest Heroes    - $59.99 (available Tuesday) Yoshi's Wooly World + Yarn Amiibo    - $59.99 (available Friday) Until Dawn    - $39.99 Elder Scrolls Online       - $39.99 Tearaway Unfolded    - $29.99 Final Fantasy X/X2 HD Remaster    - $29.99 WWE 2K15      - $19.99 Borderlands: The Handsome Collection      - $34.99 Splatoon    - $44.99 Super Smash Bros    - $44.99   Additional Deals Light Blue Yarn Yoshi Amiibo    - $16.99 (available Friday) Power A Amiibo End Level Display - $29.99 Buy a Disney Infinity 3.0 Starter Pack and save 50% on the Toy Box Expansion WiiU 32GB Console Mario Kart 8 Bundle - $274.99 Save 50% on 3 months of Xbox Live with any Xbox console purchase Insignia Dual Controller Charger for Xbox One - $19.99 Turtle Beach Elite 800 Wireless DTS 7.1 Ch. Surround Sound Gaming Headset for PS3 - $249.99

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Halo: The Master Chief Collection(Xbox One) - Pre-Owned $24

In case anyone was still interested in getting Halo MCC, its now up for grabs at Walmart for $24 pre-owned. If you wanted to get caught up on the story before Halo 5 Guardians its probably a good time. Just thought id share. I cant post a link here but just search for Halo Pre-Owned and it should come up on the Walmart site. + with most retailers offering Price-Match you can probably pick this up anywhere.

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PSN Promotion: Spend $100 by 11/3 @ 11:59 PM PT, Get $15 Credit Back By 11/17   Note: This covers everything on the PlayStation Store. Everything. If you can find it on the webstore or any of the individual console PS Stores, it counts. In-game stores do not count.   2nd Note: Yes, you have to actually spend the money. You can't just load up $100 to your PSN Wallet and get the $15 back. It doesn't matter where the cash/credit comes from either.   Spend $100 USD using your wallet for the PlayStation®Network (“PSN Wallet”) through November 3rd, 2015 11:59pm PT, and you’ll receive a $15 USD credit back on or before November 17th, 2015 to spend on games, movies, TV shows, music and anything else that accepts PSN Wallet funds!   Terms & Conditions: Promotion is available to legal U.S. and Mexico residents with an account for use of the PlayStation®Network (an “Account”) registered in their country of residency who are 18 or older and who have spent $100.00 USD or more using the PSN Wallet between October 6th, 2015 and November 3rd, 2015 11:59pm PT. Third party application purchases are excluded. Each Account may only accrue a total of $15 USD in PSN Wallet credits pursuant to this promotion.   The promotion code (“Code”) is good for one qualifying Account to redeem the PSN Wallet credit via the PlayStation®Store. Code expires at 11:59PM PT on December 15th, 2015 and must be redeemed prior to this time. Code cannot be returned or exchanged for cash, may not be used for any other purpose and will not be replaced if lost, stolen, or damaged. You will receive the redemption Code on or before November 17th, 2015 via XMB message on PS3™, system notification on PS4™, PS Vita™, or the email account used to set up your Account Sign-in ID.   Use of PlayStation®Network is subject to the Terms of Service and User Agreement and applicable privacy policy, Children under 18 must have parental consent to establish an Account and may not be able to access certain content or services. Broadband service required for download or stream; user responsible for associated fees. PlayStation®Network features and offerings may change without notice. For assistance, go to or contact Consumer Services at 855.999.SONY (7669).

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How to Post Newegg Deals/Links

Newegg isn't very friendly with CAG and a lot of links go belly up when posted. Here's how to post Newegg Deals from emails, etc without getting the "Page not found" page.   Step 1: Pick the page you want to post the deal to.   Step 2: Copy the item ID of the item. It's the string of # and letters above the item's name   Step 3: Paste the item ID into the search Bar   Step 4: Hit the Search button   Step 5: Copy the new URL and paste it on CAG. It will work and you won't get any "Page not found stuff" or need to tell people to look for it on Newegg.

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$20 off $50 Coupon for Amazon Prime Now Items (First Time Users)

It's just like the deal from July expect this time its $20 off $50. Good on Video Games, Movies, ETC.   Promo Code: GETITNOW     Download the APP :       Must have Amazon Prime and using Prime Now for the 1st time. Only available in some areas.       Amazon Prime 30 day free membership:

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Madden 16 PS4 $40, $110 Retron 5, $40 PS4 Controller, $60 X1 Play N Charge +Various 'deals' NewEgg

NEW Madden 16 PS4 $40 +3 shipping   Code: EMCKAAV25   2TB External HDD (only) - $80   Code: EMCKAAV28 _____________________________________________________________________   PS4 Controller Black - $40 Code: EMCKAAT86 SOLD OUT AS OF 10/7 10AM   X1 Play N Charge Kit - $60 Code: EMCKAAT85 Retron 5 either color - $110 Code: EMCKAAT94   Grey   BlackCall of Duty Black Ops III Digital Deluxe Edition PC Digital Code - $80 Code: EMCKAAT225 promo codes are valid till 11:59pm PT 10/12/2015   _______________________________________________________________________________ Couple of Interesting games at 60% off with code: EMCKAAN37 (expires 11:59pm PT 10/8) $50 + $3shipping  Final Fantasy Type-0 PS4  Final Fantasy Type-0 X1Lara Croft Temple of Osiris PS4 $30Guilty Gear Xrd Limited Edition $100 + $3shippingFar Cry 4 Kyrat Edition PS4 $100 + $3shipping   Xbox One - Batman: Arkham Knight (Limited Edition)    EMCKAAN37 -- $80 Free premier with certain purchase amounts 6 Months for $300+ 3 Months for $200+ Current Members Eligible Expires 10/31

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$34.99 Xbox LIVE 12 month card via Newegg with code. FS!

No tax in NY and probably other states. Free shipping! Promo code EMCKAAT87 Search N82E16874103534 if link doesn't work I know cdkeys has it cheaper but this is a more reputable retailer for anyone paranoid.

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Free $15 Gift Card with purchase of Xbox One Limited Edition Halo 5: Guardians Wireless Controller (Spartan Locke) @ Best Buy *Unlocked members only*   When you order the Xbox One Limited Edition Halo 5: Guardians wireless controller below, you can get a free $15 Best Buy gift card. You need to be logged into the account associated with your Gamers Club Unlocked membership to receive the free gift card. Plus free shipping.  Not available in store.  Excludes the Master Chief controller. Must be logged in to get free gift card. One free gift card per customer. Gift card will ship separately and is not available for store pickup.  10% back in rewards for all Best Buy Visa credit card holders this month. This actually is available in store. I bought both controllers today and it came up automatically.

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Cheap Hardcover/LE guides (Amazon) GTAV, CoD: Ghosts, etc.

Hey guys, just found a couple of cheap (Cheaper) limited edition hardcover guides on Amazon.   I know these threads seem to come every once in a while, but the last one was such a long time ago, it got buried too deep for me to find and add a new post. So I just started one. The last thread's guides are still cheap though, mainly Batman: Arkham Origins, Starcraft 2: HOTS, and Gears of War Judgement, but I didn't link them here. (Thanks for the awesome comments guys! I decided to link the other guides for those who missed it from before.)   GTA V ~ $5 FS   CoD Ghosts ~ $4 FS   Duke Nukem Forever ~ $7 now ~ $12 FS   Dead Rising 2 ~ $10 - $4 Shipping   Hitman Absolution ~ $9 - $4 Shipping   Batman Arkham Origins ~ $4 FS   Starcraft 2 HOTS ~ $7 FS   Gears of War Judgement ~ $7 now ~ $15 FS   Resident Evil 6 ~ $11 FS   *FS = Free Shipping either with Amazon Prime, or over $35 FSSS.   These prices have been dropping for a while now, I've been monitoring them for about 2 weeks, and both GTA V and Ghosts seem to drop at around a 20 cents a day rate. But I bit on them before they might run out of stock. (Now both have dropped $1 since I bought them, and at this point, CoD Ghost might drop to where they pay you to have it.)   If this thread is irrelevant, then just delete it and save me from the hate riot. Thanks. (Second thread I've ever started in 2 years, yay!) (As usual, this is a BlackRockWaifu thread... you know what that means!)

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Buy an Xbox One at Gamestop, Best Buy or Target and get NBA 2k16 for free (10/4-10/10)   Edit: Suppose to be Amazon and not Target. My fault

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Divinity: Original Sin (PC) $11.50 @ Walmart YMMV + FREE Divinity: Original Sin - Enhanced Edition on Release

Was at my local Walmart Yesterday and stumbled upon the clearance section near the electronics section. Found two copies of Divinity Original Sin for $11.50, so I picked up a copy for myself and a friend and has been great so far.   You are Given a Steam Key to redeem in the box. The Boxed Physical Copy does come with 2 additional Characters & Source Hunter DLC Pack. However, when I redeemed it on steam, It redeemed as Divinity: Original Sin Digital Collectors edition and comes with all the DLC / extras pictured Below.   Note from the Devs: **Soon you’ll get FREE version of Divinity: Original Sin - Enhanced Edition in your Steam library if you purchased Divinity: Original Sin. That means you’ll then have Divinity: Original Sin & Divinity: Original Sin - Enhanced Edition in your steam library, at no extra cost! Expected to be released at the end of October (27th).**   I know this might be Extremely YMMV but its worth a Shot / Share with you Guys. Lowest Recorded Sale Price on Steam: $23.99 - 40% off + $5.99 - 40% off for Source Hunter DLC    

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Insignia 40" LED TV + Xbox One Gears Ultimate Edition Bundle + NBA 2K16 - $470 with .EDU Email Address

Follow these steps: Select the Xbox One below. Select the Insignia HDTV. Click the Add to Cart button at the bottom of the page. Enter your student deals coupon code under Payment Method at checkout to save. Xbox One (NBA 2K16 Free with Purchase) (Automatically added to cart)     Insignia 40" 1080p LED TV     Deal Page     To Sign up for Student Coupons

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Xbox One 1 TB Madden/Forza/Fifa Bundle, AC: Unity, NBA 2k16, & Project Spark $400

Xbox One 1TB Madden 16 Bundle, AC: Unity, NBA 2k16, & Project Spark $399 via Microsoft Store link [] Bundle Includes: 1TB Xbox One Console Madden 16 AC: Unity Project Spark NBA 2K16 Free year of EA Access Xbox One wireless controller with 3.5mm headset jack     Credit to Zapppz at SlickDeals       Also Available with AC Unity, Project Spark and NBA 2K16 are the:   Fifa 16 Bundle   Forza Bundle   Halo MCC Bundle (500GB) ($349)   Xbox One + Kinect Bundle (500GB) ($499)

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Meijer mPerks $5 off $50 and above Best Buy GC

(Sorry if this is posted elsewhere. I searched and didn't find it.)   If the recent eBay sales weren't enough, Meijer has a $5 off $50 and above Best Buy gift card through their mPerks program, meaning you have to go to the site or app and "clip" the coupon. Also have some restaurant cards, if you swing that way.    As always, YMMV.

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