Ghost Robotics Launches Small Quadruped Robot That Climbs Fences and Opens Doors

Ghost Robotics has launched a small robot, Ghost Minotaur, that can climb fences, climb stairs and open doors. Read more on

Posted on: 22 September 2016 | 6:05 pm

Scientists Say Spider Webs are Vibration Transmission Structures

Scientists describe spider webs as vibration transmission structures in a new study. The vibrations transmit information about prey, mates and structual integrity of the web. Read more on

Posted on: 20 September 2016 | 3:47 pm

Researchers Discover Skeleton on Famous Antikythera Shipwreck

Researchers have discovered a skeleton on the shimpwreck that containe dthe famous Antikythera mechanism. Read more on

Posted on: 19 September 2016 | 8:47 pm

NASA's WISE Satellite Observes Flares from Stellar Tidal Disruption Events

Astronomers have been studying data of flares from stellar tidal distruption events gathered by NASA's WISE satellite. Read more on

Posted on: 19 September 2016 | 9:34 am

New Deep-Reef Butterflyfish Species Discovered in Papahanaumokuakea Marine National Monument

A new species of deep-sea butterflyfish has been discvered in Papahanaumokuakea Marine National Monument. Read more on

Posted on: 16 September 2016 | 4:53 pm

Scientists Uncover Evidence of Dinosaur Camouflage in Psittacosaurus

Researchers from the University of Bristol say Psittacosaurus species had a camouflage color pattern. Read more on

Posted on: 16 September 2016 | 4:53 am

ESA's Gaia Satellite Maps Over 1 Billion Stars

The ESA has released the largest sky survey of celestial objects to date. It contains over 1 billion stars. Read more on

Posted on: 14 September 2016 | 11:22 am

New Plant Species Belonging to Custard Apple Genus Identified in Africa

Scientists have identified several new plant species belonging to the custard apple genus in Africa. Read more on

Posted on: 12 September 2016 | 10:12 pm

Archaeologists Unearth Two Aphrodite Statues in Jordan

Researchers from North Carolina State University and East Carolina University unearthed two Aphrodite status in Jordan. Read more on

Posted on: 12 September 2016 | 4:37 pm

Astronomers Discover 63 Previously Unknown Quasars From Ancient Universe

A new research paper presents the largest sample yet of distant quasars, nearly doubling the number of ancient quasars previously known. Read more on

Posted on: 12 September 2016 | 10:39 am

Extinct Crocodile Relative Inhabited New Mexico Over 200 Million Years Ago

A new crocodile relative has been identified. The creature inhabited what is now New Mexico 212 million years ago. Read more on

Posted on: 11 September 2016 | 10:19 pm

Rare Daylight Fireball Observed Over North Carolina

A rare daylight fireball event was observed over North Carolina yesterday. Read more on

Posted on: 9 September 2016 | 11:40 pm

Ancient Marsupial Lion had a Unique Hunting Style

An extinct ancient marsupial lion had a unique hunting style invovlving its large dew claw. Read more on

Posted on: 9 September 2016 | 8:56 am

New Bivalve Species Discovered Living on a Sea Cucumber

Scientists have discovered a new bivalve species living on a sea cucumber. It was discovered in mudflats in Japan. Read more on

Posted on: 8 September 2016 | 11:32 pm

Scientists Discover New Crab Species in Chinese Pet Market

A new species of crab has been discovered in a Chinese pet market. It is also a new genus. Read more on

Posted on: 7 September 2016 | 10:58 pm